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Welcome to FLYP’s blog

Mar 12, 2008
By FLYP Staff

We will renew FLYP’s content every two weeks, bringing you stories about politics, social issues, culture and lifestyle trends that affect America and Americans, today and tomorrow.
We want to help connect the dots, providing ideas and insights in ways that really leverage the power of this medium. We also want to engage you in conversation, through this and other blogs we will launch, through your comments on specific articles, and through the content you share
with us.
The lead article in our launch edition raises the question whether politicians’ obsession with the lack of universal health care insurance misses the core of the health crisis facing America. As a country we are obsessed with doctors, medical tests, drugs, and medical interventions.


"Take two aspirin and call me in the morning" seems to have been replaced with ordering up CT scans and blood tests and MRIs for almost anything that ails us.
Our article is based in large part on the pioneering work of Shannon Brownlee, although we stand by our own reporting. But Shannon’s work on OVERTREATMENT raises really profound questions about whether the country can afford–in terms of dollars, suffering, and mortality rates– to continue on its current path.
Surveys show that doctors think the system is close to collapse, and are worried about the quality of care they deliver to their patients. And almost every patient seems to have a horror story about something that went wrong in a hospital visit, or with the endless battery of tests they were subjected to or with some prescription medication that didn’t provide the relief they expected.
Are we too critical? Are these problems real? How do your
experiences match up with some of the ones we describe? And what do you think are the solutions?
Let’s talk.

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After industtry and information, next big step in our planet should be realted to health and life quality. I think you are really “connecting the dots”. Thanks for your insights! Ulrich Sander

Ulrich Sander
Mar 14, 2008

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