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Feb 13, 2009

The appointment of George Mitchell as presidential envoy signals that Middle East peace is a top priority for President Obama. But is it possible?

By Alan Stoga

There is a shaky truce in Gaza and a new government in Washington—which
means it’s time for another whack at peace in the Middle East. But
after decades of failure, will this time be any different? 
“In the Middle East right now, we’re looking at the same thing as the
financial meltdown. The collapse of the structure we’ve been trying to
use for 20 or 30 years.” That’s the view of Amjad Atallah, an American
who has advised Palestinian negotiators in the past and is trying to
understand what’s possible now. 
Daniel Levy, a former adviser to the Israeli negotiating team, is
thinking along the same lines. “The Palestinian leadership…has
insufficient traction or legitimacy within its own public either to
carry a deal or to implement it. Thus, the Israeli side doesn’t feel
much onus to close a deal and certainly not to implement one.”
But that won’t stop President Barack Obama from trying, if only because that’s what American presidents always do.
FLYP recently sat in on a conversation hosted by the New America
Foundation between the two former negotiators. We invite you to listen

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Hi I am very disappointed with your byline writer, Alan Stoga. I think his research is in need of help, not only in understanding the problem between Israel and Hamas, but of a better understanding of what the word “Palestine” and all of it’s derivitives means and in his not understanding that the issue in Palestine is between Muslims aka Arabs and Jewish (the country of Israel) people. Palestine is an area of the middle east, just as Manhattan is an area of New York City, etc. Both of his subjects in the interviews were also not getting it. One of the comments was that their was no real economy in Palestine. Dah. Look at Israel, which is a part of Palestinfe Their economy is booming. There are numerous errors of fact in both of the interviewees statements, but the basic thing is that Palestine is an area of the middle east and the problem is with Muslims and Arabs trying to take land madated to the State of Israel and to try to kill all the jews. It’s a stated Hamas position. Please do better and more thouroug reasearch in your postings Gary Block

Gary J Block
Feb 18, 2009