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May 21, 2009

Reuben Margolin creates kinetic sculptures that capture the hypnotic movements of nature.

By FLYP Staff

Reuben Margolin was raised in Berkeley, Calif. A love of math and physics propelled him to Harvard University, where he changed paths and earned an English degree. From there, he went on to study traditional painting in Italy and Russia.
In 1999, Margolin became obsessed with the movement of a little green caterpillar and set out to make wave-like sculptures. He moved to his current studio in Emeryville, Calif. in 2004, and began making a series of large-scale undulating installations that attempt to combine the logic of mathematics with the sensuousness of nature. He has since made about ten of these mechanical mobiles and shown them internationally.
He also makes pedal-powered rickshaws and has collaborated on a couple large-scale pedal-powered vehicles. He was recently featured in the new “Make: television” series.

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This piece of art looks relatively simple but becomes magical, fabulous, a wonder! Thank you.

Marjorie Grigonis
May 29, 2009

What a great way to expereience Margolin’s art. Thank you

Lee Vermeuylen
May 28, 2009