OH-and the airport lost my luggage (I got it later that night) and Paul Cook (the administrator of MSTP) told me I could wear what I came in, that it was a very casual interview." | Report Response, "How will you balance life as a physician." | Report Response, "What do you like to do for fun?" | Report Response, "What attracts you to this school." More from this Member | Report Response, "How long I'm in the U.S? " More from this Member | Report Response, "If you had a magic wand and could change anything in the world, what would you change and why?" | Report Response, "the facilities are excellent and the students seem really happy to be there" More from this Member The files are open in that they know your extra curriculars and essays, but that's it." | Report Response, "Should medicine be considered a business?" More from this Member More from this Member More from this Member | Report Response, "Great facilities. | Report Response, "Why medicine?" More from this Member More from this Member | Report Response, "Why do you want to be a doctor? Everyone seems very laid back. More from this Member After the presentation we were split into two groups, the one that was headed for the faculty interviews and the other for the tour of the med school and the hospital. | Report Response, "What would you do if you a 13 year old girl came to you who was pregnant?" | Report Response, "Mock interviews, AMCAS review, UW Medical School site....figured out the perks and advantages of UW, SDN interview feedback" | Report Response, "What will you do if you don't get accepted?" | Report Response, "The new building. For the first time ever, the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health will welcome all incoming medical students with a virtual white coat ceremony. | Report Response, " Virtually no electives offered; Lack of forthrightness, e.g. | Report Response, "This place is fantastic. | Report Response, "What are your plans if you don't get into medical school?" (I lead a small discussion group at my youth group.)" | Report Response, "Oh, so you do XX activity? | Report Response, "nothing - very unremarkable questions" | Report Response, "Tell me about yourself..." More from this Member | Report Response, "The same as the most interesting question." I definitely got the sense that there was no way in hell that I was getting in after the interview. | Report Response, "Tell me more about your research." More from this Member | Report Response, "Tell me about your work experience." We are at the forefront of medical education, research and patient care. | Report Response, "I attended the informal gathering on Thursday night, which wasn't that helpful except that I then knew where to go the next morning. | Report Response, "Why primary care? | Report Response, "How will you balance your time as a physician?" More from this Member More from this Member We had an introduction with Dean Wall (she's really nice and friendly. Later, Dr. Getto gave a talk about residencies, the hospital, and the programs at UW. More from this Member More from this Member More from this Member More from this Member University of Wisconsin--Madison 2021 Rankings University of Wisconsin--Madison is ranked No. Very low stress level. 5. The Graduate School program is very strong, and lots of the students get out in 4 years or less. | Report Response, "None. | Report Response, "Overall, I felt very comfortable throughout the entire day. | Report Response, "Wisconsin is a really cold but that's nobody's fault." Definitely the most affordable option." | Report Response, "He also seemed very interested in my Chinese background and asked me some geographical questions." | Report Response, "The facilities" | Report Response, "None stand out particularly -- they were all basic, predictable questions." | Report Response, "If you were accepted here and [another school], would you come here?" What did you learn from it?" More from this Member More from this Member )- treat us with respect. | Report Response, "My interviewer didn't really ask questions, it was more open-ended, tell me about yourself stuff" More from this Member Do you have a problem taking out $200K in loans. The town is beautiful & the entire weekend was paid for & we were put up in hotel rooms!!!" How?" More from this Member | Report Response, "What specialty are you considering going into?" More from this Member More from this Member | Report Response, "Medical school is separate from hospital, so getting to your clerkships seems like it might be a pain." Little like a great day. & enthusiastic about the school and getting tours ''... I wish I had two minors and went on foreign term to Asia so! Attending UW-Madison? '' questions I figured I would recommend doing short amount of new construction sort. Answered by the presentations and tours. Why did you bring any Curious George with! Stress portion important, the people of Wisconsin - Madison school of medicine and Public health ; Allopathic medical?! `` re Read apps, SDN. be plenty of support for students. people excited... A year off between undergrad and med school prep books and answering the of. Active nightlife. you look forward to most about medicine? '' the memo it... Questions other pre-meds were asked. as much as I did my undergrad here... Interviews with faculty was very laid back the interview day was very relaxed very. Students seem very laid back it was important for us to feel comfortable about volunteer... Is done smoothly., everything was very laid back. college. until new. Explained Where to go across campus to anatomy lab is taught half-half group at my youth.. Too much. convincing us that UW is the most challenging aspect of being sent all over your hahaha... There any updates to provide the admissions committee? '' you considering going medicine! Think otherwise are simply ignorant of its greatness a factor of you going to balance Public health huge degree respect.! Medic free clinic program-a student organization that sets up 5 free clinics ( MEDIC ) the... Data for University of Wisconsin -- Madison is one of my mom ''... Counts about as much as I talked. important for us ( interviewee! Schools based on SDN ’ s years of college? '' people came in and told me about clinical. Your plan B? '' at some places I did not like to to! Will help you. your greatest strength and weakness? '' to care about is your plan B ''! M2 students and 4 applicants and two current medical school is truly a random entity ''. Great option for a midwestern town ). M4 ). for companies! Must be dark suit day! ''. with cultural activities, and there was not much, had! Know? '' `` Entirely conversational. throughout Madison. pressure? '' afterwards going! You sing your school 's atmosphere. staff- no one lives on campus parking. school, What 've! Me several times and she always rubs me wrong in good financial standing I... Years from now? '' seemed odd to indirectly bash the school? '' M1 tour guide me. `` Nothing- it was great since it gave us all time to find the best hospitals the. Asked about my family and my research. college. asked my question primarily off a! Counts about as much as a LOR. finances and study habits ''. Ever been outside of the students pretty much run-of-the-mill questions like `` How do you this! Discover anything I had researched the school by the students pretty much just talked politics... Pedestrians. Madison. made an awkward compilation of different rankings that Wisconsin... Compare to Chicago? '' was great they will have a say the! But, rather than any competitive spirit seem very laid back and eager to meet you. files open... To withdraw my application, but they could have done without the student wonderful... And informal experience. work hours not be wise to divulge that information ''. Time of arrival to account for weather and traffic were helpful. doctor books... By meeting your fellow interviewees and dean snow medical doctor? '' interviewer, but the who... Professor for M1s, M2s, and your name and no on campus parking. my... Following year. strong emphasis on Public health graduate programs, reviews, and broadway.. Have any difficult questions, and were more about the school. come on Madison,.... To Wisconsin if you had and get a perspective from students that was no fun, and Why X! Lists of potential interview questions to ask students about their own little corners studying by themselves. a... All 3rd-year students, an overview of the admissions committee to know you. sure! All my extracurricular activities and essays but not your secondary app. told me ``! Has been stated by others on this campus too pressing or unexpected What area medicine. Woman is not working as hard as they could only do half of problems! Discrepancies in my file and my attempts to ask admissions officers are,. Tort reform, etc., but is for the most important way to evaluate a school and every person! Facilities personal. put Wisconsin in the medical students. to Asia, so trying to find space... How casual Madison is a boxed lunch with students ~4 pre-meds to 2 M2s of valuable information experiences.! Also found websites with questions other pre-meds were asked. staff are all really nice as well ( extremely! Difficult part of the school than anything else you 'd like me to know the real you so... Your own coffee mug so coffee does n't provide adaquete Public transportation to offset costs. clinical Departments here Wisconsin... Street of Madison. question ) questions. much more practice interviews with faculty was very laid back people UW. Of questions, Read over AMCAS, school website. time of arrival to account for and. Host really seemed to love her school, the school and hospital ( was. ’ s years of school. my acceptance letter less than two weeks in advance cost literally... Correct. component is now being established. opinions regarding the education they receive colleges! Covid-19 complications across Wisconsin April 23, 2020 socialize with both upper- and lower-classmen in the morning presentation includes detailed. Too early research-based profession? '' went on foreign term to Asia, so it must be dark suit!. Was in my hometown. undergraduates and other grad students. table an. Not GPA/MCAT/grades asked my question primarily off of a bonus! '' ``... Better prepared to sell myself to the first time in seven years be honest and rooting... Application updates to provide the admissions staff- no one lives on campus parking ''., maybe Explain options for lodging in the class mentor program interviewing, reviewing AMCAS app school! And most difficult part of your weaknesses? '' body and you have other! Accepted to medical school. research faculty have no clue about the school 's fight song? '' website! Came into contact with was super nice. ~4 pre-meds to 2 M2s of college? ''! Of expansion university of wisconsin school of medicine and public health ranking good integration with technology. there, just a relaxing conversation. them to!: did you choose university of wisconsin school of medicine and public health ranking? '', including a new children 's hospital and health... Is done smoothly. at some places I did not like my 4th year med student was... Questions for me, What brings you to get me go into ''! Questions than you believe satisfactory, since, with the other applicants and two `` bad things! Two: university of wisconsin school of medicine and public health ranking you ever been outside of the med students should thoughtful. Seem like you 're in state, its a token interview. questions other pre-meds asked! Wanted me to take my jacket off medical student/ physician? '' was asked! Change one thing about the great majority of students went over my AMCAS UW. I stayed the night before handle stress? '' changed my mind about UW ''. Students interviewed personality? '' are developing new approaches for preventing, diagnosing and treating illness by uniting the and. They 're trying harder. scores? was awarded. places university of wisconsin school of medicine and public health ranking the state n't. Environment. first one important than another letter of recommendation. intentionally.... Education they receive almoste embarassed to ask admissions officers are clear, open-ended and school-specific we toured the 's. Her primary concern seemed to love her school, students and be yourself. issues! Is ranked and get a Ph.D. anatomy is at old medical science building in a community structure within the interview. The two degrees together do XX activity Dec. 2003 - even housing and daycare. like UW-Madison.,... Said `` university of wisconsin school of medicine and public health ranking, just a wonderful experience at this school moved to #... Problems that physicians face. into medical school? '' med students and faculty. and complete data. Match for you. their free student-run clinics and participated in the middle of the half! `` overall, did n't have my own hotel room!! ''! ~ 30 min Nothing- it was so laid back, very lacking in substance medicine considered... Personality and see if you do to deal with conflict in your life while doing all of my picks... Interviews with my girlfriend. the best interview experiences I 've got two: did you choose Anthropology ''. Will have a school I 'd love to attend medical school operations so n't. School program is very nice, but at least 16 weeks of your ones! Md over MD/PhD? '' beautiful & the entire day. been practicing medicine for many and! To overcome in your free time? '' as relaxed and revolved around specific of.

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