I have kept an eye on my emails, including junk and spam folder. Overall love the app. Download free today! I have suspicions on a user I have previously dealt with how can I report them? You can raise complaints about Shpock for Online shopping; You can use the Resolver system to help make every stage of the complaint process easier. The app is super slow as well! Thanks! Thanks! Hi Gary, We are really sorry that you had a bad experience. - Led Customer Service and Social Media team - Supported rollout of Shpock in Italy, Sweden and Norway by establishing customer service and social media setup within 2 weeks - Scaled Shpock's customer service team from 5 to 35 members in Austria, Italy, Sweden and Norway and formulated a trans-national Bought a mobile for £250 and it came with a scratched screen so I sent it back had confirmation from tracking that it had been received. Read reviews of Shpock, share your experience and resolve your issues. We always recommend using Shpock's integrated payment system. Just look at the amount of negative reviews on here and you will see what I mean. My Cart Cart 0 Item(s) --€0.00. To all newcomers just be patient and your items will sell to the right people. I love Shpock as I have sold loads on here. All rights reserved. Been using shpock for a couple of years now, very poor.. can't search local anymore. Some want free postage and money off item too or demand you d erliver fir free. Bij Bristol shop je goedkope mode voor het hele gezin! I'll give it another week and if nothing happens leave. Hi Jake, thank you so much for your amazing review and great to hear you’re enjoying Shpock! Customer Support Representative – Shpock Ukraine 186 connections. And they also were quick to reply to any ?s. Vinted is much better. After a product deal has been confirmed, you can no longer remove the deal. But where they have got back to me regarding what appears to me to be a bogus report, Shpock's response makes no sense. Its getting ridiculous now im fed up of emailing them strictly to tell them to F off and stop scamming people!! I may have to go through a legal approach to recover monies owed. AVOID BUYING ITEM FROM SHPOCK EVEN UNDER SHPOCK PAYMENT PROTECTION IT IS A SCAM. Customer service is totally useless!! 100% money back 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. © 2021 Trustpilot A/S. Hi Jack, we are really sorry about the situation. Please get in touch with our Support Team via the Help Centre and we’ll put this right for you. Marketplace for selling & buying. OTHERWISE VERY GOOD, Hi,Shpock on Wednesday you informed me that my account has been restricted because of 'an unrealistic amount of messages and offers...' I have a registered business account on ebay. Shpock Android latest 8.15.1 APK Download and Install. 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Trade authority according to the Austrian E-Commerce Law: District Office of the 22nd, District, Vienna. I continue to have listings on Shpock but I’ve had better luck lately locally on Facebook selling the same stuff...... Sold apple imac laptop to a customer. We want to fix this for you and as we don’t have your details from this review, please contact our Support Team via Help Centre and they will get back to you! Shpock is awesome for selling unwanted goods, Account restricted because I send too many offers and messages!?!? Only wish there was a mere BASIC ONLINE customer service management in place … They are absolutely useless. I've been selling on Ebay successfully for years and also Depop so I thought I'd try Shpock and Vinted. Do not but from shpock they have no customer support You can always report to us if you go to my Shpock and Visit Help Centre. The seller sent tracking which showed they hadnt arrived yet still shpock wont refund me. Shpock app customer service contacts (Phone, email) By. Most people are genuinely very nice but you also get so many rude people who want things for nothing or half the price that your selling the item for even if the item is new. Join the 2,326 people who’ve already reviewed Shpock. Shpock sent them a message 3 days later, asking them to respond, still nothing. Hi Emma, We are really sorry that you had a bad experience. ... Shpock app customer service contacts (Phone, email) Expose Info. Customer Service. If you no longer want to use Shpock, you can delete your account. You have no items in your shopping cart. RIP Shpock updated I have been using Shpock for a number of years and have 5 star 100% positive reviews and very good positive experiences with local collection and delivery. We’re constantly monitoring the app and removing bad users, and we’re doing our best to get quicker at this. ⭐We are happy to hear that you´re enjoying Shpock. Hi Kay, Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. I even uploaded the proof of postage and buyer also admitted to receiving the item. I am asked to remove items, but no list of items was provided either by email or in the app? I think that Shpock is a good concept but trying to buy a certain item every time I looked at the comments on the product everyone just kept saying it was a scam. !I have made over 80 purchases with 100% feedback. Your account will then be unblocked within 48 hours.Thank you for your understanding.'. Wrapping Up. Just enter your Shpock order tracking number to track your Shpock product shipments with real-time updates. Shpock provide telephone support hotline, which is accessible to Friday from Monday. She won't refund me and wait for refund from hermes even though I'm stuck with a broken item I can't use and paid for. Terrible service ive always done collection only using shpock but a customer desperately wanted my item posted so thought ill chance using the shpock wallet despite the reviews. My advice don’t use SHPOCK wallet, get the customer to collect or pay for postage & bank transfer! They list an item offering £10 protected postage but when you actually try and make a deal they won’t accept any type of protected payment. On the Shpock marketplace you can List in seconds: a photo or two, a description, a price… and that’s it! The buyer has had an issue installing the item as it can be technical, but that is the buyer's responsibility. money was pending in the wallet sent the laptop recorded delivery. Im Profil von Alessandro Monti sind 7 Jobs angegeben. The only number I can find is an Austrian one. We are sorry again for the inconvenience. You can target your prospective audience based on geographical location or even a postcode. Put an asking price to start receiving bids. Customer service for British Airways, phone number, email. Delete Shpock account . www.shpock.com. finderly GmbH, Donau-City-Straße 1. Shpock advises meeting in-person to exchange both money and the item. Scrape Shpock reviews . To get started, register your account on the Shpock platform using your email or Facebook. So here I am with over £60 loss and the item already in the buyer's possession. Never give to much info on here as you never know who you are really dealing with so be alert at all times. Are you a seller? A lot of bad reviews here but I have had no issues with buyers or Shpock at all. Shpock has collected 88 reviews with an average score of 1.50. Thank you! I have then contacted customer service, they said I have to upload photo id but never said how or where as on the app I have looked everywhere for this so still waiting for a response. I just ignore time wasters and keep it moving. But I will close my account because of such bad experience with a seller who just sent a kids plastic hoover in bin bag no protection but said paid for delivery for protection but wanted me to call them. Shpock is the platform bringing a little joy to the world of second hand selling and buying, making it easy to turn old stuff into new cash. Don’t accept any payment links sent by sellers. Read Jon's experience of Shpock, and other reviews on A Spokesman Said. Sadly sellers on SHPOCK lose out because SHPOCK does not look after us but actually defends rubbish bogus buyers!! Download Shpock: Sell, Buy, Classifieds and enjoy it … You can interact with a seller by asking questions through chat. Delivery only will sign the death warrant for Shpock. I Piad £99 on the 05DEC20, today the 07JAN21 and no item or refund and Shpock suspended my account because after waiting a whole month for a refund I dared to ask my bank to be involved. wASN'T REALY SURE OF WHAT TO DO BUT LISTED ITEM & GOT FEW REPLIES WITHIN SHORT TIME, & SOLD. As for scammers, well shpock don't seem to care,as they are getting away with it and shpock take forever to do anything about it. We’re constantly monitoring the app and removing bad users, and we’re doing our best to get quicker at this. Essentially this buyer has stolen money from me and shpock aren't willing to help me get it back. You can neither delete your account at the online flea market via the Shpock website nor via the app. Both parties can agree on a time and location for the transaction to be completed. They all want bank transfers, PayPal friends and family or cash. We want to do everything to make your Shpock using experience as easy as possible. ... Reach out to our 24/7 customer service team. Thank you! EVERY single message is valid, enquiring if a seller takes shpock payment as that is all I use and if they post as I don't collect items in person. Don’t trust any seller who won’t accept Shpock payments of PayPal goods and services. (I'm a full time reseller). We will tell you what you need to do in our practical tip. The seller said the item was missing from the parcel so shpock told me I had to fill out a Royal Mail Claim form in which Royal Mail replied admittng the item had been tampered with but they could only compensate £50 so then I had to wait 4 weeks for a resolution on the buyers guarantee and they told me that they found in favour of the seller even to the sellers surprise. Absolutely terrible customer service, if any at all. I was a happy seller and buyer with a few issues but still ok. Hi Mrs barbara, Thank you so much! To remove your account, you must contact the customer support. Scraping should be a fun, easy process and now with Scraping Robot, it can be that and so much more. Thank you! I have tried selling on Shpock and the app is very poor, difficult to navigate, and lots of pop up adverts. Travel. Hello, Thanks for getting in touch about Shpock, we appreciate it! I have spent 7-8k in the 4 months I've been a customer. Starting to think Shpock doesn't care about reputation based on reviews or just doesn't care entirely. On every listing, you will find pictures, owner information, product description, and price. You can target your prospective audience based on geographical location or even a postcode. I only send genuine enquiries i don't spam or try phish people. I sold a brand new pair of earrings but the buyer claimed that it’s used & rusted, b***s***! Awful never sold anything and if you look there is hardly any sold items at all.Lots of constant ads. This is a selling platform full of people trying to scam you. I tried to ask for refund minus postage and that was still not good enough. Request the deletion of your account and you call Shpock, with a few words the reason. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. Hi Aracia, thank you so much for your time to leaving us a review! Absolutely terrible customer service, scammers get away with it. Who are you to say my legit high level activity of offers and messages is needed to be restricted? CEO: Esteve Jané Ribera Commercial Court Vienna, FN 372485 y. VAT-Number: ATU 66842544. Shpock Complaints Email & Phone | Resolver.

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