In this essay, I discuss how I built upon my use of archival materials in the classroom after participating in a fellowship program on my campus, how I use the university archives in teaching material culture and museum studies, and then how I focus on an assignment about the Athens Confederate monuments for my first-year seminar called Monuments and Commemoration in America. Brad McKinnon. You see conflicting numbers, but there seem to be about 1,500 Confederate monuments of some sort, statues and memorials, throughout the country. “To look at Confederate monuments as a big, monolithic one-size-fits-all sort of issue is absolutely the wrong way to go about it,” Mackowski said. We can not change the past. I sincerely believed there existed a rational argument for keeping Confederate monuments bolted on their pedestals in Southern town squares. Should these relics be removed or preserved as mementos of history? Not all racist monuments should be torn down Zachary Fine New Republic 10 March 2016. A crucial thing to know here is that these attacks on Confederate monuments are not a new phenomenon. I was wrong. The removal of Confederate monuments will not get rid of the great racial divide that is on display all across America. It’s kind of a pride thing. Bigotry, racism, prejudices, disenfranchisement of groups of people based strictly on skin color and economic station in life will still be an ugly part of America.. They want to do the right thing.” Of the Confederate symbols that were removed in the months following Floyd’s killing, at least 64 were monuments. . Wiley believes monuments to Confederate figures should be placed in social context, not torn down. . They should stop producing every flag of the confederacy, change southern state flags and get rid of confederate monuments and cemeteries. The vast majority of them were erected between 1890 and 1930, and so that means that the real building project of them doesn’t begin until fully 25 years after the end of the war. That’s more than the 58 monuments removed … After the controversy over Confederate monuments heated up across the state this summer, a special committee in Atlanta is making a recommendation about their future in the city. As monuments fall, how does the world reckon with a racist past? The current controversy over Confederate monuments is about how we remember the past and interpret its meaning. In the wake of the murder of George Floyd, what should be more disturbing is that these monuments still grace our civic spaces. In his essay, Diaz-Griffith makes suggestions for what should happen to Confederate monuments going forward, presenting four options: Display the monuments and memorials in museums (excluding Confederate heritage museums) where they are interpreted in the context of "Lost Cause" ideology, the Jim Crow era, white supremacy, and systemic racism I oppose the erection of Confederate monuments. If the Confederate monuments were truly going to be removed from the Bastrop County Courthouse, then the removal should have been swift and immediate. If we are to become “united” and strive for a United States of America, then the idiology of holding onto the past which embraced division and hate must be removed. Confederate Monuments: Past, Present, and Future. In the wake of the killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd, renewed public attention has been focused on Confederate monuments as symbols of systemic racism within the … Rhodes hasn’t fallen, but the protesters are making me re-think Britain’s past Timothy Garton Ash Guardian 4 March 2016 Second, as a rule, we shouldn’t efface history. thought about Confederate flags or monuments in their daily lives. “For there to be racial progress, there need to be drastic improvements in failing schools in minority communities,” Martinez exclaimed. Destroying Confederate Monuments Hurts Us All—and Accomplishes Nothing. Confederate monuments should stay because they connect past racial crimes to current racial inequality Nearly every heavy-crane company in southern Louisiana has received threats from opponents. I mean it's not like they chose to be slaves. These issues are the stock in trade of historians, and many have written op-eds and done interviews with reporters for national and local news outlets. If, in the future, the local population wants to move them back, they can do that too. All confederate monuments and flags should be placed in a private setting such as a museum. After the removal of a statue honoring Robert E. Lee, a general in the Confederate Army considered by many to be a hero for the part he played in the American Civil War, a clear divide has formed over whether it was the right thing to do. Destroying them is a one way street, with no way to change it later, should they chose that. I have noticed that many people are disturbed that protesters are taking down statues linked to the confederacy. Today's pro and con discussion concerns Historians debate America's history of racism and Confederate monuments Protesters have dismounted several statues around the world. Attributing all Confederate monuments to slavery seems like a large historical, and judgmental generalization. 02:15, 12 September 2017 (UTC) I agree that a section should be created for non-Confederate symbols that were removed, vandalized, or called for the removal. The pain and torture that blacks went through is a horrible thing. The recent debate over the Confederate battle flag in South Carolina has raised questions about reminders of the old Confederacy left by previous generations. It’s a stain on them. Detractors claim that they were not built as memorials but as a means of intimidating African Americans and reaffirming white supremacy. Oxford’s Cecil Rhodes statue must fall – it stands in the way of inclusivity Yussef Robinson Guardian 19 January 2016. Should Confederate monuments be removed? Removing Confederate monuments in New Orleans is the right thing to do Stephanie Grace The Advocate 21 March 2016. The fact that confederate monuments stand today is a failure of leadership. Removing Confederate monuments in New Orleans is the right thing to do Stephanie Grace The Advocate 21 March 2016. O n July 1, Richmond, Va.’s, monument to Confederate Gen. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson — which had towered above the city’s Monuments Avenue since 1919 — was taken down from its pedestal. Confederate Flag And Confederate Monuments 1692 Words | 7 Pages. Heroes of the past are considered dishonorable today. “Dismantling Confederate monuments and ridding sports teams and brands of racist imagery is not enough,” Marcos Martinez, the owner of the blog,, wrote in an email. "But because tempers are flaring and emotions are high, that’s sort of how people are approaching it.” Instead, a lot of questions should be asked to inform a reasoned debate, say historians.

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