[8] They are often referred to by outsiders as trolls, who regularly act with the intention of "doing it for the lulz", a corruption of "LOL" used to denote amusement at another's expense. [107] The video became an immensely popular Internet meme, resulting in cover versions by John Mayer and Green Day drummer Tré Cool. The National Post's David George-Cosh said it has been "widely reported" that Anonymous is associated with 4chan and 711chan, as well as numerous Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channels. November 3, 2010", "Arrested Man Credits 4chan With Helping Him Grow His Child Porn Collection. "[8] Wired describes /b/ as "notorious". With the exception of kemonomimi (which are human-like characters that have animal features), many moe anthropomorphizations started as dōjin efforts. On June 5, 2008, he was sentenced to six months in prison, six months' house arrest, and ordered to pay $26,750 in restitution. Moe anthropomorphism (Japanese: 萌え擬人化, Hepburn: moe gijinka) is a form of anthropomorphism in anime and manga where moe qualities are given to non-human beings (such as animals, plants, supernatural entities and fantastical creatures), objects, concepts, or phenomena. (The coefficient of friction is represented by the greek letter "Mu") ; Or interrupting koal- *glomp* Looney Tunes: Back in Action has a deleted scene with a variation of this joke called "Impatient Cow". Their bestial traits may be fully retained, de-emphasized into mere personality tics or removed altogether. Originating in fan fiction, a Mary Sue is often an author's idealized self-insertion.Mary Sue stories are often written by adolescent authors.. [12], Unlike most web forums, 4chan does not have a registration system, allowing users to post anonymously. The site has been described as a hub of Internet subculture, as its community as being influential in the formation of prominent Internet memes, such as lolcats, Rickrolling, and rage comics, as well as hacktivist and political movements, such as Anonymous and the alt-right. [119], The moderation of My Little Pony related topics on 4chan became controversial; discussion of the show extended to the /b/ board, reaching a volume and intrusiveness that was eventually met with hostile reactions from other 4chan users. [211][212], On February 4, 2010, 4chan started receiving reports from Verizon Wireless customers that they were having difficulties accessing the site's image boards. [193], Also in August 2014, 4chan was involved in the Gamergate controversy, which began with unsubstantiated allegations about indie game developer Zoë Quinn from an ex-boyfriend, followed by false allegations from anonymous Internet users. [13] When creating 4chan, Poole obtained Futaba Channel's open source code and translated the Japanese text into English using AltaVista's Babel Fish online translator. The trend spread out of dōjin circles as commercial anime and manga also prominently feature characters who are personifications of inanimate objects. [201] The suspect took pictures of the victim's bloodied deceased body and posted it to Discord and his own Instagram page. Each board has its own set of rules and is dedicated to a specific topic, variously including anime and manga, video games, music, literature, fitness, politics, and sports, among others. A "capcode" may be used to attribute the post to "Anonymous ## Mod", although moderators often post without the capcode. An early example of this is with the independent video game/doujin series Touhou Project beginning in 1997 which depicts yōkai and other mythical beings as beautiful girls and women who summon spell cards to unleash a barrage of abstract projectile patterns called "danmaku". The games proceeded as planned but under a higher level of security awareness. [186], After 4chan reported a 15-year-old boy in California who posted child pornography, the United States Department of Homeland Security raided his home on June 7, 2011, and took all of his electronic items. The manga and anime series World War Blue features characters who are personifications of computer games. [11] The 4chan servers were moved from Texas to California in August 2008, which upgraded the maximum bandwidth throughput of 4chan from 100Mbit/s to 1Gbit/s. ; One entertaining variation that sadly only works once is the interrupting starfis- *hand in face*. [48], In a 2020 interview with Vice Media, several current or past moderators spoke about what they perceived as racist intent behind the site's management. Guys' Interest Mounts in Girly TV Show", "My Little Pony Corrals Unlikely Fanboys Known as 'Bronies, "My Little Pony: the Hip, New Trend Among the Geekerati", "A photo of a 4chan post sold for almost $100,000, because 'art, "4chan screenshot sells for $90K on eBay", "Framed 4chan post 'sells' for $90,000 on eBay, screenshot of auction now up for bidding", "eBay Bidder Buys 4chan Screenshot, as Art, for $90,000", "FDNY Reviewed 4chan Post About Jeffrey Epstein's Death", "FDNY reviews reports of Epstein death leaked on 4Chan", "4chan users seize Internet's power for mass disruptions", "4Chan's half-hack of Palin's email goes awry", "Who's to blame for spreading phony Jobs story? [102][103], In 2005, a meme known as the "duckroll" began, after Poole used a word filter to change "egg" to "duck" across 4chan. In a series of posts on the topic, Nishimura explained that the split was due to 4chan being blacklisted by most advertising companies, and that the new 4channel domain would allow for the site to receive advertisements by mainstream ad providers. An early form of moe anthropomorphism is the Gundam MS Girl created by Mika Akitaka in 1982. The term Mary Sue was coined by Paula Smith, as a character's name in the 1973 parody short story "A … [70] Media sources have characterized /pol/ as predominantly racist and sexist, with many of its posts taking an explicitly neo-Nazi bent. Three days later, Verizon Wireless confirmed that 4chan was "explicitly blocked". It quickly became popular after the music video for the song was uploaded to YouTube on April 22, 2007, and has since been viewed more than one hundred million times. It's okay to be white or It's OK to be white (IOTBW) is a slogan based on a poster campaign organized on the website 4chan's discussion board /pol/ in 2017. [118], Through its association with Anonymous, 4chan has become associated with Project Chanology, a worldwide protest against the Church of Scientology held by members of Anonymous. On September 20 it was revealed they were questioning David Kernell, the son of Democratic Tennessee State Representative Mike Kernell. [46] In a post titled "Winter is Coming", Hiroyuki Nishimura said, "We had tried to keep 4chan as is. Facebook and YouTube removed items pushing this story, and fact checking organisations established that the picture is of Margate Lighthouse and the "virus" is the staircase at the Tate Britain. Website under scrutiny after shootings", "Oregon shooting: Did 4chan trolls incite Chris Harper-Mercer to massacre at Umpqua Community College? ALSO, THE GAME. [4] The psychologist Tamaki Saitō regards moe anthropomorphism as an example of mitate-e art due to its simultaneous use of both high and low art to provide additional, sometimes humorous, meanings. Prior to that, he had used the alias "moot". [140] A multitude of /b/ users attempted to log in with the new password, and the account was automatically locked out by Yahoo!. In response, Turner sued 4chan, 7chan, and other websites; however, he lost his plea for an injunction and failed to receive letters from the court. A MasterCard commercial featured several food mascots (from Count Chocula to the Pillsbury Doughboy) eating dinner — with Mr. Clean doing the dishes. Lolita City was a website that used hidden services available through the Tor network.The site hosted child pornography images and videos of underage males and females ranging up to 17 years of age (18 is the minimum legal age in many jurisdictions, including the US and UK, for a person to appear in pornography).. Background. [21], In April 2009, Poole was voted the world's most influential person of 2008 by an open Internet poll conducted by Time magazine. This included Spark, Vodafone, Vocus and 2degrees. Its not something that should be accepted even on 4chan. Registration is not available and users typically post anonymously; posting is ephemeral, as threads receiving recent replies are "bumped" to the top of their respective board and old threads are deleted as new ones are created. In addition to moe features, moe anthropomorphs are also characterized by their … 4chan is an anonymous English-language imageboard website. Natalia Vladimirovna Poklonskaya (Russian: Наталья Владимировна Поклонская, tr. A later post said: "Check the news for Port Orchard, Washington, in a few hours. [180], On November 29, 2010, Ali Saad, a 19-year-old, was arrested and had his home raided by the FBI for posting child pornography and death threats on 4chan. Neither Nishimura nor RapeApe responded to these allegations. [199] Kalac was convicted in April 2017 and was sentenced to 82 years in prison the following month. [61] Due partially to its anonymous nature, board moderation is not always successful—indeed, the site's anti-child pornography rule is a subject of jokes on /b/. [119][120][121][122][123] In an article published on the animation website Cartoon Brew, titled The End of the Creator-Driven Era in TV Animation, the writer Amid Amidi referenced the then-recent debut of the show as an example of how the talent of creators such as Lauren Faust was being used to work on behalf of an established toy-centric property rather than original ideas developed by creators themselves. [110][111][112][113] They then spread to 4chan and other sites, resulting in a large online following. [4] Mattathias Schwartz of The New York Times likened /b/ to "a high-school bathroom stall, or an obscene telephone party line",[62] while Baltimore City Paper wrote that "in the high school of the Internet, /b/ is the kid with a collection of butterfly knives and a locker full of porn. 4chan has often been the subject of media attention as a source of controversies, including the coordination of pranks and harassment against websites and Internet users, and the posting of illegal and offensive content. Sebagai tambahan untuk ciri dari moe, antropomorfisme moe ini juga disifatkan dengan aksesori mereka, yang berfungsi untuk menekankan bentuk asal mereka sebelum antropomorfis. I like 4chan, because its like the wild west, an untamed landscape of what ever people want to say, I also hate 4chan because of child abuse. Other things have also been given moe characteristics: "Canted Desire: Otaku Performance in Japanese Popular Culture", "Moe: Exploring Virtual Potential in Post-Millennial Japan", https://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-feature/2020/07/19/from-bakeneko-to-bakemonogatari-the-secret-history-of-catgirls, "An introduction to Touhou Project: Japan's biggest indie series", "The List - 7 Manga for Monster Girl Lovers", "KnowYourMeme and Newsweek have compiled a list of the Top 10 Video Game Memes of 2018", "After Bowsette, Fans Go Wild For Boosette", "窓辺ファミリー全員集結!! [146] In January 2010, members of the site attacked YouTube again in response to the suspension of YouTube user lukeywes1234 for failing to meet the minimum age requirement of thirteen. In Japanese, the kun'yomi reading of the kanji which make up the racial slur can be interpreted as a female personal name, and so the character is depicted as a young female wearing a traditional Japanese kimono, along with devil horns and a katana. [3] Many anthropomorphizations were the results of discussions on Japanese Internet forums such as 2channel or Futaba Channel. [3][104][105], A link to the YouTube video of Tay Zonday's song "Chocolate Rain" was posted on /b/ on July 11, 2007. [10] The popularity of the character later led to other Mario enemies being given moe interpretations, the most prominent of which was Boosette (based on the King Boo character). The text is often idiosyncratic and grammatically incorrect. ", "現2chは「違法な乗っ取り」状態──ひろゆき氏?が新サイト「2ch.sc」開設を予告", "Future of 4chan uncertain as controversial site faces financial woes", "4chan could soon be shutdown as the Internet's most notorious community goes broke", "The Man Who Helped Turn 4chan Into the Internet's Racist Engine", "The World's Most Influential Person Is...", "4Chan Followers Hack Time's 'Influential' Poll", "Paraflows 09, Program for Saturday, Sep 12 2009", "Moot on 4chan and why it works as a meme factory", "Sarah Palin hacker trial provides 'lolz' courtesy of 4chan founder", "Transcript of Chris Poole before the Honorable Thomas W. Phillips on April 22, 2010", "Mutilated Furries, Flying Phalluses: Put the Blame on Griefers", "From the Creator of 4chan Comes the More Mature Canvas", "Absolutely everything you need to know to understand 4chan, the Internet's own bogeyman", "Dylann Roof, 4chan, and the New Online Racism", "#EndFathersDay is the work of 4chan, not feminists", "4chan Trolls Take Over Electronic Billboard, Racism Ensues", "White Supremacist Claims to Have Hacked Trayvon Martin's Email, Social Media Accounts", "Bloggers Cherry-Pick From Social Media to Cast Trayvon Martin as a Menace", "What the Internet's Most Infamous Trolls Tell Us About Online Feminism", "Trolls Are Paying Twitter to Promote Hate Speech – And There's Nothing Stopping Them", "Incels, 4chan and the Beta Uprising: making sense of one of the Internet's most-reviled subcultures", "What is 4chan? In March of that year, the game's trailer had been released, and the game's immense popularity caused publisher Rockstar Games' website to crash. [11], Although Chobits (2001) and Toy's iMac Girl (1998) came first, the meme of turning computer-related phenomena into moe subjects did not start until Shiitake-chan (しいたけちゃん), the anthropomorphization of Internet Explorer's Stop button. February 7, 2011", "4chan Child Porn Fan Sentenced To Three Years In Federal Pen June 22, 2011", "Child Porn Plea On Deck For Navy Man Who Found Illicit Images On 4chan. [13][14] Any nickname may be used when posting, even one that has been previously adopted, such as "Anonymous" or "moot". [182][183][184][185], Ronald Ohlson, 37, was raided in April 2011 at his upstate New York home by the Department of Homeland Security after he obtained child pornography from 4chan. [215][216], New Zealand ISPs in the aftermath of the Christchurch mosque shootings, As explained by Poole during a live-video online interview with, Anthony McCosker, Sonja Vivienne, Amelia Johns (Oct 12, 2016), United States of America v. David Kernell. [86] It became a popular gathering place for the controversial online incel community. [72] [8] On October 20, 2006, Brahm turned himself in to federal authorities, and was charged with fabricating a fake terrorist threat and taken into custody. [110], In his American incarnation, Pedobear is an anthropomorphic bear child predator that is often used within the community to mock contributors showing a sexual interest in children. This resulted in intervention from a moderator, with an introduction of automatic one day ban on the use of the word "pony", to prevent discussion of the show. He was voiced by Hank Azaria and first appeared in the episode "The Telltale Head".. A 2017 documentary, The … I am sincerely sorry", citing server costs, infrastructure costs, and network fees. It’s a false flag for sure, but I’ll be aiming for the more tanned/dark haired muddied jeans in the crowd so real whites won’t have to worry," wrote Radulovic, according to the indictment. [63] Users often refer to each other, and much of the outside world, as fags. [67], /pol/ ("Politically Incorrect") is 4chan's political discussion board. January 25, 2011", "#GamerGate: the misogynist movement blighting the video games industry", "Chat logs show how 4chan users created #GamerGate controversy", "8chan, the central hive of Gamergate, is also an active pedophile network", "Gamergate Supporters Partied at a Strip Club This Weekend", "4chan Pics Match Slay Scene, Suspect David Kalac on Run: Investigators", "4chan Murder Suspect David Kalac Surrenders in Oregon", "Port Orchard man sentenced to 82 years for murder", "Bianca Devins: The teenager whose murder was exploited for clicks", "Bianca Devins Murder Suspect Pleads Not Guilty", "Bianca Devins: Lies, scams, misogyny explode online before facts; grieving family debunks rumors", "This Is How You Build a Dead Girl Narrative in Real Time", "A Teen Girl Found Refuge Online — Then Her Murder Went Viral", "AT&T Reportedly Blocks 4chan.

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