The Indus Valley civilization, also known as the Harappan civilization, flourished 4,000 years ago in what is now India and Pakistan. Gathering ancient DNA from the Indus Valley is an enormous challenge, Vagheesh Narasimhan, one of the leading authors of the new research and a postdoctoral fellow in genetics at Harvard Medical School, Live Science because the hot, humid climate tends to degrade DNA rapidly. Shinde et al. But the team’s confidence in its results was bolstered when the researches found that I6113 was genetically similar to 11 people from the 523-genome paper who were buried not in South Asia, but in what is now Iran and Turkmenistan. They represent one community,” he says. Even 5,000 years ago, they had urban centers and towns with baked brick houses and an elaborate underground drainage system. The research team behind I6113 is trying to sequence more bones from the Indus Valley civilization. In India, ancient DNA has generated intense interest, says Tony Joseph, the author of Early Indians: The Story of Our Ancestors and Where We Came From. Her skeleton was the only one—out of more than 100 samples the researchers tested from 10 different Indus Valley–civilization sites—that yielded ancient DNA, but even then it was contaminated and of poor quality. and Who are we?—questions that also have deep political undercurrents. “We had to squeeze, squeeze, squeeze the sample really hard, more than we’ve done in any other sample we’ve ever tried,” says Reich, who is also a senior author of the second paper. “That would be like taking a single sample from Tokyo and trying to generalize about the whole ancestry of Japan,” Reich admits. "The insights that emerge from just this single individual demonstrate the enormous promise of ancient DNA studies of South Asia. The absurdity of asserting what language the Indus Valley people spoke from ancient DNA is obvious. Razib Khan reports on his new website about an article by Tony Joseph, Who built the Indus Valley civilisation?, itself referring to the potential upcoming results of a genetic analysis project involving Rakhigarhi, the biggest Harappan site.. In 2016, archaeologists and scientists from India and South Korea found these two "very rare" skeletons in a Harappan (or Indus Valley) city - what is … Prof. Shinde is an archaeologist, and asserting his belief on the basis of ancient DNA evidence is straying far outside his academic competence. The scientists studied the DNA from the Indus Valley Civilization, while the Aryan migration is said to have happened during the fall of this ancient cvilization. Still, more cemetery samples would be better than just one. It surpassed its contemporaries, Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt, in size. Thus, farming was either reinvented locally in South Asia or reached it through the cultural transmission of ideas rather than through substantial movement of western Iranian farmers. The team studying I6113 noticed something intriguing about the Iranian-related portion of her ancestry, too. Cracking the DNA code of Indus Valley Genetics & Cytology Abstract Introduction The quest of creation is quest of human mind from dawn of the Civilization on the earth. (Further complicating things, Nazis co-opted the term Aryans to mean something different, a master race of European origin.) Gathering ancient DNA from the Indus Valley is an enormous challenge, Vagheesh Narasimhan, one of the leading authors of the new … To prevent contamination with modern DNA, team members now wear gowns and masks even while excavating in the field. Read: Ancient DNA is rewriting human (and Neanderthal) history. “The Indus Valley civilization has been an enigma for South Asians. Hindu nationalists, as Joseph has written, believe that Aryans—who originated in India and spread through Europe and Asia—are the source of Indian civilization.

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