In a typical 2-way loudspeaker system, the active crossover needs two power amplifiers — one for the woofer and one for the tweeter. red and green line is the deviation from the ideal position. The Genelec R&D team has a history of ground breaking developments. Grab a set of Genelec 8030C active studio monitors and say goodbye to muddled, inaccurate sound and mixes that never seem to translate. The new version "B" has an auto standby feature. “The ability to use the museum’s existing CAT cabling infrastructure for both power and audio signal transport simplified the system design and installation enormously, as we didn’t have to worry about any analogue cables – everything just sits on the existing network.”, Project manager Pauli Lamsijärvi from Studiotec agrees. “We didn’t have either the height or the space to include subs in Helsinki, so this is a welcome addition in Tampere which gives us some extra headroom in the system and helps add body and fullness to the sound,” continues Sipilä. Reflex port, Driver type The 8030C, introduced in 2017, even delivers 4 dB higher SPL and has a lower energy consumption than earlier models of 8030. KRK VXT6. The use of the latest technology enables visitors to share in the adrenalin, the triumphs and the disappointments along with all the emotions and feelings that sport brings. This in turn means that the vent tube has to be long which presents quite a design challenge. The free field frequency response is 45Hz to 21kHz. Grab a set of Genelec 8020D active studio monitors and say goodbye to muddled, inaccurate sound and mixes that never seem to translate. The power amplifiers are directly connected to the speaker drivers, maximizing the control exerted by the power amplifier’s damping on the driver’s voice coil, reducing the consequences of dynamic changes in the driver electrical characteristics. It also enables control of all the loudspeakers and the content fed to them, and the control system also manages signal delay to keep the pictures and sound in sync. The sound produced is so clean, natural and unadulterated – nothing colours it, and I just love that.”. When working in critical audio production environments it is essential that monitoring systems remain reliable and functional at all times. Minimized early reflections and controlled, constant directivity have another important advantage: the frequency balance of the room reverberation field is essentially the same as the direct field from the monitors. Grab a set of Genelec 8020D active studio monitors and say goodbye to muddled, inaccurate sound and mixes that never seem to translate. The larger installations with immersive multichannel sound designs all use Genelec Smart IP loudspeakers run from dedicated media servers capable of outputting Dante signals. 130 mm Each driver has its own signal processing and power amplifier. Learn more 4.2 out of 5, based on 4 Reviews. blue line is an ideal position plays. Appropriate protection circuitry design in every loudspeaker and subwoofer enables to maximise system output sound level. There is even an authentic double chair lift from 1965 with a huge screen behind it to reinforce the impression of being out on the slopes. reflective vs. damped rooms, or placement against a wall vs. on a stand away from the walls. This innovative solution is an integral part of Genelec loudspeaker design and provides clear benefits in usability and sound quality. The 8030A has a 5 inch bass driver and 3/4 inch tweeter. The latest 8030C builds upon the success of earlier 8030 models, delivering 4 dB higher output with less energy consumption. This means that the speaker will actually sound quite a lot bigger that its physical size would imply. 25 kHz. 50 W Treble We started with the 8010A placed on top of our usual monitors and aimed them down. In this mode, the monitor is only powered on and off using the mains power switch. Analog signal input connector XLR female, balanced 10 kOhm. Genelec’s monitors have never been in doubt sonically, but in recent years they’ve lost ground slightly in terms of price as their rivals have developed increasingly affordable products. with Iso-Pod™ Genelec 8030A | Full Specifications: Speaker type: 2-way, Number of drivers: 2, Recommended usage: Other, Connectivity technology: Wired, (view in inches), H 299 In a typical 2-way system the active crossover needs two power amplifiers — one for the woofer and one for the tweeter. The trademark rounded cabinet design of the 8030C delivers uncoloured reference performance both on and off axis, and rear panel room compensation switches let you optimise the 8030C for your individual room acoustics. The DCW waveguide has been integrated in the MDE aluminium enclosure to provide improved control of the loudspeaker’s directivity. Each room changes somewhat the monitor’s response in a unique way, e.g. Genelec Oy is a manufacturer of active loudspeaker systems based in Iisalmi, Finland.It designs and produces products especially for professional studio recording, mixing and mastering applications, broadcast, and movie production.The company was co-founded by the late Ilpo Martikainen (1947–2017) and Topi Partanen in 1978. We are able to make art with loudspeakers and we are not limited in any way in terms of how we can use the system.”, Tapio Ilomäki, the project manager for Akukon, agrees: “Our primary objective was the same as for Helsinki: to deliver a high-quality system with high musicality that serves the performer best. The ability to have everything delivered over just a single cable is every installer’s dream, so I think that Genelec’s Smart IP range will be figuring in a great many of our future designs!”. 1 x mains cable 1,8m The interaction between room acoustic and loudspeaker radiation is complex. All of the museum's AV equipment is controlled from a single touch screen linked to the control system. In order to improve the flatness of the frequency response and the power response of free standing loudspeaker systems, Genelec have designed a highly innovative enclosure optimized to match the properties of the monitor drivers, featuring rounded edges, and gently curved front and sides. (± 2 dB), Low cutoff -6dB I use Genelec 1030A for 8 years. The bass are incredible for the volume (how Genelec did?) Genelec 8030 vs M030. To achieve such a smooth and elegantly curved cabinet surface and to reduce the outer dimensions of the enclosure, maximising at the same time the internal volume for improved low frequency efficiency, we designed a cabinet made off die-cast aluminium. Сравнительное тестирование студийных мониторов: Eve Audio SC205 и Genelec 8030A. 5 dB) Maximum SPL: 96 dB. Note that the horizontal scale is different, and it cuts off at 500Hz, but the bumps and dips are all at the right places and magnitudes. ≥104 dB Van Verenigde Staten. Analog signal input connector XLR female, balanced 10 kOhm. Self generated noise level in free field at 1 m on axis (A-weighted). Protected by Genelec's ISS power management system 7.44 in. The operating manual and datasheet of each loudspeaker contains a list of preferred room response control settings for different installations. There is an increased flexibility and precision to adjust and fine tune each output frequency response for the specific drivers used. Home Recording can be very complicated. “The Smart IP speakers are definitely the most important element of the audio solution and certainly made life easier for us in terms of installation,” he notes. One of the largest exhibitions is Finnish sporting heroes across the ages. Peak SPL per pair is 115dB driven by a pair of 90 watt amplifiers. Peak SPL is 120dB and bass and treble amplification is 150 and 120 watts respectively. It has four shallow feet and it is made from special lossy rubber-like material. This advanced DCW technology minimizes early reflections and provides a wide and controlled listening area achieving accurate sound reproduction on- and off-axis. I think for the price, I expected them to do Genelec 1030A my happiness, and it is mixed. Genelec 8030C Active Studio Monitor When your project requires a powerful performance with no sacrifice in quality, the Genelec 8030C active studio monitor is designed to exceed your expectations. Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW™) Technology, 47 Hz - The review was published on Music Tech Magazine in October 2004. The biggest difference between the two venues is the space – Tampere is much bigger with significantly higher ceilings. Enclosure material 15.35 in. Of course this feature does not affect the sound quality in any way when working within the specifications of the loudspeaker, but only prevents inadequate input signals from breaking the loudspeaker. View price information. Genelec 8030 vs. 8040. 8030A studio monitor. Available colors: User rating Genelec introduced the LSE-series of subwoofers and replaced most of the 2-way series with the new 8000 Series. Treble We're here to offer some advice! Music and sound design house Pressure Cooker in Cape Town have standardised on Genelec throughout their new facility. Genelec 8030C 5” active monitor Review Details Category: Production and Creative Published: Tuesday, 23 October 2018 23:01 The Genelec 8030C 5” active monitors are a very good choice for transparent and accurate monitors for post production. The loudspeakers’ acoustical axis can then be pointed precisely towards the listener by adjusting the enclosure’s inclination with the Iso-Pod. Akukon Oy designed the acoustics, electroacoustics, lighting, sound, video, communication systems and basic IT structure as well as the rigging systems, as they did for Helsinki, and leading Nordic AV integrator, Bright – another key member of the Helsinki team – brought Akukon’s vision to life. "Klein aber voll Surround" The final area to use a Smart IP solution is the water sports exhibition which is brought to life using a 4-channel immersive sound system with four 4430s. To minimize the air speed in the tube, the cross sectional area of the vent should be large. Bass, midrange and treble level controls are provided in large systems. Genelec’s choice for vented, or reflex, enclosures dates back to the S30 model, the first Genelec product from 1978. Genelec analogue loudspeaker systems provide versatile Room Response Controls. Genelec upgraded their popular nearfield with more power, higher SPL capability, and lower energy consumption. (Class D) + - The linen wool, and glass fiber wool can emit minimum amounts of dust during very high sound level operation. Keep in mind these speakers are for smaller rooms and if you need lots of low end you should buy bigger monitors or add a 7040A subwoofer, which fits perfectly with Genelec 8010-8020 models. All three models in the 8000 series feature die-cast aluminium, minimum diffraction enclosures (MDE™) which have large internal volumes, softly curved edges and outstanding strength to help reduce linear and non-linear distortion. Looks like the 8030A, at least, has little resonances that are not taken care of. Genelec 8030A vs KRK VXT6. Speaker Reviews, Measurements and Discussion: 13: Tuesday at 5:44 PM: C: Genelec 8330A vs 8030C: Speaker Reviews, Measurements and Discussion: 6: Jan 8, 2021: J: Genelec 8351B vs Mesanovic RTM10 - AB Test Preparation: Speaker Reviews, Measurements and Discussion: 46: Jan 2, 2021 In fact, the 8331A holds the record as the world’s smallest three-way monitor. The cabinet walls can be made fairly thin, providing at the same time good EMC shielding and excellent heat sink for the power amplifiers. Styled in a white finish, Genelec 8030C is a single 2-way active studio monitor designed to provide accurate mix referencing for audio engineers, musicians, and producers in project studios, small control rooms, or mobile setups.It features 100W of Class-D amplification driving a 5 1/8” woofer and 3/4” metal-dome tweeter, producing a frequency response of 47 Hz to 25 kHz. With a very controlled off-axis radiation, the listening window becomes consistent, which is of utmost importance with multi-channel audio monitoring. Another part of the winter sports section takes us up onto the slopes with skiers and snowboarders. “Every room in the facility has Genelec!,” smiles Matthes “From buying my first pair over nine years ago, I have never looked back – each monitor is fantastic. Manual frequency correction. Another exhibition is dedicated to winter sports. 25 kHz Genelec 8030A Shop now at Amazon. The 8000 Series of near-field, two-way systems took two years to develop. A common problem with standard free-standing loudspeakers is that the front baffle discontinuities cause diffractions and the loudspeaker sharp corners act as secondary sources through reflections. “This was the first film we mixed using our Genelec system and particularly for the international market, it converted amazingly,” says Matthes. Here I used four 4430s.”. When you come here to listen to live music, it will most likely sound even better than it did on the record – you can hear things you never heard before. The 8040A has a 6 1/2 inch bass driver and 3/4 inch tweeter. Genelec 8030C on tehokas, moniin käyttötarkoituksiin ja ympäristöihin soveltuva tarkkailukaiutin. “It’s hard to think of any sport where sound is not a crucial part of the experience. Input, 54 Hz The G series looks virtually identical to the 80x0 series to me, not the 83xx or 82xx series. Fifty-eight music press magazine from all over the globe cast their vote to make Genelec winner of the category. Genelec Quality in a Compact Monitor. If you are regularly on the move they will make a great investment, combining … Dave Dug­dale . Print view. The result is a fully immersive experience that truly brings the action to life for the visitor. Visitors experience the thrills of scuba diving below the waves to sailing above them, before being hurled into a canoe to negotiate the rapids. The tables presented below provide a detailed listing of our monitor models and the type of damping material used in each model. 3000 Hz, Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS™) Technology, Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE™) Technology. Language: English. Die-casting is made in two parts, front and rear, and they are easy to separate for potential servicing needs. Present course, but very precise. The Acoustic Response Editor provides accurate graphical display of the measured response, filter compensation and the resulting system response for each monitor, with full manual control of acoustic settings. The last are more cheep but people says that they are good too.. ... my ears were right. Genelec Studio Monitor 8030 CP black. “We definitely wanted the new 4430s for easier cabling and added control; it’s opened up a world of possibilities for us,” admits Sipilä. They also incorporate Advanced Directivity Controlled Waveguide (DCW™) to provide extremely accurate control of the speaker's directivity. The 8030A has a 5 inch bass driver and 3/4 inch tweeter. These speakers are targeted at the mid- to high-level project and home studio, as well as songwriters, musicians, music students and the like. James Matthes, Co-Founder and CEO of Pressure Cooker Studios notes: “We wanted to make our space as comfortable, but also as technologically advanced as possible – we spend so much time here, so it definitely had to feel lived in, making it a homely but premium space.”, Helping the Pressure Cooker team achieve this feat was Genelec’s GLM software. Genelec 8030A vs Yamaha HS80M. The free field frequency response is 45Hz to 21kHz. 50 W Bass The free field frequency response is 55Hz to 21kHz, Peak SPL per pair is 108dB driven by a pair of 40 watt amplifiers. What you have here at G Livelab is just the opposite end of the scale – for me it’s the ultimate live sound experience. Genelec 8010 Bi-Amplified Active Monitor (Black, Single). This is in contrast to passive crossovers that operate at the high signal levels of the power amplifier's outputs, having to handle high currents and in some cases high voltages. Genelec products use various damping materials such as glass fiber wool, linen fiber wool, and polyester fiber based material (PES). Frontal hemisphere power response as measured by Princeton 3D3A of the 8030A strongly agrees with Genelec's specs. All Genelec loudspeaker systems feature room response adjustments to compensate for the room influences and retrieve a flat frequency response at the listening position. Pressure Cooker Studios, a respected music and sound design house specialising in music production for film, television and advertisements, has recently moved into their new purpose-built studio facility in the centre of Cape Town, designed by world-renowned studio designer Martin Pilchner of Pilchner Schoustal International Inc. Genelec is at the heart of this new facility, with its local distributor, TruFi, supplying monitors for all of its recording studio spaces. The Intelligent Signal Sensing, ISS™ circuitry tracks the signal input of the loudspeaker and detects if it is in use. "Genelec 8030A: Genelec’s new 8000 series promises stunning performance. Nu kopen. The possibility to compensate for the frequency and phase response anomalies associated with a driver’s characteristics within the intended pass-band. Page 24 Genelec Oy 8030 (dBr) vs freq (Hz) 22 Jan 13 Kuva 4: Taajuusvastesää- timien vaikutus 8030B:n toistovasteeseen. black line is the phase. Rankasti akustoituihin tiloihin kapasiteetti ei riitä, mutta eipä niihin yleensä riitä vielä monta pykälää järeämmätkään ratkaisut. The second notable difference is the use of Genelec’s 4430 Smart IP loudspeakers which weren’t available at the time of the Helsinki installation. The Genelec DCW technology developed and refined over more than 30 years greatly improves the performance of direct radiating multi-way monitors. The Genelec 8030A was in production between 2005 - 2013. Genelec's low distortion drivers — a 5" woofer and a 3/4" metal-dome tweeter — are driven by the 8030C's dedicated 50-watt Class D bass and treble amplifiers after sophisticated filtering. Using the active approach enables frequency response adjustments and optimization of the full loudspeaker system, placed in various room environments, without expensive external equalizers. Genelec AutoCal provides the industry’s first integrated process for complete automated measurement, analysis, and adjustment of every monitor on the GLM control network. 1 x user manual. Ha nagy teljesítményre van szükség a minőség feláldozása nélkül, a Genelec 8030C aktív stúdió monitor felülmúlja a várakozásokat. 8030A studio monitor. "GENELEC 8030A: DO GENELEC’S NEW 8030S SIMPLY MARK A FACELIFT FOR THEIR POPULAR “Through spectacular visuals and a strong world of sound, the museum visitor's experience is better than ever,” she declares. Some models also feature a 3/8” thread at the bottom of the enclosure to fit a robust microphone stand. The Bass Tilt control, which acts as a shelving filter together with the Bass Roll-off control allowing you to optimize the low and very low frequency response of the system in different installations. There is a reduction in the power amplifier output requirement. Genelec upgraded their popular nearfield with more power, higher SPL capability, and lower energy consumption. The museum’s development director Kaisa Laitinen is delighted with the results. “Studiotec and Granlund have done a great job in bringing our vision to life. The Genelec 8030A was in production between years 2005 - 2013. Renowned Finnish singer/songwriter, Markus Nordenstreng of Tuomo & Markus and the Latebirds considers G Livelab as his favourite venue for intimate performances. Hz - Genelec 8040 A vs 8040 B vs 8050. The use of the 4430s plays an important role at this level as well as offering extremely musical sound with very low distortion.”. Where the requirement was for stereo rather than immersive sound, Päivärinne opted for Genelec 8010 and 8030 loudspeakers, as the media players are located close to the loudspeakers. 1 x 8030C monitor Maximum peak acoustic output per pair at 1 m distance with music material. The system measures the response in the listening area and applies relevant compensation in the low and low-mid frequencies to minimise the detrimental room acoustic anomalies as well as the differences between various listening positions. Maximum long term RMS acoustic output in same conditions with IEC weighted noise (limited by driver unit protection circuit) at 1 m. Maximum long term RMS acoustic output in same conditions with IEC weighted noise (limited by driver unit protection circuit) at 1 m. Self-generated noise “We were really surprised by the SPLs and sound quality from this size of loudspeaker over PoE. mm, This fiber dust is not hazardous to health. Rankasti akustoituihin tiloihin kapasiteetti ei riitä, mutta eipä niihin yleensä riitä vielä monta pykälää järeämmätkään ratkaisut. The recently introduced M series addresses the issue in simple terms: this is a more affordable Genelec range which sacrifices very little in the way of sonics. 8030B Studio Monitor. ... i also use the 8030a as a remote monitor, which is what i do mostly, apart from programming. The ability to compensate for sensitivity variations between drivers. Bass + Genelec 8030A When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. With these features our loudspeakers have found their way to a variety of applications beyond the professional audio and studio world, for example in commercial and AV installation projects as well as in home environments all around the world. “For example, if I go from a writing session to the composition suite, or start doing a mix with a client in the theatre – my ears aren’t going to trick me. see the real frequency response graph of genelec 8030a. Check this first as I found it makes a big difference. Genelec Quality in an Ultra-compact Monitor. Magnetic shielding, overload protection circuitry, and versatile room response controls are standard. I like their side precision tool (except the bass), but do not like listening to music on it. For everything after the recording stage: hardware/software and how you use it. Paul Pettengale gives his hard-edged opinion." Päivärinne specified Genelec’s Smart IP range of loudspeakers for most of the sound design, as they met all of his criteria for quality and particularly for ease of deployment. Genelec SAM Systems offer a comprehensive, solution-oriented, intelligently networked product range which all feature Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM™) software and its automatic calibration system called AutoCal™. This means that we can use the same loudspeakers for virtual acoustics, surround sound, background music, delays… the possibilities are endless, and it’s enabled us to considerably reduce the total amount of loudspeakers required in order to achieve what we wanted. x W 189 x D 178 The curvature of the tube has also been carefully designed to minimize any audible noise, compression or distortion. In the wake of the unmitigated success that is G Livelab Helsinki, the Finnish Musicians’ Union has opened a brand new – and bigger – venue in the vibrant city of Tampere, some 200km north of the Finnish capital. The vibration isolation and damping properties reduce midrange coloration caused by unwanted vibration transmitted to supporting surfaces. Genelec 8030A onkin erittäin helppo ratkaisu kun halutaan kompaktissa koossa runsaasti puhdasta ääntä, esimerkiksi olohuoneen monikanavaratkaisuksi tai musiikinkuunteluun. Comparison of Genelec 8030C and Genelec G3 based on specifications, reviews and ratings. ("-6 dB"), ± Styled in a dark gray, classic Producer finish, Genelec 8030C is a single 2-way active studio monitor designed to provide accurate mix referencing for audio engineers, musicians, and producers in project studios, small control rooms, or mobile setups.It features 100W of Class-D amplification driving a 5 1/8” woofer and 3/4” metal-dome tweeter, producing a frequency response of 47 Hz to 25 kHz. Online Guides. ≤5 dB During operation, the air moving in and out of the monitor loudspeaker or subwoofer bass reflex openings does not emit significant amounts of fiber particle dust. x XLR It offers precise imaging and staggering detail, but can go louder and lower than its smaller siblings – making it the perfect choice for slightly larger spaces. The flat frequency response of a high-quality active loudspeaker is a result of the combined effect of the crossover filter response, power amplifier responses and driver responses in a loudspeaker enclosure. It was replaced by the 8030B model and later on, with the 8030C model. Aluminium is lightweight, stiff and very easy to damp to yield a “dead” structure. Styled in a white finish, Genelec 8030C is a single 2-way active studio monitor designed to provide accurate mix referencing for audio engineers, musicians, and producers in project studios, small control rooms, or mobile setups.It features 100W of Class-D amplification driving a 5 1/8” woofer and 3/4” metal-dome tweeter, producing a frequency response of 47 Hz to 25 kHz. The audio quality is what we’re used to hearing from Genelec – in other words, world class – so we’re very pleased with the results.”. Self generated noise level in free field at 1 m on axis (A-weighted). Genelec 8030A Powered Bi-amplified Active Studio Monitors pair. If this function is not desired, the ISS™ function can be disabled by setting the “ISS Disable” switch on the back panel to “ON” position. This causes several detrimental side effects. “People really liked what we achieved in Helsinki, so it was an obvious decision to equip the Tampere club with Genelecs as well.”. Online Guides. Hey guys, Genelec’s four-cornered rubber base is one of our favourite features. These controls allow to optimize the relative balance between the various pass bands. mm, As well as providing anti-slip decoupling, a clever metal clip attachment enables the 8010A to fire upwards and downwards as well as straight. -3 dB frequency measured in an anechoic chamber is 58 Hz which means that the actual bass response with the room gain included is even better, usually around 50 Hz. However, the versatility of systems and spaces was a key element of the design; modern venues need to be multi-purpose and they have to be able to facilitate these changes as quickly and easily as possible, for optimum functionality and quick return on investment. Genelec 8030A Shop now at Amazon. To make the directivity uniform and smooth, the goal is to limit the radiation angle so that the stray radiation is reduced. In this guide we ll outline the basic principles of studio monitors, and take a closer look at their most common features. Genelec 8030a: quick start (2 pages) Speakers Genelec 8030A Operating Manual. The free field frequency response is 45Hz to 21kHz. Sound image width and depth, critical components in any listening environment, are important not only for on-axis listening, but also off-axis. These have been specified out of long practical experience and measurements of various kind of typical acoustic environments. Yamaha HS80M Shop now at Amazon. Genelec Quality in an Ultra-compact Monitor. It is written in German. The quality of the 8010A is no exception and easily worth the price. It features a new approach to enclosure design, driver technology and active electronics to further reduce distortion and provide an outstanding performance. The Genelec 8030A was in production between years 2005 - 2013. I'm a bit afraid that it would affect the sound in certain situations (edits clicking or clicky edits not … The PES wool as material does not emit dust. 47 Hz, High cutoff -6dB Sounds from various sports are accompanied with occasional musical layers specially composed for the exhibition, and UX (User Experience) sounds. We’ve had nothing but positive feedback since we opened, both from the public and musicians alike.”. It is firmly attached to the enclosure so that it can be slid along the curved bottom or side surface to allow for a ±15° tilt of the loudspeaker. The free field frequency response is 55Hz to 21kHz, Peak SPL per pair is 108dB driven by a pair of 40 watt amplifiers. It would be a great service to mankind if there was a G Livelab in every city around the world!”, The final word goes to Annamaija Saarela, CEO of G Livelab Tampere: “G Livelab isn’t just about the technology or the programming – it’s about the whole experience of enjoying live music, and I’m proud to say that in bringing together the best of everything and everyone involved, we have achieved a result that is even greater than the sum of the parts.

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