Just like the Buddha in the story above refuses to accept the old man’s anger, you don’t have to be offended. It rather depends on context. Being offended is part of being in the real world. So when he announced he would be releasing a memoir titled "Greenlights," I knew I absolutely had to get my hands on this book. This article has not been reviewed by Odyssey HQ and solely reflects the ideas and opinions of the creator. Offensive arguments are like scoring points for one’s team. Offensive arguments are like scoring points for one’s team. Donations for his defense are greatly appreciated. This is why the being offended argument can not be used in any kind of rational debate. People getting offended is not necessarily an argument against the logic and reason of a position, it may merely serve as a way gauge the public's thoughts on the matter. Not that I would call Heritage Minister Nigel Huddleston … You have entered an incorrect email address! Subscribing is also important; this bypasses the censorship. If you want to be angry and offended, then all the crafter of that message needs to do is give you messages that confirm your anger and offense. Being offended means you are informed enough to be engaged with an issue and strong enough of character to disagree with that issue. Being offended is an emotion that in itself acheives no constructive purpose other than, as Fry says, to whine. INSPIRATIONAL CHRISTIAN BLOGS SITE LISTING. All they do is respond with emotion without even articulating anything that resembles a cogent counterargument. [note 1] In the above example, the phrase "Trump is racist" is likely short for the following syllogism: 1. It’s no coincidence that the many popular counterfeit gospels masquerading as Christianity (and claiming millions of “converts”) in America today are counterfeits that remove the offensiveness of the true Gospel by reducing the Lordship of Christ either to an optional or very limited aspect of the Christian life. It's only when an insult "triggers" you that you're hurt. You do not win an argument by being offended – you merely demonstrate your immaturity. Jennifer Kustanovich, SUNY Stony Brook5. (For more on this, please read Why are “conservatives” using the blood of soldiers as a shield against criticism and a weapon against dissent?). After a recent debate at Princeton, I was approached by a student who became visibly agitated when I didn't accede to her position almost as soon as she had stated it. This post is not meant to single out a specific group, person, or political party. It is not likely that someone will say, “You know, you are right, and I am wrong.” However, we can converse with them in a way that might lead to more opportunities. Taking offense is a choice you make. Then we have the far bigger issue of rape victims and media that include rape. I credit the author Lou Marinoff (1999) with the important idea that our being offended by others is not the same as being harmed by them. Thank you for the implicit compliment about my ability. Instead of critically examining and factually refuting an opposing argument, we avoid all o’ that hard work by yammering on about how “hurt” we feel that certain questions are even asked. Do not get side tracked off your message with any of their offended comments or inflated accusations. Assertion that these symptoms 'are' ADHD is not such proof. One of the easiest ways to influence people is to tell them what they want to hear. Don't forget to follow TCP News on Parler, USA Life, Gab, Facebook, and Twitter, TCP News is proud to be ranked #24 in the Top 40 Conservative Political Blogs. If you have done something that in all honesty you thought was non-offensive, but nevertheless you offended someone, then you might rightly be sorry that your words/actions caused offense (but not necessarily sorry for the fact that you said/did whatever it was).. Now, if you had asked about the phrase “I’m sorry if I offended you”, … Songs About Being 17Grey's Anatomy QuotesVine Quotes4 Leaf CloverSelf Respect, 1. Viewpoints expressed herein are of the article’s author(s), or of the person(s) or organization(s) quoted or linked therein, and do not necessarily represent those of TCP News. We should talk in such a way that no one could rightly accuse us of being combative (2 Tim. The Great American National Anthem Crisis of 2017 has demonstrated quite clearly that self-described conservatives (many of whom also claim to be Christians) are every bit as into shouting down or shaming uncomfortable or challenging facts into silence through the use of emotion-drenched whining and personal attacks in lieu of actually dealing with the factual components of the “offensive” or “disrespectful” statements that have ’em in a tizzy. Although those who hold to either Two Kingdom ecclesiology or Papist ecclesiology would have you believe that these few Reconstructionist and Abolitionist rabble-rousers are delving into novel and peculiar theological ideas, that is simply untrue. As should be clear, this isan argument. The fate of American culture literally hinges on our desire and ability to pursue, promote, and apply Truth, no matter how temporarily painful or offensive it may be at any given moment. This is typically how the Truth operates…right before it sets us free. Things like truth, logic, facts, and objective reality are so yesterday. Instead of actually thinking critically about things – especially hard or challenging truths – we just want to emote. Secondly, I am not offended because I am not surprised. You will not say "Oh It's offensive, it's offensive". Synonym Discussion of offend. Thank you for your time and interest in these important things. This is where the danger lies. IT'S NOT AN ARGUMENT – IT'S AN ADMISSION OF STUPIDITY, OF INTELLECTUAL IMPOTENCE. We want to avoid critical thought by diving (and dragging others) deeper and deeper into our precious feelings. On January 10, a new teaser was posted on social media for the new series, "And Just Like That." Radhi, SUNY Stony Brook3. Born or not, development of a fetish is like being born with something as it leads to the same thing. Secondly, I am not offended because I am not surprised. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. “I’m offended” seeks to end the argument. 2. IT'S NOT AN ARGUMENT – IT'S AN ADMISSION OF STUPIDITY, OF INTELLECTUAL IMPOTENCE. (See: the Gospel.). The idea of our own “righteous anger” is a myth. I decided to ask my Instagram followers how they felt about 2020 and the results were a little more mixed up than expected. To be offended is to be on the offense: taking action, voicing dissatisfaction, instead of letting the status quo roll over you. Focus on the content. P2: (unstated) Trump did [X]. P3: (unstated) Racism is bad. April 28, 2017 Philosophy. They should take their stupid facts and objectively verifiable truths and run away in shame, never to be seen or heard from again…until they repent of having ever thought or shared those hard facts and truths, of course. The situations that has happened to some gay people has nothing to do with the argument here. The question or fact that offended you or made you feel disrespected may well be completely true, right, good, and essential to your own ultimate good and happiness. Synonym Discussion of offend. Write a reply; Dimitrios August 1st, 2019. Being offended isn't a mark of virtue - it's a sign that you're a crybaby who will throw a tantrum if you can't get your way. 25 Songs To Add To Your January Playlist That'll Remind Us Of Simpler Times, I Adopted An Emotional Support Animal, And It's The Best Decision I've Ever Made For My Mental Health, I Asked Instagram How 2020 Was, And Maybe It Wasn't The Worst Year Ever, 11 Quotes From Matthew McConaughey's New Book 'Greenlights' That Will Help You Find Your Frequency In 2021, The Armie Hammer Scandal Discourse Is Kink Shaming And Harming Actual Victims, The Top 10 'Sex and the City' Episodes You Need To Revisit Before The New Series, My New Tattoo Reminds Me To Love Everyone With Intention—And Yes, That Includes Myself, 27 Things To Carry In Your Purse, Because If 2020 Taught Us Anything, It's You Just Never Know.

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