Las cookies estrictamente necesarias tiene que activarse siempre para que podamos guardar tus preferencias de ajustes de cookies. Failure to use official Amerex replacement parts can cause systems to malfunction. The pressure gauges for the nitrogen cylinder and the agent cylinder are visible without removing the front cover of the cabinet. Home | Welcome Guest! Aviso Legal Stored Pressure Wheeled Extinguishers Each one meets or exceeds current UL-300 standards. Por favor vea la Parte V del Manual Mzone 5 (Motor de reglas) para obtener más información sobre la creación de reglas. The enclosure has provisions for applying tamper seals after final testing or periodic maintenance. this manual is published as a guide to assist qualified service personnel in the inspection, maintenance and recharge of amerex fire extinguishers only. View and Download Amerex 344 maintenance service manual online. AGENT - The system agent is Amerex KP liquid fire suppressant, a potassium acetate based solution that suppresses cooking grease fires through both saponification and cooling. MRM Módulo de Liberación Mecánica. Amerex Corporation has been manufacturing restaurant systems since 1995. THIS MANUAL IS PUBLISHED AS A GUIDE TO ASSIST QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL IN THE INSPECTION, MAINTENANCE AND RECHARGE OF AMEREX FIRE EXTINGUISHERS ONLY. amerex corporation does not service, maintain or recharge fire extinguishers. The Amerex pre-engineered wet chemical restaurant extinguishing systems are listed with UL per UL300 fire test specifications, UL of Canada per ULC/ORD 1254.6 – 1995 and LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) – UK per LPS 1223 rev B. Amerex has over 600 distributors selling and installing our product in the US and abroad. The PRM detection system consists of the PRM, thermal responsive tubing and end of line fitting. 05608: 125–150 lb. MRM or PRM (control device) mounting flexibility – Painted red enclosure, stainless steel enclosure, cabinet or OEM fabricated mounting. 20150. The cover of the gas valve has a visual indicator showing the valve’s state of readiness. This cylinder shall be capable of being refilled in the field by an Authorized Amerex Zone Defense Systems Distributor and shall not require periodic hydrostatic testing. AMEREX offers three choices (KP, ZD and COBRA™) for commercial cooking applications. MANUAL PULL STATIONS - The manual pull stations are a “dual action” type. Amerex KP Systems are a pre-engineered type as defined in NFPA 17A – Standard for Wet Chemical Extinguishing Systems. Stored Pressure Agent Cylinders – does not require filling in the field, avoiding additional costs and labor charges from the distributor doing the final hook-up. It is manufactured by the Amerex Corporation, Trussville, Alabama. Condition is New. Mas información sobre nuestra Política de cookies. Due to global inventory shortages, some products are currently unavailable and have no restocking timeline. The Zone Defense restaurant system offers overlapping coverage with nozzles placed every 20 inches using fewer agent cylinders than the competition. Competitive pricing – some of the lowest costs in the industry for a total system installation. Stainless or red enclosure. DISCHARGE NOZZLES - Discharge nozzles are made of chrome-plated brass, and shall consist of a one piece tip/body, strainer and blow off cap. in. Free Shipping on Purchases $100 + Call us at 800-498-FIRE (3473) Search Generic filters. ZD RESTAURANT FIRE SUPRESSION SYSTEM – adds greater flexibility by letting you reconfigure a kitchen or … BINDER NOT INCLUDED Shipped with USPS First Class Package. Owners service manual. Amerex basa su calidad en su asistencia técnica inmediata ofreciendo: Cadena de frío estricta, asegurada para productos que lo requieran. lengths. Amerex KP- Class K Fire Extinguisher- Restaurant Fire Suppression System. $ 45.00 +$0.00 shipping of nitrogen and has an integral pressure gauge that allows easy field verification of pressure. guardar Guardar amerex_is_manual_15040b.pdf para más tarde. It is capable of actuating from one to ten agent cylinder/valve assemblies using one nitrogen cylinder and is operated either automatically by the detection network or manually by a remote manual pull station. Prado Banderillas 7,  nave 4 The original MRM version is no longer in production, ... strict accordance with Amerex Manual No. MECHANICAL GAS VALVES – ¾” TO 3” SIZES - A mechanical gas valve, specifically listed by UL for use with the Amerex Zone Defense system, shall be installed for automatic shut off of gas whenever gas appliances are used. Both a ring pin and lever must be pulled in order to discharge the system manually. ELECTRIC MICRO SWITCH - UL listed electric micro switches are provided to accomplish system output functions. [email protected] More Details. KP Owners Service Manual 1 2020 English. no instruction manual can anticipate all possible malfunctions that may be encountered Jay L Harman Fire Equipment Company has over 95 years of experience providing complete fire protection services for restaurants, commercial kitchens and other industries in the El Paso TX and Las Cruces NM areas. ELECTRICAL GAS VALVE – ¾” TO 3” SIZES - If an electrically operated gas valve is required, it must be UL Listed for use with the Amerex Zone Defense system. Control Head Overview PRM. Esto significa que cada vez que visites esta web tendrás que activar o desactivar las cookies de nuevo. The ZD system was designed with fine dining, culinary schools, military facilities, hotels and hospitals in mind. Poseemos un equipo técnico humano vanguardista, que proporciona seguridad, seriedad y rapidez en las soluciones a nuestros clientes.Somos pioneros en vida útil con el mejor expertise del mercado. Amerex se dedica a la fabricación y distribución de ingredientes y mezclas Existing mechanical valves, if operating, may be used according to the listed Zone Defense Design, Installation, Maintenance and Recharge Manual. It is capable of firing up to 10 – agent cylinder assemblies and actuating up to two gas valves.

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