The Danube Bridge (formerly known as the Friendship Bridge; Bulgarian: Мост на дружбата, Most na druzhbata or, more commonly, Дунав Mост, Dunav most; Romanian: Podul Prieteniei or Podul de la Giurgiu) is a steel truss bridge over the Danube River connecting the Bulgarian bank to the south with the Romanian bank to the north and the cities of Ruse and Giurgiu respectively. 13 lei. The bridge itself has been built, but Romanian authorities kept postponing the modernization of the rail link that connects to the main railway network. Fetesti - Cernavoda. Due to scheduled repair works of the bridge between Vidin and Calafat, from the period 20.07.2020 -14.08.2020, a temporary traffic organization will be introduced. Giurgeni - Vadul Oii. „Danube bridge Vidin-Calafat“ АD, 20.07.2020 The route pass will also be available for purchase from the network of the RIA partners – national service providers. Bridge toll. Toll-boxes The vehicles crossing from Bulgaria to Romania shall use left lane on the roadway. Giurgiu - Rousse (RO/BG) € 3. Bridges and indicative toll prices are listed in the table and on the map at the bottom of the page. The new bridge connecting Romania and Bulgaria via the cities of Calafat and Vidin should be ready at the beginning of May and crossing the bridge across the Danube will cost EUR 2 for cars. Calafat - Vidin (RO/BG) € 6. The Vidin-Calafat Bridge (also known as Danube Bridge 2) is a road and railway bridge linking the cities of Calafat (Romania) and Vidin (Bulgaria). Calafat - Vidin (RO/BG) € 6. 20 years after making the decision to erect a bridge across the Danube between Calafat (Romania) and Vidin (Bulgaria), the project is still not completed. DKV customers pay their charges for the following bridges comfortably with the DKV CARD: Denmark: Stoerebalt-Bridge between Nyborg and Korsør Denmark – Sweden: *Øresund Bridge between Copenhagen and Malmö (receive at least 50%* discount when using the DKV BOX REETS); Portugal: "Vasco da Gama" between Montijo and Lisbon, and "25 de Abril" between Almada and Lisbon. Tolls have been set for the new Calafat – Vidin bridge, connecting Romania to its neighbor Bulgaria, which is set to 11 lei. bridge / vehicle. Toll services by country overview Belgium Germany France Italy Austria Poland More countries . Hristo Monev, Deputy Chair of the Supervisory Board of Danube Bridge 2 Vidin – Calafat AD, has suggested that the car tolls could be reduced by 50%. The section is provided with the relevant road signs! passenger car. ... eTariff is a system for electronic payment of tolls for crossing the Bridge Fetesti - Cernavoda, the service is primarily intended for regular users of the bridge and tolls can also be paid with cash at the toll gate. The total toll roads length is 3,115 km, of which 803 km are motorways and 2,312 km are first-class roads. Toll services by country. ... Danube Bridge – Ruse BCP, Danube Bridge – Vidin BCP, Silistra BCP, Stanke Lisichkovo BCP and Ilinden BCP.

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