The other shelves hold a random light armor cuirass and two pairs of light armor boots, a shield, and two swords. Farther along is a set of shelves holding a leather strip, a leveled potion of strength and a leveled potion of regeneration. This is where the person working with metal is located. To the left are a stack of straw bales with stairs leading down to the left. There are two cells; one adept-locked and the other apprentice-locked along the eastern wall. At the top of the stairs is a bandit with a second farther back out of sight, but who will be alerted even to a stealthy kill. If you have not already obtained it, you may wish to get the quest Infiltration before entering for the first time from Stalleo, who is found camped with two bodyguards just to the east of the fort. He has returned home and found that his family and fortress are held by his nemesis, Brurid. In front is a flight of stairs leading up into an L-shaped room with a smaller room ahead through a large doorway. Infiltrate the captured fortress and fight to return it … ... You have a hard time expressing your feelings. If seen as memorable, the fact that Ancient Technology can send you here could be noted. Farming Treva is a very efficient way of picking up raw Mesos - you get a trophy for picking up 5.000.000 Mesos (around 35K Treva farmed will yield that) wich grants you one of the coolest emotes you'll ever see in a game. At the top are three bandits, two archers and a melee fighter. On the table is a bucket containing two bottles of wine, while the cupboard holds a knapsack, an iron mace and a woodcutter's axe. The passage turns to the north at the far end and leads out onto a balcony over a dining room, where three bandits can be seen sitting at a pair of tables laid end-to-end, chatting to each other. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. Ahead are stairs leading up to a wider passage. They are all standing in an oil slick with an oil lantern hanging above. On the set of shelves is a piece of iron ore, six iron ingots and two leather strips, with another piece of iron ore on the table as well. Here there are three more sets of shelves and a small unit which between them hold many small barrels of mead, a woodcutter's axe, three bottles of alto wine, seven bottles of wine, six bottles of Nord mead, two random potions of healing and a random potion of regeneration. Battery, USB and Rechargeable power for fans, heat and humidifiers! Stalleo once lived with his family in Treva's Watch, their personal castle. Between the two doorways are two tables, one of which has a random dagger on top. To the east are more stairs leading up to a higher level where another campfire has been lit with two lean-tos with unowned bedrolls under them around the fire and an unlocked chest and long wooden table beside one of these. Behind this are two sets of shelves separated by an unlocked chest, with a second unlocked chest to the right of the shelves. DEMOGRAPHICS) Treva reached its peak rank of #591 in the U.S. during the years 1930-1939, but is not ranked at the moment. Between the two cells, on a hook on the wall or fallen to the floor is a key that opens the cells. Stalleo mentions that he attempted retaking the castle with his men, but it went "sour," as he describes it to the Dragonborn. Thanks to Loose Id and her writing, she can be a recovering attorney and now spends her time writing, editing, raising adolescents, taking care of an elderly mother and dealing with a hyperactive husband (who says he's just very energetic). Partway up the stairs is a bandit standing guard near a long wooden table. To the left is a food barrel and to the right a set of shelves holding two sheaves of wheat, some bread and cheese wheels. To the south is a wide doorway with a passage opposite and curved stairs rising on your right. Treva provides all your home comfort needs. Any fighting may alert one of the Bandit chiefs to your presence. The passage ends at the other side of the cave-in seen previously. Charles Marlow, the narrator, tells his story to friends aboard a boat anchored on the River Thames.This setting provides the frame for Marlow's story of his obsession with the successful ivory trader Kurtz. --Velyanthe 21:03, 14 February 2012 (UTC) Ancient Technology . Eventually he, along with his men, left to help in the ongoing war between the Imperials and rebel Stormcloaks. Typically you will enter this fort through the secret entrance, that leads to the basement. Originally home to the family of Stalleo, Treva's Watch has been overrun by Bandits. On a shelf under one of the units is a bottle of alto wine, three bottles of wine, a random potion of stamina and two random potions of healing. Treva's Watch is a fort situated to the southeast of Ivarstead and to the west of Riften.It is a medium-sized fort occupied by a large number of leveled bandits, including two bandit chiefs.. There is a cave-in at the south end of the passage. There is a pile of firewood opposite with a woodcutter's axe leaning against it. On the tables are two legs of goat roast, a horse haunch, two bottles of wine and some bread. To the right of this is a set of shelves holding two more bottles of wine. The events wich grant Golden Treva Chests have a chance to give parts of the Treva outfit: the Boots, Gloves and Earrings. Some sources also suggest an Irish origin of Trevor and the meaning "uptight". Past this on your left is a doorway into a room with a bandit sitting at a long wooden table on the left with a bottle of wine on top, while against the south wall is a tall wardrobe and set of shelves holding several tiny food barrels, and an iron greatsword. Did you walk around Treva's watch, on the outside I mean? This leads to a man-made tunnel descending to the west before turning to the south and climbing a flight of stairs. Take care heading west, as just before the corner, there is a pressure plate on the floor that triggers a spike wall hinged on the right wall. Despite returning the fort Stalleo's care, they return to the camp and never take control of the fort, the bandits respawn enabling you to repeatedly clear it of bandits. Treva originates in Welsh language and means "from a large hamlet". Treva Harte lives near a city with many, many attorneys. I'm sorry in advance. Trevis - Hard To Get Spotify: Subscribe to Trevis' channel. You hardly even cann’t decide what to eat! Introducing the exception: the Devon Tread 1 Watch. So today doesn't bother me so much. The shelves hold a single random arrow, two empty random soul gems and two food sacks. The company's founder, Scott Devon, should have been a happy man, but he wasn't. If exiting into the courtyard from the main keep, you appear inside a wooden hut with a lever that lowers the spears blocking access to the courtyard for Stalleo and his bodyguards, although you may wish to wait until you've taken care of any remaining bandits, especially at higher levels. How to say Treva in English? Just beyond the alcove the passage turns to the west and passes a doorway on the left, which is where the bandit chief will be found if not previously alerted to your presence. This opens into a wide passage, to your right, on the floor is a bottle of alto wine and a large coin purse and beyond that a doorway with some rubble on the left, behind this is raw leg of goat and a small coin purse. Then the Tread 1 watch came out. Speaking with Stalleo, you can offer your services helping reclaim his home. While doing so, Brurid and a larger group of bandits took over his castle. The passage continues to the south before a doorway on the right opens into a dormitory where two bandits one sleeping in the first bed, the second standing at the rear of the room. The Dark Knight Returns (alternatively titled Batman: The Dark Knight Returns) is a 1986 four-issue comic book miniseries starring Batman, written by Frank Miller, illustrated by Miller and Klaus Janson, and published by DC Comics.

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