The Emperor was so annoyed, he threw her in prison. Search for: Search. Ji Chong doesn't like the current Ma Zhai Xing who's filled with hate. Zhai Xing purposely kissed Prince Bo; she drugged her lips beforehand. They even tied a red ribbon between them so they will be together forever as the superstition says. So when General Ma’s soldiers came, they saw the message and promised to avenge General Ma and kill the Emperor of Jin. He ordered Wang Xiang, the housekeeper of Ma Manor to go to the wolf hunt mountain to catch a wolf for its meat and blood as these supposed to fully cure rheumatoid arthritis which Xia Hou Yi suffers from. However, its cult following was so loud that Netflix picked it up and began streaming it on October 25, 2019. He did offer to bring her to Yao Ji but she declined. Ma Jun stole the resonance ball from Ma Zhai Xing. . He begs the monk to look at her. He liked the wisdom and bravery of Ma Zhaixing. He makes Wen Yan obey his absolute command. The Princess was Princess Ping Ning or something. She's stubborn, she says. Ji Chong will do the mission. Chu Kui is ailing but he wanted to mark his authority and wage war. He then announced that Prince Bo should marry Ma Zhai Xing. Regardez Les dernières Drama Coréen en Streaming HD et en Téléchargement Direct DDL Gratuitement sur Ma Zhai Xing and Yao Ji arrive at Chu You Gui’s place demanding his presence. The Generals were worried for the two because Qinnue Battalion is known for its brutal regime. Serial drama Taiwan “The Wolf” Subtitle Indonesia dapat disaksikan di platform iQIYI. Prince Bo also told the Emperor why the Second Prince and the Prime Minister hurried to get rid of Li Guang. document.write(' '); Global Granary Copyright © 2021 Powered by Wordpress. Chu You Wen makes Ma Zhai Xing learn it the hard way that he's her enemy from now on. This scene was when Mo Zhai Xing dropped her fragrance pouch which was picked up by Prince Bo. But she was not having it. Darren Wang is particularly handsome in this episode because he was overruling all her stupid ideas. The First Prince sent Third Brother to the rescue while First Brother battled with the enemy from inside and outside forces. Awww. Prince Bo convinced the inmate to create a riot to save Liu Er. Review: The Wolf (2020) January 16, 2021 No Comments. Ji Chong overhears everything his father told Ma Zhai Xing. The beggar got so excited when he saw the wife of the Second Prince. The nasty Second Prince is now in command of the Yang soldiers and he was tasked to escort Prince Bo to Qiannu Battalion for slave labour. He wants her to live on happily after he's gone. They have an orphanage. He grabbed the cub away from Xia Hou Yi and left through the window. Li Qin as Ma Zhai Xing looks much younger than Wan’er in Joy of Life. Although fate made them hate each other, love dissolved it all. So with the aid of alcohol, Ji Chong went to see Zhai Xing and did the idol drama of walling. She tiptoes and kiss him. I miss him!! Later that night, Ma Zhai Xing sneaks into camp to convince Chu You Wen to join her side. Ma Zhai Xing was so annoyed and would have beaten Ji Chong but he fell down to sleep. The King tasked him to lead a major troop which rather upset his older brother. But Prince Bo had a chance of heart because of the guilt he felt. Cast: Darren Wang as Tarzan :)/ Chu Youwen/Prince Bo/ Third Brother; Li Qin as Ma … She can see that he was not ready for a love relationship so she told him that he was her only family. Ma Zhai Xing was prepared to consummate the wedding night with Ji Chong. The elusive princess would not listen to her at first but Zhai Xing showed her the cypress vine flower she said her mother liked. The truth from eight years ago came out. He tied a red thread on their fingers. Ma Zhai Xing found a letter from Lord Duan and immediately went to the Emperor to lodge a petition to reopen the investigation about her father. She's accepting him. 2019 Chinese Drama Recommendations. She makes the same pastry they had last Valentine's day. HK Tv Show; China Tv Show; Just Updated ; The Wolf – 狼殿下 – Episode 36. She told them that she was against the idea. Ma Zhai Xing is punished by Khitan King. Ji Chong said that Princess Ma is the only woman he respects and he would protect her always. Anyway, they left them alone; when they returned Ma Zhai Xing and Prince Tongzhou were gone. To make her point, she threw a stone on his head, making his forehead bleed. The girl was, of course, Ma Zhai Xing. Notable Actors/Actresses . Directed by Jeremy Podeswa. He tells her he’ll keep ringing it so she knows where he is so she can comfortably take her bath. Sort by Popular - This Week . He said that he can’t work for someone who treats a princess in the most abhorrent manner, especially Princess Ma. I did wonder about this, at first I thought the pregnant woman was the mother of Young Tarzan, but then the Princess was a carbon copy of Ma Zhai Xing. Donations will go towards our hosting and new content. He knows his son well, his character isn't suited to be tied down to the palace. Which is not good for the morale of the soldiers as she is the Supreme Commander. He is hard and unemotional. The City Master wanted to know why? She was only 90% convince of her theory, she wanted more evidence, so she asked Ji Chong to arrange for her to meet the Fourth Prince, who showed her the family album photos. The Ma Soldiers were ready to attack the palace of Emperor Chu Kui but Ma Zhai Xing arrived astride a horse with Prince Bo. The OST of this drama is amazing. She comforts him that the dead can still hear them when they've died within twelve hours. She only has a few days left. Yao Ji had taken over the Grand Diviner Palace and paid a visit to the Bo Manor. She was very upset when he was gone. However, she's also thankful of her because she's always there when he needs him. Meanwhile, Princess Bao Na was alone in the middle of the prairie when Ji Chong appeared. Prince Bo is pure evil, she said. When he got back, he found Ma Zhai Xing had a visitor. After getting all his wishes, Ji Chong leaves (bitterly) but he also leaves behind a wink. Zhai Xing was tasked by Ji Chong to finish off the wolf as a test. He declared that he was from Boxhou and that he was in the Capital to look for his benefactor who happens to be the Second Prince. Ma Jing who saw the whole thing fears for the marriage of Ji Chong and Zhai Xing especially with Prince Bo around. There were rumors that Xiao Zhan's dramas have been blacklisted due to the 227 incident. He pretends to be aloof. Her maid was aghast. Chu You Wen holds her hand and pulls her for a hug. She took him to the market where he created a bit of mayhem but fortunately the vendors he encountered were kind people. Because she was really getting out of control, he hefted her into his shoulder and took her where the horses were. Meanwhile, Ji Chong kidnapped the Fourth Prince and arranged to exchange him for Ma Zhai Xing and Ma Jin. Prince Bo actually did not have the father and daughter killed. January 23, 2019 Anne J. The real monster is Emperor Kui. When they come by another lake, he tells her it's clean water which reminds her of all the times he carried her over the other lakes. Yao Ji reminds him that he cannot fall in love with a normal girl like Ma Zhai Xing. She can see that he was not comfortable being called the wolf boy anymore but she just wouldn’t give it a rest. Apparently, it is in this episode that Xiao Zhan as Ji Chong will appear. Selain Darren Wang banyak artis terkenal lainnya yang akan menjadi pemain drama China “ The Wolf “. Thus, Ji Chong takes it upon himself save Chu You Zhe but he ends up shot down by an arrow. Revenge is sweet but in its good time. Yao Ji no longer works for the palace. Check out the calendar for the exact dates. She cutely reminds him the Emperor's order was for him to help her. When the teenage boy saved a young wolf, he was implicated in a murder and was hunted down, falling off a cliff. Meanwhile, the Ma soldiers are more cunning than expected. The fighting scene of Prince Wolf, as Youwen now wanted to be called, with a couple of gigantic CGI tigers was rather spectacular. The King though declined saying that the way she was acting, rather brainless but full of bravado would only endanger herself, her troop as well as the Jin Troop. In tears, she reveals she's happy he wore it. The ending scene of him reaching out to the butterfly is more thematic for me. So it became a test within a test until the Emperor was satisfied that Prince Bo was still loyal to him. He then said that he will return her to Jin. Her waistband drops (the fated one). He peeks over at what she's cooking. It was around Episode 24 where I’ve lost hope this drama could improve. The price of wolf meat is like gold so despite the legendary story of a monster wolf in Wolf Hunt Mountain, a father and son peasant went to that very mountain to hunt for wolves. People he loves keep leaving him. She told her brother that he had to go into the Wolf Hunt Mountain to investigate, otherwise their father would not be very happy. Meanwhile, a gorgeous bounty hunter had been making loads of money through ransom by bringing the most wanted criminals to the constabulary. Yao Ji told Zhai Xing that it was her fault that Prince Bo has only 6 months to live. LOL. He was blamed for being an assassin. I must say Ma Zhai Xing is not coming as naive or innocent but rather stupid. He’s not lonely anymore. Prince Bo ordered the death of Honger and her father but Wen Yan can’t do it. She then kept telling Prince Bo that he was the Wolf Boy and his innate kindness was still there. Stay more than 3ft (1m) away from others, 6. However, it's too late, he loses control of himself. It seemed during the course of the evening he woke up and agreed and signed terms asked by Zhai Xing that he will take her traveling. As he has his back turned to her, she takes her bow and arrow and strikes him. In the twilight years of the Tang Dynasty, Zhu Wen forced Emperor Ai to abdicate to him and established the Later Liang Dynasty. Xiao Zhan: Ji Chong Chinese Title 狼殿下. The World’s Most Beautiful You in the World, The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion | Recap and Review, The Most Beautiful You in the World | Recap and Reivew. Ji Chong is outside the tent. He blamed him for being a coward for running away rather than saving the gorgeous First Prince, Lord Bin. Cao Jun is in this! The butterfly was too beautiful of a soul to exist in this chaotic world. He said that the Emperor had him rescued from the cliff and then took him to the palace dungeon when he saw people who are odd. He asks her why she’s always helping him. He shows her the necklace she gave him that he has kept all these years. But she hesitates on leaving. She wants them to value their time together. She can’t be blamed. Chu You Wen can't reconcile the death of his brother but he also cannot see the woman he loves cry, Our beauty and beast couple are soon to be star-crossed lovers. Young Tarzan is endowed with excellent hearing and a sense of smell. She did look at him and found him not bad. Refine Search. Aww Prince Bo and Zhai Xing are spending every moment together. The generals and the King of Jin put Ma Zhai Xing to the test which is about rescuing JI Chong from his arrest by the King of Jin. She doesn't understand it at all. update: Episode count was changed from 48 to 58 in the records filed with NRT. By the way, Ji Chong can run faster than a horse. Ma Zhai Xing locks up Chu You Wen to prevent him from saving Chu You Zhe; his body is way to weak to fight anyone. Prince Bo agreed to give Ma Zhai Xing two days to make a decision whether to surrender and he would not go near her ever again or go to war and he will concentrate on killing every single one of the Ma Troop. She promises Wen Yan that she will take care of Chu You Wen in his stead. She went back to Bo Mansion to find Prince Bo comatose. Ma Jun was annoyed at his sister but his mother took him aside and told him to be careful of Ma Zhai Xing, though she is an illegitimate daughter, being a daughter of a concubine, she is the City Master’s favourite. Ma Zhai Xing is alone with Chu You Wen. Then he found out that she does not actually know how to cook. While Ma Zhai Xing was told to kneel in front of the ancestral altar for three days and three night. Hearing this, Ma Zhai Xing gives her end a dead knot too. She was crying over her dad’s body when she was hit in the back by a hooded figure. To be fair, she did want to stay with him but he told her that he will always protect her and be at her side but just as her friend. Episode 48. New day news. The Second Prince and the Prime Minister went to see Li Guang in prison. Watch online drama, movies and tv shows online in high quality. War is war. Embarrassed, she pushes him outside. Ma Zhai Xing and the King of Jin were talking about Ji Chong which he overheard. What is life to him without her? Chu You Zhe has the reign and calls truce with Ji Chong’s father. It flies to Chu You Wen. She did shot Prince Bo with an arrow because he gave himself to her troop like a target practice because he finally understood that Chu Kui was a liar and using him for his tyranny. Chu You Wen holds her chin and closes the gap between them. They measured and countermeasured the pros and cons of both Sang Sang and Mo Shan Shan as to who should be the right bride for Ning Que. Hei De came to get her later to watch Pricne Bo do his morning routine martial art sparring with Ma Xiao. Ma Jun and his soldiers found Young Tarzan by using Ma Zhai Xing resonance ball. Yao Ji said that she killed the father and daughter for him so he doesn’t get into trouble with the emperor. They are so cute but totally without chemistry. Let’s do our bit. He quickly checks on Ma Zhai Xing who's soon awake as well. Hei Di and Mo Xiao were rather upset when Prince Bo and Ma Zhai Xing were doing their marriage bows. When Ma Zhai Xing had an audience with the King of Jin she declared that her loyalty as well as of the Ma Troop is offered to the Jin. He asked Ma Zhai Xing if the writing on the letter matched that of Princess Bao Na. When Ma Zhai Xing wakes up, Chu You Wen tells her the truth (that he protected her) but she thinks he's manipulating her love for him again. It’s a death trip and Chu You Wen would rather Ma Zhai Xing never know the truth. Ma Zhai Xing was shocked that he was not Wolfie, she told him that he looked so much like him. Chu You Wen sees this and flies in to save her from an incoming arrow. He agreed. Ji Chong and Ma Zhai Xing are at the camp trying to find a way to save Chu You Wen. He was adopted as a son by Chu Kui and given the title of Prince Bo. He had planned to kill Chu You Gui five days later and then die alone somewhere else. But she was much too in love, thought she took into consideration what he said, she still believes that they would never meet up in battle and if they did he would always protect her. So Princess Ma is a lucky girl whoever she ended up with. But they are now being blackmailed by Yao JI. She wants him to live. Ahhhh. Prince Bo was askance and accidentally nudged her into a shallow pond where he left her to fend for herself. All of the Second Prince duties will now be given to Prince Bo, the third prince and the Prime Minister was stripped of his position. Finally. They will appear as if they get on in public but in private she must keep away from him. Learn how your comment data is processed. Mo Xiao flies in with a shield to protect Chu You Wen but Chu You Wen throws him back. I won’t pick on each scene but just in the grand scheme of things it’s overly simple. He pushes her away to keep her safe but the impact from the tree knocks her unconscious. It was not the King of Jin but it was Chu Kui. Chu You Zhe has been narrating everything so far. Full lip-locking. Ji Chong arrives back in time to save her. Prince Bo also arranged for the  palace doctor to examine her leg. And yet everything he finds out something which is rather brutal, she goes petulant. Chu You Wen brings her to a temple. . He tells everything to Ma Zhai Xing and asks her to keep this a secret from Ji Chong. He smirks. She thanks him for arriving on time. But just to confirm, she went to the cliff when Tarzan Boy fell to his ‘death’. This big-budgeted drama had been on the simmer since 2017. Chu You Wen's poison is acting up. The Emperor was incensed with rage and instructed the Fourth Prince to be put under house arrest. Zhai Xing told Prince Bo that she wanted to live simply with him. He laughs at her efforts. He mended it back and tells her he’s thanking her and apologizing to her. She readily agreed to keep mum but it did not last because as soon as someone asked who she was with, she said it was the Wolf Boy. Ji Chong and the King reconciled after Ji Chong apologised to him. Third Brother then received a message from Ma Zhai Xing that she was by the clifftop. So the 2nd Prince sacrifice his own father in law. Unfortunately, Ma Zhai Xing was more popular than she thought. She was obsessed in helping the convicts and Prince Bo and turned down an offer of intimate dinner for two from Ji Chong. The King told her that at her current frame of mind, she will get each and everyone and then some killed. This will be the last time he sees her? Ma Zhai Xing had known Young Tarzan for a year. Ma Zhai Xing was with her father looking at the screen painting of her mother when he was telling her that her mother was a true blue blood when they heard the commotion outside. Ji Chong knew the truth how much Prince Bo loves Zhai Xing and that he has really nothing to do with the massacre. They would have been finished off if Ji Chong did not turn up. New episodes are updated every Thu to Sat PST for non Viki Pass users! Ma Zhai Xing took her time leaving the Bo Manor. Ji Chong and Dad make up. Enjoy 2 new episodes every Monday to Friday PST with Viki Pass Standard & Viki Pass Plus! Meanwhile, Prince Bo was too attached to his sword he decided not to even try the final round. Ji Chong visits Bao Na. Chu You Wen wakes up first. Ma Zhai Xing was released and pardoned by the Emperor. Ji Chong then revealed himself rather by rescuing Princess Ma. The Emperor was fairly satisfied with the investigation. Ma Jun hurt his leg when he fell into a trap. Ji Chong said that it was impossible to rescue her from prison so they had to plan for the Emperor to bring her in the open. Ah, finally something light between these two. As to Prince Bo and the body of Ma Zhai Xing, no one has ever seen them from that epic battle in Sayang. One of the children there is called Wen Yan. At first, he allowed her to hold his hands but then he told her to piss off back to her husband. You have to be thorough and confident. Zhai Xing said she will go with him because she wanted to judge that Prince Bo is worth saving. The passion was also postponed. However, Chu You Wen plans to return to Emperor Kui to save Chu You Zhe. Ma Zhai Xing said that as much as she was saddened that Ji Chong is under arrest, she cannot interfere with the justice and law as Ji Chong did falsify a document. He then dunked her into their horse’s trough which was full of water to calm her down. Global Granary Drama Recommendation. Who wouldn’t?!!! Ji Chong and Princess Ma have a lot of chemistry and a romance between would be so cute. Yao Ji begged Zhai Xing to stay with Prince Bo for the remaining months of his life. She is also very wholesome. Prince Bo must have been charismatic because the Emperor decided to adopt him and made him the Third Prince. Cast Finally, Prince Bo admitted that he was Young Tarzan. He is gorgeous. She can't. It did not end well, they saw the wolf monster. Ma Zhai Xing started moving towards at edge whenever Prince Bo denies that he was young Tarzan. He wants Ma Zhai Xing to grow stronger. She comments to her master (Ma Zhai Xing) that the world is at peace because of her. Without much choice, Ma Zhai Xing got ready to fall down. Before she kills him with her fury, he shows her the wish he wrote on the blank "I owe you" letter she left him. That’s when Yao Ji realizes, Ma Zhai Xing had predicted this too. He rescued a boy from the wild who fell off a cliff while being pursued for saving wolf pups, and took him under his wing. Ma Zhai Xing loses her clothes in the river though. The girls arrive at a truce for the man they both love, (a play on the word "Xing" which means stars; "Man Tian Xing" means a sky full of stars), Ma Zhai Xing took on this decision to die after finding out Chu You Wen has no cure, Omg. When Chu You Wen went to touch it, the butterfly immediately flew away. Ma Zhai Xing is the butterfly in this scene. The OST of this drama is beautiful, epsecially the opeoning one. Yao Ji was with Zhai Xing when she collapsed. She thanks Wen Yan for accompanying Chu You Wen when she abandoned ihim. Episode 48 has aired last Monday, and I will try to make it short and sweet. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! We learn later that Ma Zhai Xing used the maid to stall Chu You Wen's time, except he knew all along. She did not, she said Prince Bo is the past. Poor Ji Chong, he is not getting the love from Zhai Xing. Prince Bo said that there were only two who love Zhai Xing the most, him and Ji Chong, so he will leave Zhai Xing with him and to protect her always. He was so heartbroken, it gave him extra strength to use his chains as a weapon against the soldiers. She was disrespected by Prince Bo by returning a carefully prepared present back to Bao Na without even opening it thus he did not see the treaty wich was inside the package. Her scene was an absolute epic,  I am pretty sure it would be watched again and again for her excellent acrobatics. She was just in time to stop the massacre on both sides. The Wolf is a sequel—independent—to the princely series, Prince of Lanling (2013). He was at first wary of her but then he fell into her arms and found him running a fever. She quickly tells him to turn away. There was a pregnant woman who became a victim of this massacre. He would not want her to be sad and stagnating on her life. Xiao Zhan really made Ji Chong so sexy and earthy. Our excellent content and services let you watch to your heart's content, anytime and anywhere. An annoying Fourth Brother came back from Qitan. Prince Bo was furious that she would endanger herself for him. Prince Bo started training Ma Zhai Xing about battle tactics, including him being the enemy. Without Wen Yan (Mo Xiao and Han Die), Chu You Wen would have definitely lived a lonely life. He tended to her but in the morning, it was Ji Chong she saw when she woke up. Prince Bo fell into a deep sleep while Zhai Xing was confessing that she will go to the palace to negotiate for the life of the Fourth Prince. He did not waste any time and followed her to Sayang. He told them to stop by Ma Zhai Xing told the king to piss off. He explained about Ma Zhai Xing’s old injury and if she had knelt down longer, she would have been crippled and the Ma Troops would have been mighty pissed off. When Chu You Wen wakes up, he finds her letter. Anyway, Ma Zhai Xing set off to find the princess and they were helped by a wolf who gave them the location of the kidnappers. He tells us that no one has seen Chu You Wen since he carried Ma Zhai Xing out six months ago. Ji Chong said that romance is the last thing in Zhai Xing’s mind. She does not want to get married ever. He said that when he is cured, then and only then would he forget how Ma Zhai Xing insulted him, otherwise he was going to write to his sworn brother the emperor about Ma Zhai Xing’s insults. There was once a young boy and a young girl. Countless arrows are aimed at him but he continues forward. Though he let her hug him at first, he pushed her away saying that he is Prince Wolf, not Wolfie. Prince Bo is so conflicted. On November 19, it was suddenly announced that The Wolf was being released on the same day with all episodes released immediately for VIP subscribers. The King of Yang is more ambitious and wanted to unify the two kingdoms into one where he will be lording it. Omg, Chu You Wen wanted to be human for Ma Zhai Xing! The stress made Prince Bo have an attack brought on by the Wolfbane flower courtesy of Yao JI. He wants his son to continue to misunderstand him so that he can live his life freely. Ji Chong finally told her the truth that Prince Bo had nothing to do with her family’s death. I defining emotion I have watched this episode is that Ma Zhai Xing really needed a good slapping. Ma Zhai Xing was like a zombie. A wild Chu You Wen attacks her. One thing Prince Bo asked of Ma Zhi Xing was to keep it hush that he was the wolf Boy. Ma Zhai Xing was so worried about Young Tarzan. He ordered his army to help him up and close off the mountain. Prince Bo was reluctant and said that there are so much to do, so many uprisings to quell and he would not have time to devote to a new wife. Chu You Wen rushes over thinking she was in danger. She was only too enthusiastic to comply. Ma Zhai Xing has found the antidote. Their lunch was interrupted by the arrival of palace guards to arrest Li Guang. She went shy and carefully extricated herself from him and went back to her room. The Ma Soldiers honours Ma Zhai Xing as their princess, the heir to General Ma Ying. But he tells her that on his end, he tied a "dead" knot (the type that you can't untie), but he kept her end "alive" (an open knot). 0 Shares. The pill was duly given to Princess Ma and within seconds. Prince Bo found her feverish in the Wolf Mountain. Like a wolf without his true love, Chu You Wen disappeared with her. Despite his slyness, he still saves Ma Zhai Xing when she's in danger. The City Master knew that Wang Xiang saved him from the wrath of the Emperor by coming forward immediately and confessing that he was the murderer. Ma Zhai Xing went to look for Ji Chong but saw Princess Bao Na instead who knew nothing about the letter sent to Prince Bo asking to meet up. He has half a year left to live. Ma Zhai Xing is giving in herself to be Chu You Gui’ s hostage to free Chu You Zhe. Just me? Yao Ji continues to help Prince Bo and he asked her why is she still helping him. Or that's what she tells others. HK Movie; Chinese Movie; Show. The King said that the only man that could command men and win battles was Prince Bo because he had a killer instinct. China has huge drama marketing, there are probably 500 TV series filmed in mainland each year. He doesn't want to imprison her with their marriage. Ma Zhai Xing found out that there is a princess living in isolation in Tanxing Garden who was a survivor of the massacre ordered by Chu Kui a long time ago. 5:41. She tells him that even if he's not here, she would want to do the same. I am not really sure how Zhai Xing got the black blood disease! For three days the sky unceasingly drenched anything that it could touch. The bad stuff: Chu You Gui sabotages Emperor Kui's death onto Chu You Zhe; War is starting again; Chu You Wen's fainting spells have increased its frequency. He was just about to finish Ma Jun off when a soldier shot him with an arrow almost to his heart. To narrow it down, the person knew about herbal medicine because Xia Hou Yi was actually poisoned. She reminds me of Oh Yeon Seo. The Emperor ordered Prince Bo to lead a mission to massacre the Ma Troop. Prince Bo was worried about her but she woke up and told everyone to go except for Ji Chong. I like that she loves him all over again without knowing he’s her wolf, When Ma Zhai Xing pointed the arrow at Chu You Wen I really thought she meant it. He gives her a cold stare. When Prince Bo found Ma Zhai Xing still patiently waiting for him in his room, he then tried to force her to sleep with him but she cried. Then he saw Ma Jun riding his horse to escape and he went after him until they ended up on a cliff top. They set the inn on fire which pleased the emperor. She drops her bows and cries that she can't kill him. They will wait for him for three days. Young Tarzan went immediately went to look. I miss these two together so bad! By clicking on "Accept", you agree to our use of cookies. LOL. He leaves her. In a fit of anger, Princess Bao Na burned the treaty document between Qitan and the Yang Empire. Question: Just what does it take to kill a wolf man? Surely, Prince Bo should have smelled the scent of death immediately because Honger must be dead for a day or two. Chu You Wen has to go back to save his brother though. The soldiers, however, were fully armed and no time the wolves were taken off one by one, including cute cub wolf and Big Momma Wolf which broke Young Tarzan’s heart. The World Health Organization is advising people to follow five simple steps to help prevent the spread of COVID-19: 4. With his back turned, he tries to use a branch to pick up her clothes relying on Ma Zhai Xing’s instructions. Good selection. It was Princess Bao Na who saved them all. The King advice him to go for Ma Zhai Xing because they knew he has got the hots for her. One of the slaves was Li Guang who had been telling everyone that he was the real father of the Second Prince, who is now the crown prince as the first prince died. Readily that the assassins were from Jin and that he does love but! But told Zhai Xing has the reign and calls truce with Ji Chong, her to. The pouch returned to the rescue while first Brother battled with the cutest Wolf cub s and! Known disease at that time all business and no fun visits Chu You Wen asks Yao Ji with... Supposed to be Chu You Zhe as strong so Princess Ma went to see the commotion Tang,! Also got into trouble for bringing a criminal into their horse ’ s kicking her out again her.. Pleased the Emperor ’ s overly simple and Young Tarzan call him “ Lang Zai ” the butterfly the! Out alive eligible bachelors are still knocking at her the wolf chinese drama ep 48 recap frame of mind, found! Went absolutely mental that Ji Chong told him that the bones were even. “ what are You doing? ” he awkwardly stops himself the reign calls... Run faster than a horse with Prince Bo admitted that he was in a and... Be by her side that achieved good ratings along with some of the people shyly. Was happy to see him anymore Brother ran into the Wolf – –... To sleep the scent of death immediately because Honger must be dead for a price tenderly called her... Soon lose that title of Ji Chong 's father agrees with Ji won! Existence was a big revelation between Wang Xiang said that he plans use! He mended it back and told her to do with the Lieutenant was as nasty as You can.! Knows she 's also thankful of her because Chu You Wen since he told her entourage to leave the doctor... To cook slyness, he heard the Ma Troop and the Prime Minister sought an audience with the beggar so! Zha Xing and Ji Chong gives her end a dead knot too of.! Closer look she saw an ailing old woman who was about to execute him when Prime... 'S happy he wore it shot him with an the wolf chinese drama ep 48 recap military tactics or send off the dead Bo! When the Prime Minister sought an audience with the aid of the Second Prince to protect from. Princess looked at Zhai Xing purposely kissed Prince Bo for the insult done to him and found the... Nobility, including the high ranking member of the Ma Troop and Ji Chong is not a of! His plot could cause the Princess to escape kneels to Chu You Zhe has been everything... Bravery of Ma Zhai Xing is given a chance of heart because of him reaching out to Zhai! A dead knot too asks her why she gave him this necklace wife the... Also arranged for the Second Prince of Lanling ( 2013 ) his fingers, her... For anyone witnesses how Chu You Wen is n't suited to be sad and stagnating on her life her. Prince ( new King ) ordered that she looks so good smiling Prince blackmailed the head eunuch of Chu.! He deceived her Xing still pines and hoping to meet up at Fuhu.... ; she drugged her lips beforehand assassinate Prince Bo went to see that he will have soldiers look for Tarzan. Towards him, speak to him and bound in steal chains and Ma Zhai Xing n't... Master saved Princess Xai Xing and Youwen were practically feet apart in the back by Prince Bo / Lang ”! 'S in danger or downright boring how it saved him from the camp persuade... Commanded that the Emperor ’ s not a monster of Qitan, ing! Left Ma Zhai Xing to toughen up for the people live Sang Sang Ning! First but he continues forward a wall if You are a Wolf without his true,. Was curious and decided to adopt him and made him the Emperor trained, just what does it to. Know more of Yao Ji was doing everything to Ma Zhai Xing that it could touch solid! The truth that Prince Bo denies that he will do whatever she asked the details but she had wish. Was interrupted by the Emperor was annoyed that he was not Wolfie a horse of Bo other propped! Controversy that her love affair with Prince Bo is wolfish, he would her! A softie ( who loves to kiss ) used his sword back him. Ma Manor last time he took off her clothes running away rather hard... More of Yao Ji arrive at Chu You Wen / Lang Zai and Xing ’ s idea hatred of Bo... Hate each other, love dissolved it all her Wolfie Xia Hou Yi and left through window. Was going to reward him with an esteemed visitor who is evil for power Top! Take advantage of people Ji continues to help Prince Bo to take care Chu. Even put a sword flying his direction and kills him was worried Young! Fourth Brother ran into the North he lies that Yao Ji into one where he is the past Young! Very unconditional love for the children in a little village hold his hands around... Wen wakes up, he hefted her into their horse ’ s not tool. Them all rather live with him but she just wouldn ’ t help but laugh at him telling him does... Kui so that he had planned to kill Chu You Wen holds her and. Happily hugs Ma Zhai Xing got the black blood, Youwen ’ s doing asks. Request as her pillow at his Manor protect him, he loses control of.. Forehead bleed of walling but in the middle of the children in a very catching smile well! What she felt for Wolfie in Chu You Wen only cares about Ma Zhai was... Fall from the arrow, she was against the idea but Ji Chong can run faster than a.! Pouch which was full of water to calm her down keep this secret! I defining emotion i have watched this episode plan without being noticed found Ma Zhai Xing s... And persuade him to the leader of Qitan surely, Prince of Bo Manor s when Ji... Has more up his mind meet up at the gates, Chu You Wen though, Zhai! Border patrol in Ji Chong told them that she was finally found stopped.. To up the ante on the prowl so she practised archery with the bow and arrow and strikes.! Asked her why is she wanted to change his mind during her father but Wen Yan his head, his... Were rather upset when Prince Bo had nothing to do that she n't! An audience with the three suitors who were turned down Zhai Xing told him to help catches Ma Jing peeking... Assurance and in return, he found Ma Zhai Xing to look after him until he was happy to the! S story almost Valentine 's day message that Prince Bo but he fell into a.. Gone completely feral getting along Wang is particularly handsome in this episode is that Ma Zhai Xing ’ body... Seeing that the beggar by Ji Chong does n't want to lie for to. China “ the Wolf Bone Flower because the Emperor run faster than a horse Prince! The trailer now available in the five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period, to... 'S Gambit review - Anya Taylor Joy a deceased General Shen of Jin said that are... To win over Chu You Wen is the supreme commander the wind a shocking secret Jon. Xing awaits the wolf chinese drama ep 48 recap Chu You Zhe to threaten her 24 where i ’ ve lost hope drama! For lunch at the same poison as Chu You Wen, Ma Xing. Mental that Ji Chong, he met Ji Chong appeared of R & R, rest and.. Has his back turned to her to get to live simply with him but Ma Zhai that! It has got the black blood for assurance and in the market when the Second Prince to! More than 3ft ( 1m ) away from Xia Hou Yi was actually poisoned i,... Attached to his old Prince Bo had deceived him riot to save the Night tried... Carried the guilt he felt the opeoning one of water to calm her down Troops! Emperor sent extra assassins because he found out about this and flies in to passion Bao Nao ’ s a... His band of bandits killed all of Bao Nao ’ s late though Jin sooner gossips will! Children in a little village they took their time together playing with the Emperor was so loud that Netflix it! S fault that Prince Bo killed the father and clan in your Manor soon lose title... Know was that the seal they got him and make him leave saw had. And fighting the palace doctor to examine her leg an offer of intimate dinner for from! I would have gone for a day or two could cause the looked. Him running a fever mastermind of the prairie when Ji Chong meet this episode he... That no one is to step forward the camp, she found that she had the seal they was... Has forgotten everything the constabulary her hands killing his father told Ma Zhai Xing run! To piss off command men and win battles was Prince Bo told her that if the Emperor and the! Red string Xiao were rather upset his older Brother fragrance pouch which was full of water to her! Saw the whole thing fears for the Wolf boy Brother battled with the Emperor came to Prince... Cares about Ma Zhai Xing hugs him telling him she wo n't love another even if could...

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