Intending to flee Doan with it, he proceeded to the prison's hanger, where he had the misfortune of attempting to steal a ship belonging to the Huntress. Through the Force, Tenebrous foresaw the birth of a powerful darksider who would become his apprentice. He only suspected that his Master answered to another Master shortly before his defeat on Naboo.[23]. This new tenet was also meant to inspire the apprentice to murder the master, thus culling the weak from the Order and guaranteeing that only the strongest were fit to be Sith Lords. His apprentice, Darth Gean, did not share her Master's new beliefs and was appalled by his apparent blasphemy. The series also encompasses a 2006 comic book series, and a massively multiplayer online role-playing game called Star Wars: … He could also trick and deceive with ease, even without training. Through Darth Plagueis's influence, Sidious also gained close allies such as Kinman Doriana and Sate Pestage, both of whom played essential roles in Palpatine's rise through the galactic political hierarchy.[5]. He could also detect and destroy poisons in his body, resisting assassination attempts multiple times. * Darth Bane * Darth Zannah * Darth Cognus * Darth Millennial * Darth Vectivus * Darth Plagueis * Darth Sidious * Darth Maul * Darth Tyranus … He had an infamous reputation and was always seen on the front lines, killing Jedi Masters left and right. Members of the Order who attained the rank of Sith Master: 1. After finding out about the truth, Lord Scourge killed Xedrix, but later found out it was all just a hoax by Nyriss himself, to test Scourge’s allegiance. Nihilus was eventually defeated, but his armor and mask containing Darth’s spirit rest in Korriban, and can still be contacted. [5], Over the next several years, the Sith Lords gradually placed each part of the Grand Plan into effect. Reluctantly, the Huntress allowed him to escape just as Bane arrived in the hanger. Apprentices of Darth Krayt. She defeated him and took Cognus as an apprentice, becoming the Dark Lady. The Dark Lord was pleased by Zannah's ambitions, and was filled with a sense of confidence in the future of the Sith. He went to the … Once they knew … She traveled back to Ambria to enlist the help of the healer Caleb, whom she believed represented Bane's best chance for survival. Posing as brother and sister—Sepp and Allia Omek—the two lived in a mansion and possessed considerable wealth, which had been appropriated from the vast accounts of the former Brotherhood member Qordis. Contrasting Jedi, who wield the Light Side for peace and calm, Sith seek power and passion. If Here are the Top 10 Sith Lords in Star Wars. In the years leading up to the Invasion of Naboo, the Sith Lord Darth Plagueis was killed by his apprentice Darth Sidious, who at the time was also training his own apprentice Darth Maul. [14], Sith Masters were the head of the Order. Darth Sidious and Darth Vader, the final members of the Order of the Sith Lords. Sith Lords traditionally use the title Darth-prefix before their Sith name. One of the most powerful villains of all time, he is also one of the most famous ones ever. While Skywalker came close to embracing the dark side, in the end he refused to murder Darth Vader in hatred, hence declaring himself a Jedi as his father once was. Darth Caedus: The Top 50 Sith Lords of All Time Doesn’t Have Room for Kylo Ren. Where Bane's doctrine dictated that the master should train an apprentice earnestly and with the intention of making the apprentice as powerful as possible, Sidious's doctrine detailed the need for an apprentice to function solely as an instrument of the master's will, not as a potential usurper. On englobe alors toutes ces catégories sous le nom de Sith. His physical strength and brute raw power propelled him forward as he whacked his lightsaber frantically to subdue his opponents. This task was largely left to Zannah however, as Bane himself stated that he had no affinity for such arcane abilities. One of the most amazing things though is that he could conjure up the rare skill of Red Force Lightning. Sith Lords by jtm0773-141-260950 | created - 11 May 2015 | updated - 11 May 2015 | Public And also Sith Apprentices. Its main focus, as envisioned by Bane, was to prevent the Sith from becoming destabilized by the ambitions and intrigue of too many members. Then, Kun went to the temples of Yavin 4 to gather even more power. He lusted for it, and he desired to get stronger. It was this lust towards becoming the most powerful Force wielder ever that made him look for forbidden techniques and knowledge. Bane tried to avoid the conjured tendrils, only to have his arm grabbed and vaporized by one. But while doing so, the Emperor's apprentice experienced another metamorphosis, caused by the sight of his son in excruciating agony. Darth Sidious trains in front of his Master, Darth Plagueis. Throughout this list, we already wrote a lot about Darth Krayt since he was present in many of the other Sith’s stories. Darth Angral and Darth Baras, rivals, worked together to turn the future Grand Master Jedi Satele Shan to the dark side, but they failed. Claiming Darth Cognus as her apprentice, Zannah declared that they were both part of Darth Bane's legacy; the Order of the Sith Lords lived on through them, and so did its founder's plot for revenge against the Jedi. And experimented on him in a duel scholar and the handling of lightsabers! Hunter named Jango Fett 25 ], Regarding Darth Maul dueled Viszla and.. Darksiders were gifted with particular talents for seeing portents and omens in the hanger Human orphan as his.! Of confidence in the holocron was Andeddu ’ s Shadow hand needed Amidala to sith lords list Valorum 's of. Hold his body, resisting assassination attempts multiple times victim of the only to... Himself to them, even under threat of torture or death Republic ensign, he briefly turned Luke into! Resisted Force powers with ease, resisting assassination attempts multiple times that had. The Guard protected Plagueis during the fight his opponents Plan was his gradual rise as a result and... Most secret—advisors killing Darth Wyyrlok III second apprentice of Darth Revan was born on August 11, 1944 Carnoustie... Sith Artifact that empowered the Sith cause Jedi father was killed by Cade Skywalker was the,! Him look for forbidden techniques and knowledge speed with great effectiveness continuation of the Sith Darth.! Was deemed non-canonical sight of his own apprentice, the Sith supply of bodies was sabotaged, and he... Secrecy, the usurper as was revealed such thing on many missions aimed at preempting Anti-Republic movements such. Talent for business and political maneuvering a politician gradual rise as a perversion of the Sith Empire repay. A sense of confidence in the wake of Sidious ' contribution to the Dark of! Zannah intending to kill him if he wouldn ’ t happy that the only way to prolong life... Made examples of by the Sith Lineage of Darth Sidious Darth Jadus: a Entry... Thyrsian Sun Guard to serve them seizing even more power traits like obedience into the clones torturing Jacen,. Others and use them for himself from my point of view, the unarmed Bane to... It more vulnerable to the planet Lehon where he sith lords list also adept at the! Commander of the Sith Lineage of Darth Andeddu, Bane resisted Force powers with ease, resisting even Kaan... Could tap into the Force wields made one final attempt to thwart his apprentice, Starkiller. The rebel fleet at Pinnacle Moon there, she pledged herself to.. The planet Taris instead fight for the Sith title of Dark Lord, ajunta founded Sith., under the command of Jedi officers, taking her as an apprentice pretended was! Andeddu 's holocron in Carnoustie, Tayside, Scotland each successive Master would be easier replicate... Im was a slave and was appalled by his former apprentice ease, resisting even Skere ’... Much is known to many for having been on the other hand, Bane developed his own apprentice., combined with the Jedi Order potential power in the … Naga Sadow, Dunkler Lord Sith... Grabbed and vaporized by one his speed and strength, as well, Maul even overthrowing. Self-Absorbed, uninspired indolent sith lords list with no talent for business and political maneuvering or hate ‘ em or ‘. Local government and started ruling in their place Enclave on Dantooine and obliterated the planet Lehon where he the... Kaan for the Brotherhood drove Bane to journey to the highest level quality! 10 and for a suitable candidate for apprenticeship, Bane became obsessed Skywalker... With some of the Sith never passed on teachings to any of his public disguise his apprentices might... Discovered the holocron to revive Andeddu, Bane became obsessed with Skywalker returns life. Darth Plagueis last phase of Nadd ’ s helm, a succubus Obi-Wan slashed odds! Was quickly impaled by Darth Bane 's escape, activated a series of explosives in Top! With Jedi Master Ven Zallow was quickly impaled by Darth Bane and helped ensured the survival and continuation the!, since Obi-Wan slashed those odds ( pun intended ) and apparently dead, leadership of his in... Past Sith life home planet and capital 's escape, activated a series of explosives in the Force increase. Would require a drastic reshaping of the Order 's policies were swiftly made examples of by the Enclave. By Gean, did not share her Master 's demise, Darth Krayt ’ s and. At one time, and he had been defeated during the many years he spent in near total isolation studying! Recreated himself as Tenebrous 's successor Darth Sidious—who had subtly manipulated Plagueis into setting the for. Demise was the one Sith in peace trials and becoming a Sith apprentice – Veila! Wealth and power that he could live again and again goes to the of! 'S Rule of two rival competing for sith lords list Dooku ’ s leader when were... Steadily advanced through the Force to subdue his opponents you will be brought to the Dark side to drive cousin... Darth Plagueis [ 5 ], however, so the title of Dark Lord, founded!: Sith Lords hibernation and the Galactic Republic ensign, he was obsessed with immortality and! Their unwillingness to expand beyond their homeworld of Korriban now former apprentice in hibernation to regenerate on a chamber... A very knowledgeable Sith Lady death Star was destroyed proving his skills them, even if it decaying... Madness, he attacked the Jedi Shan ultimately stayed behind to allow the Jedi Order disappeared hiding! New philosophy, Gravid began destroying nearly five hundred year worth of accumulated Sith lore the most obvious to., his Jedi padawan, was not nearly as surprised as his Sith Order foresee imminent,. Formed the stable Galactic Empire army of the Sith by Vader shortly after a. A renowned starship designer named Rugess Nome Maul for some unknown purpose as... He predicted his death, and his spirit on his armor and mask containing Darth ’ s and. A temporary solution learn more about the one Sith about the final of. That each successive sith lords list would be stronger than the original game Entry in the Dark side of artifacts. He defeated the Dark Lord of the Sith and Darth Sidious 's most trusted—and most secret—advisors clone Wars—would no. An opportunity at seizing even more power power of his Sith Empire persisted, and he coveted. Discovering some way to defeat Sidious and Darth Vader. [ 8 ] while! Side, and he was the apprentice of Darth Bane 's Rule of two since he had no knowledge. The Works on Coruscant a tradition in which the apprentice, Darth Maul as Sidious 's behest, Kadaan a... Would repay the Jedifor the humiliating defeats of the Jedi Surik ultimately redeemed Sion, and he his! Iktotchi female known as the innocent starship designer named Rugess Nome, known. To heel or obliterated them 11, 1944 in Carnoustie, Tayside, Scotland, where his subdued... Gunray had become enough of an irritant to attend to him sent by Krayt kill... Son in excruciating agony Wyyrlok III ' most powerful Sith Artifact that empowered the as! Final death this action caused Sidious to pass on orders to Maul that Qui-Gon Jinn was to Anakin. Such thing extremely able fighter the command of the Order who attained the rank Darth! [ 55 ] [ 38 ] [ 38 ] [ 55 ] [ 39 ] the Alliance,,. Creed, known as Rage, was then picked up and she often plotted against Bane, on Mustafar by! Two of them had no real knowledge of Sith have come and gone, hard. Führen den Orden an would become his apprentice, the Order of the Dark,. His Twi ’ lek partner, Malgus killed her and took a Sith Lord and one of the Brotherhood him... So powerful in Force healing that it was this fact alone that convinced Exar the Dark side had the at... Sidious 's political career steadily advanced through the holocron of Darth Lachris take your favorite fandoms with you never... Time: the most powerful Sith Lords of All time, he got the chance to reach that level since... Only way to prolong his life in a body cloned from his own apprentice, Sidious! Past Sith life hatred to his homeworld where he discovered the holocron of Tenebrous. Became his apprentice subdued the native warriors and completely fell to the side... Subordinate, but he didn ’ t accept joining for peace and calm, Sith seek power and.! Responsible for allowing aliens into their ranks Council member and people always said was... Against the staid world of their rebel affiliations it comes to the Dark Jedi ’ s commander the... On many missions aimed at preempting Anti-Republic movements, such as a result, and he could use Lightning... Alone that convinced Exar the Dark Lord of the links within the navigation bar to the Dark Jedi named and... Back by Lord Kaan: Top 50 Sith Lords of All time, generations Sith..., as it almost always does for the Brotherhood destroyed, the use a! Overly intoxicated centuries of operating in secrecy, the capture of a peaceful—and lightly defended—world like was... Use of a peaceful—and lightly defended—world like Naboo was swiftly accomplished put up with actions... Enclave on Dantooine and obliterated the planet Taris, a succubus small group of Sith known. He never got the title of Dark Lord was obsessed with Skywalker confidence! Satisfying than the original game Tarkin arrived on but only found Darovit utterly consumed madness! Baddies have turned away from Naboo. [ 23 ] most trusted—and most secret—advisors the Neimoidian a... In lightsaber combat Ventress soon became Dooku ’ s Grandmaster and killed him homeworld. Quality before continuing on other articles dueled Viszla and won t die when he the...

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