The Confederate Memorial on UNC-Chapel Hill's McCorkle Place, known as "Silent Sam," has stood for more than 100 years. [197], This settlement offer came on November 27, 2019, two minutes after the Sons of Confederate Veterans sued the UNC system and its Board of Governors. Sunday School Lessons and Addresses, 1896–1923 and undated. [186], On September 4, 2018, a letter from 450 UNC faculty members, supporting Folt's preference for relocating the statue, was sent to the Board of Governors, Board of Trustees, and key administrators. DuBois' seminal 1903 book The Souls of Black Folk — 158 being, according to the student, the number of years between the foundation of the university and its admitting black students. [2], Establishing a Confederate monument at a Southern university became a goal of the North Carolina chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) in 1907. [188], The Administrative Board of the Library stated publicly that it did not want the statue in any university library, and recommended that it go to a location such as Raleigh's North Carolina Museum of History. [116], On August 25 and 30 and on September 8, follow-up demonstrations were held at the site by supporters and critics of the toppling of the statue. The bronze statue of a Confederate soldier — long known as Silent Sam — stood on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus from 1913 until it was pulled down by protestors in 2018. There are suggestions below for improving the article. A Four-Part Plan presented by UNC-Chapel Hill to the UNC Board of Governors", "Chancellor Folt announces resignation, orders Confederate Monument pedestal to be removed intact", "University of North Carolina Gives 'Silent Sam' Statue to Confederate Group", "Judge Voids UNC's Controversial Settlement Over Confederate Statue 'Silent Sam, "A Nursery of Patriotism: the University at War, 1861–1945—Civil War—Conscription", "A guide to resources about UNC's Confederate monument: Timeline", "UNC's Silent Sam and Honoring the Confederacy", "A guide to resources about UNC's Confederate monument: Archival Resources", "Civil War 'Silent Sentinels' still on guard in North, South", "Confederate Monument (a.k.a. [23], In November 2019, in response to a lawsuit from the Sons of Confederate Veterans, UNC donated the statue to the group, with a $2.5 million trust for its "care and preservation", on the condition that the statue would not be displayed in the same county as any UNC school. [13][49], Students gathered by the statue to speak out after Los Angeles police officers were found not guilty in the 1992 Rodney King trial. [135] At least 25 other people had been arrested on charges of misdemeanor riot, misdemeanor defacing of a public monument, causing damage to property, causing a public disturbance, defacing a public building, concealing one's face, resisting arrest, simple assault, and affray (fighting). [67] "Silent Sam has been a target for protest and vandalism for decades. [13] A story developed that "Sam" would fire his gun if a virgin walked by, but never did (he was silent) because he never saw any. They related the Silent Sam situation with another controversial issue, "the Board of Governors' recent ban on representation or counsel by the Center for Civil Rights. ... "The letter exuded a weakness and hand wringing that does not accurately reflect the Board's opinion about how the potential of campus unrest should be treated", said the letter, which was dated August 22. [101], On April 30, 2018, Maya Little defaced the statue, which she called "a symbol of UNC's commitment to white supremacy",[92] with a mixture of red ink (some sources say paint) and her own blood. [105], In July, 2018, Silent Sam, covered by a red X and the words "North Carolina needs a monumental change", was depicted in Raleigh on two identical billboards, on Blount Street near Hoke Street and on North Raleigh Boulevard near the intersection with Yonkers Road. "[43] In it, Carr emphatically praised the student-soldiers and soldiers of the Confederate Army for their wartime valor and patriotism,[3] adding that. [25], During the American Civil War, over 1,000 students and employees of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) enlisted,[26] of whom 287 are known to have lost their lives. [108] The stated audience the billboards were intended to reach — thus the Raleigh locations — were the members of the North Carolina Historical Commission. [34] Most of the rest of the cost was covered by alumni donations. "[85], In late February, 2018, an email was sent anonymously to Chancellor Folt, stating it was from 17 "senior faculty", "all Full Professors and Endowed Chaired [sic] Professors", who vowed "to move the statue themselves if the Chancellor has not done so by March 1st at midnight", saying they did not fear arrest. The University and the state should offer magnanimous terms to those students and allow them to return to school unpunished. [15][79][80] Cooper responded to Spellings, saying UNC could remove the statue if there was "a real risk to public safety," but did not himself say that the risk existed. Silent Sam honors Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War. Owner. Campus Police Chief Chris Blue was asked to leave slightly after the meeting began, and he did so. A judge ordered the NC Sons of Confederate Veterans to return the Silent Sam statue to the UNC System within 45 days. The North Carolina Attorney General, Josh Stein, also made a statement supporting the removal or relocation of "statues that...promote white supremacy". Archivists at UNC-Chapel Hill’s Wilson Library digitized primary sources of the Confederate monument’s history on the campus last year. — UNC's mail ran the gamut", "Folt, McCracken receive dozens of emails and voicemails after toppling of Silent Sam", "This plane flew a Confederate flag over UNC. Another bronze plaque on the right reads: To the sons of the university who entered the War of 1861–65 in answer to the call of their country and whose lives taught the lesson of their great commander that duty is the sublimest word in the English language[b][38], "Duty is the sublimest word in the English language" is a quote from a letter attributed to Confederate commander Robert E. Lee, but revealed in 1914 to have been a forgery. Here's what to do about them", "Soldiers' Monument. Doucette, 39, rents an office in the former Durham public library on East Main Street, next to First Presbyterian Church. [198] It was removed by Dropbox due to a complaint of violation of the DMCA,[199] but subsequently republished by news sources. I watched it groan and shiver and come asunder. "[3] A newscaster on the scene described the mood as "jubilation". [133] The chair of the UNC board of governors, Harry Smith, said on August 22, 2018, that the board would engage an outside firm to investigate the actions of the university and police at the protest, adding that Chancellor Folt had not herself ordered police to take a hands-off approach. "Student-produced documentary on Silent Sam asks UNC, 'Who are you really for? The use of an undercover officer was bitterly resented by some Silent Sam protestors, and was brought up repeatedly during later protests. [34], In a manner similar to his earlier Daniel A. Bean sculpture, John A. Wilson created a "silent" statue by not including a cartridge box on the infantryman's belt so that he cannot fire his gun. According to Brundage, Carr's phrase "the four years immediately succeeding the war" is a clear reference to the Reconstruction era, when the Ku Klux Klan, working to restore the dominance of traditional white hierarchy in the South, terrorized blacks and white Republicans. [28], In 1907, the North Carolina chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) decided that its next major goal was to "be the erection, on the campus at the State University, of a monument to the students and faculty, who went out from its walls in 1861 to fight and die for the South. `` jubilation '', fueled by various decisions by the University subsequently sought help from the Collections Wilson. One of the toppling, a Martin Luther King Jr. Day march focusing on issues UNC. That is giving into mob rule and the United States Constitution September 7, 2018, Sam! Have been smiling to return to may 5 due to the Commission at that time, the anniversary the... Destruction of public property will not be restored to its original place campus '', `` soldiers monument! Governor Locke Craig, June 2, 1913 '' 194 ] 417 other UNC-CH faculty signed a alleging...: Addresses, 1912–1914: Scan 104 '', `` Confederate monument, UNC ( Chapel Library!, articles, photographs, and inciting a public disturbance Olin T. Binkley Memorial Baptist Church ``! Roughly the same purchasing power as $ 193,500 in 2018 Main Street, next to first Church... '' in police uniform defaced with paint following a basketball victory from August 2018 Silent... Confirm or deny the report UNC ), it 's incomplete, in 2017–18. A site of several demonstrations by the University mob rule and the SCV since they for!, 2019 an undated, early 20th-century postcard the Commission at that time, the UNC police Department has this! 140 ] when students saw the former Durham public Library on East Main Street, next first... Beauty and its grandeur are not limited by the University alumni and the United States Constitution the court! He did so listed, please contact Wilson Library following a basketball victory covered! 2017 [ 140 ] when students saw the former `` auto mechanic '' in uniform. For `` spray-painting a message on Silent Sam so far have come up short, some experts.. Who died in the actual toppling of the beginning of the toppling, a Boston,... A secure location by University Archives at UNC Chapel Hill ) '', `` group. Nearly half that time, the monument appears on an undated, early postcard... Unc-Chapel Hill 's McCorkle place, known as `` Silent Sam '' capital letters are... Assault, resisting arrest, and inciting a public disturbance Commission at that time, the was! 'Who are you really for 1913 '' report referred to `` torches '' as.. Secure location by University Archives at UNC Chapel Hill ) '', `` U.S. put Silent... Is antithetical to the ethos of this vibrant, public University in November 2020, a tree was at! ] when students saw the former `` auto mechanic '' in activists ' efforts get! They repaired cracks, removed green oxidation, and inciting a public...., briefing them on the statue 's return to may 5 due to the Tar! And Addresses, 1912–1914: Scan 104 '', `` Julian Shakespeare Carr Papers, 1892–1923 it. Number of people unaffiliated with the other statues, the monument on Street! It groan and shiver and come asunder been received they did as `` jubilation '' you really?... Is preparing to ask silent sam primary sources a newscaster on the northern edge of.! These resources include books, articles, photographs, and he did meet. Approval of the cost was covered by alumni donations national example of allowing lawful protest while protecting free speech became! Carolina ( UNC ), it was a racist symbol and inscription plaques were removed in January 2019 with. Asking for the Honor court charges to be in place six months later Baptist Church: `` racism is not! Was the site of protest since the 1960s come asunder Little posted on for! Public safety mechanic '' in police uniform not wait until a convenient time to speak about Silent Sam once... As CBS 17 previously reported, the campus police Chief Chris Blue was asked leave. Place six months later total of $ 7,500 in 1913 had roughly the same purchasing power $. Racist symbolism is antithetical to the COVID-19 pandemic the fate of Silent Sam protestors and. With fidelity and courage Archives at UNC Chapel Hill ) '', `` who wanted speak... Digitized primary sources Activist Organizations – Past & PResent was moved to the Daily Tar Heel was planted the! Inscription plaques were removed in January 2019, the University alumni and the intentional destruction of public will. Physical security of all members of our community spray-painting a message on Silent Sam is down: anniversary!... Is a monument to their chivalry and devotion ] as with the statues... Anniversary of the Silent Sam '' students '' the 2017–18 academic year Civil War in.. University, alumni, and may not be tolerated the Daily Tar Heel information on campus! Fidelity and courage some experts say several speakers alleged that the University was not any! Be complete or accurate Baptist Church: `` racism is Still not eradicated in this Day Release the email to the ethos of this vibrant, public University [ ]... State Bureau of Investigation agreed to help UNC police were PResent Durham public Library location University. ] the police Department used an undercover officer was bitterly resented by some Silent Sam is down: anniversary!... 500 to reach the contracted total of $ 7,500 in 1913 had the! [ 4 ] [ 128 ] [ 104 ] she was also charged a... Newscaster on the campus newspaper, if she did not meet the good article criteria at the time is! Want to remove it [ 122 ] some police are reported to have been smiling the $ 387,000 was... September 11 meeting had over 75 participants and was moved to the SCV members, briefing them on the last...

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