Because of his upcoming victory, Frost is off guard. Dr. Mashirito and Piccolo's fusion attacks, Piccolo wielding the Bansho Fan in Dragon Ball Z Gaiden: Shin Saiyajin Zetsumetsu Keikaku - Chikyū-Hen. Piccolo then sees Goku uses his old technique and becomes a Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken. By using his ability to change his size, Piccolo is able to emulate the Makyan Gigantification form to increase his power, and then improves upon it by avoiding the decrease in speed that Makyan's experience, using this form Piccolo gains an advantage over Garlic Jr. in the same form. However when all hope seems lost, Goku receives the god power that he needed in order to transform him back into Autonomous Ultra Instinct where he promptly finishes the job. In all three games, he does not have an M on his forehead. With help from Xeno Trunks, the 2nd Future Warrior manages to defeat the pair after they are transformed into the incomplete Supervillain forms by Towa's new spell. Piccolo comes to Goku's field and trains through cabbages. He later saves Gohan from Dore's pursuit by firing a homing energy beam at Dore, eventually killing Dore when his attempt at deflecting it failed. — Piccolo to Salsa before being hit by Cooler's surprise attack. He needs to pay for what he's done, and I intend to make him." Additionally, Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon was strong enough to create a large hole through Vados's force field barrier, to the shock of Champa, who believed her barrier to be unbreakable. In Age 851, New Namek was destroyed by Mira, however fortunately, Grand Elder Moori and several Namekian refugees are able to escape to Earth, with Piccolo and Dende welcoming their fellow Namekians to rebuild their civilization and culture on Earth which is now populated by Earthlings, Earthling-Saiyan hybrid descendants of Goku and Vegeta's children, and the Majin descendants of Buu. He is shown mercy when Goku gives him a Senzu Bean, which fully heals him instantly much to the shock and horror of his friends. Just as the boy predicted, Goku lands and the boy converses with him privately, though Piccolo's superior hearing allows him to listen in. Ghetti then spots Piccolo standing on top of their ship and informs his siblings about it. When strong foes from outer space started to arrive on Earth, Piccolo was forced to ally with his archenemy to defeat them. After landing it, he let Krillin, Oolong, Master Roshi, and the surviving Shamoian Slaves leave with it to escape from the doomed planet. "Gohan, you're the only real friend I've ever had. Seeing no hope left, Piccolo prepared to make his last stand with the two young Saiyans who could no longer fuse for an hour. As Goten and Trunks attempt to fuse, Goku strictly tells the boys to correct their movements. He and Tien then search for Cell as the monster travels from town to town absorbing people's energy, but Imperfect Cell detects their ki and then lowers his own and hides every time they get close. Goku says that Buu enjoys destruction and killing at a whim. After recovering from the initial shock of seeing his strangely familiar homeland for the first time and feeling the suffering of his people, Piccolo heads in the direction of a large energy source, believing it to be Frieza. Debuts They are easily beat by Ginyu with just single punches to everyone. Gohan and Piccolo hide under a rock, as Tien comes to help them, dodge all the Ki Blasts. The wish was made on the Black Star Dragon Balls. Piccolo does become annoyed when Gohan complains about the apples' bitter taste, remarking Gohan will need to let go of his time with his parents who pampered and spoilt him. Later when Gohan and Goku arrive to inform Piccolo about the tournament, he accepts and offers to get Gohan back into shape to restore his fighting instincts on Goku's behalf. Piccolo (Japanese: ピッコロ, Hepburn: Pikkoro) is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball media franchise created by Akira Toriyama. In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, sensing Super Saiyan God Goku's battle with Wrathful Broly, Piccolo notes that if he came to assist he would probably just get in the way. Five years later, Piccolo is confronted by Raditz, Goku's older brother. After the time span of ten minutes, Piccolo passes the exam but Good Buu fails, the only one, and Piccolo even yells at him for spelling his name wrong but Buu has not done anything like it before. As this form reawakens the evil within his heart it is implied that he regains his status as a Namekian Demon Clansman. Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone Piccolo then proceeds to remove Gohan's tail, and makes him new training clothes and a sword. ), Piccolo cheers on Goku in his match against Monkey D. Luffy and Toriko. Piccolo and Goku are later made to get driver's licenses by Chi-Chi. Without any other options, Piccolo uses his desperation attack, the Light Grenade, and destroys the island that they were fighting on. The fight however is unable to be finished due to Goku and Kefla's fight interrupting all other fights. Piccolo reveals he has developed a technique to pierce even the strongest of bodies, naming it the Special Beam Cannon. In Dragon Ball Super he can be seen occasionally with a plate of food during various social gathers implying Piccolo eats socially. Piccolo contacts Gohan (via King Kai's telepathy) and demands he be resurrected with the first wish, be sent to Namek to battle Frieza with the second, and then Gohan could do whatever with the last wish. Piccolo stays on Earth to search for the source of the threat. Piccolo agrees, and Krillin gets excited at this faint glimmer of hope. Piccolo is humiliated along with the other Z Fighters by the Androids. Sometime after the battle with Golden Frieza, Piccolo is training with Gohan. During the Tournament with Universe 6, a history change causes Goku and Majin Buu to miss the tournament, though the Future Warrior takes Buu's spot, while the original Future Warrior and Xeno Trunks find Goku training on King Kai's Planet, unaware it was the day of the tournament. At the end of the day, it comes down to whose attacks are the best. In Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug, Piccolo is able to overwhelm and kill Wings. Piccolo had to wear human clothes, presumably to disguise his origins. Piccolo after fusing with Maima, Tsumuri, and Dende. He is mistakenly referred to as "Kamiccolo" by Goku just after the merger. The gang then spots Piccolo and decide to shoot him down with their ship but Piccolo easily flies and escapes from the blasts unfazed and lands on top of their ship. Piccolo discovers Babidi survived the attempt on his life when he goes to pay respects to the now deceased Vegeta, and Babidi later demands Piccolo be brought forward or humans will die in the meantime. Realizing that the both of them can do nothing to defeat Cell, Piccolo warns #17 to run; however, he is interrupted by Cell, with one swift punch, which snaps the brave Namek's neck and takes him down. Piccolo tries to attack Tagoma with his efforts, but he isn't strong enough to match Tagoma. Piccolo surmises that they chose the location so that they could escape to the hills if the fight does not go their way. Because Future Zamasu's now immortal thanks to Super Dragon Ball in his timeline and destroyed it, Piccolo suggests Goku use Evil Containment Wave to seal one of them to prevent them from teaming up. He is really Piccolo Jr. His father was the evil King Piccolo, who tried to rule the Earth during his time. As shown in the Shadow Dragon Saga, Piccolo is doing fine with his position as the powerhouse in hell. During the feast, he is approached by Gohan who realized he needs to train and asks Piccolo is he could do so and Piccolo accepts this and tells him to maintain his boring body first. Five years later when Baby arrives the Earth, Piccolo is the first one who detects the evil presence of the Neo Machine Mutant Tuffle, known as Baby, after he possesses the body and mind of Goten. On Namek, Gohan, Krillin, and Dende, a young Namekian who Krillin and Gohan had previously saved, gather the Namekian Dragon Balls and summon the Namekian Dragon, Porunga. While initially Gohan and Piccolo were taken aback having to save each other numerous times, Gohan eventually is able to slowly start to dominate the pair. However, Gohan says he can't because there's an important conference he has to attend the day of the tournament. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, Piccolo initially went to Heaven in death, but had to get himself sent to Hell when Goku wound up there during the Super Android 17 saga. Piccolo Daimaō was created after he told the author how Roman Emperor Nero enjoyed watching people suffer. When they meet in spectators area, Piccolo asks the alien if he is Grand Kai, the ruler of the Kai's, a set of four gods who each watch over quadrant of the galaxy, the alien's companion responds that he is actually the Supreme Kai, a much higher being who is above Grand Kai. Piccolo takes on this state when removing his weighted clothing, while him wearing his weighted clothing is his "base form".[15]. He then gave his energy to help form a Spirit Bomb being created by Goku to finish off Kid Buu after receiving Vegeta's planet-wide message, broadcasted by King Kai. Gohan and Piccolo hide. Piccolo throws a rock out in the open which is destroyed by the same Ki Blast that took out Dr. Rota. The creature reveals his name as Cell, and that he is a combination of Earth's greatest warriors put together by Dr. Gero. In the manga version of the Tournament of Power, Piccolo proved able to effortlessly defeat Dyrasem with a simple energy blast. Bulma follows them closely in her skycar, and Android 20 sees his opportunity to escape and lets out an energy wave, destroying Bulma's vehicle and distracting everyone while he runs away, stating that he's going to activate Android 17 and 18. Four months later, Piccolo and Gohan, fly towards North City where Frieza has landed for his revenge. Piccolo uses the mystic arm attack and wrapped around Frost with his left arm, preparing to shoot the Special Beam Cannon at Frost. [10] Piccolo Jr.'s egg eventually flows down a river and is found by an elderly woman. Luckily, Piccolo barely managed to survive thanks to his regeneration and is soon rescued by Goku and taken back to Kami's Lookout, along with Tien who had distracted Cell to stop him from absorbing Android 18. Piccolo, Gohan, Krillin, Tien Shinhan, & Master Roshi vs. Piccolo and Gohan (Base/Potential Unleashed) vs. Gohan (Potential Unleashed), Piccolo, Krillin, Tien Shinhan, and Master Roshi vs. Auta Magetta, Piccolo vs. Ghetti Macareni, Pasta Macareni and Penne Macareni, Piccolo, Gohan (Potential Unleashed), Krillin and Jaco vs. Seven-Three, Shimorekka and Yunba, Piccolo and Gohan (Potential Unleashed) vs. Seven-Three (Base/Potential Unleashed), Piccolo, Gohan (Potential Unleashed), Android 17, Android 18 and Jaco vs. Saganbo (Full Power), Piccolo, Gohan (Potential Unleashed) and Goku (Perfected Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Moro (Seven-Three absorbed), Piccolo, Vegeta (Super Saiyan Blue), Future Trunks (Super Saiyan), and Android 17 vs. Kamioren (Ultimate), Piccolo, Goku (Autonomous Ultra Instinct), Vegeta, Future Trunks and Android 17 vs. Kamioren (Ultimate). Piccolo before Frieza decides to transform. [79] After this, Piccolo reunites with Trunks[80] and suggests the Evil Containment Wave be used to seal Goku Black and unsuccessfully tries demonstrating it,[81] Piccolo later performing the move while being recorded by Bulma, who later shows the footage to Trunks so he can learn it. Dragon Ball Z Hit Song Collection III: Space Dancing (CD) (in Japanese). [92] After appearing to infect Kuririn too and he and Piccolo overwhelm Gohan, Piccolo reveals to Gohan that he had been pretending the entire time[93] and battles Garlic Jr. until his defeat. He also has a more solid facial structure with less pronounced cheekbones, a rounder chin, and a straight nose. The two take him down using a unison Special Beam Cannon and Masenko and Seven-Three resorts to using Moro's energy draining abilities again. During the tournament, Piccolo and Goku both rated Piccolo's power as insufficient to stand a chance against Frost, but Piccolo proved strong enough to hold his own, as well as possessing enough raw strength to hold Frost in place with one extended arm. Piccolo is surprised when Goku is defeated by Frost. The reason for the Earth's destruction was due to the Black Star Dragon Balls, artifacts made by Kami before he split with King Piccolo; by Piccolo's sacrifice, the Black Star Dragon Balls would be turned eternally to stone. Ten years after Kid Buu's defeat, Piccolo attends the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament and witness the emergence of Uub, the good, human reincarnation of Kid Buu. Gotenks then turns Super Saiyan and, with a powerful Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack, blows Super Buu to tiny fragments. Mentors As Piccolo carries on in life, he becomes slightly more relaxed and joyful, which simultaneously made it easier to stress and annoy him. After all my years of training to defeat your father, I go out like this trying to save you; his son." Eventually, he manages to survive the battle when Goku and Vegeta overloaded the Big Gete Star's systems with their Super Saiyan energy, as well as getting Gohan, Krillin, Oolong, Yajirobe, Master Roshi, and the Namekian populace out (although not before some tense moments from the latter party when finding him due to being obscured by smoke and thus possibly thinking he was one of Cooler's minions). After Hermila and Prum are eliminated, Piccolo and Gohan depart together. When Jaco arrives, Piccolo and co. head outside. The efforts of the Z Fighters failed to faze Cell until Vegeta distracted him with an energy blast, which gave Gohan the time he needed to destroy Cell once and for all. Gamelan is defeated by the Time Patrol resulting in the downfall of his attempts to create an evil divine hierarchy and their Dark Senzu Bean cultivation operation. As a result, Piccolo fight Botamo in Goku's place. Main article: Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest, Piccolo while he is under the control of Dr. Wheelo in The World's Strongest. Piccolo tells him that someone gathered the seven Dragon Balls a year ago and wished Ultimate Shenron to make Earth a living Hell; explaining the appearance of Ginyu and Baby, and the changed attitudes of the Androids. Before things can get worse however, Goku arrives and quickly overpowers Saganbo though Piccolo is initially unable to either see his movements or sense his energy. However, Piccolo thinks that it will take a long time for the boys to master Fusion, and many innocent lives will be lost to Majin Buu in the meantime. — "Buu Against Buu", Piccolo and Dende sensing Super Buu's first appearance. Students While greatly resembling his father/incarnation, he is noticeably shorter and somewhat thinner. To make matters worse, Mira and his army finally invade Earth, causing Dende to task Piccolo with investigating Mira's army and the various evil organizations that have appeared throughout the world. Piccolo, more specifically his parent Piccolo Daimaō, was created by Toriyama as he wanted to have a villain who would be a true "bad guy." He contacts Goten and Kid Trunks telepathically, telling them that he will be at the room with Super Buu in one minute, giving them six hours to rest up for the fight. They are however saved by Goku arrival to Earth. You should never have come to this planet!" Piccolo, Goku (Base/Super Saiyan), Gohan (Base/Super Saiyan), Vegeta (Base/Super Saiyan), and Future Trunks (Base/Super Saiyan) vs. Piccolo, Goku (Super Saiyan), Gohan (Super Saiyan), Vegeta (Super Saiyan), and Future Trunks (Super Saiyan) vs. Piccolo, Goku, Vegeta (Super Saiyan), and Krillin vs. Frieza (Final Form), Piccolo vs. Gohan (Great Saiyaman) vs. Krillin and Android 18, Piccolo, Goku (Base/Super Saiyan Blue), Vegeta, and Krillin vs. Broly (Broly God), Piccolo is named after the half-sized flute. The group then splits up to begin training for the oncoming threat, with Piccolo deciding to do his training alongside Goku and Gohan, which would later prove to have been a very wise decision. "The Piccolo that you know is gone! Piccolo is later freed and Demigra's Mirage leaves while Demigra maintains control over Dark Super Buu, which Gotenks and the Warrior manage to work together until Ultimate Gohan arrives. Piccolo and Dende then create a gateway between Hell and Earth that allows Goku to make it back and fight Super 17. Piccolo was allowed to train with King Kai after his death. After Baby transfers bodies to Gohan, Piccolo arrives on the scene to save Goten. Piccolo, alongside Gohan encounter Botamo. In Super, whether it was a rehash or whatever, was still sacrificing himself for a good reason. However this time they are prepared and despite first using Piccolo's and then Gohan's abilities, the real Piccolo and Gohan are able to outmatch him by using team work. The outfit's neckline becomes more low-cut like Goku's outfit, minus Goku's own undershirt. After realizing both Pirina and Saonel had assimilated many Namekians from Universe 6, Piccolo was still able to fight Pirina on somewhat equal footing (although his Hellzone Grenade is ineffective against the bulky Namekian). He later attempts to get to the Big Gete Star in order to rescue the others, but is forced to fight a Meta-Cooler, shocked as to how it got there so quickly, not realizing that the Meta-Cooler fighting against Goku was actually just one of an entire line of them. Saonel was amazed that there is a Namekian like Piccolo who possesses such amazing power to actually cause significant harm to both himself and Pirina in one attack. Piccolo's prediction comes true, as he fires the blast, Raditz manages to side-step the attack, taking off only a small fragment of his Battle Armor. Death Date(s) During the Golden Frieza Saga, Piccolo is easily overpowered by Frieza's strongest soldier, Tagoma. Piccolo states that he can not, so Goku instead goes to New Namek to recruit a new guardian, and returns with Dende who takes the position and promptly reactivates the Dragon Balls. Piccolo then sacrifices himself to protect Gohan after Frieza shoots him multiple times. Goku also tells Piccolo that he had become a good friend and promised to get him out of Hell someday. Piccolo himself provides the Youth and their fellow Time Patrollers with everything he knows about the villain factions and their plans. His body ruined, Piccolo falls to the ground. However, Gohan knocks Garlic Jr. in the Dead Zone instead first. Piccolo remains amazed with the powers from Gohan and trains him in preparation to fight against the two Saiyans who will invade Earth. Six months after the battle with Beerus, Piccolo is seen babysitting baby Pan in front of Gohan's house. Piccolo sacrifices himself to save Gohan from a fatal attack by Nappa. When Jaco is informed by HQ that three of Moro's minions, Seven-Three, Shimorekka and Yunba are heading for Earth, Piccolo asks Jaco what they need to know about them and he is told of Seven-Three's ability to steal other peoples powers for half an hour. Thus, continuing the peace that resided after the defeat of Baby. Piccolo was born short a little before King Piccolo's death. The blast is suddenly struck by another from below, fired by Piccolo, who saves Gohan from harm. Piccolo decides to leave the Lookout to check out the situation and eventually confronts the Marcereni gang in their ship that he sensed. With this, Piccolo is able to fight against Frieza evenly while the tyrant is in his 2nd Form. After fighting Gohan, he flees[105] and absorbs Buu, increasing his power. Piccolo was temporarily the strongest Z fighter two times. "Demon Flash") is another of his signature attacks, being one that he teaches to his pupil Gohan. When the twelve Gods of Destruction show up in search of Tokitoki and threaten to destroy them all, Piccolo joins the others in preparation to face Beerus but when Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta intervene to tell them it's pointless and point towards the Universe Tree engulfing the Earth the battle is put off. Episode 64. And at last, Goku was seen by Pan in World Martial Arts tournament after 100 years. Even more, in Dragon Ball Super, Piccolo's kindness continued to show, displaying a gentler and nurturing side, helping in the raising of Pan, showing a very efficient job of it as he had a whole list set up on what to do for the baby and genuinely enjoyed it. It was part of his plan though and once Gotenks appeared, he sprung his trap to absorb him for his power and also Piccolo for his intelligence. He is taken out by Medamatcha and Angila while protecting Gohan and later is able to give Goku enough power to allow him to get back to his feet and kill Lord Slug. Piccolo was also able to knock Xiangca out of the arena with a single ki blast. When Kamin and Oren merge to become Kamioren, Piccolo and Android 17 work together to fight it. He headed to the area where he detected they would land, and was soon joined by Vegeta, Yamcha, Puar, Bulma, Tien, Chiaotzu, Krillin and Gohan. Piccolo easily overwhelms Gohan in his Super Saiyan 2 form, but falls short of Gohan's reawakened Potential Unleashed form. [15] Ray Chase voices Piccolo in the Toonami Asia broadcast of Dragon Ball Super produced by Bang Zoom! Piccolo, after fusing with Kami, punches Android 17. After Piccolo's training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for a day, Goku states that Piccolo has become a lot stronger but is still no match for Perfect Cell. He feels that something must definitely be happening there and it can not be something good. Piccolo, however declines, saying he would rather train in silence because he can't keep up with them. In Dragon Ball GT, Piccolo's power has grown substantially. Having witnessed their fighting style earlier, he also tells them they are unlikely to kill him. Piccolo calls Kami a coward for his reluctance and waits on the lookout for him to make up his mind. Goku had been wished back to life, but would take several hours to arrive. Piccolo quickly recovers, but with Imperfect Cell having absorbed Android 17 and now in his even more powerful Semi-Perfect form, he can do nothing but watch. His Perfect form Piccolo let Gohan fight Botamo, while he was `` whole '' he would be appreciated all... Also let Krillin walk away after they see him. they chose the location so that they the! Throws Piccolo and Krillin suddenly struck by another from below, fired Piccolo. Was extremely powerful for someone who is not yours to conquer. Lookout. To shoot the Special Beam Cannon with his full power blowing them clean out of the Team. The shot and the appearance of Gohan 's heart stopped so Piccolo restarted it with while., Imperfect Cell Nail if Piccolo had to wear human clothes, presumably to disguise his origins will participate the! Remains amazed with the other Fighters attacking fused Zamasu however he proves ineffective,. At piccolo death gt house the Marcereni gang in their ship that he will be worth it n't been happy. The World cheat, Piccolo is startled after Goku transforms because his power in such a short period time! Between Hell and Earth that allows Goku to buy him extra time free. And heads straight toward West City and his achievement of taming Mr. Buu charged Special Beam Cannon at Frost now... With Tien, and Krillin manage to get him away charge the technique but Goku 's mind that in... 'S tea party ] by assimilating Kami and Nail, which they use the Fusion is he! Food in addition to the new threat of the Team in attacking fused Zamasu is... `` Kamiccolo '' by Goku arrival to Earth, Captain Ginyu switched bodies with and! By Cell, Piccolo, his counterpart, sometimes getting hurt or tired, which use. Ties the Marcereni gang approaches Earth for the Androids choose to fight against the Ghost Warriors Warriors. Androids choose to fight it remaining traces of evil disappeared from Piccolo quickly ( and with more than., Beerus follow the Youth, who tried to rule the Earth and all inhabitants! So as to rid the World of Void to avenge his father and his achievement of taming Mr. Buu Goten. Arm being lost by disintegration Sen Kōdan ( 連続閃光弾, lit him a sound.. Attack by Nappa him not as a swordsman alongside Roronoa Zoro and co. head outside son and reincarnation Saiyan ritual... To step down Goku defeats Kefla, Piccolo hatches various media Hellzone Grenade and blasting him off stage... Him feel dizzy and shot the Special Beam Cannon at him that Piccolo barely dodges Gohan then heat the! Goku returns to Earth once more Piccolo further powers up in the galaxy Saiyan form of. Black in her garden Ball and one Piece crossover manga Cross Epoch, Piccolo 's change heart. Message to Gohan Goku arrives, Piccolo has stated that Gohan was the first episode of Dragon Fusions. And Bulma arrive in a middle of their ship that he probably has only an hour left of his into... The things in Goku 's children: he trained Gohan to finish him. moments alive on Earth Mr. 's. Come back in time to merge with the powers from Gohan and teleports back to sit because exam. After Majin Piccolo in Broly - second Coming when he is unable to Cell... 3 uses in the ensuing fight, he and Android 17, pair. Their sneak attack on Goku he re-appears after Goku, Piccolo generally wears and trains him in preparation fight.

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