It doesn’t promise a seemingly impossible idea. This month’s top Indiegogo campaigns. There are many cool gadgets out there, but only those that offer comfort, ease, quality and affordability make it to the top. Whenever someone makes an Indiegogo account, they get signed up for a daily newsletter. While Indiegogo could be credited with coining the term crowdfunding, by the end of 2013, it's probably the second largest crowdfunding platform in the world. Using speech recognition and machine translation, users can speak different languages and still be able to understand each other. As you begin planning your campaign, you may have some questions about whether or not Indiegogo allows the type of campaign you want to run. This means Indiegogo can’t refund your pledge if the campaign ended, or more than 10 days passed after you made the payment. Discover crowdfunding campaigns and unique products from Indiegogo’s entrepreneur community. It doesn’t promise instant translation. The Flow Hive 2 is beekeeping done right. This week, we’re talking with Michelle Fno, the founder and CEO of AROMEO Diffuser, the only stress reliever that uses the combined power aroma, light, and sound therapy. This secure smart card holds up to 30 credit, … First, building a small but very targeted list of excited customers well before the launch. In the words of Ubuntu, the Ubuntu Edge is a ‘superphone,’ created to drive the next generation of personal computing. One of the most successful Indiegogo projects of all time, the Opal Nugget Ice Maker can produce 24 pounds of ice per day without a dedicated water line. Based on the creativity, design, project branding, usage and of course, the estimated availability of the product, we update our list weekly from Kickstarter and Indiegogo. If you want to truly be successful on Indiegogo, you need to know for sure what people really want or you should be able to solve a real-world problem at an affordable cost. ... You can join our crowdfunding community and vote for the top projects … 146075 We only take on a limited amount of projects every month, it is important you provide as much information as possible and get in contact EARLY. Indiegogo is a crowdfunding site that allows people from all over the world to contribute to a project effort. 2. Let’s take a look at some of the best tech projects of the year and discover what they did right! Over about eight years, I've supported over 300 projects on Kickstarter. Indiegogo is a powerful, open crowdfunding platform that has made it possible for hundreds of businesses to raise funds for their projects. The campaign for this stealth, sexy e-Bike makes the Indiegogo leaderboard for the second month in the row. Indiegogo’s newsletter is exceptionally powerful . © 2021 Indiegogo, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Transportation 1.11. 1) MATE X: Foldable e-Bike – $17.7 Million. “Monster” is an apt name for this portable generator — it packs a heck of a punch! The Pilot is an earpiece which translates between languages. What’s more is the phone’s ability to connect to any monitor and transform itself into a fully integrated desktop OS. But this neat feature, which was developed in 1795, usually adds a few zeros to a watch’s price point. Today we’re excited to announce the launch of our Japan Global Fast Track Program to help Japanese entrepreneurs reach global audiences. Home 1.8. The company has clearly mentioned that machine translation is not perfect and it will make mistakes, but it gets better as more people use it. Through this partnership, Makuake and Indiegogo will be combining… read more. Fashion & Wearables 1.5. Explore virtual hangouts today! A tourbillon lets you peer into the inner workings of your very fancy, very accurate watch. This pocket-sized productivity wondertool features 5G and Wi-Fi 6 to keep you moving fast when you’re, well, moving fast. While Ubuntu may not be globally popular like Samsung or Apple, it is one that is loved by its target audience for its functionality and smart use of tech. Want to know what makes us even more overjoyed? Indiegogo thinks guaranteed projects can help traditional crowdfunding campaigns Alongside this change, Indiegogo has welcomed more established corporate partners onto its platform. Kickstarter can’t touch Indiegogo’s newsletter. But what is truly remarkable of this watch is the fact that it can be worn for 30 days without charge. All around the world, backers have been flocking to Indiegogo this month to find products that can help them stay productive and get outside. More importantly, you need to keep it real. Indiegogo or Kickstarter for Games – Which Platform Should You Choose? And the best part? Trav… Projects With Flexible Funding. The Ken Wilber Biography Project: 147479: Indiegogo: Film: More Info: Lace Anchors 2.0: A simple design for simple people. And if you’re a top project, they’ll include you multiple times. The Mate-X is an improvement from the former Mate eBike launched in 2016. Source: Opal Learn from the experts on building campaign momentum 146148: Indiegogo: Technology: More Info: San Diego Public Market: It's Time! The analysis is fairly comprehensive and gives us insight into the best time to launch. It doesn’t promise perfection. How Linjer launched their brand with Indiegogo. Designed in Switzerland, the ZeTime smartwatch starts at $159. Ok, so this one’s pretty interesting! Indiegogo Top Successful Projects 2019 with Over $1Million Funding. The record-breaking project was the tabletop game Kingdom Death , … 104 Oculus Rift: … Indiegogo is a crowdfunding service that offers both flexible and fixed funding, depending on your needs. Will My Kickstarter Succeed? Without further ado, here are April’s top campaigns on Indiegogo. Rankings, amount raised, and other stats are current as of 4/22/20. Its powerful battery provides 2,000W of power to four AC outlets, just like the wall sockets you have at home. Shortly thereafter, the project quickly moved itself over to IndieGoGo, where it raised close to $500,000. The Astro Slide is the third Indiegogo campaign from Planet Computers, and it features Planet’s signature tactile backlit keyboard. (Moving fast around town, that is.) There are hundreds of projects on Indiegogo that promise the moon, but none of them get backed by people who are tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and product experts themselves. The Babymaker is still going strong on Indiegogo! 2019 has seen some amazing projects on Indiegogo crossing the $1Million mark. ... we’ve got you covered with the expertise that comes from guiding thousands of successful projects. Product sales from their newsletter can top $10K per feature. Graphic Design & Article Writing Projects for £20 - £250. The founders of this project were veteran beekeepers and they figured out an easier way for people to pursue a hobby they love without all the extra hassle that comes with it. With 27,633 backers, Ubuntu Edge has been around since 2014. The Astro Slide is basically an entire laptop in smartphone size. It is a foldable, e-bike with a computer display that provides you with basic info on mileage, speed, battery life and other personalized setting options. Without this we would be nowhere near today’s success.” — Rob Rast, Co-Founder, Babymaker. Tech & Innovation 1.1. Interested in connecting with other top campaigners on Indiegogo? Indiegogo’s New Partnership with Japanese Pre-Order and Support Platform Makuake, Now in Japan: The Indiegogo Global Fast Track Program, A Day in the Life of Michelle Fno, Founder of Aromeo Diffuser. Plus, it costs about the same as an entry-level traditional (read: non-electronic) bike. And with an ergonomic seat, puncture-proof tires, plug-and-play wires, and a unique, beautiful basket, this bike is ready to hit the road. What’s better is the platform’s in demand feature that has allowed for entrepreneurs and businesses to raise funds even after they’ve met their goals. With an initial focus on helping independent filmmakers fund their projects, Indiegogo is used widely by entrepreneurs of all kinds. Where to Promote Kickstarter Campaign? Entertainment Website. ", which raised $703,833; Stick-N-Find, which has raised $861,165 Even though this is only looking at Kickstarter projects, I see no reason why this doesn’t apply to Indiegogo as well. Indiegogo and Kickstarter are loaded (overloaded?) When launching a fundraising campaign, they can choose from between the following categories: 1. For the uninitiated, the Ubuntu Edge is a smartphone that uses open-source Ubuntu Touch Software as well as Android. I found awesome data analysis from the team at Kicknotify that looked at 342,287 Kickstarter Projects between April 2009 and February 2018. Let’s take a look at some of the best tech projects of the year and discover what they did right! Energy & Green Tech 1.4. Kickstarter & Indiegogo top projects. Kickstarter isn't a store. Solve a problem within your line of work or your favorite hobby. Projects have to reach funding goals to be initiated. So what’s super cool about this bike? Join our marketplace for ongoing sales, promotion, and list-building. top 10 crowdfunding projects We introduce you with the top 10 CURRENT crowdfunding projects and update our page regularly. Set up a TV and PS4 in the backyard. Download The Indiegogo Crowdfunding Field Guide A Campaign Guide to Successful Crowdfunding We’ll walk you through everything you need to know from starting your campaign to finishing strong. As of December of 2016, 18 projects on Kickstarter and 16 projects on Indiegogo crossed the $1 Million mark. This high spec eBike is the highest funded project on Indiegogo standing at $17.7 Million with more than 22, 770 backers. It is also worth mentioning that among the top 100 Kickstarter projects, 16 were launched by serial creators. This means it can be brought along anywhere you want without occupying major space. Tourbillons are mechanisms that certain mechanical watches have to increase accuracy and they look, well, totally hypnotic and amazing. Indiegogo is the pioneer in reward-based crowdfunding sector and has its own great page of top-funded crowdfunding campaigns. Take it camping and power your CPAP machine. You can hear foreign languages translated into your language as they speak. The ZeTime however stands out from the rest of the projects as it blends the classic design of a traditional timepiece with advanced features of a smartwatch. On Indiegogo, crowdfunding is just one route to market. This month’s top Indiegogo campaigns. Advertising your Kickstarter or Indiegogo project is the most critical element of a successful campaign. This new product removes all the hassle to beekeeping and honey extraction! Starting a project on Indiegogo is easy as it’s an open platform, but for backers on Indiegogo to support your project, it needs to offer a lot more than just innovation. This high spec eBike is the highest funded project on Indiegogo standing at $17.7 Million with more than 22, 770 backers. All around the world, backers have been flocking to Indiegogo this month to find products that can help them stay productive and get outside. It has helped innovators raise more than $5.4 billion, with nearly 200,000 projects funded through the platform. You can even charge a Tesla with this bad boy. It’s rainin’ e-bikes! 2019 has seen some amazing projects on Indiegogo crossing the $1Million mark. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Innovation is great, but innovation is not enough. The Indiegogo team has helped to improve our marketing materials and promote our project on their platform, which helped us sell over $7.6 million dollars through our launches so far." Phones & Accessories 1.9. I am looking for a great copywriter to help craft an Indiegogo page for a tech product. It’s a low-volume, high-tech phone that brings new technologies to the forefront, challenging existing, traditional systems. Indiegogo by the Numbers . This innovative item has made it easy for anyone interested in bee collection to pursue the hobby without the extra labor involved. It charges with squeaky-clean renewable solar energy. There may be dozens of products in your chosen category, but what helps you stand apart from the rest is your determination to provide design, features, autonomy and quality at an affordable price point. In the past two years alone, products from China have raised nearly $100 million on Indiegogo. The Flow Hive is designed like a mini cabinet with multiple frames, windows and hardware that lets you extract honey while being gentle on the bees. Food & Beverages 1.6. Already-funded projects also use Indiegogo, to create publicity or find distributors. Extracting honey from hives has always been a demanding labor – suiting up, smoking the bees, sweeping them off, transporting frames and so on. 146288: Kickstarter: Fashion: More Info: JamStik - Real Strings, Real Frets. It has a five speed pedal assist that can let riders go up to 32 km/h and three speed Shimano gears. It was launched in 2008 and has since funded thousands of campaigns in more than 200 countries and has helped many aspiring individuals to kick start innovative businesses and raise funds for charities. World's first custom 3D-printed unibody carbon fiber composite bike and e-bike. Which Crowdfunding Platform Should You Choose to Crowdfund Your Project? Camera Gear 1.3. Signs of spring are starting to pop up, and we couldn’t be happier. In general, for-profit and nonprofit campaigns are allowed on Indiegogo. Turn your iPad into a Real Instrument. that has made it possible for hundreds of businesses to raise funds for their projects. Although it’s not a tech product, it is rated highest in the innovation category. In case of a project with flexible funding, your money will go to the campaign owner even if the funding goal has not been reached. The Fuze Card launched on Indiegogo this Spring, and quickly raised $50,000 to hit its funding goal. They're broken down by sectors, so if you're interested in top funded technology campaigns or music or film, the site has you covered. Download it now FREE before the page comes down or your competitors get their hands on it. The Babymaker team has also made the bike customizable, allowing backers to choose a standard metal chain drivetrain or a corrosion-resistant carbon belt drivetrain. Today we’re excited to announce a new partnership with Makuake, the leading pre-order and support platform in Japan, to empower entrepreneurs and consumers worldwide to unite around unique product ideas and, together, bring them to life. Kickstarter is one of the largest crowdfunding sites for creative people. “There are two big things that have contributed massively to the success. Fuze Card. A few of the successful Indiegogo campaigns include: "Lets Give Karen – The bus monitor – H Klein A Vacation! 13 likes. What we love most about the Pilot’s campaign is its honest explanation of the product. What’s better is the platform’s in demand feature that has allowed for entrepreneurs and businesses to raise funds even after they’ve met their goals. It’s designed to help you spend more time riding your bike and less time fussing with components. The platform had a great blog post about the benefits of running serial campaigns. Check out virtual hangouts, which bring together clever campaigns and their most passionate, engaged fans for a series of live conversations — from AMAs to product demos to fireside chats. The platform enables individuals and startups to generate pre-sales and collect feedback from early adopters before they manufacture their products. Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform in which users can raise funds from individual backers for creative projects as well as launch equity crowdfunding ventures for their business projects. You get all the essential functionalities like you would get in a normal smartwatch – heart rate monitoring, integration with chat apps, missed call notifications, weather notifications etc. Babymaker. Without further ado, here are April’s top campaigns on Indiegogo. We’re here to help China’s top innovative products launch in U.S. and Western markets. The selling feature of the Mate X is not its looks or its size, but it’s ability to fold down to a very compact 78 cm high, 103 cm long and 59 cm wide. with smartwatch projects. Graphic design skills would be a bonus. A Quick Promotion Guide. Productivity 1.10. IndieGoGo is a global crowdfunding platform that democratizes the way people raise funds for any project such as creative, entrepreneurial, or cause-related. Unlike clunky, regular e-Bikes, this bike is sleek and lightweight. It’s perfect as your daily driver: Astro Slide runs Android 10 OS with a multi-boot option for supporting Linux. There is however a catch – the other person needs to have the same earpiece and if they don’t have the earpiece, they can use the smartphone app which can act as a loudspeaker. Kickstarter or GoFundMe? Audio 1.2. Not so with the Aventi A-10, which boasts the “engine” of a watch ten, or even one hundred, times its price. What makes it so successful? It evokes a supercar in its design, aiming to give wearers the feeling of experiencing a supercar for the first time. Indiegogo is unable to guarantee that projects will succeed or that perks will be delivered or deemed satisfactory. In non pandemic times books can take a year or more from the time the campaign begins. This campaign raced past $1.5m after … Happy April! November 2020: Top Campaigns November 2020: Top Campaigns. 1) MATE X: Foldable e-Bike – $17.7 Million, 4) ZeTime Hybrid Smartwatch – $6.5 Million, 5) Pilot Smart Earpiece Language Translator – $4.4 Million, How to Start a Campaign on Indiegogo – A Basic Guide. With 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM, this project shot past its goal in seven hours, going on to raise over $3 million from more than 8,000 backers, making it the most-funded project on Indiegogo in 2017 thus far. STRØM CITY W is a stylish e-Bike for women straight from the biking capital of the world. Things You need to Know. Don’t let the mainstream products or technologies intimidate you. Now that’s talking innovation! Second, building trust with the list, doing whatever is necessary to show them they can count on you to deliver an amazing product. Maybe it’s the crisp late-autumn air, or just a desire to exercise safely outdoors, but whatever it is, November 2020 will surely go down as e-bike month here at Indiegogo. Since its inception in 2008, Indiegogo has Health & Fitness 1.7. “Indiegogo is our go-to global launch channel for our new products. Secondly, always improvise. This is a traveler’s dream come true. So their list is huge. Backers: 13,314 Raised: $2,170,290. $4,278,786 USD; This is an especially important consideration if you want to run under the Community Projects category. Lazer Team is the highest successfully funded film project on Indiegogo. Discover your next a-ha moment in our roundup of standout projects, from live crowdfunding & InDemand campaigns to innovative products shipping now. Indiegogo China: Your Fast Track to the Global Market. 146121: Kickstarter: Food: More Info: Where the Heck is Matt?

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