Set an Eye-catching Price . There are nine main categories you can choo… Find and share the best deals, promotional codes and vouchers from on and off the web. There has been no way to make contact with anyone to get any help with this issue. Free ads. Sold something on shpock seller wants to pay via PayPal Value of item is about £110 delivered. see what similar items are going for on Shpock and set a … If the goods are not received or significantly not as described, PayPal Buyer Protection reimburses the full cost of eligible purchases and pays the delivery cost. Other technologies, including data we store on your web browser or device, identifiers associated with your device, and other software, are used for similar purposes. On the Shpock marketplace you can List in seconds: a photo or two, a description, a price… and that’s it! Go to Shpock on Facebook Go to Shpock on Instagram Go to Shpock on Twitter. First Floor, 2-4 Holywell Lane, Hackney, London EC2A 3ET. I pay monthly to use shpock as a business. Shpock Tip. One big advantage is it is no longer necessary to leave the app, for example, you no longer need to change to your mobile banking app to make a payment. Buyer Protection is only available for users using our … The mobile marketplace Shpock announces a milestone in the field of app marketplaces: Shpock users in the UK, Germany and Austria can now pay and receive money for their purchases and sales with PayPal. Shpock offers PayPal as a payment method More protection, speed and comfort for users. Zero hassle. Download Shpock app for Android. You can also access Shpockonline on a computer, rather than your phone, if you wish. At the same time, PayPal Seller Protection can help sellers get their money back for certain payment defaults. Let’s join forces to impress our users with your message. Virus Free It’s easy and safe to use, plus it’s always free to sell on Shpock. Shpock is owned by Adevinta, a global family of leading marketplace sites, including France’s Leboncoin and Italy’s Subito. Millions of Shpock users can benefit from even faster deals, increased security and easier handling. All rights reserved. Complaint against Shpock. I’m also happy to send items by post using paypal payment. Pay weekly carpets. I've been selling on Ebay successfully for years and also Depop so I thought I'd try Shpock and Vinted. The letter told her to pay two instalments of more than $3,000 each. anyone have any tips ? Selling a £25 mobile and have been asked for a post out.Have added an extra £5 to cost.Apart from cash on collection what do people recommend for payment?PPG ,bank transfer? Zero fees. The Shpock App works like any other traditional boot sale. They help us get to know you a little and how you use our website. ... Loyalty doesn’t pay. You can find out more at To get started you just need to download the free app for your iOS or Android mobile device from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You can then list an item just by uploading a picture, writing a short description, picking a category and suggesting a price. I paid someone who refuses to send the goods or answer messages. Compare cheap quotes for free now - no … PayPal can help you with any seller protection problems and will resolve issues in your favour if you’ve done nothing wrong. - The Largest Deal Community in the UK. Joining The Shpock App. Now I can't contact even customer service because I can't find anywhere information how to do that . Whether or not we're paid doesn't change how hot a deal can potentially get - that's only up to hotukdeals members. Complaint against Shpock My phone is now plagued with alerts from your app which I set up when I made my account (in 2014) I obviously don't want these alerts anymore yet there is no where in the app to cancel them and I'm getting 3 at a time a minimum of 3 times a day it's getting really annoying and I'm considering deactivating my account because of this Shpock is very simple and quick to use. Jamil has not responded in 90 days. I like the opportunity to meet a buyer and receive cash - no fee to pay! Vinted is much better. This does not instil confidence. This accelerates the handling of deals and helps protect the data of buyers and sellers. Shpock allows you to enter into negotiations on price with potential buyers, so while you’ll need to list a sale price for your item, customers can bid or get in touch with you to discuss it. Pairing your watch with a smartphone enables use of a variety of different Mobile Link functions that greatly enhance the smartphone experience. Unless stated otherwise in this Cookie Policy, the cookies … Monday, June 18, 2018 — The mobile marketplace Shpock announces a milestone in the field of app marketplaces: Shpock users in the UK, Germany and Austria can now pay and receive money for their purchases and sales with PayPal. With Shpock, you can turn electronics, fashion, and (almost) anything else into cash. computer, mobile phone, tablet) when you browse websites. You may have to pay to use Ebay, but I have been using them for many years and have never been ripped off so far. Easy and fast. All you have to do is create an account using your email address, telephone number and password only. They are widely used in order to make websites work or work in a better, more efficient way. "Although we have not communicated the feature in any way so far, we've seen thousands of successful PayPal transactions in the app in the first weeks. No fees. Hope you enjoyed sorry for poor quality, growtopia out next! Safest way to be paid on Shpock -posting item. The only number I can find is an Austrian one. Shpock instructs that when a deal is offered, accepted and confirmed it is legally binding. Registered in England and Wales. Selling a £25 mobile and have been asked for a post out.Have added an extra £5 to cost.Apart from cash on collection what do people recommend for payment?PPG ,bank transfer? Any advice on what I should look for to prevent getting scammed We value your privacy. The G-SHOCK Connected app also simplifies certain watch operations by letting you perform them on your phone screen. Buyers who choose to buy an item by pressing the "buy now" button accept and agree to be bound by these Shpock buyer protection terms. Shpock is the mobile marketplace that brings millions together to discover the Joy of Selling. I use Shpock a lot, several sales a week but when people ask to use paypal I do it direct , I just accept their offer and send them my paypal ID to pay direct. There are no registration or membership fees to join the app and downloading it is also free. Alternatively, you may also register using your Facebook or G+ accounts. I have tried selling on Shpock and the app is very poor, difficult to navigate, and lots of pop up adverts. It will then be up to the latter to decide whether … *So you can easily identify outgoing links on our site, we've marked them with an "*" symbol. I will never use Shpock ever again, and looking at the reviews I’m guessing many other people will not either. Whether you’re looking to declutter your home, boost your wallet, or reduce your impact on the environment, Shpock is here for you. Save hundreds on your car and home insurance. How do I do this.thanks. You can revoke cookies at anytime at the bottom of the page. Read Cheryl's experience of Shpock, and other reviews on A Spokesman Said. Why is there no UK phone support number to speak to Shpock? simonvf400 26. They take a customers word for it when the customer says I've not recived my item !! We want you to have the best experience on Shpock and so use cookies and other technologies to improve our performance, personalise ads and analyse usage. Shpock is one of the UK’s most popular shopping apps, with regular #1 rankings in the Google Play and Apple App stores in the UK, Germany and Austria. By agreeing to this message, you accept our, Safest way to be paid on Shpock -posting item. Description This is the basic application for connecting and communicating with a Bluetooth(R) v4.0 enabled CASIO watch. Just a site to move dodgy defective or stolen goods around. As for service support, they are all but useless. With only one click, funds can be sent between individuals - without having to exchange bank data or other information. I post item to The buyer and she didn't pay me. BD20 Bradford The Shpock app is free to download and super quick to set up. Need to delete read messages. Monday, June 18, 2018 — so i got scammed on shpock and gave an initial payment of £140 but have received nothing and the person has no responded after that, did it through bank transfer and i have their name and bank details, anything that i can do with their bank details? We place your ad at the absolute #1 position in our app and give it a Shpock-touch. Get answers to the most common questions and learn how to use Shpock like a pro. How The Shpock App Works. Zero reason not to. ! The app is therefore a pioneer in the European classifieds landscape: Shpock is one of the first marketplaces that allows secure payment via PayPal directly in its app. We use cookies to improve and personalise your browsing experience, to perform analytics and research, and to provide social media features. Posted 29th Jul 2018. Questions and answers Log in or sign up to ask a public question. The first was due Sept. 15 (but was extended to Sept. 30) and the second on Dec. 15. Browns fans quickly bought up limited tickets available for Sunday’s game in Kansas City and planned to make the 11-hour drive to cheer on the team in the next round of the NFL Playoffs. In this policy, we refer to all of these technologies as cookies. It’s up to you and the seller to arrange payments and delivery – the free app service simply allows you to market your products and get in touch with a customer base. Shpock is designed to connect you with local sellers so you can pick the item up or they can deliver it face-to-face. If a buyer asks to pay in person, with a bank transfer or anything other than PayPal, decline the offer.

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