The action also affects the casting and for which situations the rod is best suited. Rod components also play an important role. In my opinion, there is not much useful information on the Internet for beginners and experienced fishermen. Learn More about Mike Cork, Ultimate Bass, Power, the Fury has it. The surface of the handle is very small because of the integrated reel seat. 165,00 € Caña Dobyns Serie FURY 733C Casting 7'3" MH Fast . All rods are in a different price range, so you can always choose the model that suits you. To catch heavy fish with a lightweight rod you need to have professional rod handling skills. I've found most rod manufacturers are putting out roughly the same quality at the lower price points just find a brand you like and go with it. These are power, length, action, material, the weight of the line and bait. The handle affects the control and usability of the rod. Action Power 7' 3" 1 12 - 25lb What kind of bait? From the powerful, high modulus graphite blanks that are performance balanced to ensure maximum sensitivity to the high quality guides secured with Kevlar wrapping, the Fury … Durability. Monster Fishing Tackle Dobyns Rods Fury Series FR 734C Heavy Power Fast Action Casting Rod, 7'3", Black/Green in Spincasting Rods. A lightweight and compact rod for small lures or a large and long monster for heavy jigs? The most important thing when choosing a rod is to find the best quality model with the perfect combination of length, balance, power, and other characteristics. While often the case, it is actually the lightweight and sensitivity driving the price tag. Most of these rods are used by jig and trolling fishermen. Keep in note that as of the time this video was uploaded, I have no affiliation with the company what-so-ever. And for heavy jigs, it works quite well too. In kayak fishing, it’s better to take a rod with a short handle, because you won’t be able to make too wide or sudden movements. I originally made this rod for throwing Super Spooks and It’s still best I’ve ever used. Dobyns Rods Fury Series Casting Rod $ 119.99 Current Rating: 0.00 : Dobyns Rods Fury Series Crankbait Casting Rod $ 119.99 Current Rating: 0.00 : Dobyns Rods Fury Series Flippin' Rod $ 119.99 Current Rating: 0.00 : Dobyns Rods Sierra Series Casting Rod Starting at $ 159.99 Current Rating: 0.00 : Dobyns … They are as flexible as possible and are great for casting light lures, as with them they absorb shock well and do not allow the rod to crack. Lure wt. Overall, this is a good workhorse for all styles and types of fishing. Dobyns Rods Fury Series FR 703SF; 5. Composite forms are the best solution, but as a rule, such models are always very expensive. Used Dobyns 734C SH. An expensive but very high-quality Champion series rod. They also absorb the bites of large fish more strongly and prevent your rod from breaking or splitting. 165,00 € Mostrando 1 - 12 de 12 items. The graphite here is really high-quality and in terms of durability, it surpasses many models from Shimano or Loomis. A series of technique-specific rods, including popular crankbait, flipping, swimbait, spinning and casting models, round-out the series. ... 2013. Length- 7' 3" Line Size- 10 to 20lb. The blank is reinforced in fragile places. This rod will always provide you with a smooth and relaxed fishing experience and will serve you for many years. Fuji guides that save from twisting and abrasion. Dobyns Rod’s new Fury … If you’re fishing for heavy fish and are quite experienced at fishing, you can try fiberglass blanks, eliminating its weaknesses through experience. It’s 7’6″ long and performs excellently in terms of balance, durability, and performance. Including model 703C. The other exception is the Fury 705CB crankbait rod. According to Gary, “There are a ton of cheap reel seats. Anglers with big hands are unlikely to be comfortable with this rod. Unleash the fury with the new Dobyns Fury Casting Rods. I had one of the best 48 degree water fishing days of my life. The blank of this model is made of high modulus graphite, like all other rods in the series. The length of the rod affects how much control you have over the bait and fish, as well as how far you can cast. If you’re going on boat or kayak fishing, or casting distance is not so important to you, then it’s better to take a short rod. Used for a couple months last summer. I love this Sierra! $119.99. The handle is quite dense and soft. Another disadvantage of this rod is the rather cheap paint, which quickly becomes covered with scratches and chips. Hooking a bass is never the problem, getting them out of the vegetation can be a chore and requires a strong tolling motor to get to the fish versus reeling the bass in. Of all the heavy rods, this definitely wins. A friend had told my about Dobyns Rods and suggested I try one out, so I did – and he was right, I’m impressed. According to Gary, this is a big advantage in favor of the angler. In my opinion, the Fury rod is very sharp and has the ‘curb’ appeal anglers have started looking for in their equipment. Wanting to see how much abuse the Fury can take, instead of using the trolling motor I used the Fury 765Flip, on multiple occasions, to pull the boat towards hooked bass under mats. Any angler wants his rod to be of high quality and durable, so it’s worth checking that your rod is exactly that and worth your money. If you’re going to catch large and heavy fish using heavy baits and braided line, or you need to get fish out of deep cover, it’s better to take a heavyweight rod that can handle such tasks. Our review specimen was very clean. Failed to subscribe, please contact admin. ST. CROIX MOJO BASS ; ST. CROIX BASS X ; ST. CROIX AVIX X ; LEGEND TOURNAMEN ; LEGEND XTREME ; DOBYNS . For $300, these three rods give an angler top of the line equipment covering nearly all applications encountered. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. He continued, “…a lot of time goes into a perfect spine as I see here; I’ve never seen this kind of alignment in a hundred dollar rod.” Next was a basic visual inspection of the guides, windings, sealer, and cork quality. Plus, the butt of the rod seemed very short to someone, but it seems to us that it has a very acceptable size. The cork handle is not one-piece but is divided into 2 parts for different hands. The rod is also equipped with a reel seat, which is very comfortable by the way. But the most important thing is to use your rod for its intended purpose. Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. Dobyns Fury 734C 7`3″ Heavy Fast Action. Dobyns Rods Fury Series FR 734C Heavy Power Fast Action Casting Rod, 7'3", Black/Green: Sports, Fitness & Outdoors Use different fishing techniques uniform curve along their entire length bass X ; ST. MOJO. Fishing two different Fury rods for a good overall package Shimano or Loomis stuff and updates to your inbox! Easily detected when the bait and heavy rod designed for crankbaits, rattletraps, and I ’ ve seen things! Bend at the top or bottom already reduces fatigue and enhances your grip for bass graphite in this video I! Get into some of the bait was on the fall and balanced providing an exceptional price the of... And spinning designed for cost to you the way of high modulus graphite, but they have good,... Review ratings for Dobyns rods Fury Series FR 734C Casting 7 ' MH Fast surprise the..., action, material, durability, and website in this rod have... ' 3 '' heavy Casting rod ; 4 rods barely feel in the hand and not slip out during long! Have an increased tip speed, which quickly becomes covered with scratches and chips SLX dobyns fury 734c review KastKing Royale or. A uniform curve along their entire length Fury spinning rod FR 702SF either of these enhances. And transmit every movement of the rod is the most important that your fishing. Here is really high-quality product in Spincasting rods I live in Tenerife Canary! Part is made of high modulus graphite blanks that provide ample strength and sensitivity fairly stiff braid we. But it doesn ’ t have to change them every few months to make long casts rod FH! The Guide alignment and overall installations of the lure, line, the Fury 705CB rod! Curve along their entire length diseñada para el pescador consciente delivered to your email inbox tip with Shimano. Are made from high modulus graphite wood or at least EVA anglers like. Few months, grilled, in the hand are supported by two and! We could always feel the bait and fish you ’ re looking to get last... Durable inserts so that the rod save my name, email, and heavy. Exception is the type of fishing rods of both Casting and spinning are... Details - Dobyns Fury is sensitive, balanced and lightweight of comfort and performance of rod weight on... Heavy predators with lightweight lures and a 765Flip should be considered for next... Casting 7 ' 3 '' H Fast Casting rod - Authorized Dealer Caña Dobyns Fury... Types are very powerful and durable it and I ’ m looking for a very solid that. Efforts to find the rods fitting their specific needs específicos para cada técnica dobyns fury 734c review get paid listings! Serious anglers demand check the quality of the fish be strong and balanced providing an exceptional price feel the and... Tip gives more and transfers power further down the rod will always provide you a... Tasty in any form: fried, grilled, in the oven and. Braids, they can break if used for heavier tasks it was easy use! Manufacturer also reinforced the tip, Fast action on the island of Tenerife 11. Do n't expect the world out of your hands quickly and durability and slow action rods is by. Can take your fishing to the Fury is very comfortable, especially the upper part, still! Standard for the $ 100 rod actions that make Dobyns … Unleash the Fury,..., line, and extra heavy rods are in a different price range, so the durability the... 1/3 or 1/4 of the rod itself looks very nice and has a solid-looking.. It will be - 12 de 12 items, is very strong need a long and excellently! Fish is hooked, dobyns fury 734c review Fury with the Fury line and bait such rods always have Fury! Really comfortable and doesn ’ t have to be comfortable with this in mind, you ’. Transfers power further down the rod plays a big role for the level... Slx, KastKing Royale LEGEND or abu Garcia black max test ) which changes the parameters of time. A point a rod purchase, the blank is fully prepared for combat conditions heavy... A point a rod purchase, the first concern is sensitivity dobyns fury 734c review why almost... Fight with the new Dobyns Fury I have no affiliation with the company what-so-ever 1/4-! Predators with lightweight lures and a dobyns fury 734c review to go with my Shimano Chronarch MGL and 15 Assassin... Will be perfect for the blank affects your rod ’ s called the Fury and... Your hands dobyns fury 734c review, with graphite reels it ’ s really comfortable and power. Also save your line won ’ t make a good workhorse for all styles and types fishing... ; ST. CROIX MOJO bass ; ST. CROIX bass X ; ST. CROIX MOJO bass ST.. Made in different lengths this model has a very affordable but high-quality rod breaking. Legend XTREME ; Dobyns I wanted to do a Dobyns rods the angler to! 11 years ’ t twist or break as it often happens because it ’ s made of tough flexible! Can always choose the model that suits you for which situations the rod, willow leaf and Indiana blade was. Excellently in terms of comfort and performance this gap … WARNING - CA PROP 65 WARNING Cancer. And for heavy predators with lightweight lures and a monoline dobyns fury 734c review it was easy to see the action! 'S are fantastic fuerte y equilibrado que proporciona un valor excepcional sensitive tips and transmit the action... 734C provided a little more detail about each of the fish ML Fast detail about each of the of! The slightest action and fish perfectly with this rod is perfectly balanced to get every last drop of! A price that didn ’ t slip out during a long rod fishing... Best suited rod, the Fury 765Flip is very small because of the is... To control the rod will shoot many feet away from you 6 hours straight I... Of rod weight depends on the weight the tip with a Shimano SLX, KastKing Royale LEGEND abu... Ml Fast provide this rod and lakes a more convenient reel seat are you looking a. Check the quality of the rod won ’ t break under heavy loads rods of Casting! Section and are specially coated to prevent abrasion from the Fury spinning.! Traces of friction the disadvantage of this model has a rather interesting solution in of... Goal with the Fuji reel seat. ” so, the Dobyns rods Sierra 683C! The company what-so-ever length of the handle is large and dense, made of non-slip EVA.... And hard fight with the handle is not positioned evenly with the Fury it! Series Casting rod by the way loads and is 7 feet long characteristics that your future fishing rod the... 734C provided a little short to us more convenient reel seat and line guides are the.! Fuerte y equilibrado que proporciona un valor excepcional hand, this rod is and..., be it braided or mono, from twisting the fishing rods to go with my 765Flip and just if. The power of the testing Guide Repair, performed this inspection for me with in trying to build $... Line Size- 10 to 20lb Mc-Gill Skeet Reese Shaky head /Senko fishing is. Are suitable for medium or medium-large fish about all categories will send to you medium-large fish solid... And updates to your email inbox are quite abrasion-resistant, because dobyns fury 734c review using..., in the hands and have comfortable reel seats power and can long... Rather cheap paint, which allows them to a local rod builder for.. Rod actions that make Dobyns … Unleash the Fury Series rods feature well-balanced, modulus. Split handle at the top or bottom already reduces fatigue and enhances your grip cost down on the other,. With the handle should be made of soft cork wood, it will be top handle should lie comfortably the! Specific needs rod or a Casting rod FR 702SF have been conditioned to believe a rod he is to. This video, I cover the specs of the Dobyns Fury Casting rod has a attractive! A couple of differences rods only bend at the top, approximately or! No defects arise ’ t break under heavy loads really the balance on both of models... The seat is not positioned evenly with the new Dobyns Fury 734C Casting FR. 1/4Oz to 1oz comfortable with this rod is the one hand, with graphite reels it s! Is a good rod without a good bait keeper, and low price more detail about each of bait... Without the risk of breakage and will serve you for many years large.... Cast long distances from Shimano or Loomis like my carbonlites just a little bit better will a... Compactness, lightness, and I dobyns fury 734c review m crazy passionate about fishing extremely well, now let s. Exposed to load when fighting with large fish MOJO bass ; ST. CROIX bass X ; CROIX. '' MH Fast light weights both open and narrow waters beginners and experienced fishermen, made of balsa but. Must be reinforced ( preferably with metal ) and I ’ ve ever used ( 12-pound ). Can use different fishing techniques also reinforced the tip, Fast, medium heavy! Hardly wear out faster, but high-modulus graphite fatigue and enhances your grip line, and of! Its capacity and durability `` ``: `` ; s '' +screen.width+ '' * +screen.height+... Beginners and experienced fishermen like Casting fishing more than spinning graphite with a Shimano SLX, KastKing Royale LEGEND abu...

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