In marketing his bear spray, Matheny has worked with archery friend Casey Anderson, whose trained bear, Brutus was used in reenactment of Matheny’s attack. Today is National Voter Registration Day! This year, two of those fatalities occurred. The thought of a grizzly bear provokes terror in many people. As a bear biologist and wildlife filmmaker, I’ve made it my business to get close to big grizzlies in the wild. Part of HuffPost Environment. Seven years ago, Casey Anderson saved a 5-month-old bear. Watch as a skunk fends off a hungry cougar, Man videoing a bear swimming in a river has no idea was he is about to catch on camera. Park. Let's understand the grizzly bear, respect them, adjust accordingly, and do our part to coexist with them. If we can understand them and change the fear into respect, we CAN coexist with them peacefully. Brutus has been Casey’s best friend ever since Casey rescued him from being euthanized at an overcrowded wildlife park when Brutus was just 5 months old. By Casey Anderson A couple weeks ago, a very tragic event occurred in Yellowstone National Park. Casey Anderson, Expedition Grizzly Presenter, Naturalist . Now a two-minute clip of his attack video can be viewed on YouTube. The famous naturalist and his furry friend are inseparable from the day Brutus was a 2 weeks old cub. Casey Anderson, who founded the Montana Grizzly Encounter sanctuary, appears in the video with a grizzly bear … Learn how to deal with a black bear or grizzly encounter with Shannon Davis and Ted the Bear. This is a very rare circumstance, and only happens when a bear is in a desperate state. We made it easy for you to exercise your right to vote! Brutus was even the best man at Anderson's wedding. Dec 18, 2012 - Explore Lana Morro's board "Casey Anderson" on Pinterest. So I wasn’t worried when I took my dad backpacking to a secret spot just north of Yellowstone in 2004. Montana Forest Service's Todd Orr was attacked by the same grizzly twice during a hike in early fall. Subscribe, Like, Share, Follow BACKPACKER Skills Editor Corey Buhay is here to help you master grizzly country's most essential safety gear. But in bear country, you must always remember that you don't know the habits of the campers prior to your visit. Now, Brutus is almost 1,000 pounds and Casey's best friend. This bear could have been easily rewarded by finding food left behind by careless humans in the past. Wildlife Expert Casey Anderson profiles a trio of infamous Yellowstone grizzly bear attacks on humans, debunking misconceptions about bears and focusing on solutions that would serve both people and the animals. Casey Anderson and Brutus the 800 lb. Casey Anderson, who started his own wildlife menagerie to take in cases of animal abuse, said tragedies like the one at World Animal Studios happen when proper precautions aren't taken. We must allow the grizzly bear to be healthy. In fact, the rarity of this event is outstanding. Welcome to Montana Grizzly Encounter; a Grizzly Bear Rescue & Education Sanctuary in Bozeman, Montana. Contact: [email protected] Casey Anderson chose a bear named Brutus. grizzly bear have been best friends for seven years. Casey has a daring approach to understanding grizzlies’ every move, something most evident in the special relationship he has with Brutus. grizzly bear injured two and killed a third person. In fact, that’s the very mess we are cleaning up with our rescue mission. They followed all the rules, and stored their food properly as required while camping in bear country. Director: Stu Brumbaugh | Stars: Casey Anderson, Randy Barrett, Brutus the Bear, Dan Bertus Votes: 25 4. We must give them room and resources to thrive. An adorable video shows a tickle fight between a naturalist and a bear. It is now our responsibility as our part of the coexistence to do our part and utilize these tools. More often than not the bear … Forest People5 Best FriendsCute RaccoonNature AnimalsWild AnimalsWoodland CrittersBear PicturesBrown BearOtters Casey Anderson on Twitter At a campground in the early morning, a grizzly bear injured two and killed a third personwhile they were sleeping in their tents. Expedition Wild presents the unique story of Casey Anderson, a man who has dedicated himself to wildlife preservation. Though the facts and evidence are not entirely clear on the events of that night, one thing can be said for sure. We must learn from this event, and take the time to understand these wonderful animals we share the earth with. Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost's next chapter. Need an animal expert, program host, guest speaker? But first, Casey has to see and document Polar bear physiology and behavior. Casey Anderson is an American filmmaker, wildlife naturalist, television host, animal trainer and actor who is best known as the host and executive producer of the Nat Geo WILD channel television series, Expedition Wild and America the Wild with Casey Anderson, and for being the trainer and "best friend" of Brutus the Bear, a grizzly bear that he adopted as a newborn cub. (Studio: David Muir) Report introduced. Meanwhile, Tierney and co-host Casey Anderson, a bear expert, project emotions and behavior onto the bears to make them seem like they’re doing more than they are. How to responsibly store, equip, release, and dispose of bear spray. We have forced the grizzly to adapt to its threshold, and now it is our turn to return the favor by adapting ourselves. Montana Grizzly Encounter bear dies. Most animal lovers would be happy to have a dog, or even a cat as their constant and loyal companion. ©2021 Verizon Media. “Bears are superemotional and superintelligent. The use of portable electric fences surrounding campsites, carrying bear pepper spray, and storing food properly are all good practices that will keep humans safe. The bond between the two is both strong and touching, a genuine friendship. Once a bear eats human food, it is considered a MAJOR risk for visitors of, for example, Yellowstone Nat. At a campground in the early morning, a grizzly bear injured two and killed a third person while they were sleeping in their tents. Casey saved the bear from an overpopulated wildlife park, and raised him with lot of attention, love and respect. (New York: T.J. Winnick) Another attack by a bear in which a caretaker {Brent Kendra††} was killed featured; 911 phone call played. With the growth in human population comes an almost linear increase in bear attacks. When things go sideways around one of nature's biggest, strongest predators, a canister of bear spray can be your best friend. Casey Anderson Grizzly bear expert, host of Expedition Wild on Nat Geo Wild. This is one of the most common misconceptions that hurt the grizzly bear's chances of survival. Brutus, an 800 pounds grizzly bear, is Casey Anderson's best friend. The show features naturalist Casey Anderson on an action-packed odyssey through North America’s wild places — revealing the beauty and complexity of the natural world. I by no means advocate people having grizzly bears as pets. They are more afraid of us then we are of them. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Consider this -- for each person killed by a bear attack, there are 13 people killed by snakes, 17 by spiders, 45 by dogs, 120 by bees, 150 by tornadoes, 374 by lightning, and 60,000 by humans. Casey Anderson Learn More » Home of Brutus the Bear & Friends! A grizzly bear will do whatever it can to survive, and killing a human is always the last resort. My sincere condolences and thoughts go out to the victims and their families. We must be prepared and educated before retreating in bear country. One of the greatest scenes was either Afa getting stuck between honeybumps jaws or when the Scottish guy screamed and Bart got sick of the yelling. It has even gone viral with more than 9 million hits and counting. All rights reserved. Again, the problem needs to be addressed at the cause. Brutus is living in a sanctuary that Casey built so he can freely live a life which a grizzly bear is supposed to live. It will protect the lives of humans and save grizzly bears too. Why protect something you are afraid of? Casey Anderson and BRUTUS do SO much to educate hikers and people who bring food into bear habitats: once the bears taste human food, they want more. Bear expert and founder of Montana Grizzly Encounter Casey Anderson was filming a video on the proper techniques for using bear spray. As development and climate change destroy habitat and food sources, bears and humans will be forced to be pushed together. This fatality marks only the eighth time in the parks history that a grizzly bear … © 2021 Pocket Outdoor Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. Bear expert and founder of Montana Grizzly Encounter Casey Anderson was filming a video on the proper techniques for using bear spray. America the Wild with Casey Anderson S01 - Ep03 Inside a Grizzly Attack HD Stream Watch America the Wild with Casey Anderson S01 - Ep03 Inside a Grizzly Attack Online Watch America the Wild with Casey Anderson S01 - Ep03 Inside a Grizzly Attack Online Stream The explanation turned into a demonstration when the mother grizzly wandered upon the scene and charged at him from the other side of a fence. A bear out for a walk in his territory is darted, measured, weighed, made to throw up last night’s dinner, and then a big lug of a radio collar is attached. Avoiding grizzlies with cubs is the easiest way to stay out of trouble. Brutus was born in January 2002. But what to do when they won't stop following you? He spent his first months in a six-foot square steel box that was his mother's cage at a captive bear facility. Three grizzly-bear attacks on humans in Yellowstone National Park are examined by Casey Anderson, who accompanies survivors to the scenes of the attacks… Grizzly bears are not these creatures. Grizzly bears are intelligent creatures, and this learned behavior could have caused the bear to look for food among the tents, causing the tragic event. When two friends from the city take a vacation to the wilds of Montana, they find themselves lost in the depths of the big sky country. Casey describes it personally: You go home, sleep it off, go about your work week, eat, sleep, go to a hockey game and … This time, inspired by the Brown Bear vs. Polar Bear challenge, Casey will again recruit Brutus to see if he can meet the serious physical challenges of “life as a Polar bear” above (and below) the surface of a frozen lake in the heart of Montana’s winter. Founded in 2004, MGE provides a spacious and natural home for rescued grizzlies. And they have one of the greatest hosts of all time beat expert Casey Anderson who has wrestled 37 bears and killed every one of them so he knows what he's talking about when he talks about Bart. The campers who were injured did not do anything wrong. I found this post online: "This 800 pounds grizzly bear called Brutus is Casey Anderson’s best friend, believe it or not. Casey travels with survivors back to the scenes where they relive the events that led to … No one should ever approach a bear whether it’s captive or wild. Brutus, a male grizzly bear who is the companion of naturalist and television presenter Casey Anderson, appeared with Anderson in the syndicated Nat Geo documentary television series Expedition Wild. As a result of this horrible event, many people will continue to fear the grizzly bear. As the human population begins to grow along with the rebounding grizzly population, the two will cross paths more frequently. We must keep their habitat intact and cease the destruction of their food sources. Brutus, also called Brutus the Bear, is a bear (Ursus arctos horribilis) who was adopted as a newborn cub by the naturalist Casey Anderson, star of the National Geographic documentary Expedition Grizzly.. Brutus' story. WATCH me in the backcountry of Yellowstone: This September, look for new episodes of EXPEDITION WILD with CASEY ANDERSON on Nat Geo WILD and Casey's new book, The Story of Brutus: My Life with Brutus and the Grizzlies of North America. [National Geographic Channel Casey ANDERSON†- talks about captive wildlife & the dangers.] In the worse-case scenario, the bear who was involved in the incident could have been looking for a human to eat. Though this event had to be horrific and terrifying for those involved, the root of the problem is much deeper and needs to be carefully considered to make sure this will not happen again. A 3-year-old grizzly bear that underwent an MRI at Washington State University after suffering seizures at a Montana sanctuary has died. "Unfortunately, you go in there with your guard down, you become complacent," said Anderson, who runs Montana Grizzly Encounter, located east of Bozeman, Mont. Casey, a naturalist, and Brutus are inseparable from the day Brutus was a 2 weeks old cub. The explanation turned into a demonstration when the mother grizzly wandered upon the scene and charged at him from the other side of a fence. A couple weeks ago, a very tragic event occurred in Yellowstone National Park. We have the ability to protect ourselves and the grizzly bear if we want to. This is the result of countless sensationalized Hollywood films and scary stories that sprinkle the headlines. The series is hosted by CBS Sports personality Brandon Tierney (“Tiki and Tierney”), who provides play-by-play (he’s joined by bear expert Casey Anderson). That’s also when Casey founded the Montana Grizzly Encounter, an educational sanctuary where Brutus … [On "Good Morning America," World Animal Studios Sam MAZZOLA†- defends bear accidents.] If we as humans continue to cut off their necessities, we will create desperate animals. This fatality marks only the eighth time in the parks history that a grizzly bear has killed a human. See more ideas about casey, grizzly bear, brutus.

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