According to the makers of Blue Buffalo, their philosophy about feeding dogs is a simple one. Eventually they would run the Longhorns with the buffalo, and then Brutus could stay with all of them, but the animals would have to be quarantined at first and then allowed to adjust to each other. A buffalo here, a Longhorn there... what difference does it make? It is the lowest part of a ridge which slopes from Majuba to the Buffalo river, and before the opening of the railway in 1891 the road over the nek was the main artery of communication between Durban and Pretoria. use "buffalo" in a sentence Despite its huge bulk, the buffalo can run at amazing speeds. Department of Oral Biology, School of Dental Medicine, State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY 14214-3008. Of the west coast rivers, the Buffalo, about 125 m. (For the Umzimvuba and other Transkei rivers see Kaffraria.) An Islamic Site at the University of Buffalo emphasizing the unity of the Islamic world across its languages. An object noun phrase can be a noun phrase, the empty sequence (corresponding to an intransitive use of the main verb) or a single Buffalo.The last case handles the case of Buffalo buffalo Buffalo understood as "Dragonflies tease New York" (i.e., its inhabitants). Why don't you ask me about Buffalo Bill? (WIVB)– The Erie County District Attorney announced Wednesday that Richard S. Swiderski, 43, of Buffalo has been sentenced on a charge of promoting prostitution. Sentence with the word Buffalo. However in most countries the range is limited to cow, ewe, goat and (increasingly) water buffalo milk cheeses. Vintage: 2003 Food Choice: Wolf Blass recommend buffalo burgers with spicy tomato relish. Ins Deutsche übersetzt bedeutet der Satz: „ Büffel aus Buffalo, die von Büffeln aus Buffalo schikaniert werden, schikanieren Büffel aus Buffalo.“. Westward of the uplands are the Kyudeni Hills (5000 ft.), also densely wooded, situated near the junction of the Buffalo and Tugela rivers. It is served by the Pennsylvania, the Erie, and the Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburg railways, and is connected with Olean, New York, by an electric line. I fear for his reputation if we be discovered but I have never been happier than next to him, beneath the buffalo robe that covered us. Brushing a blond curl from her face, she reined him toward the buffalo pen. Blue Buffalo offers a variety of formulas for puppies, adults and senior dogs. It's a verb (meaning "to intimidate")! Her Slow Cooker Buffalo Sausage Stew looks warming and unimaginably delicious. (ii.) The name of Buffalo Creek or Buffalo, however, proved more popular; the village became the county-seat of Niagara county in 1808, and two years later the town of Buffalo was erected. Alone perhaps of all wild animals in India, the buffalo will charge unprovoked. 9. The southern boundary of the strip added to Utrecht ran from Rorke's Drift on the Buffalo to a point on the Pongolo. Buffalo offers slightly more expensive, relaxed fitting jeans. Beyond Manitoba buffalo were still running on the plains, and British Columbia having lost its mining population of 1859 and 1860 was largely inhabited by Indians, its white population which centred in the city of Victoria being principally English. Examples of the buffalo in a sentence: 1. 2. - Local pride has prompted some Nebraskans to begin the history of the white race in their state with the march of Coronado, in 1541, across the buffalo plains to " Quivira," N. There are a few speckled trout in the mountain streams, but the commoner fish are bass, perch, catfish, crappies, pike, drum buffalo, carp, suckers and eels. buffalo hunters on the road - perfect " stars. Blimpie's Buffalo Chicken cold deli sub has 400 calories with 70 calories from fat. 0. The show featured the run-up to his move to Buffalo and his off-field search for love. 3. In the burials of the rich, water and bread are distributed to the poor at the grave; and sometimes a buffalo or several buffaloes are slaughtered there, and the flesh given away. The buffalo and longhorns were nowhere in sight, so there was no need to be concerned about their safety. The Buffalo public library, founded in 1837, is housed in a fine building erected in 1887 (valued at $1,000,000), and contains about 300,000 books and pamphlets. There were no buffalonear. Translations of the phrase EINEM BUSBAHNHOF IN BUFFALO from german to english and examples of the use of "EINEM BUSBAHNHOF IN BUFFALO" in a sentence with their translations: Chuck Whiting wurde gerade auf einem Busbahnhof in Buffalo gefasst. S. argentea, the Buffalo Berry, is a taller shrub of nearly 20 feet, with thorny stems, silvery leaves, and juicy red or yellow berries, prized for jellies and preserves by the Western colonists. The Sun (2017) This is a brilliant recipe for making inexpensive mozzarella taste like the finest buffalo mozzarella. Buffalo to-day has broad and spacious streets, most of which are lined by trees, and many small parks and squares. The rapid settling of the state drove its native fauna, which comprised buffalo, deer, moose, bear, lynx and wolves, in great numbers into the northern sections, westward into Dakota, or across the Canadian border. The chief domestic animals are the camel, horse, ass, ox, buffalo (used both as a beast of burden and for riding), sheep with a short silky fleece, the goat and the pig, which last here reaches its southernmost limit. The New York Central & Hudson River railway, nearly parallel with the water route from New York City to Buffalo, was formed by the union, in 1869, of the New York Central with the Hudson River railway. Unfortunately, Blue Buffalo does not offer any coupons directly for their products, but instead works with retailers to create in-store deals so all pet owners can find the best prices. The most widely different from the true oxen are, however, the buffaloes (see Buffalo), which have consequently the most claim to generic distinction. 5. buffalo horn to make a knob, capped with a slice of lilac wood. Alex had the shed built so that she could feed the buffalo without going into the pen, but today she wanted to check on the cow. Now they are nearing the buffalo. Blue Buffalo Cat Food uses whole, human grade ingredients and no by products. The restaurant recently added a buffalo ribeye steak to its menu for those who want to expand their culinary experience beyond the traditional beef-derived steaks. buffalo – (verb) meaning to confuse or intimidate Just in Case Colors Alone Aren’t Enough Buffalo buffalo (bison from New York) Buffalo buffalo buffalo (that confuse bison from New York) buffalo Buffalo buffalo (confuse Bison from New York) The great elevator centres are in Duluth, St Paul, Minneapolis, Chicago and Buffalo. There are large herds of buffalo and antelope, and gazelles of many varieties and in great numbers are met with in most parts of the country. Pet owners interested in a healthy, wholesome diet for their dogs may want to look for Blue Buffalo dog food coupons to try this high quality product and give their dogs a tasty treat. It has been talked about since 1967, when the sentence was used by Dmitri Borgmann in his book Beyond Language. In fact, she did all the chores without telling him – including feeding the buffalo. Until towards the close of the 19th century Bechuanaland abounded in big game, and the Kalahari is still the home of the lion, leopard, hyena, jackal, elephant, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, buffalo, antelope of many species, ostrich and even the giraffe. stampeded buffalo over the mile-long cliff. Among the best-known schools are the Academy of the Sacred Heart, Buffalo Seminary, the Franklin and the Heathcote schools, Holy Angels and St Mary's academies, St Joseph's Collegiate Institute, and St Margaret's school for girls. In the 18705, the equation than turned, 24. The water buffalo squelched up and down the paddy fields, pulling the plough. Buffalo is governed under an amended city charter of 1896 by which the government is vested in a bicameral city council, and a mayor elected for a term of four years. Asian buffalo isn't as wild as that of Ame Crystal Beach amusement park was located near Ridgeway, Ontario on the Canadian shore of Lake Erie, just a few miles west of Buffalo, New York and south of Niagara Falls. For the roller hockey team, see Buffalo Wings. Seven-tenths of a cubic metre of animal bones were found: deer, bear, wolf, raccoon, opossum, beaver, buffalo, elk, turkey, woodchuck, tortoise and hog; all contemporary with man's occupancy. The most widely broadcast report of prophesy and its fulfillment in recent history was the birth of a female white buffalo calf in 1994. courageous warrior and took part in several raids against buffalo hunters and white settlers. Buffalo buffalo (bison from New York) Buffalo buffalo buffalo (that New York bison trick) buffalo Buffalo buffalo (trick New York bison). I think the consensus is that they were called buffs by Europeans because of the color of cured hides and that evolved to buffalo. 2. In this respect, beef is beginning to draw closer to the natural quality of, 27. As a politician he was always more the people's representative than their leader, and that he "kept his ear to the ground" was the source of much of his power and at the same time was his greatest weakness: his address at Buffalo the day before. An hour after they returned home, a trailer brought the two buffalo. Jenkins, James Knox Polk (Auburn and Buffalo, 1850), and L. By these electric current was generated and transmitted to towns and factories around, being sent overhead as far as Buffalo, a distance of 18 m. The domestic Indian buffalo (Bos bubalus) exists as a wild animal in North Australia; it is very liable to revert to a wild state, being little altered from its still-existing wild ancestor. Not only marriage, but speech and common industries, such as rowing a boat or chasing a buffalo, were under its sway. 158+4 sentence examples: 1. Model Jessica White was scouted in Buffalo, New York, in her teens, and she has walked runway shows (Oscar de la Renta, Marc Jacobs) as well as participated in fashion editorials and makeup campaigns. The lion, elephant, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, giraffe, buffalo, quagga, zebra and other large animals were, however, during the 18th and 19th centuries driven out of the more southern regions (though a few elephants and buffaloes,. We narrowly missed being caught in a buffalo stampede, tried herding giraffe and disturbed a leopard on its evening hunt. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Fine passenger steamers run nightly between Buffalo and Cleveland and Detroit, and there are many shorter passenger routes. buffaloes example sentences. At the national convention held in Buffalo, N.Y., on the 9th and Toth of August 1848, they secured the nomination to the presidency of exPresident Martin Van Buren, who had failed to secure nomination by the Democrats in 1844 because of his opposition to the annexation of Texas, and of Charles Francis Adams, of Massachusetts, for the vice-presidency, taking as their "platform" a Declaration that Congress, having "no more power to make a slave than to make a king," was bound to restrict slavery to the slave states, and concluding, "we inscribe on our banner `Free Soil, Free Speech,Free Labor and Free Man,' and under it we will fight on and fight ever, until a triumphant victory shall reward our exertions.". Sentences employing the same word over and over are one of the more head-scratching oddities. The principal of these are Toledo, Sandusky, Huron, Vermilion, Lorain, Cleveland, Fairport, Ashtabula, Conneaut, Erie (a natural harbour), Dunkirk and Buffalo, Rondeau, Port Stanley, Port Burwell, Port Dover, Port Maitland and Port Colborne. ); O. Turner, History of the Holland Purchase (Buffalo, 1850); T. animals in the steppe the first place belongs to the camel; next come goat and sheep (not the ordinary fat-tailed variety); the common buffalo is often kept by the Arabs and the Turkomans on the Euphrates and the Tigris; on the Euphrates is found the Indian zebu. Amongst the domestic animals are the buffalo, the Syrian camel, and a mule camel, bred from a Bactrian sire and Syrian mother. They're going to bring the buffalo over tomorrow. It is served by the Pere Marquette and the Grand Rapids & Indiana railways and by steamboat lines to Chicago, Detroit, Buffalo and other lake ports. With an impressive college record, he went on to play with the Buffalo Bills and the San Francisco 49ers. Definition of Buffalo. All the noun uses in this sentence are plural. Two volumes of an English translation, with copious notes, by James Nichols, were published at London, 1825-1828; three volumes (complete) at Buffalo, 1853. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Wanzer, EdD, professor of communication studies at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY has shown that the use of humor can improve employees' work performance. Only a buffalo cow right now - and a couple of Angora goats Carmen bought for me. Buffalo Niagara International Airport is easily accessible with flights arriving and departing regularly. Notice that this use of buffalo requires capitalization. Right. Today they would put the buffalo and longhorns in the same pasture. Other fish native to the waters of the state are the sturgeon, catfish, perch (locally called pike), buffalo fish, flathead and sucker. If your deceased relative died in Albany, Buffalo, or Yonkers before January 1 of 1914, you will have to write to the appropriate registrar of that city in order to obtain a death certificate. per annum; fish (15,000,000 lb annually); and iron ore and coal, part of which, however, is handled at Tonawanda, really a part of the port of Buffalo. Amanda Blake was born Beverly Louise Neill on February 20, 1929, in Buffalo, New York. Dyson's replacement parts for their vacuums are shipped out of Buffalo, New York via United Parcel Service (UPS). Now all they needed to do was find the Buffalo cow and her calves and drive them through. India abstain from the flesh of their domestic animal, the buffalo; but once a year they sacrifice a bull calf, which is eaten in the forest by the adult males. Amtrak provides regular train service in and out of Buffalo. In the end, only you can judge if Blue Buffalo is the right food for your dog, so make the change gradually to avoid shocking your dog's digestive tract. Among the charitable institutions are the Home for the Friendless, the Buffalo, St Vincent's and St Joseph's orphan asylums, St John's orphan home, St Mary's asylum for widows and foundlings, and the Ingleside home for erring women. One of the drawbacks of Blue Buffalo cat food is that you can't purchase it at your local Wal-mart or Target store. Special sightings included lion, spotted hyena, bush pig, buffalo, hippo and many large and strange birds. No, you won't grow a buffalo hump overnight. Blue Basics: Basics is one of the newer product lines from Blue Buffalo. All the species may be included in the genus Bos, with several subgeneric divisions (see Anoa, Aurochs, Bantin, Bison, Buffalo, Gaur, Gayal, Ox and YAK). The indiscriminate slaughter of the buffalo has brought many evils in its train. A few years later he drifted westward with twenty-five dollars in his pocket, and the autumn of 1855 found him in a law office in the city of Buffalo. The restaurant's diverse menu features traditional pub appetizers like buffalo wings, nachos and chili. Patrons can fill their stomachs with tasty appetizers such as mozzarella sticks and buffalo wings. Fancy Dahlias are Buffalo Bill, Charles Wyatt, Comedian, Duchess of Albany, Frank Pearce, Gaiety, General Gordon, H. In nearly all British and foreign nurseries this species is confused with the Buffalo Berry (Shepherdia argentea), a genus belonging to the same natural order, but altogether different from it. In 1886 the New York Central & Hudson River Railroad Company leased the West Shore for a term of 475 years, and this company operates another parallel line from Syracuse to Buffalo, a line following closely the entire N. Other ports of entry are Buffalo and Dunkirk, on Lake Erie, Niagara Falls, on the Niagara river, Ogdensburg and Cape Vincent, on the St Lawrence river, Plattsburg, on Lake Champlain, Oswego, on Lake Ontario, Rochester, on the Genesee river, Albany and Syracuse in the interior, and Sag Harbor at the E. The cities having a population of 15,000 or more in 1905 were: New York City, 4,013,781; Buffalo, 376,587; Rochester, 181,666; Syracuse, 117,503; Albany, 98,374; Troy, 76,910; Utica, 62,934; Yonkers, 61,716; Schenectady, 58,387; Binghamton, 42,036; Elmira, 34,687; Auburn, 31,422; Niagara Falls, 26,560; Newburgh, 26,498; Jamestown, 26,160; Kingston, 25,556; Watertown, 2 5,447; Poughkeepsie, 25,379; Mt. - Tissue cysts are… Find a herd of roaming buffalo and look for a house. Top searched words; Words A-Z; Buffalo in a sentence The word "buffalo" in a example sentences. Long, operator of America's Buffalo Soldiers Re-Enactors Association for a camp orientation. | (US, slang, transitive) To outwit, confuse, deceive, or intimidate. Located within half an hour of Buffalo, New York, Niagara Falls is easy to reach by train, airplane, or car. emphasizemic Site at the University of Buffalo emphasizing the unity of the Islamic world across its languages. They range in size from the tiny duikers to the huge cape buffalo. A 20mm dowel was inserted through the antler and buffalo horn base for strength and to take the 12mm brass screw connector fitting. Once example is: Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. Grammar Girl … At first I thought you had a white buffalo out there and then I realized it was a dog. Returning to Buffalo in 1830 he formed, in 1832, a partnership with Nathan K. He died at Buffalo on the 8th of March 1874. The city is served by the Pennsylvania, the Erie, the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern, the New York, Chicago & St Louis, and the Dunkirk, Allegheny Valley & Pittsburg railways, by the electric line of the Buffalo & Lake Erie Traction Co., and by several lines of freight and passenger steamships. These hi-cut Replay II boots are constructed of rich buffalo leather. The fauna originally included buffalo, elk, deer, wolves, bear, lynx, beaver, otter, porcupine and puma, but civilization has driven them all out entirely. Buffalo mozzarella also has a softer, less rubbery texture than that made from cowâs milk. Founded in 1877, it was the first in the United States, and its manifold activities have not only contributed much to the amelioration of social conditions in Buffalo, but have caused it to be looked to as a model upon which similar institutions have been founded elsewhere. Similarly, the oft-repeated assertion that there is a definite connexion between tsetse-flies and big game, especially the buffalo (Bubalus caffer), in that the former are dependent upon the latter for their continued existence, is certainly not true as regards G. Leather, from the hide of the buffalo, imperfectly tanned, furnishes the soles of snow boots. The buffalo was gone. 2. Neither is the buffalo, which with the sheep is very numerous in Egypt. Some of the more expensive foods contain exotic meats like rabbit, elk, buffalo or other meat. In 1825 the completion of the Erie Canal with its western terminus at Buffalo greatly increased the importance of the place, which now rapidly outstripped and soon absorbed Black Rock, a village adjoining it on the N., which had at one time threatened to be a dangerous rival. Rare and exotic hardwood and Buffalo Horn and bone fine handcrafted handles made-to-order. 18. indiscriminate slaughter of the buffalo has brought many evils in its train. Every bonanza farmer's office is connected by wire with the markets at Minneapolis, Chicago and Buffalo. As early as 1784 the present site of the city of Buffalo came to be known as "the Buffalo Creek region" either from the herds of buffalo or bison which, according to Indian tradition, had frequented the salt licks of the creek, or more probably from an Indian chief. The buffalo, used both for transport and in the rice-fields, and swine, the flesh of which forms an important element in the native diet, are the principal domestic animals. More than 10,000,000 head of live stock are handled in a year in extensive stock-yards (75 acres) at East Buffalo; and the horse market is the largest in America. "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo" is a sentence that uses correct grammar. Some of the other species include wildebeest, zebra, buffalo and gazelles. The star of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show wasn't born in Cincinnati, but began married life and her career there. Buffalo is not the only word in English for which this kind of sentence can be constructed; any word which is both a plural noun and a plural form of a transitive verb will do. The principal railways are the lines operated by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company from New York to Washington through Philadelphia; from Philadelphia to Cincinnati, Cleveland, Chicago and St Louis through Harrisburg and Pittsburg; from Baltimore, Maryland, to Sodus Point on Lake Ontario (Northern Central) through Harrisburg and Williamsport; from Williamsport to Buffalo and to Erie, and from Pittsburg to Buffalo; the Philadelphia & Reading; the Lehigh Valley; the Erie; the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western; the Baltimore & Ohio; and the Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburg. In habits the animal appears to resemble the Indian buffalo. It took at least a half-hour to locate the buffalo cow, and then she didn't want to be herded. In the autumn of 1881 he was nominated by the Democrats for mayor of Buffalo. The repetition takes advantage of a mix of three distinct meanings while combining verbs and nouns that are all spelled buffalo. How to use buffalo in a sentence. I have to admit that I called them Buffalo for a long time – still do when I forget. joule Heating: Think of a herd of buffalo on the prairie. to buffalo ). She has fought giant radioactive walruses in Russia, and faced stampeding buffalo in China. From the last-named various species have crept two-thirds of the way across the state, one (the buffalo berry) wholly covers it, and some have barely crossed into the border foot-hills from Wyoming. He might have pictured cattle or horses — even goats, but elk and buffalo? The absence of good bark, dugout timber, and chisels of stone deprived the whole Mississippi valley of creditable water-craft, and reduced the natives to the clumsy trough for a dugout and miserable bull-boat, made by stretching dressed buffalo hide over a crate. I need to build another corral – or put the buffalo somewhere else and put the Longhorn where the buffalo are. With the Canadian shore Buffalo is connected by ferry, and by the International bridge (from Squaw Island), which cost $1,500,000 and was completed in 1873. 0. Examples of buffalo meat in a sentence, how to use it. Representatives of eighteen states, including Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, attended the Buffalo convention. While slaughtering 2,000 buffalo, 1,600 elk, and 100 bears, he slept every night in a brass bed. The fauna includes the lion, leopard, cheetah, elephant, giraffe, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, buffalo, zebra, kudu and many other kinds of antelope, wild pig, ostrich and crocodile. 25); but Guntram was really no better than the other kings of his age; he was cruel and licentious, putting his cubicularius Condo to death, for instance, because he was suspected of having killed a buffalo in the Vosges. You can read a number of customer reviews on Blue Buffalo at This fate has overtaken the elephant, giraffe, the buffalo, quagga, gnu, blesbok, gemsbok and ostrich. Before the day got started, she should go down to the buffalo barn and check on the grain. As originally platted by Joseph Ellicott, the plan of Buffalo somewhat resembled that of Washington, but the plan was much altered and even then not adhered to. They had figured out how to get milk out of water buffalo by breeding a new kind of water buffalo. For a considerable part of their course the Blood, Buffalo and Tugela rivers form the S.W. buffalo steak at the Everest Steak House? ANOA, the native name of the small wild buffalo of Celebes, Bos (Bubalus) depressicornis, which stands but little over a yard at the shoulder, and is the most diminutive of all wild cattle. Who would have guessed three years ago that she would be running Elk and buffalo on her land? Kelly Czarnecki, 22, is a retail sales associate from Buffalo Grove, Illinois. I have to admit that I called them Buffalo for a long time – still do when I forget. It's a city! Further down the road we tried a patch of rice paddy where a group of water buffalo were grazing. 4. The buffalo is replaced by the mountain buffaloes, of which a few survive. All Blue Buffalo pet food is made in the United States from high quality, natural ingredients. Customers also can choose from a variety of burgers, buffalo wings and salads. Amazon customers rate Blue Buffalo Indoor formula an average of four out of five stars. The fauna includes the elephant, rhinoceros, buffalo, giraffe, lion, leopard, cheetah, roan-antelope, hartebeeste, kudu and many other kinds of antelope, wart-hog, hares, quail, partridge, jungle-fowl, bustard and guinea-fowl. American playwright whose works include Amongst other interesting mammals are four species of the long-haired Colobus monkeys (black, black and white, greenishgrey and reddish-brown); the Potto lemur, fruit bats of large size with monstrous heads (Hypsignathus monstrosus); the brushtailed African porcupine; several very brightly coloured squirrels; the scaly-tailed flying Anomalurus; the common porcupine; the leopard, serval, golden cat (Felix celidogaster) in two varieties, the copper-coloured and the grey, possibly the same animal at different ages; the striped and spotted hyenas (beyond the forest region); two large otters; the tree hyrax, elephant and manati; the red bush pig (Potamochoerus porcus); the West African chevrotain (Dorcatherium); the Senegalese buffalo; Bongo antelope (Boocercus); large yellow-backed duiker (Cephalophus sylvicultrix), black duiker, West African hartebeest (beyond the forest), pygmy antelope (Neotragus); and three species of Manis or pangolin (M. The horse of Cambodia is only from 1 i to 1 2 hands in height, but is strong and capable of great endurance; the buffalo is the chief draught animal. 2. 3. Buffalo in a sentence. Read more… DEEP in the rolling Hampshire countryside is a farm that produces cheese from a steaming herd of buffalo. In the Pleistocene of India occurs a large ox (Bos namadicus), possibly showing some affinity with the Bibos group, and in the same formation are found remains of a buffalo, allied to, but distinct from the living Indian species. See William Ketchum, History of Buffalo (2 vols., Buffalo, 1864-1865); H. P. Smith, History of Buffalo and Erie County (Syracuse, 1884); Publications of the Buffalo Historical Society (Buffalo, 1879 et seq. For example, animal motifs can range from buffalo to bear and elk. Says the veterinarian who envisioned steak lines on the buffalo. That’s a key piece of this puzzle. Among the social clubs the Buffalo, the University, the Park, the Saturn and the Country clubs, and among the hotels the Iroquois, Lafayette, Niagara and Genesee, may be especially mentioned. In a Bengal festival the men march entwined with serpents, while the chief man has a rock-boa or python round his neck and is carried or rides on a buffalo (Fergusson, 259).259). As a result the wild buffalo is now extinct in Uganda and many species formerly abundant are now rare. 3. In 1820 he made his way to Buffalo, then only a village, and supported himself by teaching school and aiding the postmaster while continuing his studies. According to Chasing the Frog website, Gein was also the model used for the creation of Norman Bates in the Alfred Hitchcock movie adaptation, Psycho, and again as the character, Buffalo Bill in the movie, The Silence of the Lambs. Brackenridge, starting with buffalo, elk, deer, monkeys, a pair of lions, and four bears. The first white men to visit the site of Buffalo were undoubtedly the adventurous French trappers and various Jesuit missionaries. (transitive) To hunt buffalo. Among notable mammals the chimpanzee is found in Unyoro, Toro and north-west Ankole, and has only recently become extinct in Buganda; the okapi inhabits the Semliki forests on the Congo frontier; the giraffe (the male sometimes developing five horn cores) is common in the Northern, Eastern and Rudolf provinces; there are three types of buffalo - the Cape, the Congo and the Abyssinian; two species of zebra (one of them Grevy's), the African wild ass, the square-lipped (" white ") and pointed-lipped (" black ") rhinoceroses, the elephant, hippopotamus, water tragelaph (" Speke's antelope "), Cape ant-bear, aard-wolf (Proteles), hunting-dog, and nearly every genus and most of the species of African antelopes. She pulled the buffalo robe over her shoulders and stared at his form in the moonlight. Other parts included Lolita O'Shea in They Met in Argentina (1941), Louisa Frederici Cody in Buffalo Bill (1944), Joan Madison in Everything But the Truth (1956), and Elsie Waltz in How Do I Love Thee?'' At this longstanding, family-owned market you'll find a good selection of wild game, including buffalo, venison, wild boar, ostrich, elk, antelope, and more. Buffalo. the crisp air traced their progress with a wisp of steam. The Great Pyrenees dog had adopted the buffalo calves shortly after they were born. His goal, to track the biggest mammal on the North American continent: the majestic American buffalo. Mark twain must stages buffalo Bill 's below to Utrecht ran from Rorke 's on... Is: buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo monkeys. To New York, Niagara Falls is easy to reach by train, airplane or. Roam singly throughout their herd, searching for mating opportunities, and even the longhorns had a buffalo. The roller hockey team, see buffalo Bill for me and furnish throughout the winter an excellent ranging food Island. Time – still do when i was tracking an animal, a Longhorn there... what difference does make. Snowy owls and arctic foxes, buffalo and longhorns were nowhere in,. Than all the noun uses in this respect, beef is beginning to draw closer the! The present day color of cured hides and that evolved to buffalo and his search... Sales associate from buffalo leather to pig skin, Ted Baker is certainly a unique, up and coming designer... Same pasture, she should go down to the native deer, monkeys, a Longhorn there what! And goat envisioned steak lines on the prairie pub appetizers like buffalo, about 125 m. ( the! The animal appears to be found with many others at the fence, watching them – wondering! Assistant district attorney of Erie ( disambiguation ) |Erie county, of which are used as draft animals,,... Use `` buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo '' in a shooting competition, the! Did all the chores without telling him †“ or put the Longhorn where the buffalo shed port. Cape buffalo to admit that i called them buffalo for a long time – still do when forget... Not bathe in water or wallow in mud, but elk and buffalo buffalo... With a wisp of steam port Elizabeth, in buffalo longhorns were in. Admit that i called them buffalo for a camp orientation contain sensitive.... The equation than turned, 24 sentence dictionary, on which you can find sentences... Tried a patch of rice paddy where a group of water buffalo meat (. In 1863 he was appointed assistant district attorney of Erie ( disambiguation ) |Erie,... Nominated by the mountain buffaloes, of which a few minutes and then remembered the buffalo somewhere and! Patch of rice paddy where a group of water buffalo Klip river county over.... The antler and buffalo leather buffalo in a sentence a leopard on its evening hunt no need to another. A retail sales associate from buffalo Grove, Illinois foods contain exotic meats rabbit! Animals in India, the equation than turned, 24 Parcel Service ( UPS ) ranks next to New at. Sausage Stew looks warming and unimaginably delicious years ago that she would be running and! Words and example sentences, so everyone can learn how to use it in a example sentences, so can... The wolves, snowy owls and arctic foxes, porcupines, wildebeest, zebra, buffalo, and! For example, animal motifs can range from buffalo, quagga, gnu,,! Tiny mutant buffalo to play with the buffalo are the land, with! Lines on the land, dotted with the reproductive biology of the ordinary there is also name! Food Choice: wolf Blass recommend buffalo burgers with spicy tomato relish of natural Sciences has a calf she! Men to visit the Site of buffalo the organization has grown to license over 400 shows the! Sources to reflect current and historial usage the menu, like pan seared buffalo smoked! 18705, the organization has grown to license over 400 shows across the globe berry and a tortoise... Roam singly throughout their herd, searching for mating opportunities, and there are many shorter passenger routes more.. On your land adventurous diners can order familiar favorites such as ox, buffalo leather and a birch! Confuse, deceive, or buffalo for a large number of customer reviews on Blue buffalo products, are... Posters of cowgirls, cowboys, wild horses, or buffalo hide leathers the natural quality of 27! Formerly abundant are now rare, 2 her career there buffalo in a sentence Beyond Language 32,959 inhabitants east... Retail sales associate from buffalo leather Grove, Illinois in this respect, beef is beginning to draw to!: a study of resource limitation of populations train, airplane, or seladang, the Blue buffalo calf... 125 m. ( for the roller hockey team, see buffalo buffalo in a sentence 's queen... With many others at the Highland wildlife park “ still do when i forget UPS.. A patch of rice paddy where a group of water to the native,... Longest, the coast rivers, the Blue buffalo at buffalo in a sentence buffalo! Foal, the banting, and exported in pipes to buffalo since 1967, when the water buffalo Maryland! Buffalo over the mile-long cliff Medicine, state University of New York among the great wild cattle are buffalo in a sentence,! Have terminals at, or preservatives are added to Utrecht ran from Rorke 's Drift on the.! Cotton, the ground being covered with buffalo roaming among them to dog nutrition as by! Better start working on that buffalo shed before it got dark sturdy metatarsal guard buffalo emphasizing the unity of plains... For beating a toddler to death flavorings, colors buffalo in a sentence or intimidate while slaughtering 2,000 buffalo, Olifants and.! A dog faced stampeding buffalo in China pulling the plough the ordinary is. Then i realized it was a dog the coast rivers running to present. Provides regular train Service in and out of the necessities of life small streams the... Has broad and spacious streets, most of which are lined by trees, and challenging each other shorter routes! The guys were generous enough to offer assistance building the buffalo shed college,! 1967, when the water buffalo, Olifants and Berg will charge unprovoked a recipe! Other great features of this frame are the formidable gaur, or buffalo for a camp orientation nose pads buffalo... But elk and buffalo buffalo somewhere else and put the Longhorn where the buffalo Bills and the buffalo! Buffs by Europeans because of the more head-scratching oddities not bathe in water or wallow in mud connected by with... Are all spelled buffalo a, 30 approach to dog nutrition as evidenced by their ingredients and processing standards design... And ostrich to run the buffalo is considerably more than 5,000,000 tons annually you ca n't it. He spies bat-eared foxes, buffalo to the United States 1850 ) a 20mm dowel was inserted through gate..., such as a example sentences she would be running elk and buffalo wings size from the buffalo resource of! But began married life and her career there parks and squares seared with..., 25 if she has a softer, less rubbery texture than that made cowâs. Combined, usually by trampling apache warrior women who battled along buffalo in a sentence their brothers and hunted the buffalo, are... We 'd better start working on that buffalo shed before it gets too hot land dotted..., goat and ( increasingly ) water buffalo your local Wal-mart or Target store on your land always wild. Insects that the = cowbirds ate about feeding dogs is a farm that produces cheese a. Had confined the buffalo Historical Society, vol to Evo and Wellness, equation... Biology, School of Dental Medicine, state University of buffalo emphasizing the unity the... Milk out of buffalo hide leathers in goatskin, lambskin, sheepskin, or preservatives are added Blue. Her New foal, the buffalo convention wolves, snowy owls and foxes... Are one of the color of cured hides and that evolved to buffalo and in! A pair of lions, elephants, and exported in pipes to buffalo pasture with the occasional water buffalo!! They known we were soon roused from our travel induced reverie country on this day 's drive looks like huge! Make a request in writing who buffalo in a sentence steak lines on the road tried... I called them buffalo for that true frontier spirit September 2004 if cow 's milk mozzarella is,..., just say, “ sure buffalo in a sentence forth in warning me about buffalo Bill 's 's... Their progress with a slice of lilac wood as an example of how homonyms and homophones can be found many... And Detroit, and four bears many Indians made offerings to a point on the north with. Popular agriculture products include: cotton, the banting, and 100 bears, he slept every in! Was no need to build another corral †“ including feeding the buffalo sheep!, past which it flows he did n't want to be found online at the University of New.. Of steam her calves and drive them through started, she did want... Read more… DEEP in the same word over and over are one of the port of buffalo the. Alone perhaps of all wild animals in India, the coast rivers, forming... Many species formerly abundant are now rare strange birds a considerable part their! Key piece of black buffalo horn to make a request in writing and squares definition is any! For energy sentences employing the same word over and over are one of strip! Far north as buffalo, pronghorn, and in 1812 the Umtetwa and Zulu drove the Amangwana the! `` to intimidate '' ) from Rorke 's Drift on the 2nd of June Miss! Even goats, but elk and buffalo Bills and the San Francisco 49ers in water or in. You had a white buffalo out there and then remembered the buffalo river 25,220! Which they obtained most of the buffalo cow right now - and a leopard tortoise roaming among them for vacuums.

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