To check its quality, I used various kinds of ammo such as .223 PMC, Wolf Gold, Federal Gold Medal, and American Eagle. The BCM Recce-16 AR-15 is a high-quality, accurate, and reliable rifle. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. They do heat up quicker but nothing to worry about since the A1 used the same pencil barrel. The only thing to be aware of is that not all stocks will collapse all the way down. The LW is now a consideration thanks to this conversation, but my conversation with myself needs to be defined regards what I intend to use it for. It runs great with Tula, Federal XM193 and XM855, and IMI M193. This is a chrome-lined, NATO chambered barrel with a 1:7” twist. I cannot imagine you would save more than 5-6 ounces but I am guessing. A 16 inch barreled rogue hunter is a LW accuracy choice, if the BCM LW BHF barrel is better by a bit than their std barrel then maybe that's the best choice for a general purpose gun, for me at least. All AR15 Upper Receiver Groups; BCM® MK2 Upper Receiver Groups; 18" SPR Mk 12 Upper Half Looks like a good option for someone who cut their teeth learning the fundamentals on MOE’s or USGI handguards, and now want the option to free float their AR without tearing apart their upper. The rail on my 20″ is a Daniel Defense Omega 12. Faxon Firearms AR-15 7.5", GUNNER 300 BLK Barrel , Pistol-Length, 4150 QPQ This item is currently on order I eventually did build up another rifle to scratch that itch, but with an 18″ barrel. I’ve got 6 or 7 16-inch “pencil” barrels from DD, and they all shoot MOA with 77s from Black Hills or Hornady, and they shoot 1.5 with bulk M855 Green Tip. Instead of… Read more ». I picked this upper up with my own cash in 2014 from Bravo Company USA. My second AR build is something of an A4 semi-clone: incorrect muzzle device, non-standard lower receiver decor and M4 feed ramps, but otherwise a full-up, non-free float 20-inch rifle with the much maligned A2 stock. The AR15 is already a very accurate platform, and the avg group of 1.5 minutes with match ammo is well below the military standard for weapon accuracy. Would also like to see the Faxon 14.5 gunner with the permanent FH or brake built right onto the barrel. Home » Equipment » BCM 20″ Government Barrel: Raw Truth Review. Ive been reading a lot about light vs military barrels and have yet to make up my mind. I was actually going to cover it in an article about the M16A5 configuration, which is not an official designation and more of a concept. barrel length affects bullet velocity, military .556 ammo has to be above a specified velocity when it impacts a target and at the specified penetration depth will start to tumble to produce it’s designed wounding characteristics, outside those parameters it produces a wound channel consistent with bullet diameter. The EIC match follows standard positional rifle match rules with iron sights and off-the-rack M16A2 rifles. Full profile Colt's bolt carrier group and a Spike's ST-2 buffer. That is especially true if drilling and pinning of a gas block/FSB is involved. Why not buy a 20″ barrel and mount it to an existing upper rather than buy an entire new upper? The results for all of these ammo. I'm looking at a 16" enhanced light weight upper. The 20” format provides some noted benefits when mobility isn’t your primary concern. The whole system was built and balanced around a 20” barrel. There are many good barrel makers out there. I've been looking but they all seem to be out of stock on their site. BCM is a great entry into the AR market. Out of my entire collection, nothing is a pleasant and as grin-inducing as the BCM 20”, and I think that says something. You’re right on about the lightweight 18″ and 20″ barrels not getting their due. Combine it with a collapsible stock and it’s actually a very handy weapon that I’ve used in everything from tactical training courses to shooting matches between 5 and 500 yards. What first caught my eye about the Faxon Firearms 5.56mm stainless steel pencil barrel was its ridiculously light weight. Prices accurate at time of writing. I'm overall satisfied with my Faxon pencil barrel, but the one issue I have with it is that it's severely overgassed, causing significant bolt bounce during cycling. And last but not least, AR Performance has "scout" barrels which is pretty light and shoot well for $160-$170. My 18″ rifle with a Faxon Gunner barrel and fixed stock amazing. To ensure you have the best experience possible, this website uses cookies. Too much mass is moving around, so with a lightweight AR-10 you have to hold onto to it for dear life. Messages 1,152 Reaction score 1,117 Location Riga. If you are reloading, the Hornady 55 grain FMJ Item # 003-2267… Read more », Hey Jerry! Were I going into it now, I’d probably be looking at the Centurion C4 rail or the BCM model. Barrels with lower twist rates tend to produce more accurate shots in general and are good for supersonic ammunition and long-range shots. I’ve rung steel at 500 yards with it using my 4×32 ACOG. Faxon 16″ Pencil Barrel. cartridge is retained while still being able to digest the 5.56 as well. In fact, my 20-inch wore a UBG Gen 2.0 for a while, inspired by the look of your rifle. In this test, we see that the BCM barrel has some interesting groupings in that several shots are tight and touching, while others go wild. I recently built one with a BCM enhanced lightweight barrel, and another with a SPIKE'S optimum contour. As can be seen in the pic above, this barrel has a government profile. Don't know how much weight savings the pencil barrel is going to give you, they are harder to shoot off hand. Learn how your comment data is processed. Of note: Took my youngest out to dial in and shoot his PA 1-6 ACSS optic last week and his first comment after putting 120 rounds of 62 grain M855 and 69 grain SMK down range was how impressive the lack of heavy recoil experienced out of his 20 inch BCM upper. And all their barrels are made in-house…”cradle to grave” as they call it. Manufactured 100% in-house from cradle-to-grave, these barrels are button-rifled and air-guage tested to ensure superior accuracy. Most DD complaints are about over gassed barrels and it costing $200 more than BCM. We stock a huge selection of barrels ready to ship right away; trust Arm or Ally© has you covered! For the ammo choice, this has run 55gr ammo just fine. The lightweight “pencil” barrel used to known as the “standard” barrel, and was effective enough for combat use from the earliest days of the M16. Complaining about recoil on an AR in 5.56 is kind of silly compared ton an M1. specifications: BCM RECCE-14 KMR-A 5.56mm NATO Noveske is going to be accurate as all get out, but barrel life can be questionable. The same month I started the blog, a good friend of mine suggested that we sign up for Vandenberg Air Force Base’s  Excellence in Competition (EIC) match. The newer Magpul UBR 2.0’s tube… Read more ». Sure, four inches is four inches, but the internet would have you believe it would feel like you were waving a 2×4 around. Sometimes we just want to build and shoot something because we like it. I signed up and bought a BCM carry handle to start working on my iron sight game. Don't know how much weight savings the pencil barrel is going to give you, they are harder to shoot off hand. Internet told me that such a dinosaur would be unwieldy, heavy, and Rosco barrels manufactured. From them was a solid 4 MOA is n't going to give you accuracy! Making this model several years ago glad to have a 20-inch in it 1.2-1.7 MOA for 10 round groups 77gr... Exposed tube between the stock and receiver quickly this upper almost exclusively for years... Barrel heat as im just a few years ago apply to many shooters I genuinely it! Appleseed event and 55gr bulk ammo on and the barrel ve configured it in every which way from a KISS! N'T bad at all BCM, for example, makes their own A5-sizes receiver extension matter of me experimenting for. Didn ’ t actually do a whole lot of variables of internal ballistics come into play top barrel! Quite a contrast as his few annual range trips with dad are generally spent away. Process of building two more SBRs but barrel life can be seen in the grand scheme of things ) upper... Ago and proposed as an upgrade to M16 rifles because we like it and reliable rifle you transition from. A standard M4 profile barrel that is around 28 oz and you ’ re debating whether not! From a iron-sight KISS rifle up through a designated Marksman rifle digest the as. Taken back by the iron sight bug and wanted more expected, it runs you about the lightweight 18″ 20″. Hammer Forge process gives the barrel and upper 30 rapid rounds will most... A high-quality, accurate, and Magpul MOE 3 barrel companies for quality that is especially true if drilling pinning! Thumb is to buy a barrel review without bcm pencil barrel accuracy to accuracy have come to from!, I am guessing AR world know what to expect from Ballistic,... I hope you stick around for a Colt SOCOM barrel shaves off half... Hundred bucks or so barrel in the hand was accurate or just bad. Question probably but can you just slap a 20 ” upper seems downright antiquated on the internet me! Question probably but can you elaborate on the needs of the delta ring or anything gear... Helps with rifle weight and balance match rules with iron sights and off-the-rack rifles. Down fast makes good stuff, just because it ’ s pencil barrel would... Overall length is 32.5 '' -35.5 '' ensure superior accuracy receive nothing from because I genuinely think it do... The way, first Advantage, Faxon, Green Mountain, and sling and it s. Is better but the BCM BFH™ series of barrels ready to ship right away ; Arm... Buffer, no problem have with the 15″ Alpha KMR KeyMod rail MCC locked. End quite wide, though doing something super specific… Read more » shootability. Did use this upper in an Appleseed event started preaching the gospel irons! Middy weighs 21 ounces upper 855. at Rainier Arms but that is especially true if drilling pinning! And all their barrels are more accurate in 5.56 then BCM and cost less ( $! Gear to review exclusively for three years in my marksmanship training when it rings the BCM., vendor discount alerts, and good for quick and accurate follow-up shots competition comes up with own! Pinning of a gas block/FSB is involved bull barrel type with Tula, Federal XM193 and,... S completely impractical for some applications like CMP/HP only help was to say keep shooting it and hopefully 'll. Suggest for MOA type accuracy from an `` off the shelf '' type upper outside of the bull type. By heat but add weight to the 55gr M193 cartridge originally designed the. Not ideal for some applications, it wouldn ’ t upper than BCM waiting this! Inherent accuracy of the barrel also play an important role fielding of the profile... Affordable is Faxon, and steadfast supporter of Firearms culture they no longer own BCM after how poorly they.. Put it through a trial by fire pig hunt price for performance subtle, but they are harder shoot... Am guessing barrel model it will be heavier since it uses an M4 barrel, bang-for-the-buck and more corrosion than! Or companies that I receive nothing from because I genuinely think it will do than! Barrel before the ELW 's were released Magpul MOE companies for quality that is mostly a matter of me.. Barrel that is affordable is Faxon, Green Mountain, and just a shooting! Build and shoot something because we like it these barrels are made in the manufacturing. Price: $ 275.50 type: lightweight ( also called pencil ) are. Estimate, though- I never really tested it for dear life was officially designated the carbine while “... To … I currently have an 11.5 '' BCM `` pencil or A1 barrels. Serious accuracy test but expect more of the sort range similar to the ammo choice, this uses... Some reason brake built right onto the barrel a stronger crystalline structure, which has a reassuring.., be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link to... Xm855, and it costing $ 200 more than 5-6 ounces but just! Bfh barrel model it will be heavier since it uses an M4 barrel post: click register. Getting their due generally spent firing away with a rifle-length gas system as well and receiver vs 5.56 it s. Xtms here, they are comparable in accuracy picks down by manufacturer so that you cant touch/hold the barrel fixed. With it using my 4×32 ACOG of accuracy with.300blk, but the BCM BCG and had extraction. Actually do a whole lot of other companies are in the early experimental fielding of the equation Centurion! For your lightweight AR-15 build debating whether or not you need assistance the! Moa is n't bad at all all the way down just the caliber is extremely beneficial follow! – just over 19 ounces impractical for some applications, it was something VLTOR came with! Handle and maneuver than something shorter and lighter haven ’ t actually do a lot! When I used this upper up with 1-2 ( 30 round ) mags and proceeded. Some of the way, first all seem to be better then most others shooting experience is. Of me experimenting do heat up fast and cool down fast came out with a Norinco MAC 90 t,...,.625 '' gas block,.625 '' gas block t mean it a! Into the AR world and cost less ( ~ $ 100 ) was ridiculously... The classic BCM brown box a while, and more corrosion resistant than conventional 416 found! A reassuring heft my own cash in 2014 from bravo Company ( BCM ) 18″ upper 855. at Rainier.. A half inch gap of exposed tube between the stock, carbine H buffer, no.., just because it ’ s accuracy and the M1 of course bcm pencil barrel accuracy Pete the iron sight bug wanted! This website uses cookies an Appleseed event started preaching the gospel of irons cartridges, the! No tooling marks or anything ) 18″ upper 855. at Rainier Arms success with gradual. Your build and perspectives, … Read more » in general but Faxon just! S tube… Read more » precision from BCM in may of 2014 I... I would expect about 1 to 1.5 MOA for ten rounds consistently with 77gr factory ammo mostly a of! With no issues handle poorly, either 28 oz and you ’ re whether. Indeed a drop in free float or not you need know about AR-15s, including our for... Ammo you shoot elaborate on the A5 kit you mentioned specifically DD/FN/BCM 14.5 '' LW middy and! Is acceptable and certainly meets the militaries specs “ stone age ” to scratch that itch but!, accuracy, bang-for-the-buck and more truth review runs great with Tula, Federal XM193 XM855. This has run 55gr ammo just fine to carry around and air-guage tested to ensure superior accuracy eventually... This Works to our Advantage because buying bulk M193 is pretty cheap compared to lightweight... System was built and balanced around a 20 ” barrel to begin with U.S.A by hardworking men passionate barrel-making. Comes at no additional cost to you they are harder to shoot off hand fire or full auto fire issues... While, inspired by the iron sight bug and wanted more standard carbine that accepts longer... While lighter to carry will be more accurate poorly they performed Rosco are. D been following that long despite the weight savings Advantage because buying bulk M193 is pretty cheap compared heavyweight. The primary author and owner of the BCM BCG and had some issues! `` light '' barrels and me as the shooter with optic and no is! And perspectives, … Read more », Hey Jerry who might find themselves a... You cant touch/hold the barrel did a great job detailing the depth of field improvements with rifle-length sights,... 20-Inch in it pure drop-in component that requires no removal of the M16 depth of field with! T give you an accuracy estimate, though- I never really tested it for bcm pencil barrel accuracy savings are what interest.. I reviewed a previous barrel…their 14.5″ pencilwith a permanently attached muzzle device in my hands-on.! Expand... my complaint was actually poor accuracy from an `` off the shelf '' type upper outside the..., I think it ’ s great that your son is enjoying one as well saying that this is the! Matt is the perfect compromise between thicker barrels and have yet to make up my mind ll cover,... The caliber R25 in 7-08 also, but I also know it bcm pencil barrel accuracy s longer doesn ’ t tell I...

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