To learn more and for product descriptions of each American Ultra Luxe model, click here. The Mike McCready 1959 Les Paul Standard with True Historic specs costs $11,499, but only 50 of these models will be produced, so if it the guitar's … Fender Custom Shop Guitars Beauty, optimal tones and unmatched playability; Fender’s Custom Shop instruments epitomise all of those qualities. Layne Staley - Vocals, Guitar Mike McCready - Guitars, electric and acoustic John Baker Saunders - Electric Bass Barrett Martin - Drums, Percussion, Marimba, Vibes, Cello, Upright . What kind of Amplifiers does Mike McCready use? If you continue surfing the site, you agree to the, NAMM 2021: New Fender Noventa Series, American Ultra Luxe guitars and Vintage amps, NAMM 2021: Fender drops two new ’68 Custom amplifiers and a micro headphone amp, The Fender H.E.R. If you’re keen for a slice, this one will set you back $21,999 AUD, but we’re sure it’s totally worth it. What kind of Guitars does Mike McCready use? Toggle navigation. Inspired by Stevie Ray Vaughan, McCready procured his own ’59 Fender Stratocaster, which now sports plenty of concert battle scars. What kind of Studio Equipment does Mike McCready use? Martin Announces New David Gilmour D-35 Custom Signature Acoustic Guitar. As he tells us in this video, he’d later procure a 1959 Gibson Les Paul ‘Burst (which may have been used by Van Morrison’s band Them), a ’59 Les Paul Jr. … £13,399.00 Fender Custom Shop 1959 Stratocaster JRN Relic Lake Placid Blue Maple. ).There have been several modifications to this guitar and its presentation and appearance is truly unique and one of a kind. The Mike McCready Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster, coming in February, is a truly premium player, with an expected price of $15,000. Mad Season reunites at Benaroya Hall January 30, 2015 . 11 Best Distortion Pedals for Guitar: Metal, Classic Rock, and Beyond, 7 Best Chorus Pedals: 2020 Top Picks and Reviews, 8 Best Looper Pedals for Guitar: 2020 Gear Guide, 5 Best Online Guitar Lessons Websites in 2020, Follow artists like Mike McCready and get inspired by their gear. "I’m using that [65amps] in conjunction with a Satellite head—Satellite is a ... more, According to Premier Guitar, Mike McCready's main clean tone also comes from... more, According to Premier Guitar, Mike McCready has some 65 Amps 2x12 Guitar Speak... more, "I’m using 65 Amps right now. Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition Mike Mccready 1960 Stratocaster. McCready was also a member of the side project bands Flight to Mars, Temple of the Dog, Mad Season and The Rockfords. The first collaboration with Fender and Pearl Jam’s lead guitarist Mike McCready, 60 limited-edition builds will be exacting replicas of McCready's beloved 1960 Strat (which, until Fender began investigating it, he always thought had been a '59). Save gear to your wishlist and see the best price. The pickups are a set of vintage-style ‘50s single-coil Tele pickups voiced to match Chrissie’s original set, while the bridge is a 6-stainless steel barrel saddle Telecaster bridge. The Noventa Telecaster will be available in Vintage Blonde and Fiesta Red for $950. 5. Andertons Music Co. is privileged to stock one of the largest collections of Fender Custom Shop guitars in Europe! 60-piece run of guitars will recreate every scratch, dent and ding on the Pearl Jam guitarist’s prized Stratocaster. USB or sd recording. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Pearl Jam on April 7, 2017. What kind of Music Accessories does Mike McCready use? Fender. Same with the drive one Os the other music / recordings. Noventa guitars also includ 21 medium jumbo frets, and a classic 9.5-inch fretboard radius. Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition Mike Mccready 1960 Stratocaster £ 13,399.00 13,399.00 We live in a ... For a better experience on Gearnews, we recommend JavaScript to be enabled, Source: Buy the Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition Mike McCready 1960 Stratocaster in Faded 3-Colour Sunburst from Basket. The Fender Noventa Telecaster will be available in Fiesta Red, 2-Color Sunburst, and Vintage Blonde finishes for $949; ... Fender Debuts New Limited Edition Mike McCready 1960 Stratocaster. Let's look at what gear and equipment has been seen in Pearl Jam's Mike McCready's Guitar Rig. "I’ve got the tried-and-true original Ibanez Tube Screamer because Stevie Ray... more, "I also use a Dunlop Crybaby Wah pedal." A detailed recreation of the original, get the Fender Custom Shop Master Built Limited Edition Mike McCready 1960 Stratocaster in Faded 3-Colour Sunburst at Andertons Music Co! More Views . Equipboard breaks down the gear, tools, and products used by artists, pros, and influencers in their craft. Guitars & FX. These guitars will be available in May. Michael David McCready (born April 5, 1966) is an American musician who serves as the lead guitarist for the American rock band Pearl Jam. Our store remains CLOSED but our online store and click and collect facilities remain open for business! Linux base make the system upgradable CPU, Mem hot swappable. Fender discovers Mike McCready’s fabled ’59 Strat is actually a 1960 model during the creation of new Custom Shop replica. Allegedly the Pearl Jam guitarist always thought it was an original 1959 Strat, but when the Custom Shop opened it up to replicate it, it turned out to be a 1960. more. The Mike McCready 1960 Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster comes with a deluxe hardshell case with case candy, a strap, certificate of authenticity and a polishing cloth – not that you’d need it with this beaten up thing. The Mike McCready 1959 Les Paul is a hands-on replica of one of the most interesting original Les Pauls we've ever had the pleasure to collaborate on, produced with exacting analysis of the original to re-create its look, sound, and feel to the Nth degree. "I think I might also use this Billy Zoom Reverb and Tremolo unit that I boug... more. VIEW ALL Guitars & FX. 1. By Michael Astley-Brown 12 January 2021. Get the gear to sound like Mike McCready and get their tone. If you really want that tone and aren't concerned about price, the Antiquity surfers would be the way to go. What I love abo... more, "I bought a single-cutaway Gibson Les Paul Junior." Your email address will not be published. "Yeah, the double-neck... My kind of influence and brain at that time was way... more, "Well there’s the King of Kings, the 1959 Gibson Les Paul that I love and che... more, "This was given to me by my wife Ashley for my 40th birthday. Mike McCready's gear and equipment including the Fender Telecaster and Gibson Les Paul Custom Electric Guitar. Fender Announces New 75th Anniversary Strat, Tele Guitars . The limited edition runs of guitars belonging to famous owners are being released pretty frequently at the moment, what with the new Pete Townsend model being announced only a few days ago. ARTIST SIGNATURE MODELS. Mike McCready’s 1959 Les Paul is the latest guitar to be recreated by Gibson. More Less PRICE. 1. Peter Stroud makes them and I love the amps a l... more. Electric Guitars; Acoustic Guitars; Ukulele; Bass Guitars; Amplifiers; Effects; Pick Ups; Strings, Cases & Accessories; Clothing and Caps; Home / Fender Custom Shop Vincent Van Trigt Masterbuilt Limited Edition Mike McCready 1960 Strat ~ Due Late 2021; Fender Custom Shop Vincent Van Trigt Masterbuilt Limited Edition Mike McCready 1960 Strat ~ Due Late 2021. The amp switching in Mike McCready's rig is done using a Radial Engineering J... more. So far, there are three models in the Noventa series, including the Noventa Stratocaster, Noventa Telecaster, and Noventa Jazzmaster. Known for his outstanding guitar work in Pearl Jam as well as the lesser known (but equally as good!) Mike McCready - 1959 Fender Stratocaster. Pearl Jam Eddie Vedder The Best Revenge A Good Man Rock Bands Pure Products Soundtrack Pj Grunge People. Like Hynde's Tele, the Jason Isbell Custom Telecaster comes out its deluxe gigbag with a few city miles on its moderately relic'd Chocolate Sunburst finish. ● Mike McCready 1960 Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster ($15,000 USD, £13,399, €14,999, $21,999 AUD, ¥1,750,000 JPY) In this first-time collaboration between Fender and Pearl Jam’s lead guitarist Mike McCready, the Fender Custom Shop is honored to re-create this incredible instrument in exact detail, and in doing so a long held secret about the guitar’s lineage was forced to be revealed to … McCready has played numerous guitars during the 20 year history of Pearl Jam, but is most closely associated with this well-worn 1959 Strat. 1959 Strats are highly prized (and priced) as this was the year the new rosewood fingerboard provided a richer tone, the neck got a bit thinner, and the thicker pickguard was now made of celluloid. Stand alone Traktor. Mike McCready is the lead guitarist and, along with Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard, a founding member of the American rock band, Pearl Jam. Along with Jeff Ament, Stone Gossard, and Eddie Vedder, he is one of the founding members of the band. Gibson LP Melody Maker -- stock, Epiphone Dot -- Jazz neck and '59 bridge, Fender Telecaster Blackout Deluxe -- stock, 90's MIM Standard Strat with Duncan Texas Hot Custom in the bridge. Saved by Pearl Jam Fan Portraits. Trustpilot. The Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition Mike McCready 1960 Stratocaster will be available in February – in a run of 60 instruments – for a cool $15,000. Is Fender Custom Shop building a Joe Bonamassa Nocaster signature guitar? Buy now! What kind of Effects Pedals does Mike McCready use? more, "The thing I’ve been really excited about lately that I saw the guys in Sound... more. Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition Mike McCready 1960 Stratocaster | We have a great range of Electric Guitars in store and online | Next day UK delivery available if ordered before 2pm. Re: Mike Mccready tone? Artist Signature Stratocaster – in a shiny new Chrome Glow finish. Mike McCready. The guitar lists for $1,399.99 / £879.00 / €1,009. Mike McCready is one of those guitar players who is always searching for new ways to spice up his signal chain. £3,695.00 Fender Custom Shop … Gibson has announced it will celebrate the iconic Peter Frampton this year with the release of the new Peter Frampton “Phenix” Les Paul Custom VOS guitar from Gibson Custom Shop. uses cookies to ensure the best possible service. Mike McCready 1960 Custom Shop Stratocaster Of the signature releases, this is the Custom Shop model: the Mike McCready 1960 Custom Shop Stratocaster. Mike McCready hand painted and decorated his 1962 Fender Telecaster reissue with Temple of the Dog and Jimi Hendrix stickers, creating a vibrant and colorful collage that matches his face-melting style of play (those who have seen him play live know all about that! Radial Engineering JX44 Air Control Guitar Signal... Billy Zoom Little Kahuna Reverb and Tremolo Unit. Make it like the s8. Temple of the Dog and Mad Season, McCready is a world renowned player and hugely respected for his tasteful lead work. Biden Inauguration marks return of Shure Presidential Pair Microphones, Native Instruments acquired by technology investor, plans "end-to-end" music creation platform. The Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition Mike McCready 1960 Stratocaster is a perfect recreation of the influential grunge star's fabled Strat. 4. Perhaps the best reaction to any guitars so far has gone to Squier's eye-popping, ... Chrissie Hynde Telecasters and Ben Gibbard Mustang headline Fender's 2021 signature model lineup, while Pearl Jam's Mike McCready is getting a Custom Shop replica of his '59 '60 Stratocaster. The Mike McCready 1959 Les Paul is a hands-on replica of one of the most interesting original Les Pauls we've ever had the pleasure to collaborate on, produced with exacting analysis of the original to re-create its look, sound and feel to the Nth degree. 01273 665 400. lines open 7 days a week Until 9pm on weekdays! Joining the Mike McCready Strat, the Chrissie Hynde Tele and Ben Gibbard's Mustang is a new Custom Telecaster for Jason Isbell. A faithful recreation of the Pearl Jam guitarists 1960 Strat. What kind of Strings does Mike McCready use? For product images click here. Mike McCready Stratocaster American Ultra Luxe Telecaster® Floyd Rose® HH – Available April. ESP Announces New Kirk Hammett 30th … For more info on the guitar, stop by Free next-day UK mainland delivery and finance options available (subject to status)! What kind of Gear & Equipment does Mike McCready use? Chrissie Hynde Telecaster® – Available February; Mike McCready 1960 Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster® – Available February The guitar comes with a deluxe hardshell case, strap, polishing cloth, a McCready case candy kit, and a certificate of authenticity. Gibson EDS-1275 Double-Neck Electric Guitar, Gibson 1959 Les Paul Junior Electric Guitar, Gibson 1967 Single-Cutaway Les Paul Junior, 65 Amps 2x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Blue Line Black. Aside from the guitars for which he has developed a pretty distinctive taste, every other part of his gear is prone to experimentation even after all this time. Bass special guests: Mark Lanegan - Vocals on Long Gone Day and I'm Above Nalgas Sin Carne - Saxaphone on Long Gone Day and I Don't Want to be a Soldier .

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