– This cake is delicious Questo biscotto è delizioso – This biscuit is delicious. J’adore ton nouveau manteau (masculine singular), J’ai acheté un nouvel ordinateur (masculine singular), Jean a une nouvelle copine (feminine singular), Il a reçu ses nouveaux vêtements hier (masculine plural, Mes nouvelles chaussures ont beaucoup de succès (feminine plural). Here come the bad boys or rather the BANGS boys: Most adjectives expressing these (BANGS adjectives) are placed before the noun they describe. ☺☺☺ Merci Benjamin! Here you can see that “délicieux” becomes “délicieuses”. If it already ends with an -e, usually you do not need to add another one. Luckily, in today’s lesson, you’ll discover several rules that’ll make it easier for you to know how to place and use French adjectives. Pour moi, La française de Quebecoise est plus difficile qu’une la français de France. Une tarte délicieuse (feminine singular) A delicious pie. This is an exception in the French language. You may notice that the majority of the following French adjectives are placed before the noun they describe. The reason is simple. In English, adjectives are pretty easy to use. Study Regular Adjectives - IN EXAM flashcards from Georgia Warrener's WALLACE HIGH SCHOOL class online, or in Brainscape's iPhone or Android app. Remember that the adjective in French must agree with the noun in gender (masculine or feminine) and in number (singular or plural) as you see above in délicieux. Mechant is before the noun, because ‘mean’ is part of goodness, which is part of BANGS. Instead, here is a selection of essential irregular French adjectives. Je veux acheter de nouvelles chaussures. Qu’est-ce qu’elle est belle, cette ville! Note that when the adjective comes BEFORE the noun, DES must change to DE. Cookies help us deliver our services. Mon copain m’a acheté un délicieux gâteau aux framboises pour mon anniversaire et après on est allés à Prague, on a vu de magnifiques vieilles maisons et mangé de délicieux trdelniks. Des … In both cases, “beau” describes a masculine noun, so you probably wonder why “beau” becomes “bel” in the second case. Most of the time, French adjectives go after the nouns the describe: une voiture rougea red carun repas délicieuxa delicious mealun livre intéressantan interesting book Other times, certain adjectives come before the nouns they describe. What’s the effect of gender and number on French adjectives? And don’t worry about making mistakes, I’ll happily correct you :). Hear about what's new at the LLL French Academy, and receive updates on new blog posts and other learning resources that you're going to love! Luckily it’s also one of the most common, so you’ll quickly know how to use it if you get a lot of exposure to the French language. Shake Shack catches flak for 'lazy' Korean fried chicken. It usually comes after a noun like – “une boule bleue” (a ball blue), “la personne intéressante” (the person interesting) While most of the time, adjectives come after nouns in French, but there are a few exceptions. “Nouveau” follows the same pattern as “beau”. Ma copin m`acheté un gateau aux framboises délicieux pour mon anniversaire et après on est allés à Prague, a vu des vieux maisons magnifiques et mangés des trdelniks délicieux. French adjectives ending in X or S. Adjectives ending in X or S stay the same in masculine plural forms.The feminine plural forms of these adjectives are regular . délicieusement; délicat; Further reading “délicieux” in Trésor de la langue française informatisé (The Digitized Treasury of the French Language). The basic rule in changing a masculine adjective into its feminine form is simply to add an -e to its ending. Il acheté une vieux mais beau chapeau, et maintenant je suis très jaloux de il depuis il est (ou faire je utiliser “c’est” ici?) très beau. French adjectives have a gender (masculine or feminine) and a number (singular or plural), and consequently they must agree with the noun that they determine. Il est dans de beaux draps (masculine plural). delicios: see also deliciós‎ delicios (Romanian) Origin & history Borrowing from French délicieux… délicieusement. That’s because many common French adjectives belong to the BANGS group I mentioned earlier. There are different forms depending on the gender and number: - "délicieux" (masculine singular) - "délicieuse" (feminine singular) - "délicieux" (masculine plural) - "délicieuses" (feminine plural) Please note that in French, adjectives are variable and depend on the gender and number of the noun it refers to. Elle est pas chère et les Tchèques sont gentils (surtout). Adjectives ending in “ieux” (except “vieux”) have a feminine form ending in “se” and remain the same if they describe a plural noun. The following example uses an adjective that falls into the BAGS category, so it is placed before the noun that it describes. This also means ‘delicious’ or ‘excellent’ and follows the same grammar rules for masculine singular (-o) and feminine singular … The number (plural or singular) of the noun they describe, You add a “e” to adjectives that describe a feminine noun, except if the adjective already ends with a silent “e”, You add a “s” to adjectives that describe a plural noun, except if the adjective already ends in “s”, You add a “e” if the word it describes is feminine (except if the adjective ends with a silent “e”, that is a “e” without accent). Mon grammaire est terrible, mais je serai essayer c: A lot of adjectives that end in a consonant can be changed to feminine by doubling the consonant and adding an … "Grandi" is the plural for masculine and feminine. Qu’est-ce qu’elle est belle, cette ville! On devrait planifier un nouveau voyage! For example, some adjectives like “délicieux” (delicious) can come both before and after the noun they describe depending on the context. délicieux translation in French-Greek dictionary. So how would you place adjectives if you are using both one that follows the BANGS and a regular adjective? There is no warranty for the data. You’ll also discover how to use the most common French adjectives. Where should you place French adjectives? Un jour, si j’apprendrai beacoup les mots de France, Je me parlerai ça sans hésitation et complète. (a quality) Le trône royal The royal throne (a relation : it’s the king’s trône) La maison royal “Beau” becomes “bel” before masculine nouns starting with a vowel or a silent “h”. Note: there’s some debate about Antarctique, which is feminine according to Larousse but masculine according to Le Petit Robert, perhaps because the latter doesn’t seem to consider it a noun in its own right, but rather an abbreviation of le continent antarctique.. Nearly all countries that end in -e are feminine. “Jeune” follows the regular pattern. La porte rouge est vieille. With most adjectives you add an -e to the masculine singular form to make it feminine. Learn faster with spaced repetition. Je veux ashete une nouveau chaussures. Desolée, Je ne parle pas bien. You put them before the noun they describe and you’re done. J’adore les chaussures. C’est un bon restaurant (masculine singular), Les macarons de Pierre Hermé sont bons (masculine plural), Les fraises du marché sont bonnes (feminine plural), The strawberries from (the) market are good. Les filles sont belles. 2 Making adjectives feminine. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Elle est pas chère et les Tchèques sont gentils (surtout). adverbe . Here are a few examples with common adjectives: This is an adjective you probably already know. After U.S. Capitol assault, a different threat emerges. (masculine plural), Ces petites friandises sont délicieuses (feminine plural). Ces petits gâteaux sont délicieux. Common crawl en The hotel's Blue Lion cafe and bar is a great place for night-time activities or for a warm-up during daytime, serving delicious coffee and hot chocolate, home-made pastry and specialities of the Czech cuisine. ; un chat noir a black cat → une chemise noir e a black shirt; un sac lourd a heavy bag → une valise lourd e a heavy suitcase; If the adjective already ends in an -e in the masculine, you do not add another -e.; un sac jaune a yellow bag → une chemise jaune a yellow shirt Français est tellement difficile mais, je veux vraiment apprendre cette langue. Revise and improve your French with detailed content, examples, audio, personalised practice tests … Nous avons marché au nouveau restaurant japonais. In French however, the placement of adjectives varies. The feminine plural forms of these adjectives are regular . Le jeune homme est parti (masculine singular), La jeune femme est partie (feminine singular), Les jeunes hommes sont partis (masculine plural), Les jeunes femmes sont parties (feminine plural). (J’ai été enseigner moi-même pour quelque mois maintenant et c’est beaucoup amusant c:), (Aussi, mon lecture capacité est beaucoup mieux que mon écriture). Desole, Je ne parle pas bien. Resources and Lessons for French Learners and Teachers. And if that wasn’t enough to confuse you, adjectives also change depending on whether the noun they describe is masculine, feminine, singular or plurial. I’m convinced that the best way to learn grammar is to learn from realistic examples. La porte rouge. Learn feminine and masculine singular plural french adjectives with free interactive flashcards. There are different forms depending on the gender and number: - "délicieux" (masculine singular) - "délicieuse" (feminine singular) - "délicieux" (masculine plural) - "délicieuses" (feminine plural) Please note that in French, adjectives are variable and depend on the gender and number of the noun it refers to. J’adore tellement cette langue. Le bel homme est là. All you need to do is add S to the feminine singular form of the adjective. As a reminder, BANGS adjectives (beauty, age, number, goodness, size) are adjectives that are placed before the noun they describe. On devrait planifier un nouveau voyage! Practice is what will allow you to become fluent in French, so pick an adjective and create a sentence with it in the comment section below this article! You could consider that French adjectives are placed after the noun they describe and would be correct in most situations, however it’s important to know there are a few exceptions. It means "delicious". Il y a beaucoup de belles femmes en France (feminine plural), There are a lot of beautiful women in France. Find more French words at wordhippo.com! “Bon” is the most common French adjective. les moins délicieux . Le vieil homme est ici (masculine singular), La vieille femme est ici (feminine singular), Les vieux quartiers de Paris sont magnifiques (masculine plural), Les vieilles maisons sont moins chères (feminine plural). Squisito. Voici une version corrigée de la phrase . This is one of the most tricky French adjectives. Benjamin Houy is a native French speaker and tea drinker with a BA degree in Applied Foreign Languages and a passion for languages.

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