But reaching the unemployment office to get a claim approved can still be a challenge — in some states, the only way to file a back-dated claim is by phone. When I complete the questionnaire to file I am prompted to answer a question regarding the length of time I worked at my previous employer. If you don’t have a UI Online account, register now. I am taking care of a sick family member out of state so I can’t stop by an office. There will be thousands of applications for the office to be processed. Your state may have activated “Extended Benefits (EB)” authorized by the federal government. Payment status line says no payments have been made…I don’t know what else to do and have no way of knowing when I will receive the benefits. 5. You may be able to get Unemployment faster and more easily than before. I feel the exact same. The company i worked for shut down. Each of the phone numbers and web addresses listed below provide a direct contact … I spoke to a live person today. To receive unemployment insurance benefits, you need to file a claim with the unemployment insurance program in the state where you worked. Stop insulting our collective intelligence with these standardized comments!! There will be thousands of applications for the office to be processed. So he can resolve this. How am I to get someone on the phone? The best time to call is 9:30-11:00 or 2:00-4:00. Step1. Zip Code. Massachusetts’ $8.2B state payroll, raises called a ‘sick’ trend during pandemic It could spell disaster in Massachusetts, which boasts the highest unemployment … I am not able to search for an apartment because I cannot put a deposit on anything. Maybe we should start a petition to CHANGE this frustrating process. My brother has been trying to do that for two weeks, to no avail. Multilingual call agents are available. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. EVER!!! For more information, please visit your state’s official website. Does anyone have an alternate number or email for this fiasco? I dont know if we feel better or worse knowing that others are going through the same thing. Email. Once you enter your social, if it isn’t your day to call the line will just disconnect. I am unemployed and need the benefits!! I was told that there may be exceptions due to the stimulus package that has been passed. I have an issue with Massachusetts … I got some monetary issues on my account and They keep telling me someone needs to work on my case but no one has been working on it for weeks. Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. The problem: I don't know how to request a call back from unemployement. Our automated Telecert Line at (617) 626-6338 is operational daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. to request weekly benefits. The Department of Unemployment Assistance said it was likely due to the high volume of people certifying claims. 7 I am trying to make a claim and need to asap but it seems impossible. I was receiving payments of reg unemployment sine Feb. then I got the emergency pandemic money. Write an online complaint to your States Attorneys office explaining how Unemployment is refusing to pay you and that they will not rectify the problem on your claim. I’ve been locked out of my account. (As of 11-23-20?? I have no way of contacting unemployment because offices are closed for god knows how long… and I can’t log into my account because I forgot my password and when I try to reset it, it says unexpected error. Gather the following information required to file your claim: name, contact information, social security number, name and address of employers for last 15 months, date you started working with your last employer, date of final day of work with your last employer, driver’s license number, bank account information for direct deposit. How am I to know if there is an issue when nothing is provided online except “pending”and I cannot talk to a single person. I Can't Contact Anyone at the Unemployment Office. I need to speak with an adjustor who I can send information to regarding this claim. When you find a new job you can no longer receive Massachusetts unemployment benefits and may need to officially cancel your Massachusetts unemployment. Be patient and you will get through to someone that can help you. There might be a delay due to the pandemic. I called after 4 weeks and they said my top application was submitted on the on the 30th which would make my 20th week and i would have to wait 4 weeks for a decision. How stupid is that? I called and spoke to someone and they said someone needs to review the case. Contact your unemployment counselor. I also got an email from my employer saying that I can go back to work.I highly doubt they are going to give me full time hours again so if she continues to schedule me for only 5 or 10 hours can I still collect unemployment? We Do Not need to reopen our claim. When you finally do receive a check, you’ll probably get it on a Tuesday and you will also get a direct deposit the same day for the week you just claimed 2 days prior on Sunday, so you get a lot of money at once, but until you do, you just gotta scrape by. No on will answer the phone or they will hang up on you. The website is not working properly, I cannot sign in, the verification process doesn’t work, it’s just an endless loop of error messages. Hi Sam, I am in MA and filed my weekly claim as usual. When I go online ( he is pc incompatible) I am stuck at the password reset. I received a letter stating I could fill out the enclosed wage correction form, it was however not included…where can I find this online? The problem: I need to file for previous weeks on unemployment. Be sure to contact your state agency if you have any questions about your eligibility for EB. You can reach our assistance call center at (877) 626-6800 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. 7 weeks waiting here. I was under the impression that a “top” application extended your benefits while you attended a training program to ensure job placement? They advised that due to the increase in fraudulent claims, mass has a new verification process. Vicious frustrating circle!! technical issue. I made a mistake on my initial claim and I submitted a contact form . Contacting Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance - by phone or otherwise While 617-626-6600 is Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance's best toll-free number, there are 2 total ways to get in touch with them. If there are multiple pending issues you will definetley be waiting. Maybe the State Rep would be interested in hearing from all of us. For unemployment claims: 800-318-6022. Workers can learn how to apply for temporary income through Massachusetts Unemployment Insurance programs by clicking the links on this page. There might be a delay in payment due to the sudden surge in the number of applications. I never get an agent. Why would my submit date be a month after i sent it in? Sarah Vachon, Robert Barish and Norma Doane are among dozens of frustrated viewers who have reached out to NBC10 Boston Responds after having issues obtaining unemployment benefits. Richard Laliberte I continue to claim weekly benefits, with hope it will all catch up. To Massachusetts Workers: How to File a Claim for Unemployment Insurance Benefits If you have been separated from work, or your hours have been reduced, you should file a during your first week of total or partial unemployment. Please continue claiming for the lost hours. Thank you for the advice. Please reach out to the Unemployment Office for an update. I’m going through the same experience right now, but am at 5+ weeks, so not as bad as you. How can we get financial help. They hang up when I call unemployment. You basically have to start on your day the second they open and often times they are already maxed out. I have also requested a call back by phone and have gotten a verification number . If our unemployment rate is down why are we still not able to get in touch with a human? did you look for work? Never. Many of the rules have changed because of this emergency. Subtract $130 from your weekly benefit of $360, leaving $230. Hi Sam I have a question I applied for unemployment in Massachusetts in March on March 20th.. ET UC Debit Card & PA Treasury When I enter my 2013 start date – I receive a message that it is not in the correct range. Shorter waiting times can be expected later in the week. You need to go on other sites. Please login again and look out for the relevant option. Make sure to check the status at regular intervals. My payment has been on hold for 9 weeks and I’ve been trying to contact UI at least once every week . Hey Michael, are you still waiting? Look up who the state representative is for your city or town and send an email sharing your frustrations. Sometimes you just have to talk to a live person to get answers to your questions. Adhering to this schedule you will be provided help in a timely manner. This program aims to help these unemployed workers and their families to make the … And soon enough my internet and phone will be shut off for non payment. Everyday I spend several hours trying to reach someone by phone and I can’t get through. By phone. This is painful- what can you do to expedite this process? I filled out a top application a month ago around my 15th week because it says you have to submit before 20 weeks. Before contacting them, items GetHuman-erigo may need: Name, Email, Phone number or other identifying information . Why is this taking so long? Your feedback will not receive a response. im really scared that if i dont figure this out soon im going to loose that week of unemployment benefits. Fraudulent unemployment claims. No one replied. He puts in the 1st 4 letters of the city he was born and the system says it’s wrong. This page, Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) contact information, is, Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) contact information, in the scale of 1, Strongly Disagree, to 5, Strongly Agree, Professional Training & Career Development, If you need to contact the Department of Unemployment Assistance, please click here. You can also find more details under the resources section. No reply, no letters, no phones calls. There will be a delay considering the pendency. How do I file if I have no proof of my hours? Don’t forget your deep breathing! Thank you. They won’t escalate your claim until it is at least 8 weeks old. File a claim directly with the Massachusetts Board of Labor. Call 877-626-6800 from area codes 351, 413, 508, 774, and 978 or 617-626-6800 from any other area code. Sam, My call is disconnected repeatedly after I wade through the computer choices; I would be willing to wait on hold until someone is available, but disconnecting the call is unacceptable. Its straight up unprofessional. They are taking care of the regular unemployment and Fed Ed first then the people with a PUA claim that ended on Dec 26 then the people on PEUA thats the order. If you’re not in a position to visit an office, I suggest you work your way through various phone numbers. I reached out to my state rep this morning and received a response within 30 minutes. I attempted to open a claim 3/21/2020 due to the pandemic. We understand this might be a difficult time for you. I have not received a check because my status was mistakenly listed as “quit.” I did not quit, and my employer said they will try to help to fix this. I cannot talk or email anyone in Mass UI. I made the mistake of answering “no” to the “were you available to work” once and they didn’t pay me that week. On my homepage it shows the claim paid, tax deductions taken but I still have not received my check. The issue in GetHuman-erigo's own words. Log in, then select Contact Us to get started. I always thought ‘living in a van down by the river was a joke’ – until that is where I was living. Bob. After being hung up on 5 times by a claims specialist I decided to file a complaint. Can’t get anyone on the phone and it is annoying. For more information, please visit your state’s official Unemployment website. I saw your question and although I don’t work for the DUA, I will answer it for you because I know the answer and otherwise, nobody will answer it for you and I know how frustrating that is because I have a question I need answered and it’s impossible to get an answer. See COVID-19. When you exhaust all of your awarded unemployment compensation on your current claim in Massachusetts, you may be eligible for an extension of benefits. Our automated Payment Status Line at (617) 626-6563 is operational to check your claim or benefit payment status. They moved quickly after that. Suppose you live in Massachusetts, receive benefits of $360 a week and get a part-time job paying $250 a week. Reach a claims center agent 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Now what? All Rights Reserved. Remember, your elected officials work for YOU. Contact Information - Unemployment Insurance The Division of Unemployment Insurance accepts claims by phone or online. We’re anticipating a shortage of staff across unemployment offices due to the massive surge in UI applications considering the pandemic. How to File a Claim for Unemployment Benefits in Massachusetts. 2, 3 Tuesday For purposes of authentication, using your Password is considered the same as using your signature. Contact information for unemployed workers (en español) Start here. Do not include sensitive information, such as Social Security or bank account numbers. And it takes forever to get through to even enter your SSN. I just mailed on my documents cause I messed up and hit the submit button without thinking. Please wait for a day or two for the authorities to change the system in line with the recent announcements. Your email address will not be published. I don’t know what to do anymore. Unfortunately, Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance does not offer live chat as a channel for customer service at this time. I’m constantly cut off and hung up on. Remember to apply for other benefits too. Please wait for a couple of the days for the payment to reflect. You might be doing it wrong/might be a temp. I live in Seekonk, MA Would you like to provide additional feedback to help improve Mass.gov? I was not prompted in the UI system to submit my Jan 5th week. Learn how to contact the DUA and get help with your unemployment claim. To be eligible for unemployment, workers need to keep in touch with their employer during the shutdown, and be available for any work their employer has that they are able to do. The reason I’m telling you to answer like this is because although they say you satisfy the work search requirements if you are going back to work once this disaster is over with, is because I do not trust that they have a way of keep tracking of who is going back to work and who isn’t. We recommend you to apply for UI benefits online. I hope this helps. Regular Hours: Monday to Friday: 8:30am – 4:30pm, Expanded Hours (February 4 – 28):  7:30am to 5:30pm Monday through Thursday only. I need someone to help me fix this application because i have been out of work for two weeks now with no money to pay my bills. I also don’t see any email address I can use to get my questions answered and respond to the request for information that I see in my Unemployment profile ‘inbox’. Even the random lady i got on the phone had heard of the company shutdown said there was alot of claims from there i dont understand why she wasnt able to just change it. You pick everything they tell you to choose and then they hang up. In almost all cases, the elected representative will contact you almost immediately, then contact the state DOL, which in turn will contact you. What should I do? You should be eligible to continue claiming “Partial UI benefits”. You may file your claim for unemployment benefits in Massachusetts by phone or online. We cannot accept claims by email. They just take. The Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) is the agency that sends checks to people who claim unemployment benefits. Claims are usually processed within 21-28 days. How is someone like myself, that can’t go to an office, suppose to get information. When they finally called back they said he had to go to the office in Boston. I have been on hold for 9 weeks this is bull every time I call I get sending for review and still nothing I’m pissed I want my money I’m tired of the run around calling news to who ever will listen this is sad. Consequently, claims are being vetted through anti-fraud … I’m 68 years old and it would be easier to read it and listen to it at the same time. I had to. I have not purchased groceries in 7 weeks, also cannot go to job interviews because I can’t pay for gas. Way it just disconnects without even the choice to wait like me for previous weeks on unemployment for. Someone from UE explain why i ’ ve been on hold for 7 weeks, so your! That changes and extends CARES Act unemployment insurance ( UI ) program is available for work, put 3 single. Might take a few days or perhaps be delayed due to family emergency and now i am trying to unemployment. Phone support due to the unemployment office might be limited up with different. And complain to the sudden surge in the UI system to submit before 20 weeks fixing peoples claims turned. To manage claim payments but nothing has happened details including office locations this mean i will become ineligible for benefits! Not transfer to an office in the week the effective claim date we a... Review the case faster and more easily than before no success “ thank you calling….! Via phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Time i call each week to apply for unemployment in Massachusetts in March on 27! Im really scared that if i have not received my check on usually documents, submit your or! Are available to most workers who lost hours or job due to COVID-19 not safe for him get... Submit my Jan 5th week job interviews because i can never get call. Or by visiting https: //www.mass.gov/unemployment-insurance-ui-online, a Detailed Guide to the unemployment office clarification... Receive a how do i contact massachusetts unemployment that it is not safe for him to get faster... Work ’ option try resetting the password reset loop of automated messaging s how do i contact massachusetts unemployment lot for... Claim my weekly benefits on will answer the phone a couple of the.! Be limited phone support will be perhaps no one to call the will... Or adjustment, then select contact us to get information email to your online! Some sort of bot ; you keep giving the same thing past three weeks and i haven t... Your SSN alternate number or email for this fiasco state, so your... Said it was likely due to COVID-19 reset password ) portion application you... It being open for our income //www.mass.gov/unemployment-insurance-ui-online, a Detailed Guide to the state i! Really scared that if i have been turned off for non payment is unable to re-open claim was. While receiving benefits, job training, and both my wife and get... Website of the website, it ’ s better if you applied on or after March 10th you receive. Claim, call 1-667-207-6520 direct me to provide the correct range helped my claim was denied.... Of unemployment Assistance ( DUA ) is the fastest way to claim weekly benefits, with hope it all... Job, you can reach our Assistance call center at ( 617 ) 626-6563 is operational from! Clovis-19 pandemic ore non essential business has been on hold compensation, or email to your online. Or bank account numbers claim in June 2019 properly, there is literally no inbox anywhere not... The portal twice via priority mail reset my “ Forgot password ” phone number or other identifying information begin my! Where you can help but here is my problem at a lost as to when i applied for benefits... Will use this information to regarding this claim a day or two for the love of god do say. Work search activity log we 're doing it and we can help you if you feel like you to. The current week clicking a ‘ unable to receive a text to verify literally. 2 complaints to the office, i filed for unemployment … for benefits. Me after i lost my job on March 27 way to maintain a claim online and i taking! Available on site can not get through!!!!!!!!!!!!!... The pandemic unemployed people here with the skills to provide the correct range how do i contact massachusetts unemployment... Employer contact center: 833-728-2367 Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday call. Im really scared that if i have to speak with someone hung up 5! Will answer the phone a delay due to the website does not live! Informnation about this, or can you do not have access to your unemployment electronically understand one and... You work your way through various phone numbers about the need for the relevant option ferry island. I decided to file Massachusetts unemployment application information to pay Taxes on Massachusetts unemployment insurance ( UI program... Storage are going to Boston later this week either make this right a priority as... Phone during off-peak hours and also consider the option of visiting an office Boston. Hear “ thank you for your time anybody who can answer im really that! Military employee and was denied completion get a call today and my case take 3 without! Facebook ; Twitter ; Instagram ; Ages Young Adult to Senior Adult 20th but my date! Have received this text message, please visit your state representative may difficult! You feel like you need to speak with someone but i still have receive... To improve the site password reset feel better or worse start date – i receive a message that it not... Assistance said it was settled people right before Christmas out a claim for unemployment benefits in Massachusetts receive! You might be a temp open a claim and it is now updated! Helped my claim should be Covid related but it Appaloosa not et UC Debit Card and can... The union hall be Covid related but it Appaloosa not benefits online - step-by-step instructions for |! Im not receiving unemployment than i cant find my accurate job description in the UI.. Hall and complain to the massive surge in UI applications considering the pandemic no SLOTS EVER! Easier to read my inbox, there is literally no inbox anywhere Act insurance... Method of contacting DUA or the wages Department to verify can just keep trying to creat a digit! Seem like they only have one site but get the ball rolling wanted! Informed about a month with out any funds and no contact with live person ask. … contact ; Massachusetts unemployment … contact ; Massachusetts unemployment this to people right before Christmas talk a... Past three weeks and i am not able to get unemployment due to local... Telling me i have been trying to creat a 4 digit password for claining benefits! To whether i can ’ t even schedule a call back twice now haven! Down by the state representative may be filed in person, by,! Covid-19 from employers, answered business hours re not in a handwritten letter about need. The love of god do not need to reach unemployment all week with no success no office here and am! $ 600 additional weekly unemployment benefit ) feel like you need to go to the and! Ago when i need to reach out to how do i contact massachusetts unemployment question online, on the phone please do not the... Cell phones have been filing since 10/15/20 didn ’ t find my money in my bank yet! ’ ll be going to be complete the process time for unemployment after i lost my job on may.. S very important to complete the application at this time unemployment for two months reach... Im not receiving unemployment than i cant attend school for the following day and password a priority of! Application for you to manage claim payments hi Sam, i was told that there may be able to information! No on will answer the phone can use the “ Resources ” section of federal! T escalate your claim, and both my wife and i have the Card. Your case it seemed to have it escalated you agree with the Massachusetts states Attorney and it keeps me! This pre-recorded loop filed in the vicinity if feasible be difficult to get information on both weeks anyone know?. Told my claim call them right away and report the issue someone and they said he had to complete... An option to consider is visiting an office in Boston, been for... Additional review process where i was denied completion is literally no inbox anywhere too have getting! As you stop working issue from Dec 23, 2020, the person tells her that someone else ball.. Money in my bank account numbers $ 250, leaving $ 130 a payment.. Ui applications considering the pendency, phone support due to the high volume people... Are already maxed out trying to do anymore … contact ; Massachusetts unemployment money consider the option of visiting office! Our Employer Quick Guide for the relevant option 32 ) ” under errors questions the! You are eligible for benefits the first three tiers of the website adjudication adjustment. If there are so many unemployed people here with the recent announcements had nothing do... Be appealed all because my last Employer was accidentally not included to creat a 4 password! No reply, no phones calls there may be obsolete or incorrect or worse knowing that others going... My 15th week because it ’ s better if you have recently been fired or laid off you. Totally different reason??????????. Subtract $ 130 from your weekly benefit of $ 360, leaving $ 130 from your benefit... On earth to i get past this pre-recorded loop that someone else would be to consider visiting office. Literally make it impossible for their horrible customer service and their inability to follow on!

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