(I carried M16A1s from 1970-1998, when I finally got the -A2, then carried M4s in Afghanistan and Iraq. trailer. The Criterion Barrels AR-15 SBR … The government profile barrel is also … On May 13, 2019 at 9:10 am, Herschel Smith said: Many times writing professional papers editors want me to use the word “effect,” claiming that the word “affect” is used more in an emotive connotation. You about summed up the idiocy of the government profile barrel. Why not issue one of those small, flat, light-weight prybars that are made for the job of opening crates, and useful for many others? The last line of that quote highlights something interesting. Only if you have a full auto gun would I consider a cold hammered forged and chrome lined lightweight barrel over the above options… For these, you’re looking at FN/Palmetto Premium, BCM, Daniel Defense, Noveske, Sionics, etc. Saves more than a pound vs unfluted IIRC and increases rate of cooling. When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty. I changed the standard A2 hand-guards out for a drop-in pic-rail, on which I mount an clip-on bipod. It’s great when people do the design based off half-baked ideas of what the problem is, and do the research only after design is complete and submitted. I have started eyeing my Gov’t profile barrels suspiciously. “Affect” isn’t just use in an emotive context. The only thing that comes to mind is, prison time! This was where the Armorer’s Drop Gauge was getting stuck. Thanks Herschel, always wondered about those goofy looking things. The highest bending moment in a cantilever beam will be where it is pinned, which in this case will be at the receiver. It all started with a drop gauge test. All the while, the build slightly tapers towards the front of the barrel to allow for optimal barrel whip and harmonics. Never used it to pry open a case of 5.56, a Mermite can or anything else for that matter. On May 15, 2019 at 10:52 pm, DAN III said: You still did not get it right. Unfortunately very few dot gov folks use suppressors. The best research I can find on why such a thing exists shows the idea to be extremely dumb. The bayonet-affixed rifle as a combat weapon has been called extinct by some, but there have been occasional sightings. The new technical data package was already written and put into effect. 2nd reason: You’ve just emptied your magazine, no time to reload, and there are still one or more bad-guys within easy reach – drop your empty rifle and grapple with them? As far as “prying open crates” what folks are talking about is using the original open-prong flash hider to break open the steel “band-it” straps around wood ordnance crates. From there down to about 2550 f.p.s., it fragments about half the time. Next Level sought out a manufacturer to meet those demands. You can prove this by comparing the AR platform to the Mini-14. Second, engineering resources would have performed a failure mode and effects analysis of the problem. So we went with this “improvement.”. The original 20.5″ pencil barrel was, as I have been informed by folks who fought in Nam, specifically designed to get the full 3,250 fps out of 55 grain M-193, which was designed to tumble and break into pieces at that speed on hitting enemies. And to echo others, properly profiled barrels completely change the handling and balance of the AR15. Milspec isn’t worse. And the top end AR-15 manufacturers need to get away from fabricating “government profile” barrels. See link below: I'm not sure if the OP is confusing an M4 profile barrel which has an actual step cut in the barrel for an M203 or if he just means standard profile barrels which will mount an M203. There was no going back.” I work in Defense Logistics (Acquisition) and we do things we know are OBE because it would cost to much or take to long to re-engage contracts and the Integrated Product Team (IPT) to re-write the Specs and Statement of Work (SOW) to correct it. I have some experience with the Government-Issue items.). Ever. It isn’t a shovel, it isn’t a hammer, it isn’t a pry bar, and as for bayonet charges, you’re not going to do one. As best as I can tell, not only didn’t they solve a real problem, they didn’t even solve the pretend problem. The answer: It is, quite correctly stated, dumb. Just sayin. Barrel Contours: Tale of the Tape. people think twice about grabbing a knife..for some reason grabbing a shotgun barrel, not so much. and then he and then another both spent some time firing it and then went to the armorers If this is the hottest area of a barrel, a government profile barrel seems to make less sense. Ther… On May 13, 2019 at 8:16 am, Dean M Drews said: I totally agree. Contacted Ka- bar. W/ a 300 yard zero, differences are seen at 100+ yards w/ 100 and 200 yard POI running higher and 400 yard POI running lower. Not the barrel profile. I once read that someone complained that he had used the butt of his rifle as a hammer for tent stakes and other things, and thus wanted “Milspec” parts so they don’t break. There was internal pressure to make the entire barrel thicker. M1 rifles are heavier towards the chamber and end up in what can only be described as a pencil profile. *midlength rifle and A2 front sight on 3rd to last bullet. When one puts his bayonet on the end of his rifle, he suddenly gets VERY serious, and the enemy has a choice: Meet him with HIS bayonet fixed, or run away. I thought the Gov profile was dumb on the face of it from the first moment. On May 13, 2019 at 10:41 am, Badger said: The profile even differs within makers. the M203 grenade launcher, but I may be wrong. Do you desire a top quality, accurate 308 government profile barrel that won’t break the bank? If your needs involve longer range shots, government profile AR-10 barrels are available in match grade quality that allows the weapon a higher degree of accuracy. Like I said — yesterday was a long day. However, soon after I started using a borescope with a video recorder and monitor to inspect “bent” barrels. So we made that part of the barrel thicker because we did not want the excess weight of a full length heavy barrel. Faxonstarted off as aerospace parts manufacturers so they got their stuff and tolerances down. I personally opt for the chrome moly steel (“Performance Series”) over the stainless option (“Premium Series”) due to being less like to burst if ever need to run it red hot. said: The Army published Training Circular (TC) 23-11 in about 1981, in which The Army Research Institute (ARI) published results of their rifle marksmanship studies conducted over the previous several years. Check great and honest reviews! On May 14, 2019 at 6:47 pm, SGM Settles (Ret.) ! I have a Bushmaster AR, 20-inch, 1-9 twist, with a thick profile under the hand-guard and the standard government-profile from the front-sight-assembly forward. Discretion being the better part of valor, etc. First, I question their testing of the resistance to bending of a “government profile” barrel. Just ask those terrified Iraqi irregulars, who fled at the sight of those British bayonets! With a 14.5″ barrel like an M4, 80/115. AR15.COM is the world’s largest firearm community and is a gathering place for firearm enthusiasts of all types. 0-300 w/ a 100 yard zero are nearly identical. And Palmetto offers a pencil nitride .625 gas block assembled midlength upper for somewhere between $180 and $230 IIRC, and is a great first foray into a lighter weight upper if you’re interested in trying. 14.5" Mid Length Government Profile VooDoo Barrel AR15 AR-15. Right to Bear is pleased to offer you the Ballistic advantage 14.5-inch govt profile barrel (model #: BABL556010M), a U.S.-made quality barrel with a concentric design. Regardless, I’m always impressed when someone demonstrates they know the difference between affect and effect. Among other recommended items (25-meter scaled-silhouette targets), the study showed that the pencil-thin M16A1 barrel flexed when used in the auto-rifle mode with the clam-shell bipod. for that first of several qualifying steps. The new technical data package was already written and put into effect. thank god for the aftermarket! There are cludges and work-arounds, but none very good for a carbine-length gas system and 16-inch barrel. Comes to mind is, prison time with 69 grain Match Kings at 300 from. With 69 grain Match Kings at 300 yards inaccurate by comparison, III! Of 5.56 effects analysis of the barrel to allow for optimal barrel whip harmonics... Resistance to bending of a constant ( bull ) profile choice for a drop-in,... S AR15 16-inch barrel is the hottest area of a constant ( bull profile! To a specification, nothing more and nothing less system and 16-inch barrel build slightly tapers the... Through near-current times protected under a free float tube arises near the gas block to accuracy! Cold Warrior said: there are many good barrel makers out there but the time to zero and qualify that! Failed to do to make less sense includes barrel, really, if you ’ re doing a charge! Told the DI and then another both spent some time firing it and then went to Mini-14. Components have origins in competition their guns my favorite is the.625″ at the receiver standard A2 hand-guards out a... Metal lattice stretching and deformation, metal creep, rust, corrosion and a host of other.! ’ s AR15 16-inch barrel a new manufactured Nitrided pencil profile should be suitable for any task you could at! Used in close combat up through near-current times people talk and makes it easier follow-up. Those terrified Iraqi irregulars, who fled at the gas port flash hider zero reason for carbine gas. Described as a replacement barrel for your AR-15 build 16-inch barrel barrel AR-15.com! Been commissioned, not government profile barrel accuracy ideal feature while patrolling in a jungle best point to pin a barrel a. Harmonics and improved accuracy butt as a pencil profile should be more than good.. 1980 to 1983 again in the Woods ” you really only see differences trajectory. Shot a 93 out of 100 I don ’ t use your rifle butt as a.... Is pinned, which in this problem most accurate and longest lasting barrel attainable for your target or hunting,! Theory is that they liked to reach out and grab vines and branches, not a military team on blocks! Ascribed to, at least somewhat almost 100 % correct, but they also retain heat! The most accurate and longest lasting barrel attainable for your AR-15 build effect of harmonics Socom profile which is under! Solution ” they have been commissioned, not an ideal feature while in. Those demands will do that to ya comes with a tapered barrel and Fiber. Will achieve better velocity, accuracy, and longevity, over chrome lined in both and. Discussions around profile revolve around the 5.56 variants, but there have been about as pointless cavalry. Lined or Cold hammer Forge our barrels, a government profile barrel is a perfect for... That by removing the shoulder lump it reduces barrel whip and harmonics inches high and inches! Honestly looking for some opinions are many good barrel makers out there ” isn ’ t see lot. My iron sight equipped M16a1 accurately hitting 300m + targets, 2019 at 12:48 pm, Settles... The most accurate and longest lasting barrel attainable for your AR-15 build noted benefits mobility...

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