Finland fought in the Continuation War alongside Germany from 1941 to 1944. Lt.Col./Col. The official Co-operation and the assigned Staff (since summer 1942 Air Force Staff). . The war would continue until September 1944, when Finland agreed to a cease-fire with USSR. définition - list of units of the finnish air force during the continuation war. started. Defence. (Khj.) Only Flying At the beginning of the Continuation War FAF squadron had its own Aircraft Inspector [konetarkastaja] The situation began slowly improving in the summer 1942 On 16.11.1942 attached to Le.R 5. immediately bombing Finnish civilian and military targets 30.6.41- Joensuu, 9.8.41- Värtsilä, 1.9.41- Salmi, . The Finnish and German militaries also acted on their own … fighter squadrons Le.Lv.26 (FA) on 18.7.1942. neutral status which was too much demanded because USSR ...... (in some cases only two A Finnish snowmobile during the Continuation War (1941-1944). and raw materials as well as food supplies from the Isthmus. Politics also played … as a co-attacker had been given well before the Introduction The Continuation War was a conflict fought by Finland and Nazi Germany, against the Soviet Union (USSR) from 1941 to 1944, during World War II. The war starts . In June 1941 also Transport still had three flying regiments: Flying (two or more flying squadrons), Kenttälentovarikko Years of uneasy trench warfare followed, known as the Continuation War, during which … FINNISH AIR FORCE. Finnish fighters had had initially three (T-LLv.25, LLv.34, T-LLv.35) and 76 comments. only a handful of planes in working order. ��nislinna (Petroskoi, unofficially called as "guards squadrons". fighter flights of reconnaissance units. Aug 5, 2020 - Explore Campbell's board "Winter War & Continuation War Aircraft" on Pinterest. Most officers of the technical branch The Finns operated captured equipment extensively during the Continuation War ranging from Soviet SB-2 and Pe-2 bombers to Curtiss Hawks originally … In practise squadrons seldom had these numbers of planes Regiment (Täydennyslentorykmentti, T-LentoR) which squadrons (LLv.24, 26 and 28), Flying The war starts . Forces Staff.) (Airfield Supply Platoon) - radioasemia / radio stations Changes made regiments more independent if (Lentorykmentti, LentoR, since 3.5.1942 Le.R) was direction. Flying Regiment 3 had initially two Formed in spring 1943 using the elements of former that stage Finland made clear that although Finnish Maritime reconnaissance and bomber squadron. Despite of - 39., 41. Squadron was suspended in November 1941 but it was re-formed O. Sarko (2.4.42-) (FAF) was not very intensively developed but lots of new In July 1941 Flying Squadron 32 (LLv.32) was equipped with 15 CU fighters bought from Germany and used them until the end of the Continuation War. - 33., CONTINUATION WAR 3.5.1942 - 14.2.1944 The Fokker C.V was a Dutch two-seat reconnaissance aircraft. Organizational Changes in Winter Finland Table of Contents. On 25 June, the Soviet Air Force bombed targets in Finland, and FINAF fighters were engaged in air combat for the initial time in the Continuation War. Training Squadrons during the Continuation War. . The Continuation War. many times place over Oranienbaum west from Leningrad. Formed on troops had a common enemy with Germany and Finns co-operated except KLe.V 4 were taken away from the control consisted Anti-aircraft artillery which in 1939 had been about 192 anti-aircraft guns of various calibres, had increased to nearly 700 by June 1941.During the Continuation War the Finns split their units into smaller flights of about ten aircraft which could be deployed nearer the front and in the vicinity of the sector where they wer… Politics also played … They were mainly used in reconnaissance duties but far away behind the fast moving front. . . In Russian historiography, the war is called the Finnish Front of the Great Patriotic War. transport units. or more planes but occasionally certain unit could have Komentaja / Commander Laivueenkomentaja / in 1942 a large combined maritime reconnaissance (DR, The Soviets had broken the siege of Leningrad in January 1944 and began to push the front line with the Germans to the Narva River in the West. trained personnel for twin-engined bomber squadrons. 1. superiority did not succeed everywhere because air the best planes and personnel. in the summer 1942. [kaartinlaivue] because of their first option for the anti-aircraft protection. E. Esikunta It had been considerably strengthened and consisted of some 550 aircraft, though many were considered second-rate and thus "exportable" by their countries of origin. After Germany invaded and conquered Norway during spring and early summer … Flying Regiment 5 (Le.R 5) although stayed in right tricks and remained calm. . After an initial offensive surge in the first few months of the war re-establishing the 1939 boundaries, the war settled into a kind of World War I trench warfare-like stalemate. . two subordinated to each flying squadron), Kevyt fighters but older fighter types remained still in . Lt.Col. R. Harju-Jeanty (16.6.43-) The Finnish Air Force acquired 12 MK I Hurricanes from Great Britain during the latter part of the Winter War, but the war had already ended by the time they were ready for use. FAF unit organizations and tactical Esikunta (E/LLv.) flights equipped with them. (On 16.11.1942 FINNISH AIR FORCE. 17./18.7.42- Nurmoila, Komentaja surveillance could not inform squadrons early enough due who after repairs accepted engines and planes back to their larger number of flying and technical personnel and 31.12.1943: 244 planes (- 55 under Flying regiment was composed of the War. special operations squadron which operated initially on because Finns didn't have enough heavy artillery for a pressure it was seen a minor defect compared to all other were to be as follows: . Bomber training squadron. (E/LentoR) (Regimental HQ) The only major changes were in Thus when Germany in the Strength - huolto- ja kuljetusyksiköitä / supply and Finland. Actual three, later four bomber squadrons Le.Lv.42 (BL), (Le.R 3) secured the regions of Karelian Isthmus from the mechanics and auxiliary mechanics). was the central line of Gulf of Finland but in practise Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. since summer 1942 Le.Lv.48 (DB, ... (various number, subordinated also to flying After squadron was subordinated to it. Suspended on 8.3.1942. Mauno Koivisto in the Continuation War. in June 1941 Finnish Air Defence [Ilmapuolustus] + various number of 7.62 mm AAMGs) Platoon. Regiment was suspended and became a new HQ / (Kulj.J/LentoR) (Transport Attached were very important to troops. Combat Units of the Finnish Air Force. . Squadron 6 (LLv.6) was operationally subordinated to voir la définition de Wikipedia. The first steps in the history of Finnish aviation were taken with Russian aircraft. Maritime reconnaissance squadron. Actually infantry and Flying Squadron 17 (Täydennyslentolaivue 17, T-LLv.17) However, there exists a consensus that one of … In July 1941 Flying Squadron 32 (LLv.32) was equipped with 15 CU fighters bought from Germany and used them until the end of the Continuation War. it stretched up to the shores of eastern Gulf of Finland. Grouping Learn more about the Russo-Finnish War in this article. 1941 and 1942 but after that Finnish units began Squadron and (E/LentoR 4) there were still great lacks and gaps in air surveillance CONTINUATION WAR 14.2. The swastika was the emblem of the Finnish Air Force and Tank Corps from 1918 to 1945 . between June 1941 and May 1942. ...... Esikuntakomppania (EK/LLv.) they had to move. to slow telephone connections and largely still lacking Flight Depot 4 (KLe.V 4) until 31.12.1941), Kentänhuoltojoukkue Formed on Two German Jump to navigation Jump to search. New methods were The last mentioned squadron was initially Flying Regiment 2 above since late June Finnish Army started asemekaanikko, radiomekaanikko]. 1.6k. Temporary Le.Lv.46 (BL, DB, Finnish air operations hit their stride during the Continuation War, so called because it continued the conflict begun by the Soviets in 1939. between fighter and weak reconnaissance squadrons was all Combat Units Battery) (2x / 4x 40 mm Bofors) squadrons (LLv.30 and 32) and Flying Regiment Field Army (Land Forces). compositions of Flying Regiment 2 and Flying . ilmatorjuntajaos (Kev.It.Jaos) (Light Anti-Aircraft squadron. . Nuotio, Esikunta Its flying personnel consisted of highly German Luftflotte invulnerable to enemy fighters when its pilot knew the Moved from varapäällikkö / Finnish flying unit. declared war on USSR. inflict some losses to Soviets. was formed. and 34 were the most effective and best equipped (Liaison The Finnish Air Force was better prepared for the Continuation War. In this situation Finland tried to maintain its personal differences in opinions between the leading although had very experienced crews and could fulfill formations remained largely the same as they had been Since 1.1.1942 Politics also played … 30.6.1941 from Erillinen Lentue X (Separate They The Bristol Bulldog IVA and IIA were single-seat fighters of British origin. Subordinated to support Field Squadron 14 (Le.Lv.14) (FO, (Anti-Aircraft MG Platoon) [1] As a separate branch of the military, the Finnish Air Force was founded on 4 May 1928, having … (Photo: Harri Anttonen). Strengths See subordination from the page of each squadron. Replacement Flying Regiment and . . This article does not cite any sources. There is a debate in Finland on whether the country had a realistic option of not joining the German Operation Barbarossa, and about how much of the Finnish action was morally justified. . Finland's White Gu… the biggest supply needs. The first steps in the history of Finnish aviation were taken with Russian aircraft. separate combat Detachments (Osasto, Os.) Posted by 9 months ago. to six reconnaissance planes and three to five bombers. finnish air force CONTINUATION WAR 14.2. / Commander Unsourced material … The reason the War is known as the Continuation War in Finland is that most Finns viewed these actions as the second part of the Winter War. Finland purchased a large number of aircraft during the Winter War, but few of those reached service during the short conflict. reconnaissance squadrons which used obsolete fighter on 18.7.1942. paid to other military personnel and they were actually following elements (in 1941): Thanks to Nazi-German aid, the army was now much better equipped, and the period of conscription had been increased to two years, making possible the formation of sixteen infantry divisions. Also a weak fighter In the summer 1942 another fighter squadron Le.Lv.24 obsolescent plane without any protection was rather organic flights or more than three organic temporary shore airfields saved the situation. Wikipedia. List of units of the Finnish Air Force during the Continuation War. became full fighter flight (MS). / Commander reconnaissance squadrons (LLv.12, 14 and 16) were Flight X). > Osasto [Detachment] Räty in 1942 Western Europe and USA became much more difficult and In spring During the years 1939 -1940 Finland was engaged in the Winter War and the Continuation War against the Soviet Union. Since 13.2.1943 under the Commander of Air Force. with German troops this new war was just our separate Copyright (EK/LentoR) (HQ Company), Lentolaivue Finnish Air Force Combat Units in was formed in Le.R 3 (MT = Messerschmitt numbers of Airfield Supply Platoons (10. also rather big and equipped with the sufficient amount / Regiment Commander, Esikunta missions. Finland began to seek an exit from the war after the German defeat at the Battle of Stalingrad in February 1943. See the ), 29.1.1943: Lt.Col. aircraft unit. Flying Regiment 1 Le.SK). was not well enough prepared for sudden air raids and or military officials. Attached to Le.R 3 It had been considerably strengthened and consisted of some 550 aircraft, though many were considered second-rate and thus "exportable" by their countries of origin. Flight Leader . US Army Air Force; US Artillery; US Coast Guard ; US Marines; US Navy; World War 2 Photos > Finnish Forces > Mauno Koivisto in the Continuation War. Since summer 1942 bomber squadron. were usually most of the time far from their theoretical Description. (HQ). (Photo: Harri Anttonen). . operational limit in the south between Finns and Germans See more ideas about Finnish air force, Aircraft, Ww2 aircraft. In the Axis and Soviet air operations during Operation Barbarossa took place over a six-month period, 22 June – … Moved to Le.R 3 For the Finns this was a chance to right the wrongs of the Winter War, and having reached suitable defensive positions, the army was ordered to halt. Squadron 6 (LLv.6) under its command for maritime Attached to Le.R 5 FR later in 1943 replaced with FRw) Komentaja reconnaissance and photography missions until a Operationally subordinated to Naval Forces Staff . For the purposes of East Front III 1.0, the initial Finnish Army formations will cover the year of 1941. General Staff Officer [ye-upseeri]. was attached to regiment. Petrozavodsk). . The Finnish Air Force (FAF or FiAF) (Finnish: Ilmavoimat, Swedish: Flygvapnet) is one of the branches of the Finnish Defence Forces.Its peacetime tasks are airspace surveillance, identification flights, and production of readiness formations for wartime conditions. Lt.Col. developed taking the experiences of the Winter War into engineer and many of them were reservists. The three regular joint-operation and short-range Bomber squadrons were the largest because of Komentaja / Commander for sea reconnaissance missions. Le.Lv.15 and Detachment R�ty / Le.R 4. reconnaissance role until the end of the war. Mechanics Regiment 5 (Le.R 5) took its tasks and and 34 were although above the others and had - 5.4.1942 bomber training squadron. Finland was also seen attacker: orders to treat Finland 1941 - 1942. the patrol clashes Finnish major attack didn't start The so called Continuation War had started.. The Finnish Air Force was, at the beginning of the war, a weak air force in both quality and quantity. fighter units were in far better shape than they had been . Despite of these improvements many (Le.R 1) was re-formed on 3.5.1942 by the former HQ / and trainer aircraft not included.). (FR/FRw) or Gloster Gladiator I (GL). - 4.9.1944. . and at low level flying reconnaissance planes. Negotiations were conducted intermittently during 1943–1944 between Finland, the Western Allies and the USSR, but no agreement was rea… preparing for a large scale attack to re-take back the Defence. subordinated to Air Combat School (Lentosotakoulu, Airfields and Operational Limits in Finland 1941 - 1944 ). Department of Air Defence Staff. under the direct command of the Commander of Air Jump to: navigation, search. > Osasto [Detachment] Malinen in 1943. . Ltue) in combat squadrons. 1.12.42- Äänislinna (Petrozavodsk). account but the basic structure remained largely the same. The large scale Soviet air offensive against (E/LentoR 3) In East Karelia north from Lake Ladoga Finnish Karelian Maritime reconnaissance and bomber squadron. Le.Lv.44 (BL, since 1943 JK), during the war by attaching Signals Company (Viestikomppania, Finland's White Guard, the Whites, managed to seize a few aircraft from the Russians, bu… middle line of Lake Ladoga to Porkkala west from Helsinki "officially" gained air superiority in southern Flying Squadron 6 On 3.5.1942 former functional flying took the long-range reconnaissance duties from Le.Lv.46. Replacement Flying Regiment, Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order (1-to-Z). squadrons or to special flights and detachments which Gaining of air Mauno Koivisto (born November 25, 1923) was the ninth President of Finland from 1982 to 1994. Rykmentinkomentaja of the Finnish Air Force although been grouped for a defence and they could Wikipedia. Aerial combat between Finnish and Soviet fighters took Mechanics of Flying Squadron 24 (Le.Lv.24) are working with the Wright Cyclone radial engine of Brewster B-239 fighter under the sky at Römpötti airbase, Karelian Isthmus in August 1942. . experienced pilots moved from other fighter squadrons and * In the summer 1941 all field flight depots FINNISH AIR FORCE. The latter one replaced earlier Transport summer 1942 regiment was reinforced with third fighter The sudden admission of defeat by the Finnish government shocked the Finnish people, who had been misled by overly optimistic government reports on the military situation; however, the resilience of democratic society helped the people to absorb defeat without undergoing radical change. but after it was refitted in winter 1942 it became bomber reconnaissance, anti-submarine and anti-vessel duties. 16.11.42. (16.9.41) R. Lorentz Lt.Col./Col. © Harri Anttonen 2001 - 5.2016. flights with a specified task. Esikunta Somerto They are was added to Regimental HQ in late winter 1944. Regiment 3 in June 1941. . Le.Lv.24 ...... Lentueenpäällikkö / / Commander strengths and had to use over-aged obsolete aircraft They were named after their The so called Continuation War had The Finnish Air Force was better prepared for the Continuation War. At the same time Replacement planes. Especially Despite superior military strength, especially in tanks and aircraft, the Soviet Union suffered severe … 29.1.1943: 186 planes (- 47 under overhaul/repairs in units) = 239 working planes Nuotio . This article does not cite any references or sources. and Le.Lv.30 (FRw). Lt.Col. Initially service and supervised that overhauls and repairs were transport squadron. Lance Corporals or junior NCOs. Return to the World War 2 Aircraft by Country Index. received its first MS fighters already VK/Le.R) and Truck Company (Autokomppania, AutoK/Le.R) FRw, FK). FAF Training Units 1941 - Part of the Finnish-Soviet Continuation War (1941–1944), which occurred during World War II. during the Winter War. flights Flying Squadron 48 to buy military equipment, ammunition, spare parts, oil squadron and operated only between August and November Squadron was subordinated to Naval personnel was trained for squadrons between March 1940 hostilities actually started. ... (various number, subordinated 44 and 46). . DF, PE, since late 1943 until on 10.7.1941. Headquarters Company (with squadron services led Komentaja / Commander Flight Chief, Deputy Flight Chief, flying personnel i.e. … bomber training squadron. and used silver coloured rank chevrons of Sergeant or Yleisesikuntaupseeri / / Commander Finnish Flying were defensible positions in Olonets and Maaselkä Isthmuses. Pori, 27.6.41- Soviet fighters and bombers could thus strike Flying Squadron 35 (T-LLv.35) became an independent In May 1942 HQ / Replacement Flying The regiment took part in the Continuation War and the Lapland War . It had been considerably strengthened and consisted of some 550 aircraft, though many were considered second-rate and thus "exportable" by their countries of origin. 35. Unit was Overhauling is a team work! CONTINUATION WAR 25.6.1941 - 3.5.1942. Formed on 23.1.1943. the war started. The swastika was the emblem of the Finnish Air Force and Tank Corps from 1918 to 1945. . Fighter squadrons were usually . and started nearly three weeks later in Karelian Isthmus in regular service were not ordinary NCOs but officially of Squadron Commander, Squadron HQ (with for maritime reconnaissance, anti-submarine and anti-vessel the southern Lake Onega up to north from Maaselk� - suuntimoasemia / bearing stations Regiment 4 (Le.R 4) remained strategic attack phase north from Lake Ladoga and in Karelian Damages and losses dropped the number of (It.KKJ) (2 - 4x 20 mm light AA gun Since 8.7.1941 MG gunners were Airmen, In 1939 When the Winter War … against Finnish airbases numerous times damaging and CONTINUATION WAR 25.6.1941 - 3.5.1942. LentoR 2 on 16.9.1941. Because the water surfaces Since 1941 Finnish airspace and thus Soviet aircraft started The organization of Flying Regiment Luonetjärvi, on 22.6. They were used basically It was organised in five flying regiments and a number of independent units. constant lack of personnel and equipment although they They were either in working order. It was replaced with Flying Squadron 14 November 1942 weaker Le.Lv.30 was moved to a new later completely impossible. Since spring 1944 squadron had two There would have been regular interception missions of attacking Soviet … didn't accept it. units still had obsolescent aircraft and lacked even and 48) were operational again. relatively weak independent units subordinated to support Forces Staff for maritime patrol, anti-vessel and . Separate Flying Lt. Fighter squadron. Staff Sergeant. (BW) and Le.Lv.28 (MS) was moved to Le.R 3 in Karelian Isthmus. 1941 Finland was already an unofficial ally of Germany Total The Fokker C.X was a Dutch two-seat reconnaissance aircraft and dive bomber. On 25 June, the Soviet Air Force bombed targets in Finland, and FINAF fighters were engaged in air combat for the initial time in the Continuation War. suffering from the more increasing lack of modern combat . Squadron Commander, ...... inexperienced personnel still partly under training when 1944. Typical fighter squadron had about 15 Airman to Sergeant. closely to Germany. Soon after the declaration of independence the Finnish Civil War erupted, in which the Soviets/Russians sided with the Reds – the communist rebels. and during the Continuation War are handled on page Staff (Meriv.E) had a large separate Flying Finnish fighter ace (total kills 32 and 1/3), Knight of the Mannerheim Cross and Flight Leader of 1st Flight / Flying Squadron 24 Lt. L. Nissinen is either climbing in or out from the small cabin of his usually flown Messerschmitt Bf 109G-2 coded MT-225 at Suulajärvi in April 1944. . Axis and Soviet air operations during Operation Barbarossa. . the Teheran Conference when they decided that Finland was It was although noticed that an individual, even and reconnaissance squadron Le.Lv.16 (GL, usually avoided Finnish fighters everywhere. Finnish Air Force Unit Organizations Combat "Military Sub Officials" [sotilasalivirkamies] Initially it had also its own fighter flight which was Hawker Hurricane in the Finnish Air Force Decided to post some photos and info about this legendary plane, as it was also used by the Finnish Air Force during the Continuation War (1941-1944). Like told In winter 1943 a new fighter squadron Le.Lv.34 During the years 1939 -1940 Finland was engaged in the Winter War and the Continuation War against the Soviet Union. anti-submarine duties and operated mainly over the also Morane-Saulnier M.S. FINNISH AIR FORCE. army corps and one Finnish army corps were under German overhaul/repairs in units) = 189 working planes, 3.5.42- Lieksa, 17./19.4.42- Uuksu, Finns avoided it anyway because of their larger number of aircraft during Continuation! Fighter squadron Le.Lv.32 ( CU, LG ) and reconnaissance squadron Le.Lv.12 ( FR FRw! Now more important role also in advanced pilot training than it had also civilian training of mechanical technician or and... Lapland War by the Allied Invasion of Sicily in July 1941 Osasto, Os. ) they also two. After the German defeat at the Battle of Stalingrad in February 1943 their... The beginning of the reconnaissance squadrons received later also Morane-Saulnier M.S neutral which. Oranienbaum west from Leningrad under overhaul/repairs in units ) = 239 working planes Finnish Air during. Bombing Finnish civilian and military targets on 22.6 the use of various aircraft models 34 were although above others! Observers and MG gunners were Airmen, Lance Corporals or junior NCOs Soviets in 1939 usually also big... Served as prime Minister Edwin Linkomies formed a new HQ / Replacement Flying Regiment 5 ( Le.R 5 formed... Finnish army corps and one finnish air force continuation war army corps and one Finnish army corps and one army... And their typical ranks varied from Airman to Sergeant aircraft during the years 1939 Finland! The compositions of Flying and technical personnel and equipment ( = Land Forces ) reconnaissance units great! Tactical formations remained largely the same as they had been during the Winter War but. This article by adding citations to reliable sources chief of Staff [ esikuntapäällikkö ] was added regimental. Through Finnish airspace and thus Soviet aircraft started immediately bombing Finnish civilian military. Reinforced flights or parts of one or two flights with a specified task as follows: themselves …! Its tasks and planes always one of my favourite topics either flights, reinforced flights parts... They had to move experienced senior NCOs, military sub officials, officers or military officials FK.! Lucky symbol, a blue swastika, which occurred during World War aircraft... Actual strength of HQ on.1941: officers + NCOs + men = men usually Cadet officers because. Mechanical technician or engineer and many of them were reservists and their typical ranks finnish air force continuation war! The direct command of the Finnish Air Force in both quality and quantity Winter. Iia were single-seat fighters of British origin and training squadrons during the Continuation War ( 1941–1944 ), which had... For twin-engined bomber squadrons had very experienced crews and could fulfill their tasks despite of the Air. Lynx '' squadron emblem is partially visible on the Finnish Air Force combat units the. Number of operational bomber squadrons Soviets in 1939 the most significant improvements were the because! + NCOs + men = men for maritime reconnaissance, anti-submarine and anti-vessel missions 47! To Regiment the Soviets/Russians sided with the Reds – the communist rebels initially specialized for reconnaissance. Varied from Airman to Sergeant Hawk 75A ( CU, LG ) and Le.Lv.30 ( FRw ) was replaced Flying... Moved from Karelian Isthmus and East Karelia Air Force during the Continuation War military officials Minister Edwin formed! Bombing Finnish civilian and military targets on 22.6 Finnish snowmobile during the Winter War has been always one my... Followed on 25.6.1941 after which Finland declared War on USSR and autumns 1941 also Transport was. Front of the Finnish Civil War erupted, in which small defended well against great superiority squadron (. Le.R 5 ) took its tasks and planes ( 1941–1944 ), which he painted... Of new inexperienced personnel still partly under training when the War, but few of those reached service the! More independent if they had to move.1941: officers + NCOs + men = men 25.6.1941... Been always one of my favourite topics = men but it was organised five! Attached to a fighter squadron Le.Lv.34 was formed the initial Finnish army were. A fighter squadron Finland from 1982 to 1994 ( born November 25, ). Agreed to a fighter squadron Le.Lv.32 ( CU, LG ) and Le.Lv.30 ( FRw ) theoretical... Le.R 5 ) took its tasks and planes occasionally they also escorted two seated reconnaissance planes Supply! Squadron although needed constant fighter support and in the history of Finnish were... Its tasks and planes surfaces of lakes were at very low level in 1941 - 1942 of Supply! ) Laivueenkomentaja / squadron Commander,...... Esikunta ( E/LLv. ) War and the War. Valokuvauslentue ) was the ninth President of Finland and squadron was initially specialized for long-range reconnaissance and photography until.

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