0000704265 00000 n 0000022048 00000 n xref %PDF-1.3 %���� (ANNAPOLIS, MD)—Lisa Feldt, Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) Vice President for Environmental Protection and Restoration, issued the following statement in response to the high flows at Conowingo Dam: "Without a doubt, scouring behind the Conowingo Dam will impact the health of the Bay, but that's just one part of the story. 0000632438 00000 n 0000022386 00000 n 123 0 obj<>stream 30 Jul 2018. 29.4: Notification level 8 with 36 to 42 gates open at Conowingo Dam. The Susquehanna River flows through the Conowingo Dam, 10 miles upstream from the Bay. Conowingo Dam is located on the Lower Susquehanna River about 10 miles upstream from where it flows into the Chesapeake Bay at Havre De Grace, Maryland. Every day, approximately 25 billion gallons of freshwater flow from the Susquehanna River into the Chesapeake Bay, passing through the Conowingo Dam along its way. An additional crane was recently (c. 2006) installed at the power house end of the rails, which required inst… 0000477313 00000 n 0000003536 00000 n For the first 80 years of its existence, the dam trapped much of the nutrients and sediment flowing down the river from all the farms and all the towns and all the cities in that vast area of central Pennsylvania and into southern New York. {f���q��}�����`~�.^ѩ���t�R�((n��7-Zi pc�)�G�Gߋ�-��N�b>��>��C��L�v�����"�3�I��9̆��if�a31L�a�`�\s°y6��a�b[l9�yX [�!b. 0000022497 00000 n 0000004155 00000 n 63 0 obj <> endobj lesser flows, and scour and redeposition at lesser flows may also occur. startxref Like all hydropower dams , Conowingo has replaced a free-flowing section of the Susquehanna River with a 14 mile long, 9,000 acre reservoir, fundamentally altering the river’s ecology. More specifically, the area you want to go to is called Fisherman's park. 0000042513 00000 n I would suggest you first drive over the dam because it is an experience. Do you enjoy working with others to help clean the Chesapeake Bay? What: Eagle watching at Conowingo Dam. 0000707166 00000 n Fishing for flathead catfish in the dam pool has been good along with a mix of flathead, blue, and channel catfish in the lower river. 0000011521 00000 n The flood gates are operated by three overhead cranes rated for 60 short tons (53.6 long tons; 54.4 t) each and built by the Morgan Engineering Company of Ohio. Flow of 11,300 m 3 s-1 is the threshold for “mass wast-ing” when significant quantities of sediment are eroded from the reservoir bottom and passed over the Conowingo Dam outfall. Where: Public access to the base of the dam is at 2569 Shures Landing Road, Darlington, Maryland. Even as a young organization, our work was effective and got noticed. In fact, the Susquehanna alone provides 50% of the Bay’s freshwater supply. And they’re opening it up for public input. Flows sufficient to cause mass wasting have a … the Conowingo dam during low flow conditions can negatively impact the water supply for Havre de Grace. 0000704516 00000 n 0000045782 00000 n 0000631788 00000 n The Conowingo Reservoir is the lower part of the Susquehanna River as it flows through Pennsylvania and then crosses the Maryland border. 0000591897 00000 n trailer 0000040381 00000 n 0000045898 00000 n The original town of Conowingo is now under the reservoir above the dam. The … 0000003014 00000 n Five days of relentless rains drenched the region this week. 0000632194 00000 n The upper part, below Holtwood Dam is very treacherous to navigate due to huge boulders that are hidden just below the surface. • Consumptive water use in the Susquehanna River Basin, from and upstream of the Conowingo pond, is increasing and could eventually impact negatively on the pond and those who rely on its water. See the current river level, flood stages and level predictions for the Susquehanna River at Conowingo Dam. Topic: Conowingo Dam water flow (Read 429 times) 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. 0000631697 00000 n (Photo by Will Parson/ Chesapeake Bay Program) Notification level 9 with 43 to 53 gates open at Conowingo dam. �JX��, Donations are tax-deductable as allowed by law. 0000025854 00000 n The cranes run on rails the length of the dam and are electrically powered from lines that run above the face of the dam. 0000011208 00000 n 28.5: Notification level 7 with 33 to 35 gates open at Conowingo Dam. Find out what we did. The Facts About the Conowingo Dam. 0000035489 00000 n There were half a dozen photographers lined up along the river’s edge, each one following American Bald Eagles through a telephoto lens that looked like field artillery mounted on a tripod. The Susquehanna River flows south past Conowingo Dam to the Chesapeake Bay near Havre de Grace, Md., on June 26, 2018. In the event there is a regional blackout, as in 2003, Conowing Dam would be a resource to start the grid. Press Statement. Whether growing oysters, planting trees, or helping in our offices, there are plenty of ways you can contribute. • Commission-owned water supply 0000477428 00000 n 0000632627 00000 n 0000001516 00000 n The Susquehanna contributes, on average, roughly one third of the sediment, one quarter of the phosphorus, and 46 percent of the nitrogen flowing into the Bay. For many years, polluted sediment was trapped behind the Conowingo Dam on the Susquehanna River, sparing the Chesapeake Bay of at least one further insult to its declining health. The dam has 53 flood control gates, starting at the northeastern end of the powerhouse and spanning the majority of the dam. The hydroelectric power plant is owned and operated by Exelon Corporation and overseen by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. x�b``�d``sc`c`�[email protected] Vv�#V%&��ضh�Tct`����acѨ�h[���a�ìb��[W|���p�O�c�[o+H���@=���D��f�������j Pa�yH[�XD�A�AH�yÏ��[email protected]� The Maryland Department of Natural Resources advises commercial and recreational anglers, boaters and watermen to avoid the Susquehanna River and Upper Chesapeake Bay over the next few days due to the heavy water flows and swells downstream of Conowingo Dam.. What’s not a certainty is when, how many and how severe. 0000709982 00000 n 63 61 This is equivalent to one Olympic swimming pool of water per second. 0000000016 00000 n Look closely at the satellite imagery. 0000702557 00000 n (Photo by Will Parson/Chesapeake Bay Program) For the first time, a coalition of environmental groups have drafted a plan to clean up pollution from the Conowingo Dam that flows into the Chesapeake Bay. 0000591781 00000 n 0000702978 00000 n "The Bay is not yet saved. 0000037787 00000 n <<86C32FF9BD181A40BF28334D27B749E6>]>> The Susquehanna River flows through the Conowingo Dam, 10 miles upstream from the Bay. 0000004189 00000 n Do you have a few hours to spare? troutfishin. Here's a look in photos and video. This information is redistributed from Weather.gov and we make no claims as … 0000477670 00000 n The dam's owner has pledged to spend $200 … The Susquehanna River flows strongly past the Conowingo Dam near Conowingo, Md., on March 11, 2015. CBF Statement on High Flows at Conowingo Dam.

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