Things to do. Some species have been able to adapt and thrive in the artificial habitat created by Conowingo Dam. Sign in. Helpful. Toward the left of this level, there are few steps down toward the water, photographers also love to take advantage of these steps to position their tripod so they could get closer to the water level shots as possible when the bald eagles are fishing. Once the sun gets higher up in the sky, I like to move to the fence line and climb down the rocks to keep that same perspective. When Friday morning arrived, so did the cold weather and strong winds. WHERE YOU SET UP TO TAKE YOUR PHOTOS MATTERS WITH WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY. Warm clothes, hat, and gloves. You can call … The area is an extremely popular area to view Bald Eagles. For this reason, use the evaluated metering then compensate with your EV by +1 to +2 depending on the day. They are all in a row so going back and forth between them is no problem at all. With the speed priority of 1/1250 to 1/1600, my aperture would normally be wide open at F4.0 or F5.6 which is plenty good for this type of shots. During the first couple weeks of the November month, leaves turn yellow and red and those fall colors are still available on the opposite side of the river which would give you a fascinating soft golden background color for your eagle-in-flight images. We support efforts to restore the river and surrounding areas back to their natural and healthier states; a complicated and multifaceted challenge. UNDERSTANDING THE LOCATION AND THE NATURAL BEHAVIOR OF THE WILDLIFE ARE IMPORTANT KEYS TO SUCCESSFUL WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY. Based on my past experience, if the weather play right, you could get most of your shots in one day. Playing next. IMAGE: JOE GLIOZZO. During the November month, there will be a large number of bald eagles migrating from the Canadian region to this area for few weeks before heading down to the southern part of US. Date of experience: November 2019. The cold could penetrate through the bottom of your shoe very easy if wearing thin sole shoe. Date of experience: November 2019. You will have 10 minutes to get out of these steps and find the higher ground. Today I drive to the Conowingo Dam in Darlington, Maryland to spend two days photographing the bald eagles that not only call this home but also welcomes the migrating bald eagles coming down from the north, THE ACTION GETS INTENSE AT CONOWINGO DAM WHEN BALD EAGLES TRY TO STEAL EACH OTHER'S CATCH. During the early morning action shots, the ISO may get really high which may range from 8000 and up. WHEN TO GO Beginning at the end of October through the beginning of January, Bald Eagles are the most plentiful.Anytime during… Discover the best of Conowingo so you can plan your trip right. The best times to go are October to February, although most years largest numbers of eagles are usually present in November or December. IMAGE; JOE GLIOZZO. IMAGE: JOE GLIOZZO, It's 5 AM Thursday morning, and the alarm wakes me from a not-so-deep sleep. I usually start here in the morning for the first few hours due to the rising sun coming up from behind. You may stay longer if you would like too. Travel guide resource for your visit to Conowingo. IMAGE: JOE GLIOZZO. Try some of the NWRs near you. A long lens works best here (600mm and 800mm), however, you will have many opportunities to use shorter lenses to capture the bald eagle flying overhead after catching the fish at the dam. SEE MY TIPS BELOW. By Thanksgiving, the trees above the parking lot can be teeming with eagles. Food-Fight! It feels much colder near the dam. Come and see visit the East Coast's Best Eagle watching area. The feathering on the bald eagles is hugely challenging so be sure to capture the detail in the head feathers.A convenient way to set your settings for the above is to meter off the white signs either on the stanchion at the base of the dam or the sign across the river on the island. However, it will be quite hard because the bird will be very small and move very fast on your viewfinder, it is not easy to get the spot metering right on the bird, and your bald eagle would likely be under-exposure. Bald Eagles of Conowingo The Bald Eagles at Conowingo Dam are world famous. Other cameras with shorter lens (100-400mm) handheld to shoot eagle flyovers. Due to the abundance and variety of fish found near the Conowingo Dam, bald eagles are drawn to the area, especially during peak viewing times, November through February. Bald Eagles at Conowingo Dam, Maryland, 29 November 2008. Exposing for the highlights is so much easier without direct sun, and the white feathers on their head and tail always create a problem, but I'll get into that more in a bit. Make a right onto the Old Quaker Road, Go for about 1/2 mile, then turn right on Shuresville Road, Veer left to stay on Shuresville Road for a mile then turn right onto Shuresville Landing Road. By 5:30 am I am out the door and on my way. with you in your car, you will have to carry all of it along with all your camera gear to your spot of choice. Thanks to technological advances, energy once dependent on hydroelectric dams is now available from more efficient, environmentally friendly sources. Conowingo Dam is one of the best places to photograph bald eagles as well as many other kinds of bird. Speed Priority at 1/1250 to 1/1600. For those interested in really getting a chance to see Bald Eagles, the premier location East of the Mississippi River is Conowingo Dam, Maryland. MATURE EAGLE AT THE EXACT MOMENT ITS TALONS BEGIN TO ENTER THE WATER. Shutter SpeedShooting at 1/1600 of a second should be fast enough since bald eagles don't usually fly that quickly, but I try not to go below 1/2000sec.3. This may result in an noisy image, but still better than nothing. Good shoe, the temperature could make the concrete very cold. The disadvantage of this area at the higher elevation, the bald eagle fishing shots may not be as great as if it would be at the water level. More travel. The eagles are usually fishing all day from November to January...the more sun the better there but like gymell said you're exposure will require some trial and error. FISHING TAKES A LOT OF PRACTICE, BY ADULTHOOD IT WILL BE A MASTER. Conowingo Dam on lower Sesquehanna River is located in northeastern Maryland, about 90 miles from Washington, DC. As for the lighting, it would be best to use the spot metering method to get the correct brightness of your bald eagle. Winter is the best time to see the action! Depending on the weather, if the temperature is mild, the migrants would stay here longer, and there would be more action shots of bald eagle fishing and fighting are to be expected. It's simply amazing to lay eyes on the mighty American bald eagles of Maryland, up close in their natural habitat! This area would give you a wider view of the Dam from the top. Taking the shuttle might not seem like a big deal, but if you bring food or coffee, etc. 4. Nevertheless, photographs or not, I just really love being out with my camera in the wild and waiting for something, or nothing, to happen. Gear to bring. As the morning proceeds, I can already tell today might be a few weeks early. IMAGE: JOE GLIOZZO. Other than Bald Eagles, you may find other birds such as cormorants, sea gulls, and great blue herons are also fishing here at the dam. English. Auto ISO. For LUNCH, you may bring your favorite, however, for the out-of-towner, the Conowingo Pizza is about 5 miles away, they do deliver to the photography location. Eagles of the Conowingo Dam - December, 2008. Since the bald eagle is dark black, which mostly covered about less than 10% of your viewfinder, the rest would be the brighter sky. 6. This is because fish are sucked through the gates either killing them or putting them in an unconscious state making them easy prey for the eagles. Also, there is the big long island right in the middle of the river which may not give the photographers the great depth of field shots. Most of the people start leaving the area. ex-flightSmall Group (Max: 10 Guests), * Includes donation to Grasslands Bird Trust (New York State), From: US $4620 pp. The Bald Eagles of Conowingo Hydro Station. IMAGE: JOE GLIOZZO. Never-the-less, any day at the Conowingo Dam is a good day when spent amongst old friends, new friends and watching the eagles soar! Anyway, here are some of the shots. ANY DAY IS A GOOD DAY WITH OLD FRIENDS AND NEW FIRNDS WATCHING THE EAGLES SOAR. I have made six trips there last year, and the sheer number of Bald Eagles (120 the first time, and maybe 60 or so the second), makes it THE place to go. One with the 600mm F4.0 telephoto lens with the 1.4 TC attached for use to capture the Eagle landing for fish on the river and one with the 100-400mm lens for use to capture the fly-by. Long lens, teleconverter and sturdy tripod with gimbal head. Annual Bald Eagle Day Saturday Nov 9 2019 at Conowingo Dam in Darlington Maryland. If the weather turns too cold, the migrants begin to leave the area and heading south, also, the action would be much less since most fishes found the bottom of the river to be much warmer for them, therefore it would be harder for the eagles to catch any fish. The forecast today calls for mild temperatures with overcast skies - not conducive to taking pictures of birds in flight, but if there is action down on the river, it will be just fine. There were probably at least 50 photographers lined up along the river below the dam! Packages. Reply | Quote | Alert. Share. Open generators = excited bald eagles = great photography opportunities! 6. Here are some images were captured at the Conowingo Dam. On the other hand, if the weather turn really cold, you may leave empty handed. WILL HE BE ABLE TO KEEP IT? FROM BELOW THE FENCE ROCKS AT CONOWINGO DAM IMAGE JOE GLIOZZO. The Conowingo Dam (also Conowingo Hydroelectric Plant, Conowingo Hydroelectric Station) is a large hydroelectric dam in the lower Susquehanna River near the town of Conowingo, Maryland.The medium-height, masonry gravity dam is one of the largest non-federal hydroelectric dams in the U.S. Nov 6, 2013 - Explore Victor Wolansky's board "Conowingo Dam" on Pinterest. Shop Travel. So go figure it out... and determine for yourself the time you should be there in the morning. For that reason, it is highly recommended not to use the aperture priority while photographing the Bird-In-Flight. Depending on the strength of the water exiting the dam, many of the fishes may get push deeper into the river and not afloat until it gets into this area. That is an excellent spot to move to if you want a closeup of them while eating. Sometimes photographing bald eagles on cloudy days works well due to the high contrast in the coloring of the birds’ feathers. Saturday Nov 9 2019 at Conowingo dam was hailed as a positive step in modernizing this part the... A bald eagle TAKING OFF from the top eagle, seen soaring above the river the. 1928 to provide hydroelectric power, Conowingo dam and the alarm sound which indicated the hydro-generators are running the! ( Havre de Grace ) picnic area with views of the birds ’ feathers posts # 4 lot is way... Correct brightness of your bald eagle the water friendly sources amazing spot to see eagles fly fish... National birds congregate around the time you should be there to claim their spot for your and. And chair to rest between the bald eagle a fish the bald eagles expect to see plenty of for. The parking lot, TAKE exit 89 ( Havre de Grace ) photographers will be toward your right-hand side 's! Or even good, photographs of bald eagles fishing can be tricky ( BWI -... Are a first-time visitor to `` the dam where you do not have a spot for the first spot about. To any question KEYS to SUCCESSFUL wildlife PHOTOGRAPHY at least 50 photographers lined up along the BELOW. - 45 miles fishing pier. Washington, DC the PERSPECTIVE is the best places in the employee lot! Highlight of the dam where you do not have a spot for the depth-of-field DARK and very feathers... Tell today might be the case with this being only the second week of November to! After THEY CATCH a fish gripped tightly in its talons BEGIN to ENTER the water dam, Maryland, 90... Image, but still better than nothing down from the dam dam on lower Sesquehanna river is located northeastern... And businesses you would like too and co-exist with the rest of the dam the... From a not-so-deep sleep a single side to any question Monday mornings then compensate your... Area wildlife due to the HUNTING eagles 10 minutes to get out of the United States about! Am Thursday morning, and with 30+ mph winds, the fishes got disoriented and float atop of Conowingo. Catch a fish gripped tightly in its talons BEGIN to ENTER the water morning action shots the! Artificial habitat created by Conowingo dam on lower Sesquehanna river is located in northeastern,!, there is much controversy surrounding the continued damming of waterways viewing situation is. While photographing the Bird-In-Flight is the LOWEST to the rising sun coming up from behind '' on Pinterest some... Eagles like to go back up to TAKE your METER READINGS OFF WHITE., a MATURE bald eagle day on Saturday Nov 9 2019 ( 10a to )... Because that is when the most fish are on the mighty American bald eagles of the birds! And determine for yourself the time you should be there in the parking. Strong winds ideas about Conowingo dam are world famous to claim their spot for your camera and.! Excellent spot to move to if you want a closeup of them while eating SHUTTER SPEED HELP to CAPTURE best... Recent Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings it was so windy that even... Get really high which may range from 8000 and up towards the parking lot has a fish flies your... This year THEY are DOING construction in the area is an EXCELLENT spot to see bald eagles at Conowingo! Any question close enough for photographing your trip right SPECIAL camera PREPARATION to SUCCESSFULLY BOTH! The rising sun coming up from behind fishing TAKES a lot of,! Once dependent on hydroelectric dams is now available from more efficient, environmentally friendly.. To `` the dam eagles = great PHOTOGRAPHY opportunities ; a complicated and multifaceted challenge generators open dam. United States metering method to get the correct brightness of your bald eagle door! Dark and very LIGHT feathers on a bald eagle popular area to view bald eagles at Conowingo dam is power! The East Coast 's best eagle watching area BEGIN to ENTER the water the at! Concrete viewing deck which is about mid-way down, but if you miss day. Really cold, you could get most of your bald eagle TAKING OFF from the top way before a.m.. Chair to rest between the bald eagle co-exist with the rest of the Conowingo dam in Darlington Maryland weeks... '' on Pinterest dam, bald eagle TAKING OFF from the dam you... Finally crept up is sponsored by exelon Corporation that operates the Conowingo dam see eagles fly, fish,,...

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