Get up to 8% cash rebates on online, groceries and pharmacy spending! Minimum monthly income. AM Bank Visa Platinum debit card combines the possibility to access your bank account to perform your daily expenses without having to visit your branch and the experience of a luxury lifestyle that suits the … All rights reserved. Protect yourself and your family while travelling. Refuel at Shell petrol stations nationwide and pay using AmBank BonusLink Visa Platinum because every RM20 charged to this credit card, you earn 30x BonusLink Points. Earn 2X reward points, enjoy dining and hotel privileges, and get free travel insurance too with this Visa Platinum Card from AmBank. Apply now RM … AmBank Islamic Visa Gold Card-i. 24/7 Customer Care Service With the prestigious Visa Platinum credit card, take your sophisticated lifestyle to a whole new level and enjoy an outstanding journey into worldwide recognition and … Designed for those looking for a secured card providing worldwide shopping convenience and access to remarkable benefits, AM Bank MasterCard Platinum card is the perfect purchasing choice. RM 0. If you like to pay your card bills in full, you will get 2% cash rebate, capped at RM20 per card every month. Annual fee. Save and collect BonusLink Points with everyspend to redeem products, services, vouchers or cervert it to RM 50 cash. AmBank Islamic Visa Platinum Carz Card A card that caters for motorists and packaged with all auto related benefits. Exclusively for you and your family members, stay protected with up to RM1 million travel Takaful coverage while travelling. We’ve Compared Top 4 Pocket WiFis And Found The Best Deal! Ambank Cash Rebate Visa Platinum . By using our site, you accept our cookie policy. © 2021 Jirnexu Sdn. If you are always travelling from one city to another, the all-new AmBank Islamic Visa Platinum CARz Card is your travelling companion. 2% cash rebate, capped at RM20 per card, is yours upon full credit card payment. Thank you for your interest in AmBank Cash Rebate Visa Platinum Card Income RM36,000-RM48,000 RM49,000-RM59,000 RM60,000-RM79,000 RM80,000-RM119,000 RM120,000 & above p.a Submit Get cash rebates on all Petrol transactions. The AmBank Carz Gold Visa Card and the AmBank Carz Platinum MasterCard for example is great for those who are always travelling by the road as it offers up to 3% and 5% respectively on petrol … American Bank & Trust Visa ® Secured Card If you need to build or rebuild your credit history, our Visa … Get covered automatically with up to RM1 million Travel Takaful coverage when you charge full fare of air ticket(s) to this card. 4.88%. Balance transfer. As if the above two benefits are not enough, you will also be delighted to know that there is a complimentary travel Takaful coverage too. A card for the new norm. Bhd. AmBank BonusLink Visa Gold; M-Gold AmBank UnionPay Platinum; AmBank BonusLink Visa Platinum; M-Platinum AmBank BonusLink Visa Signature; M-Signature All other AmBank Credit Cards Principal … AmBank Islamic Visa Platinum CARz Card-i - For motorists! RM30 Cashback, RM30 OFF or 30% OFF from Christy Ng, Lazada, Madam Kwan’s, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Shopee, ZALORA and more. It is packed with a vast of unique privileges meticulously put together. Haven't received my message yet? It’s a 2-in-1 Card that is a Credit Card AND a BonusLink Card. Discover a host of AmBank Credit Card privileges and offers here at AmBank Spot. This is how much you will be covered: But on one condition, you must charge your full fare of flight ticket(s) to your AmBank Islamic Visa Platinum CARz Card-i to be able to enjoy this coverage. required … All rights reserved. You can also … AmBank Islamic Visa Platinum Card-i. Earn 5% cash rebate on a minimum or partial credit card payment, capped at RM80 per card every month. Here is how to apply for AMBank Cards and a review of charges. AmBank Islamic Visa Platinum CARz Card-i A card that helps make your journey on the road more pleasant with its vast auto-related benefits, petrol … Refueling your car when you are always out and about can surely drain your wallet, considering fuel prices are constantly fluctuating from time to time. © 2021 (Compargo Malaysia Sdn Bhd, 201301020939). This is the lifestyle card that lets you save as you spend. Maybank Platinum Visa Card Earn fuss-free cash rebates on all your local and foreign currency spend. Find Out More . Full Name (as per IC)* Email* … Be A Smart Shopper – Save And Earn More With The Lazada Citi Credit Card! How Credit Cards Can Affect Your Credit Score. Approval from FSA 2013 would be required upon graduation from the sandbox. Open WhatsApp now. Online shopping gets even better with AmBank Cashback credit card. With worldwide recognition, AmBank Platinum MasterCard / Visa credit card allows you to earn 1x AmBonus Point for every Ringgit you spend, and 2x AmBonus Points for overseas spend. Apply for AmBank Visa Platinum by Ambank. Get latest promotions and freebies from Ambank Do a balance transfer with 4.99 p.a to your account for more cash in hand! VISA Platinum Card (Income Requirement: RM48,000 p.a) A gateway to more rewards 10X … 4.88% rate for 12 months Balance Transfer repayment period. Interest rate p.a. With Ambank Visa Platinum… Find Out More . First 3 supplementary cards are free for life, 4th supplementary card onwards is RM188 p.a. Credit card … Ambank BonusLink Visa Platinum … How Do You Make A Travel Insurance Claim? RM1 million travel insurance coverage when the full fare of airline tickets are charged to the card. Credit card payments can be … Apply now RM 2,000. Balance Transfers Vs Debt Consolidation Loan: Which Is Better In Helping You Clear Your Debt? Apply now … No penalty fee for early payment. I agree to be contacted by RinggitPlus via WhatsApp regarding my application, AmBank Islamic Visa Platinum CARz Card-i Terms and Conditions, AmBank Islamic Visa Platinum CARz Card-i Product Disclosure Sheet, RinggitPlus Sign Up Offer Gift Terms and Conditions, AmBank Islamic Al-Taslif Visa Platinum Card-i, AmBank Signature Priority Banking Visa Infinite Card, Best Free Airport Lounge Access Credit Cards, Guide to Buying Your First Insurance Plan. AmBank Easy Payment Plan offers up to 24 months payment tenures with 0% interest rate on retail purchases from a range of approved merchants. Find Out More . Credit Card Past Promotions Terms and Conditions, Bank Negara Malaysia Reassures Borrowers Repayment Assistance To Continue Until Next Year, Bank Negara Malaysia Receives 500,000 Applications For Repayment Assistance Amid Moratorium Conclusion. AmBank Cash Rebate Visa Platinum Card. Get as high as 5% cash rebate, capped at RM80 per card every month, when you make a minimum or partial credit card payment every month. … AmBank Credit Card History AmBank Group is one of the … The promotion is valid with minimum spend of RM200 for all other AmBank Visa Credit Card or … Yes, you absolutely read it right! The promotion is valid with minimum spend of RM150 for AmBank Cash Rebate Visa Platinum Credit Card. Please Enter Your Details. Dining & Hotel Room Privileges at Hilton. AmBank/AmBank Islamic Visa Platinum Card A card which knows no boundaries With worldwide recognition, AmBank/AmBank Islamic Visa credit cards helps you pay with peace of mind. AmBank Islamic Carz Visa Gold Card-i. Cookies Information AM Bank uses small data files called cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. Apply for Ambank BonusLink Visa Platinum Card by Ambank. AmBank Platinum Card A card which knows no boundaries With worldwide recognition, AmBank/AmBank Islamic MasterCard/Visa credit cards helps you pay with peace of mind. When you apply for AmBank Cash Rebate Visa Platinum Card. Get cash rebates of up to 5% when you perform transactions on any Petrol brand every month. In order to qualify for a credit card in Malaysia, … Unleash the deals now and be prepared to embark on a rewarding journey with us. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Apply now 10% Interest … However, starting from the fourth supplementary cards onward, an annual fee of RM188 will be incurred. With Visa Platinum Euro, you can … AmBank UnionPay Platinum Credit Card Get 2x free access to airport lounge, 5x reward points for spending overseas, and 30% discount on golf with AmBank UnionPay Platinum credit card. AmBank Islamic Carz Visa Platinum Card-i. 0% Easy Payment Plan program, up to 36 months interest/management free instalment payment at participating merchants. Ambank BonusLink Visa Platinum Card. Enjoy the best of both worlds with one single card. Our Platinum Preferred members receive a very attractive variable Annual Percentage Rate, plus all of the Visa ® Classic and Platinum card benefits. You get platinum benefits at minimum qualifications. For other purchases, AmFlexi Pay offers interest rate as low as 3%. Subscribe now to get our weekly newsletter for free! Once you choose to become a holder of Visa Platinum Euro credit card, you will unlock exclusive services to savor as you roam around Europe’s most coveted destinations. That's not all, the first three (3) supplementary cards are free from annual fee as well, no conditions attached. AmBank Visa Platinum. Both you the principal cardholder and supplementary cardholder are eligible for this petrol cash rebate. Ambank Cash Rebate Visa Platinum . AmFlexi-Pay, converting retail transactions into monthly instalments from as low as 3% interest, Standard Chartered WorldMiles World Mastercard®, HSBC Amanah MPower Visa Platinum Credit Card-i. Save and collect BonusLink Points with everyspend to redeem products, services, vouchers or cervert it to RM 50 cash. So what is the better way to save some money on petrol refuel than to have a credit card that gives you cash rebate on your spending? Up to 8% Cash Rebate on Groceries, Pharmacy & Online, Unlimited 10% Interest Rebate with minimum total retail spends of RM500 per month, 10% Cashback at duty-free outlets across ASEAN countries, 0.1% Cash Rebate for subsequent eligible spend after hitting maximum capping. AmBank Visa Platinum gives you more than just convenience, it also makes your shopping experience a whole lot more satisfying and rewarding! I'll need to ask you a few more questions to complete your application. 15%. This AmBank Islamic Visa Platinum CARz Card-i lets you earn attractive cash rebates when you refuel at any petrol stations of your choice in Malaysia. AmBank Cash Rebate Visa Platinum Online shopping gets even better with this AmBank cashback credit card. Looking for a credit card that helps make your journey on the road more pleasant? Not only you can save money on petrol refill, this AmBank Islamic Visa Platinum CARz Card-i is also free for life. AmBank Credit Card has a wide range of Platinum Cards, Visa and MasterCard. Jirnexu is an approved participant in the BNM Fintech Regulatory Sandbox.

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