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Oct 08, 2008

Introducing a series of conversations with experts on the most critical issues facing the next president of the United States. First up: John Nagl on the War on Terror.

By John Nagl as told to FLYP

If we have learned anything these last several weeks, it is that politicians don’t have all the answers. In response, FLYP is launching a series of interviews with experts on some of the most difficult problems facing the country. We will ask the questions you would ask, to stimulate the conversations you’re having with family, friends and your representatives in Washington.


"Someone killed 3,000 Americans, and that guy is still alive. The American people are willing to turn heaven and earth to ensure that justice is done, to get that guy. The problem is that we have not mobilized the nation for war." – John Nagl, coauthor of U.S. Army/Marine Corps Counterinsurgency Field Manual


 The Wars on Terror: Witness a video briefing by John Nagl.

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