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Feb 13, 2009

From beetles to butterflies, the Insect Lab blends nature and technology by crafting real insect specimens using antique watch parts.

By FLYP Staff

With FLYP Media’s interactive page, zoom in on some of the most
whimsical creatures ever created: little beetles and butterflies made
by Insect Lab out of antique watch parts.

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Absolutely impressive! Thank you FLYPmedia ” ^_^ ” …….! I love the format of FLYP

Blake Parker
Jul 27, 2009

Can you imagin that, watch parts?This person had some real artistic and mechanical skill. Thank you FLYP for this most interesting presentation. It’s amazing when you click over the bugs and view closeup’s of the antique watch parts. I’m impressed ” ^_^ ” …….!

Blake Parker
Jul 27, 2009

these are wonderful. Who is the artst and how can I contact them?

catherine bragdon
Apr 23, 2009

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