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October 3–18
Mind Games
For the first World Mind Sports Games in Beijing, 3,000 competitors from 143 countries put mind over muscles, going for gold in chess, bridge, checkers, go and xiangqi (Chinese chess). Organizers hope the size of the event—and the drug testing of competitors—will push the events toward inclusion in the Olympics.

October 12
Mother Teresa Must Wait
Pope Benedict XVI’s choice of Sister Alphonsa of Kottayam as one of the four saints he’ll canonization today comes as something of a surprise. After being beatified in 2003, Mother Teresa was expected to get the nod, but it turns out she needs one more miracle before she can be elevated to full sainthood.

October 15
The Last Word
John McCain and Barack Obama will meet for the last presidential debate at Hofstra University in New York to dispute domestic and economic policy. Bob Schieffer, whose brother is supposedly a close friend of President Bush, will play moderator. Of course, that won’t have any bearing on how the event plays out…

October 17
Directing Dubya
Oliver Stone’s Bush biopic, W., arrives today—just in time to make an impact on the November election. Although Stone suggests that even Bush fans will appreciate the movie, early indicators are that they probably won’t.

October 17
The Hive…Revealed!
While the movie version of the bestselling novel, The Secret Life of Bees, hits the big screen today, the political leanings of the cast members have created a buzz of their own: during a recent press conference, director Gina Prince-Blythwood said, “It could help get Obama elected.”

October 17
Free Film
After the unexpected success of Radiohead’s pay-what-you-want album, In Rainbows, filmmaker Wayne Wang (The Joy Luck Club) has decided to see if a similar kind of distribution model works for the film industry. Today, he debuts his latest film, The Princess of Nebraska, for free on YouTube.

October 22–24
Building the Best
The world’s best architects meet in Barcelona to honor the year’s most important buildings at the World Architecture Festival. Over 700 entries from 63 countries are up for awards in 17 categories ranging from civic and culture to pleasure and private housing.

October 22 or 23
The Search for Mr. October
The 2008 World Series is set to start during the fourth week of October. After winning their first championship in 86 years in 2004, the Boston Red Sox are attempting to become this century’s first baseball dynasty. A title this year will be the third for the Sox in the past six years and the eighth in their storied history.