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May 07, 2009

FLYP’s latest picks.

By FLYP Staff

What’s the Big Idea?

Get your daily dose of “innovation, inspiration and brilliant ideas” served up in easy-to-digest, bit-sized morsels.

What’s Cooking?

Planning the perfect meal? Browse through dozens of pictures of appetizers, entrees and deserts and then link to the recipes so you can get cooking.

Global Dispatches

Check the top headlines from around the world with this interactive, easy-to-read news site. Scroll over for a headline or a blurb, or click to get the full story.

House Call

Get insights and answers to all your medical questions from people who have been there with this online health network.

Interior Innovation

Create your own custom pillow and shop for other house wares and furniture at this online decor store.

Music Maker

Last Call with Carson Daly talent scout Diana Miller gives you the inside scoop on the latest buzz in the music biz.

DJ Everyman

Mix your own house beat by dragging and dropping snares, kick drums and bass lines.

Hot Spot

See how the world is warming with interactive visualizations of depleting ice caps, rising sea levels and CO2 emissions by country.

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