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Jan 30, 2009

FLYP reveals some of the best sites on the Web.

By FLYP Staff

Touch the Sky
Hey Einstein, make like the Creator and build your own star!

Virtual Knee Surgery!
Not for the squeamish, edheads.org puts your hand on the scalpel….

Got Milk? The Board Game
You could get calcium deficiency waiting for it to load, but its silky coolness is worth the wait.

Dept. of Bright Ideas
Who needs crude oil from Venezuela or Iran when we can get it from germs?

A Door to Other Doors
A site about design, photography, fashion, trends and miscellaneous whimsies.

Your Desktop-Mounted Think Tank
Free videos of smart lectures and think-tank conferences from all over.

Just Bubble Wrap. Really.
For wasting time at the office, turn down the volume. Betcha can’t snap just one.

Who are you, deep down?
Take the tests (if you dare) from Harvard’s Project Implicit.

FAQs on the meaning of life
“This site has been marked as obsolete, wrong, or just plain old.” Who cares? The answers are still here!

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