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Sep 25, 2008

Events that will matter.

By FLYP Staff

Get ahead of the curve and find out tomorrow’s headlines…today.

September 25
Potter Hits Puberty
Daniel Radcliffe, who has been portraying Harry Potter on the big screen since 2000, makes his formal Broadway debut today in the horse-love drama, Equus. Last year, Radcliffe’s nude scenes from the play’s run in London created something of a stir, with images traveling far and wide in cyberspace.

September 26
Talk Time
The two presidential candidates will sharpen their rhetorical skills and hone their messages at a series of three debates over the next two weeks. It all begins today in Oxford, Miss., at Ole Miss, where John McCain and Barack Obama will tussle on the broad topic of domestic policy.

September 29
Try Again
Legendary music producer and notable eccentric Phil Spector stands trial for the murder of B-movie actress Lana Clarkson for the second time today. Spector insists that Clarkson shot herself at his mansion in 2003, but his 2007 trial for second-degree murder ended when the jury couldn’t reach a verdict.

September 30
Tally It Up
We’ll see if the U.S. kept its promise to accept 12,000 Iraqi refugees during the 2008 fiscal year, which ends today. Only 2,000 refugees were admitted by Jan. 1, but the State Department claims it has accepted almost 11,000 since, surpassing the target. According to the UN, 85,000 more need to be resettled in 2009.

October 1
Off with the Wig
The English civil and family courts are giving up a tradition that dates back more than 300 years today when they take off their horsehair wigs. English criminal judges had kept the curls for so long because they claim the wigs provide dignity—and a bit of disguise—when facing down criminals.

October 3
A Higher Humor
After a few delays, Religulous, the new documentary from Bill Maher and Borat director Larry Charles, will be released today. By turning his gleefully irreverent sense of humor toward one of his favorite topics—the Almighty—Maher is sure to rile up a host of religious hardliners and traditionalists.

October 6
Nobel Denial
There will be no Michael Nobel Energy Award for innovation in energy technology when the Nobel Foundation announces the annual prizes in Stockholm today. The new prize, which was suggested in 2007 by the Alfred Nobel’s great-grand-nephew, Michael, was deferred.

October 8
Danger, Will Robinson
There will be many frayed nerves and crossed fingers when the shuttle carrying astronauts into space for the final repair of the Hubble Space Telescope takes off today; a month ago, NASA officials announced that the crew faces a greater-than-usual risk of a catastrophic collision with space debris.

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