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Dec 11, 2008

Events that will matter.

By FLYP Staff

FLYP Media gets you in the know on what’s bound to make tomorrow’s headlines.

December 25 & 26
Cinematic Yuletide
If the holiday season pillars of family, food and faith are getting a bit heavy for you, theaters offer six major releases over Christmas and Boxing Day. Adam Sandler regresses in Bedtime Stories and Jennifer Aniston gets a little too attached to her pup in Marley and Me, while Tom Cruise fights a flop in Valkyrie.

January 6
Back to Business
It’s out with the old, in with the new when the House and Senate are back in session today. New members include to-be-determined replacements for Obama and Clinton, plus Ted Stevens-killing Alaska Sen. Mark Begich—now officially the body’s only member without a college degree.

January 8
Football Finale
Oklahoma will square off with Florida at this year’s Orange Bowl to determine college football’s national champion. But arguments from a handful of teams—most notably Texas, who beat Oklahoma in November—are sure to add credence to calls to replace the current bowl system with a year-end playoff.

January 8
Gadgets and Porn
The 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show kicks off today in Las Vegas, to the delight of geeks all over. Over 2,700 companies will unveil the newest high-tech products. Meanwhile, titans of the X-rated film industry will congregate across town for the annual AVN Adult Entertainment Expo.

January 15
Butch Cassidy, In Memoriam
It’s a bittersweet year for the Sundance Film Festival—the ten-day event takes it’s name for 1969 movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, which starred founder Robert Redford and screen legend Paul Newman, who died this year. The 200 selected films have been chosen from over 900 submissions.

January 19
Energy Savers, Unite!
At press time, over 58 countries are planning to send heads of state, top CEOs, environmentalists and other politicos to Abu Dhabi’s World Future Energy Summit. The UAE is pushing the Masdar Initiative, an ambitious effort that includes the construction of a zero waste community.

January 21
Back to the Island
Is Jin really dead? Will Jack shave that ugly beard? And can someone please explain how exactly that island sunk into the sea? These are among the questions “Lost” fanatics will be looking for answers to when the ABC sci-fi drama returns for its fifth season.

January 22
High-End Men
If economic woes mean lowering hemlines for women, how exactly does a recession change a three-piece suit? Fashion watchers can ponder that when Men’s Fashion Week kicks off in Paris. Expect the extravagance of Chanel Haute Couture to be a highlight.

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