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Nov 04, 2008

Events that will matter.

By FLYP Staff

With FLYP’s interactive graphic, you can find out the headlines of tomorrow, today.

November 10–13
A (Very) Small World
Tour the globe on the convention floor at London’s four-day annual World Travel Market. Attractions include seminars on culinary tourism, eco-hotels and the impact of water scarcity. Plus, see how Iceland stacks up against Algeria and Australia when the 2008 Country Brand Index rankings are released.

November 11
Cheers, Lizzie
The grand dame of British cruise liners, the Queen Elizabeth 2, departs from Southhampton, England, for the last time. It will be an active retirement; thanks to a $100 million purchase by investment company Istithmar, the ship can now look forward to many more years as a “floating hotel” in Dubai.

November 12
Tech Saviors
Innovations for the common good are spotlighted at the Tech Museum Awards in San Jose, Calif. Microcredit pioneer Dr. Muhammad Yunus of Grameen Bank takes the top honor, while 25 other laureates from around the world honor achievements in education, environment, health and economic development.

November 13–16
Paris et la Photographie
The City of Lights gives way to the art of recording light at this year’s Paris Photo, which for over ten years has been hailed as the world’s premiere photography event. The fair goes even more international this year: Japan has been declared the guest of honor, and over 130 Japanese photographs will be on display.

November 17–21
Mickey is a VIP
In its holy city of Orlando, Fla., the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions offers up its annual expo. Theme park titans and upstarts alike are on hand for events, such a “give kids the world golf tournament,” a water park and resort social and the ever-prestigious annual souvenir awards.

November 18
Statistical Anomalies
The man who brought us The Tipping Point and Blink, Malcolm Gladwell, uses yet another abstract noun to explain the world. This time he takes on Outliers, examining what it is about high achievers that sets them apart from the rest of us. No word on whether he will examine extremes at the other end of the scale.

November 18–19
Fixing the Climate
California’s governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, dons his green cap to host governors from all 50 states and lawmakers from the world over for a summit on climate change. With UN climate talks set for next month in Poland, maybe this group can push the international community into action.

November 19
Best Books
This year’s National Book Award finalists are a weighty bunch: the nonfiction category includes luminaries like terror expert Jane Mayer, while the fiction side offers up two Pulitzer winners, Peter Matthiessen and Marilynne Robinson. Good luck to the judges, who announce the winners today.

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ronald washington
Nov 18, 2008

On the wars we are fighting. I think the U.S. should end the fighting in Iraq as soon as possible and get all our troops out of that country as soon as practicable. I think we should strongly consider ending the war in Afganistan also unless there is some overwhileming strategic reason we must continue the fighting there. On the economy. I think the president to be should keep the promises he made during the campaign–that he would make our economy his first order of business. He should follow through on his promise of reinstating taxes on individuals who make molre than $250,000 and reducing or eiminating taxes altogether on people.who earn less than a quarter million per year. In addition, I believe strong economic incetnives must be offered to alternative energy producing companies such as wind, solar and perhaps nuclear. Tax incentives should also be offered to electric utilities who cut emissions who prove they have reduced carbon emissions and technology companies who prove they have solutions for clean burning coal. Finally, we need to launch a nationwide infrastructure rebuilding program that produce jobs for our people and new schools for our education system and new roads and bridges for our ailing transportation system. On education: Again, Obama should do as hne promised: raise teacher salaries, reduce student/teacher ratios, begin following the Supreme Court ruling on Brown vs board of education that was passed more than 50 years ago. Create equal education for all and strengthen our teaching abilities in math and science so we can compete in thiis global economy. On healthcare. The U.S. ranks 37th worldwide in the quality of our healthcare. We have nearly 50 million people with no health care insurance of any kiind. Our new president must fix problem and it must be done in his first term in office.

john Brown
Nov 18, 2008