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Sep 10, 2009

Events that will matter.

By FLYP Staff

Sept. 22
Smart Money
The annual MacArthur “genius” grants, which celebrate the creative individual in American society, will be handed out today. The 25 winners of the award will receive $500,000 over a five-year period with “no strings attached.” Last year winners included astronomer Adam Reiss and saxophonist Miguel Zenon.

Sept. 22
Hot Talks
The UN climate summit in New York will bring together leaders from virtually all Western nations, including President Barack Obama, for a one-day meeting. The goal of the gathering is to lay the groundwork for creating a climate pact at the UN’s COP15 conference in Copenhagen this December.

Sept. 24–27
Fowl Festival
Around a quarter of a million people are expected to flock to Laurel Co., Kentucky, the site of the first Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant, for the 20th annual World Chicken Festival. The four-day event will feature the world’s largest skillet, capable of cooking 600 chicken quarters concurrently.

Oct. 2
Ireland vs. the EU
The Republic of Ireland will hold a second national referendum on the EU’s controversial Lisbon Treaty. Ireland was the only EU nation to reject the agreement, which some voters fear will threaten the country’s sovereignty. The October vote is seen as the last major obstacle to the treaty’s ratification.

Oct. 6–7
Show Me the Money
Turkey will host this year’s meeting of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. The two-day event, which comes amid the ongoing global economic crisis, brings together hundreds of leading politicians, bankers and executives to discuss the world’s economic outlook and plans for future development.

Oct. 9
Fly Me Into the Moon
Ever since its launch on June 18, NASA’s LCROSS was doomed to be rammed into a lunar pole. On Oct. 9, its fate will be carried out as it separates into two parts, to be successively smashed into the Moon four minutes apart, sending up plumes of debris for scientists to study.

Oct. 7
Hunt for October
With the regular season finally finished, the real baseball battles are set to begin. In the National League, the defending champions, the Phillies, will get a run for their money from the red hot Cardinals, while in the American League, the Yankees and Angels are the clear front-runners.

Oct. 2
City of Gold
The International Olympic Committee is set to announce the host of the 2016 Summer Games. On the shortlist are Rio de Janeiro (which would be the first South American city to host the Olympics), Chicago, Madrid and Tokyo. Dark horses include Doha, Prague and Baku (Azerbaijan).

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