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Apr 23, 2009

Events on the horizon.

By FLYP Staff

May 2

And They’re Off

Louisville celebrates the 135th running of the Kentucky Derby, the oldest continuous sporting event in America. This year, I Want Revenge is the early favorite with betting odds of 2-1 that the colt will take the first jewel in the 2009 Triple Crown.

May 4-15

Cannes on a Budget

The film world’s glitterati will be out in full force for the annual Cannes Film Festival. But at many parties this year, they’ll go without foie gras or champagne. Seems hard times have stretched even to the south of France.

May 8

Another Final Frontier

Legions of “Trekkies” will no doubt turn out for the upteenth iteration of Star Trek, but producers surely hope to lure a crossover audience by way of its hot young cast. It’s familiar terrain for director J.J. Abrams, who established his sci-fi cred with “Alias” and “Lost” on the small screen.

May 11-15

Benedict Makes Three

Before this week, only two Catholic pontiffs have visited the Holy Land since Israel’s founding in 1948. Pope Benedict XVI, whose outspoken ways have managed to inflame Jews and Muslims alike, will be the third when he arrives for a five-day tour.

May 12

Swan Song in Space

Astronauts will bid farewell to the Hubble Space Telescope with a fifth and final visit today. When Hubble’s batteries falter, which will happen sometime in the next few years, a NASA rocket will blast the craft into the ocean, ending a mission that began in 1990.

May 20-22

Candyland, U.S.A.

Lock your children indoors, because it’s time for Chicago’s All Candy Expo 2009. Confectionary giants and start-ups alike will show off thousands of new snacks and sweets to visitors from 69 countries. Even with sugar prices soaring, the $28 billion confectionary industry managed to grow by over 2 percent in 2008.

May 18-21

Ambition is in the DNA

Healing, fueling and feeding the world are the not-so-modest aims of the 2009 Bio International Convention. On board for the fight are Sir Elton John, who will deliver a keynote on the HIV/AIDS epidemic, along with panelists Karl Rove, Governor Howard Dean, and Senators Bill Frist and Tom Daschle.

May 23-25

Indie Beasts

Mainstays and rising stars will crowd Washington’s scenic Gorge Ampitheater for the annual Sasquatch! Music Festival. Headliners, such as Kings of Leon, The Decembrists, Jane’s Addiction and Ben Harper, will hit the Sasquatch! Main Stage, while lesser names will take to the smaller Wookie and Yeti venues.

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