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Feb 13, 2009

Events on the horizon.

By FLYP Staff

February 20–28
Cartoon in Bruges
Top animators, from Japan’s Hayao Miyazaki to America’s Bill Plympton,
will congregate in the Belgian city for Anima, the International
Animation Festival. About 200 shorts, features, commercials and videos
will vie for honors, including the coveted Cartoon d’Or.

February 21
Bottom of the Barrel
A day before the Oscars roll out the red carpet, the film world will
turn its attention to its less distinguished members, as the Razzies
celebrate 29 years of “dis-honoring” Hollywood. Watch out for former
golden boys Mike Myers and M. Night Shyamalan, as well as the aptly
titled Disaster Movie.

February 23
Solutions from Space
It’s launch day for NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory, which will
study carbon dioxide, the gas largely responsible for climate change.
Data collected from the spacecraft, which will take off from
California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base, is intended to better inform
business leaders and policy makers.

February 23
Shopping Spree
Over 7,000 pieces of art and furniture from the late Yves Saint Laurent
will unload at what Christie’s in Paris is hailing as the “sale of the
century.” With an estimated value of $380 million, this ambitious
undertaking will show if the recession is tightening the purse strings
of the biggest of the big spenders.

February 25–27
Green Dreams in Sin City
Over 250 companies and 25 international governments will hit Las Vegas
for the Renewable Energy Technology Conference & Exhibition to
explore smart grid distributed energy, green building and six renewable
power sources. Attention from Obama is expected to spike attendance to
10,000 in the coming years.

February 27
Consider the Middle Class
Vice President Biden’s new White House Task Force on Middle Class
Working Families will hold its first meeting, spotlighting green jobs
as a source of new opportunities. The group’s goals include protecting
retirement security, restoring workplace safety and improving
work/family balance.

March 6
Watch It, Or Not
It’s been a long time coming for The Watchmen,
a graphic novel whose film rights were first purchased 23 years ago. It
follows an expansive cast of characters over a few decades, raising
doubts as to how well it can be adapted on the big screen. Expect a
negative reaction from curmudgeonly creator Alan Moore.

March 6
Day of Reckoning
Time for Obama’s Office of Management and Budget director pick Peter
Orszag to put up or pipe down. He must push a 2009 budget through
Congress by today—when the current resolution expires—all while
wiggling his way around a national debt of $10 billion and an annual
deficit of nearly $1 trillion.

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