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Choose Your Own Guitar Gods

Aug 25, 2009
By Lindsey Schneider

Jimmy Page, The Edge, Jack White

After exploring Al Gore’s climate change message in An Inconvenient Truth, director Davis Guggenheim turned his filmmaking eye to three of rock’s greatest ax men: Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, U2’s The Edge and The White Stripes’ Jack White. Guggenheim brought them together for one pivotal meeting—which he called “The Summit”—to see how they would get along with guitars in hand.

The three guitarists were Guggenheim’s first picks for The Summit, and it was a stroke of luck when they all had room in their busy schedules for the two-day event. As the director told FLYP in our feature story, “Riffing with Giants,” he wasn’t even sure they would get along, much less feel moved to play.

This begs the question: If you could bring together any three guitarists (across time and space boundaries), who would you choose? Who would you most like to see play together?
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Call me old fashioned, but I wouldn’t call the White Stripes guitarist one of rock’s greatest ax-men… ok, I like the story and he is definitely an interesting guy, but one of the greatest guitarists? I don’t think so. I would want to see a jam session with ERIC CLAPTON, LEADBELLY, and JOHN LEE HOOKER. Hey I said I am old-fashioned. I used to watch John Lee Hooker at the Boom Boom Room in SF back in the day and no question he was and remains one of the best. You can’t talk about guitars without talking about the blues…

Albert Harris
Aug 26, 2009

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