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Oct 08, 2008

An open letter to John McCain.

By Alan Stoga

Watch this week’s FLYPside video editorial, which directly addresses Sen. John McCain on his pick for running mate.

Dear John,
It’s time for some straight talk.
You’ve had a disastrous couple of weeks. The Palin-pop in your poll numbers is long since gone—and the debate didn’t resurrect it. The country needs more than winks and shout outs to third graders from someone who aspires to be a heartbeat away.
Besides, what do Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Gerald Ford all have in common? That’s right: the best way to become president during the last 60 years was to be vice president first—even without counting Nixon and Bush 41.
You can’t possibly believe she’s ready for the nuclear codes—even if she could pronounce the word without help from the teleprompter.
But, back to the campaign.
You gave up in Michigan, which just a month ago seemed to be one of your best chances to flip a blue state to red. You are now far behind in other potential red-to-blue states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa, Washington and New Mexico. And recent polls have Obama ahead in Florida, Virginia and Ohio—any one of which would almost certainly give him an Electoral College majority.
Remember Barry Goldwater in 1964? Frankly, the way things are going, you might have more in common with him than just being another “maverick” from Arizona. He lost to LBJ in the Electoral College by 486 to 52.
At least he lost on rejected principle.
However, if Obama wins by the landslide that seems to be gathering, it will be because of the flaccid, mean, increasingly dishonest campaign that Rick Davis is running for you.
Swift boating worked for W, but the country has moved on. So should you.
However, the stakes are bigger than whether or not you are embarrassed on November 4.
With the economy in free fall (despite budget busting bailouts), the nation’s health care and social security systems in danger of collapse and our military badly stretched by fighting two wars, we don’t need a one-sided presidential campaign.
We need a real debate about the issues, with real alternatives. Not just “A leader you can believe in” versus “Change you can believe in.”
In fact, given the challenges the country faces, a Democratic White House and large Democratic majorities in both congressional houses might not be much better for the democracy than Cheney’s single-minded drive for unlimited executive power. But that is the direction we are headed.
Extraordinary times require extraordinary actions. And the extraordinary action that might put you back into contention is to choose a new running mate. You can’t win with Palin, and it might be a tragedy if somehow you did.
So, admit Palin was a mistake and move on. Tell the country that the financial crisis has changed everything.
Substitute someone like Mitt Romney, who knows his way around distressed assets and cockeyed balance sheets. Or Chuck Hagel, who—like you—is a genuine American hero, one who tried to stand up to the Constitutional excesses of the past years. Or, if you want to continue to try for disaffected Hillary-ites, Carly Fiorina. Her corporate experience could help manage the kind of change we are actually going to get.
You are right: it’s time to put the country first. Get rid of Gov. Palin.


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Your video is obviously done by a liberal trying to pose as a conservative… Or they just don’t know what they are talking about… Without Palin, McCain would not even be close to Obama and that is the truth. You can speak what you want, but Palin is the only hope for McCain to win.

Paul Culbertson
Oct 23, 2008

Yes, please John admit that it was a mistake please I beg you and get rid of Palin she is going to make you loose the Presidency and we can not afford to have Obama as a president because the people are voting for race and not for a good leader with experience. Palin is not shown class (only in the clothe and spending so much money when some of us don’t even have to eat) thanks but no thanks she is not humble like in the beginning she fake she was . Sorry going in TV and making that show did not show for me that she is serious about leading a NATION like USA I don’t know to much about politic but I know is time to be serious about the war and economy in USA and about teaching this country that is time to respect leaders and don’t get involve with this TV gossip and make fun of people and then try to teach the kids to not be bully in school. She is not a good example anymore. Believe me the day you choose her I thought it was from God but now I see the real Palin is not ready to be Vice or President if we need to.Thanks change your candidate if you love your country we need you and with her we are not going to win.

Gloria Nieves
Oct 23, 2008

The McBush Factor Inheriting the Carl Rove Playbook FROM: RESPECTFUL REPUBLICANS DATE: October 22, 2008 RE: MCCAIN DEFAME CAMPAIGN TO: Still President Team Desperate Times? Well, that’s how it would seem to be playing out for your Palin/McCain campaign. Per Chris Mathews of Hardball, “Every time conditions prevail, that is the current status of things causes McCain’s poll numbers to dwindle, McCain cancels, curses, fires, stoops, postpones, distracts, and starts making wild accusations. That is to say, he pulls a ‘razzle dazzle,’ ‘hail mary,’ ‘bootleg,’ ‘statue of liberty’ play in a scattered move to distract the public from the real issues.” Instead of talking about cleaning up the mess that the current administration — THAT MEANS YOU MCCAIN, AND YOU TOO GEORGE — instead of showing us all some sort of Brave New Deal, Cheney you’re hiding, Bush is trying to figure out where the ball rolled behind the couch, and Rov is calling the game off. And your love child, the not-so-honorable Senator John McCain is telling the American people “Hey! Look over there!” As I’m sure you heard by now, dear Frank, chairman of the Financial Services Committee said, “McCain’s trying to pull the longest ‘Hail Mary’ in the history of either football or Marys.” Yesterday on Bloomberg News, Chris Buckley, son of William F. Buckley (the recently departed — God Rest His Blessed Soul), was being interviewed about his new book, “Supreme Courtship.” When asked about McCain’s name calling and terrorist accusations, he replied, “It’s gone beyond saying a Hail Mary. He’s saying the whole rosary!” Name Calling. Insighting mobs to violence. Taking the Milf on a shopping spree. Saying one day that Obama is a decent, family man, and the next calling him a social, elite, terrorist muslim. Admitting, on camera to ABC that, “I promised to tell the truth always about my intentions and beliefs. I fell short of that standard.” Really, McCain? Don’t you know there are Respectful Republicans out here You know what, McCain? You’re mother dresses you funny.

Lisa Lindo
Oct 23, 2008

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