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Feb 26, 2009

A study shows that a small bikini goes a long way in winter.

By FLYP Staff

With the longest, coldest winter in memory still gripping many parts of the country, few women are worrying much about their tan lines. But—especially for those looking to attract new companions—maybe now is the time to show some flesh.
Recently published research by Dr. Boguslaw Pawlowski, a Polish anthropologist, demonstrates that men appreciate the sight of a woman’s body much more in the winter than during the rest of the year.
It may be as simple as, when bare is everywhere, competition goes up. Or it may be, that in the dead of winter—like after a drink or two—everyone looks more attractive.
University of Wroclaw researchers discovered this by knocking on doors during the depths of a Polish winter. They asked 114 men to look at and rate the attractiveness of photos of women. The photos were full body portraits of women either in black swimsuits or topless. They also asked the men to rate face shots of young women.
The researchers repeated the test in each season—spring, summer, fall and again in winter.
The outcome was clear. Men judged the photos—the barer the better—sexiest in winter. They gave the exact same photos much lower ratings in the heat of summer.
Curiously, face ratings did not change with the seasons. It might be that pretty faces are pretty faces, whether the leaves are on or off the trees. Or, that, since faces remain uncovered year round, there is less to fantasize about.
By the way, the other thing that didn’t change with the seasons was the men’s rating of their own attractiveness. They convincingly found themselves attractive year round.

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