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A Gossip Girl Dons Sariah Carson Dress

Dec 01, 2009
By Susan M. Lee

sariah carson
Photo courtesy of Sariah Carson

Last September when her solo line debuted, FLYP interviewed Sariah Carson about her refined signature wear that is, in part, inspired by Asian calligraphy and natural forms. Mixing hand-painted prints with bold fabrics and fabulous drape, her dresses are now moving off the runway and onto primetime television.

Viewers tuned in to Monday night’s episode of “Gossip Girl” might have noticed one of Carson’s elegant print dresses from her fall 2009 collection on actress Leighton Meester. In the episode, Meester’s character, Blair Waldorf aka the “Queen Bee of the Upper East Side,” shows up to a drama-filled Thanksgiving dinner donning one of Carson’s stylish designs to complement her larger-than-life attitude.

A few weeks ago, Meester told British Glamour that playing Blair has given her “an introduction to fashion.” Taking her cues from the character’s classic fashion sensibilities, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Gossip Girl started taking Carson’s impeccable designs to the streets.

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