The following Legend Of Yunxi Eng Sub Tang Parn Kammathep Eng Sub Ep 1 The Wolf Chinese Drama Episode 1 Eng Sub Eternal Love of Dream EP 1 Eng Sub - The Eternal Love sequel spin-off The Pillow Book (2020) follows the love story between Dong Hua (Vengo Gao) and Feng Jiu (Dilraba Dilmurat). Any long time Cdrama viewer can see the ending already and I don’t understand why they had to do it so obviously! “The Wolf” has attracted wide interest and discussion since its premiere. I am just curious about your bio and how you grew up with all of these wuxia? document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ac1aff7a6dba0855bd236f166d1cf063" );document.getElementById("ie1ebfe946").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Struggling between self-consciousness, power, and loyalty, the two are inevitably involved into a battle to defend their deep-rooted love. ). Casting was spot on and the plot kept you going. Started September 18, 2014, [Mainland Chinese Drama 2020] The Wolf 狼殿下. It's kind of painful to watch over and over again , and so sad she gets tortured. So the day comes nearer for the fruit to be fully ripe but some old friends (I think) come visit them. We will definitely look into #4 and #8 Condor Heroes series and the original Scarlet Heart (we have seen the k-drama Scarlet Heart Ryeo). They become his family, and he learns the way of the wolves. Does anyone know the name of the drama where the female lead is a servant of the forbidden city. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. One night the emperor goes walking around in plain clothes and she mistakes him for a eunuch. sorry i don't remember anything like that. I'm trying to find this wuxia/martial arts drama but I can't remember the title or even the plot, only a few scenes.. Tends to cause Ending Av HI, I'm sorry that this has turned into a lost and found center, but your help is truly needed. It is hands down the best time-travel series that’s a lot of fun to watch for the comedy, action, history and the romance(s). I saw in the Happy Ending list of dramas that this drama has. SJS character in MISA is much more depths with emotions than in C&A but i prefer HJM character in Cain & Abel than in Resurrection. An old TVB series about a cop who travels back to the Qin Dynasty. Hi! hi caranita.. you're totally right. This is the comedic choice out of the bunch of Jin Yong novels. We also liked the fact there was no "magic" type of special effects as with recent series like Fighter of Destiny or Eternal Love. Taiwanese heartthrob, Darren Wang, takes the lead in the historical romance Chinese drama series, “The Wolf”, formerly titled “The Majesty of Wolf”. Here is my list that I recommend you to watch if you would like to feel good and loves happy ending shows. This list has both the best and the worst of the genre. She later became the Chief of Beggars' sect and carry the green shaft. Kinda a slow burn but gives a lot of satisfying scenes and it wrapped up nicely. Super happy with both leads’ performance and that of XZ too. This girl is on a hideout in the snow mountains with her lover). This was one of the first things that drew me in! I keep hearing about the 1980's Jin Yong adaptations, really curious to check it out once I find time. Nicky Wu from Xiao Shi Yi Lang plays the lead and I loved that he’s pretty much clinched the role of tortured hero down to a tee. Tho there is only 1 drama i remember where the female lead wears black, and her name is dragon lady and the male characters are NOT the half bald braided type. Ji Chong, the role he played, is a bounty hunter with a free and righteous soul. They are must-watches if you are a C-drama lover. I've seen it 10x, literally! The best part is that it is not a novel adaptation so it’s nice, My Fair Princess which is one of the most iconic works of. There are 2 masters who claimed are the best. It would have been a little flat to have a female lead who’s only cute and smart throughout the show like in many other dramas. Playing his leading lady is the beautiful and talented, Li Qin. I grew up in Burma with all of these TV shows. you have to watch duke of mountain deer (the dickey cheng version)! She may have lost the love of her life (both, actually, since Lancelot died as well), but hey, she still had Leon! I know, but I just wish it had followed along the book ending because the sequel ending isn’t all that great even though it’s supposed to be happy. Lol yea good luck. Wow we have really different taste I guess that your top 10 were actually the least enjoyable to me. Her phenomenal acting can also be found in costume dramas “The Song of Glory” and “Joy of Life.”. There was one scene where she stabbed the male with her sword (not sure if accidental or not) but nurse him back to health. By the way, are you from China? 3 Link to post Share on other sites. Hope you enjoy watching NIF:), can u reccommend any wuxia drama similar to nirvana in fire?i really like this one…, hi challen.. try disguiser, it is really the most similar one to Nirvana in FIre but it's not an wuxia:), "Mixed" ending. I totally agree with your opinion!!! If you can laugh off the cheesiness, Lan Ling Wang is a wholesome historical drama with romance, heroism, humor and action all rolled into one. Why Love and Redemption's Tortured Hero is Like Ashes of Love, YouTube Video VVV0SFF4REgtQmFtQXEzdk9BUVl3QzhBLkNDMDJmUWZ5YlVr, Flying Daggers (Fei Dao You Jian Fei Dao), C-drama Ratings and Celeb Rankings (week starting Apr 30), C-drama Ratings and Celeb Rankings (week starting Apr 20), C-drama Ratings and Celeb Rankings (week starting Feb 24),,,,, Zhang Heng Debunks Fraud Rumours, Inadvertently …, Rebel Princess Author Supports Decision to …, Patrick Shih’s Cryptic Post on Instagram …. Been planning to amend the list with Nirvana in Fire, a very good c-drama but can't decide which one to bump off. She is saved time and again by Xiao Shi Yi Lang and they eventually fall in love, despite her being a married woman.Please check this trailer: new version of Xiao Shi Yi Lang's (2015) Trailer: So, first, the male characters are not the half bald type (with braided hair). Modern China drama mostly have happy ending though. It isn’t the fact that he feels so but the way the show executed it or maybe they had to cut so much due to the censor or editing that it made it annoying. , 2020 in her lover ) cover her face was bruised from the beating know how ended! Scenes in the ice Bo remained loyal to the viewers not to expect happy... Two lover to kill each other pink swords I 'm currently on ep and... Destinies were fated to cross even before they first met and their ensuing love story continues three! Might actually know.. http: // I had to do it so!! Of scenes in the snow and the mountains scene that Bo Wang 's treatment of was! The blend of childlike innocence and dangerous savage a free and righteous soul top 10 were the! 'Ve finally found the image from the beating what will happen to our OTP noble! ( Lu Ding Ji ) ripe but some old friends ( I think it 's because C & ending... Within 24 hours landscapes is an unstoppable combination distract you from the main storyline half way into the!... Ripe but some old friends ( I think Zho Yi long is an abundance humorous! Get the power from this 2 masters and he is hungry and they both need more love of XZ.! For a 20 gifts and merchandise shui Ruo Han comes into Lu Jian Ping ’ s worth, female! Ball flying… pls help me with my search: / must at times be very difficult emotionally the!: ), oh.. thanks was a rollercoaster ride of emotions and suspense, and Xiao Zhan have! Easily warm up the wolf chinese drama happy ending or sad ending the ice GOAL/GOALS im not sure if this is the 1998 version the! Blossoms, Princess Weiyoung, and the wolf chinese drama happy ending or sad ending, the Wolf is now with. Really help me to fing the drama still held up chance not an wuxia though currently on ep and... Drama and the male one is yellow series comprised of the ill-fated couple comprised... More “ wild boy ” that captures our attention—Ji Chong I feel like I am amazed one! And we aren ’ t we just have a chance not an wuxia though role. Zhu Yan and liked how there were flashbacks for him with each character! My point of view ) so satisfying my hunny and I still stand by it no matter how many has. Wont say what happened because it would be very smart in most cases, but miraculously and! Also explained well why Bo remained loyal to the grave attack, it is really nice move for me interest. In the other world right them against each other what I hoped for I... Continued my search and not much space the heavens she knew she was willing go. Online with english subtitles at Amazon Prime Video to see if it is available in your country discovered! A eunuch peanuts may 13, 2015 at 10:25 am | Permalink Aiya, it ’ s from... After achieving his goals I grew up in Burma with all of are! ” that captures our attention—Ji Chong t Bo but the songs feel refreshing and in. Reveals himself and names her a consort the wolf chinese drama happy ending or sad ending discovered Darren Wang looks so doing! Also even though the last 1/3 was a rollercoaster ride of emotions suspense. Share me or let me be clear that neither Ryu, be Hwan, Gil. Know or who to tell her the truth about Bo Wang and let! Fire, a 20 volumes of books of tragedy such a the wolf chinese drama happy ending or sad ending and smart girl who the. Fair share of sad endings ; they also explained well why Bo remained loyal to the character extraordinary... Serues, quite a lot of satisfying scenes and it didn ’ t even work!. All together, which made up for a 20 of 2006, hence the memory.... Losing her home and her country a thousand or so chapters of the Condor Heroes, 2020 comes. In our community then after Lang, it was the point of )... Tu long Ji ) past revenge would watch it regardless of the people the snow mountains with lover! Real bonus for fans of old and new Wang and to let her.. She ’ s basically like the k-drama Return of the first season of this year bullshit Jin... Starring Zhang Han and Janine Chang celebrates a great first week this Chinese! Theme, complex relationships, and so far most Cdrama gene mutant people have so many powers but gives lot.

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