The parade features stages, but has floats with music, DJs and dancers moving through the audience. The Trial" has been released. Facebook "I am not seeking revenge," Christian's mother, Gabriele Müller, says on camera on the first day of the trial, she says she just wants to find out what happened so she could find her peace. The 3D representation also shows people who are tall and those who are small. They analyzed police and security attempts to control and limit the flow of visitors. He says it means a lot to him to be able to speak in court because he wants to tell the victims he's sorry. You should arrive as early as possible because there will be a huge logistic problem with all the guests. Twenty-one people were killed, hundreds injured. Gaby Müller (m) lost her son Christian, Paco and Muria Zapater lost their daughter Clara. In December 2017, more than seven years after the tragic Love Parade incident, prosecutors launched criminal proceedings against six Duisburg city employees and four festival organizers. Loveparade Duisburg † 24. The very same day as the deadly stampede, Love Parade organizers announced that there would be no further festivals. Clara's parents were among the many who would have liked to have seen the mayor of Duisburg and the owner of Lopavent, the company organizing the event, stand trial. When in May 2020, the trial ended without a verdict, the court issued a 44-page document explaining that it had not been possible to prove the criminal responsibility for any of the individual defenders. In this experiment, the researchers recorded the crowd flows in a regular stadium block. In het gedrang vielen 21 doden en minstens 625 gewonden, waarvan enkele ernstig. If they do, it is part-time. "For me this is about clarification. Large people have a better overview. which panic and the numbers bandied about, 250,000, 1,000,000 ,or even 1,400,000 of course,are nowhere visible. Telegram "I sat there and cried," he recalls. There was a stampede in one of the entrance tunels and at least 15 people died and more than 100 have been injured, many of them very seriously. Who was at fault?" The coronavirus' impact on public life made an already tight timetable untenable, the court said. The difference is very low, but while only 42 people were able to go through the narrow corridor, 50 through the wide corridor. Relatives of Love Parade disaster victims ensured that a memorial was erected. 23rd July, 2019. Contact Facebook Messenger Web The Duisburg District Court reviewed the case's chances of success during so-called "intermediate proceedings," concentrating mainly on a controversial expert opinion report put forth by the British "crowd and panic researcher" Keith Still. That is why the researchers at Jülich compared different cultures: Germans, Indians, Chinese and Japanese. She read out all 21 names of the victims. "It will not be possible to assign guilt to specific individuals," said Cologne criminal defender Kerstin Stirner. Dressler was one of seven defendants who accepted a deal in 2019 to pay fines in exchange for all criminal charges against them being dropped. Unter den Gästen waren hochrangige Staatsvertreter, darunter Bundespräsident Christian Wulff, sowie Vertreter von Rettungsdiensten, Polizei und Feuerwehr. EMail The victims were crushed to death or suffocated when panic broke out in a congested tunnel at the Love Festival in the western city of Duisburg. We use cookies to improve our service for you. North Rhine-Westphalia's state interior minister at the time, Ralf Jäger, said that law enforcement officials had made no mistakes in the matter, and stood by his police. The result was that Indians walk faster than Germans - maybe they also get crowd jams faster. He confirms that there would have been a life-threatening congestion at the entrance of the tunnel even without the police cordoning off some of the routes. Their movements are recorded mathematically. No, Love Parade is definitely on July 24th. They all had to walk in circles. That is how a dangeraous scrum can come about. Germany Love Parade disaster: Looking those responsible in the eye. Roeingh said he wanted the festival to be seen as a protest for peace. She says that gives her much more solace than visiting the official memorial erected for victims in Duisburg: "I avoid that place.". It is clearly visible how people moving in opposite direction hamper each other. Witnesses say that there was such a large number of people in the tunnel that many were trapped and could no longer breathe. The experiment shows how people get distributed and whether they hamper themselves. "I think the facts are pretty clear regarding the question of guilt," he told DW. Film director Dominik Wessely and scriptwriter Antje Boehmert attended all 184 days of proceedings. The people are pushing through the exit. Due to the scale of the event estimated attendance Der Oberbürgermeister von Duisburg, Adolf Sauerland, blieb wie angekündigt der Gedenkfeier fern. Carla's parents are now considering taking the matter to the European Human Rights Court. Gabi Müller and about 60 other joint plaintiffs are represented by 35 lawyers; the 10 accused from the city of Duisburg and Lopavent by a team of 30. She says that at first she felt paralyzed but then she decided to sign an online petition that was attempting to draw attention to the case and help it get to court. The Love Parade disaster occurred on 24 July 2010, when 21 people were killed during a human crush in Duisburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, at the Love Parade electronic music festival. Under the banner "The Love is back!" Everyone wants to get home as quickly as possible after a football game. Gabi Müller lost her only child, Christian, in the Love Parade disaster, "The response was overwhelming and it was comforting to see that so many people still remembered the tragedy," Müller said. Since organizers did not want to bear the security or clean-up costs, the 2004 and 2005 Love Parade festivals were cancelled. She thinks it quite possible that no one will be found to have been clearly guilty. In the end, more than 360,000 signatures were gathered. 'Love never ends' is imprinted in various languages on a memorial wall at the scene of the 2010 Love Parade disaster. "Good morning, please take your seats." The three remaining defendants refused to take such a deal, saying they wanted to be acquitted in court. Judges in the city determined that there was a "reasonable probability" of a conviction in the case. Organizers wanted to make up for the lost year by staging a massive festival in Duisburg in 2010. This was the office that gave the go-ahead for the festival to take place in the city's former railway freight yard, although there had been early warnings that the venue would not be able to accommodate all the partygoers. Since the stadium stands are skewed, the cameras record the move of the people in 3D. A few months into proceedings he says that such a lengthy trial was  "real torture, not just for the victims, but also for the defendants.". A non-approvable event was simply held anyway, said Reiter, who stressed: "A list of deficiencies was not taken care of." The deaths occurred in a tunnel at the Love Parade in the city of Duisburg in the west of the country, where thousands had gathered for the annual techno music festival. This ultimately forced the party to be cancelled in 2009, provoking outrage from seasoned ravers and parade-goers. Years of torture for parents and defendants. The Love Parade was a popular and free access electronic dance music festival and parade that originated in 1989 in Berlin, Germany. On Friday, the first of 111 scheduled days of court testimony will commence. Some 150 party-goers, followed by three cars blaring techno music, danced down Berlin's Kurfürstendamm boulevard under the banner "Peace, joy and pancakes.". The Spanish-German documentary begins with a tracking shot through the tunnel to the festival venue, a former railway yard. Or are they in a hurry because they want to get on their train? Het drama tijdens de Love Parade in Duisburg vond plaats op 24 juli 2010, toen honderden bezoekers van het dancefestival Love Parade bij de ingang van het feestterrein in de verdrukking kwamen. Duisburg dreams, will see millions from all over who will gather to experience the grandeur that is synonym to the Love Parade.” HIGH WAY MASS 2008: 19 July Dortmund. Am 31. Some 10,000 people joined the petition in the first week alone. The people in red are moving against the crowd. Such factors cannot be easily simulated by the researchers. The defendants' attorneys say that acquittals are possible because a number of factors led to the catastrophe. Dressler is the only high-ranking city official who ended up in the dock. They interviewed victims, judges, prosecutors, defense lawyers, expert witnesses, defendants for their documentary, which offers a multi-faceted view on this legal endeavor to establish facts and responsibility. High on the festival's successes in Essen and Dortmund, organizers wanted to bring the Love Parade to the city of Bochum in 2009. How many vehicles should there be? Panic broke out as crowds converged in a tunnel leading to the festival grounds, resulting in the deaths of 21 people, and injuring a further 650. Protocol 25.09.2009 of meeting with city authorities, Lopavent, Aurelis 4. DUISBURG, Germany — Throngs of techno fans followed the floats, the dancers and the throbbing music to the festival venue: an old freight railway station that local media estimated could handle 300,000 people. It wasn't long before the Love Parade grew into one of the largest music festivals in Europe. In the image, people are moving in opposite directions above, and with each other below. Immediately after the accident occurred, the Duisburg public prosecutor's office began reviewing events. Juli 2010 fand in der Duisburger Salvatorkirche ein zentraler ökumenischer Trauergottesdienst für die Opfer statt. the Love Parade in Duisburg and the planning beforehand. It was only when the pictures and videos of the tragedy were shown in court, that the whole thing became real for him, he says. Der Gottesdienst wurde vom Präses der Evangelischen Kirche im Rheinland, Nikolaus Schneider und dem Bischof der Diözese Essen Franz-Josef … He says the pictures showed events that should never have taken place. His plan was to bring the Love Parade to Germany's Ruhr area. The festival coincided with the city's selection as a European Capital of Culture and attracted over a million visitors. Still, she says the case will send a signal that such a catastrophe must never be repeated: "Something good must come from the deaths of our children. Director Dominik Wessely says he couldn't find any easy answers. Love Parade, tunnel disaster: Location: Duisburg, Düsseldorf Government Region, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany : Point in time: 24 July 2010: Start time: 24 July 2010: End time: 24 July 2010: Number of deaths Jürgen Dressler headed the construction department of the city of Duisburg in 2010. The Love Parade in Duisburg was the first to take place in a limited arena. 2.8K likes. He recalls looking down from the top of a staircase thinking it looked "dangerously crowded, but not deadly.". Privacy Policy | He says he is relieved that his objection to the district court's decision was a success. Il disastro della LoveParade è una tragedia avvenuta il 24 luglio 2010 nel corso della diciannovesima edizione della LoveParade svoltasi a Duisburg in Germania in cui morirono 21 persone e ne rimasero ferite altre 510.. The memory of the victims of the Duisburg Love Parade stays awake – not only the many candles prove this On the tenth anniversary of the Loveparade accident with 21 dead, around one hundred people in Duisburg commemorated the victims at a funeral service. Many survivors are still struggling with the effects of the catastrophe today and, like Gabi Müller, attend therapy and are unable to work. Rainer Schaller Love-Parade-chief and manger for McFit the main sponsor of this event on the web-site of Love Parade Dortmund: “This is the Wonder of Dortmund: we have written history. He stood accused along with five of his co-workers. The researchers at Jülich projected the models - they added more stadium stands together. Every year on July 24, Germany comes together to commemorate the victims of the festival tragedy. After almost two years of deliberation, the Duisburg District Court refused to allow the main proceedings to move forward. | Mobile version. Hannelore Kraft, who was premier of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), the state where Duisburg is located, promised solemnly to establish who was responsible. Here is a chronology of events that led to the incident. They each have a photo of their daughter pinned to their jackets as they enter the courthouse on the first day. We use cookies to improve our service for you. Answer 1 of 4: The Love Parade in Duisburg ended in a terrible tragedy. "There are no simple answers," film director Dominik Wessely tells DW. This is how they created an intense chronology of the trial. In 2001, Germany's Constitutional Court revoked the Love Parade's classification as a demonstration. Authorities interviewed more than 1,000 witnesses and studied over 900 hours of video material. Organizer Rainer Schaller and then-Duisburg Mayor Adolf Sauerland, it was said, could not be found culpable. Ten people are facing charges of negligence resulting in wrongful death and wrongful injury. Christian's, Clara's, and Giulia's parents were among the 60 co-plaintiffs in the trial that began in 2017, in which six city officials and four representatives of the festival organizer LopaVent were charged with negligent manslaughter and causing bodily harm. Jürgen Gerlach is a road safety expert. Every ball is a person - red balls represent people who are stuck in a jam while green ones are those who have a free way. There was public anger against Mayor Adolf Sauerland. She also gains strength from the support of her son's friends. Read more: The businessman behind the ill-fated Love Parade. The fenced-in venue with the narrow entrance and exit were simply not suitable for such an event, he concludes. But the main entrance to the area where the event was being staged led through a 400 meter-long and 18 meter-wide (1,300 x 60 foot) tunnel. It remains unclear at this point what role a new, second expert report on the flow of visitors will play once the case gets underway. Contact It will be an enormous undertaking. A commission is to be established to rework the regulations for big events and come up with guidelines to facilitate the analysis of them — measures which lawyer Julius Reiter describes as "a necessary reaction to the disappointing end of the trial. Among those deficiencies were inadequate fencing, lack of a public announcement system and an insufficient number of security guards. No one has been held accountable after a trial ends without a verdict. In an effort to prevent people from entering the overcrowded site, police at the exit of the tunnel began instructing new arrivals by loudspeaker to turn back inside, while people continued pushing on into the confined space from the rear. Organizers ended the event after a tragic stampede at the 2010 Love Parade in Duisburg killed 21 and injured more than 500. Almost eight years after 21 people died and 650 were injured at the "Love Parade" music festival in Duisburg, the incident is finally being reviewed in a court of criminal law. Nevertheless, Müller remains realistic about what the case will bring. Juli 2010. However, because the Love Parade was still, in theory, a political festival, Berlin's state government had to bear the costs, both for security and for the mass clean-ups. Publicly The trial is set to be one of Germany's largest ever court cases, with 70 lawyers involved — 32 representing defendants and 38 representing 65 joint plaintiffs, mainly relatives of the young people killed. Are the fans celebrating because their team won? Twenty-one men and women from Germany, Australia, China, Italy, The Netherlands, and Spain lost their lives when they were crushed to death in a narrow tunnel leading to the site. By doing so, the computer models are very close to the real thing. The places where most people have to go through also have many lines. Clara's father tells journalists about the day they got the message of their daughter's death, how they had to identify the body, and take her home in a coffin. Although the parade itself got most of the media attention, the real point for the fans was the hundreds of parties in nearby clubs during the weekend, when nearly every major star of the electronic dance music world appeared. The end of the trial must be unsatisfactory and difficult to accept, he adds. Several people, however, have claimed that the numbers were massively inflated by organizers, likely for marketing purposes. It will likely be one of the largest criminal cases in Germany since the end of the Second World War. Victims' families are counting on justice.

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