thanks, Yes, any pan large enough should work fine. ANd thisa is SUPER timr consuming. The flavor was so delicious, and my husband couldn’t get enough! Hope this helps! I actually used my crockpot. Would I be able to skip the egg? Better to sauté in a skillet as there’s not much room in the instapot, – I got an Instant Pot for Christmas and would like to try this recipe. That size ball should be well done in 10 min. and the slow cooker directions are even worse. We just polished off the last two servings for lunch. Can’t wait until it’s done! Thank you so much. (Didn’t need it) The instapot has too small a surface for sauteing so I did them on the stove-top before transferring to the instapot for the final cook. I made it in my slow cooker, and it was all ready when I finished giving piano lessons. Everything I’ve read about cooking in the IP recommends adding thickeners after the pressure cooking has been completed, but this recipe adds the thickened sauce before pressurizing. Maybe mine were too big to begin with, I had to transfer to a frying pan and simmer, which made the sauce thicken up nicely. The Best Lipton Onion Soup Mix Salisbury Steak Recipes on Yummly | Salisbury Steak, Keto Salisbury Steak With Mushroom Gravy, Easy Salisbury Steak. They were a hit, however, and I will definitely be making these again! I would love to have some in the freezer rather than using store bought ones. he said this tasted like mini ones and Mr. Picky can’t wait for me to make them again. Any tips to get them to stay together next time? The kids loved it too. I was also out of red wine vinegar so used a Balsamic Vinegar. A real rib sticking dish for our snow day. I ground a chicken breast (needed to use up) to take the place of the turkey breast, and used tapioca flour vs regular flour to thicken. Next time, I will brown the meatballs in a non stick skillet and transfer the balls and fond over to the IP. It drives me CRAZY. YUMMY ! Had a terrible time with this recipe. I have been on WW for over a year and a half. Do the mushrooms go in the meat or the sauce or both? What is a substitute for the mushroom powder? with a side of steamed broccoli. I tried to make these in a crockpot, as I don’t have an instant pot. I want to think that I messed up something here, because nobody else has commented about having this issue and from what I can tell, I followed the directions to the letter. Absolutely delicious! Strange, my only guess is you didn’t chop the mushrooms fine? So good though! To make the salisbury steaks, mix together ground beef, egg, almond flour, Parmesan cheese, minced onion, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Same issue! I used low sodium broth which did not affect the flavor at all. I’ll definitely be making this again soon! You also say to add the mushroom, salt, and pepper to the sauce in step 5. I needed up flattening them and making little patties. Salisbury steak is definitely NOT something I grew up eating. Forgot to mention that I ground up oatmeal in place of the bread crumbs. Love love it! I didn’t eat until they were all done eating & I was afraid there wasn’t going to be enough left! lean ground beef, sliced … I made this last night and it was really good. I used all beef. A definite redo! This does not taste like a “light” recipe. This was so amazing. Let the pressure release on it’s own. Awesome! Nice flavor! I didn’t have mushrooms so omitted them. Some of the meatballs did stick to the pan when I saute’ them. You asked why Lori? A total favorite around here! It’s bad as an ingredient for meat and you should feel bad for using it. Made the gravy in a pan on the stove top. Thanks! Made these tonight. I thought this was really good, I omitted the beef broth for when I made the meatballs. So tasty! The recipe calls for water, but no water mentioned in the ingredients? I usually have great success with Skinnytaste recipes but this was not one. We served ours over jasmine rice …… the whole thing was perfect. It is delicious, but time consuming and the meatballs always stick very bad and fall apart unles I add a lot of extra oil to the pot,  I love the recipe but think your regular Salisbury steak receive is much easier and less time consuming. First time with half beef and half turkey! My kids had no idea , I’m allergic to mushrooms so I do onions instead. I doubled the meat, prepared the meat the day before and left it raw, then the next day rolled into balls and proceeded with recipe, I highly recommend doing this as the flavors were amazing, I also used 99% ground chicken as it’s zero Smart Points but still added beef broth for the beefy flavor, I tripled the broth part to have extra gravy, absolutely amazing! Add all other ingredients to the pot. If you happened to use regular breadcrumbs instead of whole wheat, you may have needed to reduce the amount of broth. Using about 5 pounds of thawed St. Louis Style Ribs (or however many will fit upright in your slow cooker), rub the rib rub in a thick layer over both sides of the ribs. I prepped the meatballs before I read all the way through – so I was made 10 larger ones instead of 20 smaller. I have precious little time in the mornings before work, but would love to have these cooking during the day to be ready when I got home. It’s super tasty, but needs to be tweaked a little. When I came home, it was burnt to a crisp! Meatballs were very tender. I also used cornstarch in place of flour to make sauce a bit thicker. Meatballs were tasty and tender, the sauce went great with the Skinny taste garlic mashed potato recipe. This meal is absolutely delicious! No one in our house likes them so I tend to stay away from recipes wth them but this looks amazing!! Makes life so much easier. Haven’t got to use my instant pot and have never use a pressure cooker so I’m new to cooking this way. Chicken with Creamy Lemon Basil Sauce. I did end up adding more breadcrumbs due to the moistness of the meat mixture. I made this last night and I followed the re pie exact., the meatballs stuck to the IP, it made it hard trying to keep turning them without them sticking. I had the same issue as others with them falling apart while sautéing. Hi! Did they fully cook before adding them to the slow cooker? Made crockpot and served with instant pot mashed potatoes. It was very good and the hubby said it was a keeper, so this goes in the saved recipe book. It was still a great tasting meal and leftovers for lunches will be great. I was afraid I had ruined the meal. Kid-friendly, comforting and delicious! Second time making this recipe in my IP. I ended up crumbling up the beef and served it that way. However, it took me FOREVER to prepare them. Served it on top of Cauliflower Puree (also your recipe), it was so delicious! It was delicious, my kids said its a new favorite. Now its a favorite with my parents and my sister’s families, too. I’m going to be a new mom sometime next month…. I made this with a slow cooker. I didn’t add any beef broth to the meat mixture but I added a tsp of beef base instead. (My SIL is a vegetarian so I’ve picked some up for family favorite recipes so she can eat.) #lazy. We are both on Weight Watchers Freestyle and these are perfect for our plan. Love so many of your other recipes though. Love these, and I do with a mix of 99 amd 96 percent fat free ground turkey, since that mixture is rather moist, once I have the balls made with a small cookie scoop, I bake them to get them started before putting in the slow cooker, so I don’t risk them falling apart. Please note any nutrition information presented on this website is merely there as a guide and as a courtesy to readers. In the pressure cooker! The onions burned while I was sautéing them & I had to cook the meatballs twice as long as recommended. This recipe was so involved. I served them over egg less wide noodles. I recently saw this in my email and gave it a try! Awesome recipe! Making the ribs, however, is just about the easiest meal you’ll ever make: Mix the rib rub in a bowl or plastic bag. Do I need to add cooking time to the Instant Pot if I double the recipe? Remove the lid, flip the patties and cook for 4 more minutes or until cooked through. No complaints from the meat and potatoes guy! Thank you! I think it depends on the pot. My husband is allergic to mushrooms ???? These were just delicious. Will give update on this method when done. IT TOTALLY DOES SAY TO ADD THE MUSHROOMS TO THE MIX! Hi Gina, My family and I love your recipes!! I. just need my meatballs to turn out right next time. Would I be able to skip the egg? I use same cook time. Had with sides of cooked green beans and baby carrots. I then transfer them into the slow cooker. I always made the Salisbury Steaks from the first SkinnyTaste cookbook but had the right amount of meat in the house to make these meatballs for mealprep one weekend. LOVE the original Salisbury steak so this is a perfect recipe to try out the pot! I’m currently making this…but my meatballs are sticking to the bottom of the instapot…any suggestions on how to prevent this? Lynn. Allergic to dairy, eggs, nuts. Only one suggestion. A thick piece of ‘steak’ topped off with a rich gravy. This is best served over a pile of mashed cauliflower. Sooo… has anyone made this with frozen meatballs? When I tried to cook in the Instant Pot, they burned and stuck (I did in batches). However, after the first batch wasn’t looking too great, I put the 2nd batch in a non-stick skillet and finished the recipe from there. I have these in my IP as we speak! BTW, if ever you’re made risotto on the stovetop, the IP is a dream come true! I have a child with an egg allergy — I’ve been searching for a replacement to use for the eggs in recipes like this. Will definitely be making it again. I was winging it tonight also! Both my boys have an egg allergy. Also, just bought my instant pot today. Oh, thanks for pointing that out. 1/4 cup broth seemed too much for the meatballs as they were quite loose and sticky. Same problems here! You can buy vegan Worcestershire sauce – for example, even Kroger brand is veg friendly, no fish! Are the mashed potatoes included int he 6 SP? My husband and I enjoyed the Salisbury Meatballs very much. Had to use chicken instead of turkey as there was none to be found in this small town. Will it still taste amazing without it? The flavor is amazing. I’m upset cause when following the step by step directions it said add mushrooms to meat before cooking and now I notice it’s a typo it still screwed up my dinner ???? Thanks. Meatballs tender full of wonderful flavor. Oh, so yummy! These beefy meatballs are cooked in a mushroom gravy and lightened up by using half ground turkey and half lean ground beef. Mine started to fall apart. Absolutely fabulous, thanks for the recipe. I baked mine as I needed to do a double batch (we’re DINKs, so it’s a meal and leftovers and my grocery store doesn’t do 1/2 lbs of ground meats). I did add some, about a cup, of zucchini to the meatballs since I have a lot of zucchini in the garden, but they came out just fine! I really appreciate you posting recipes for insta-pots. Yes, or just press any button and press the plus or menus button to get the time you want. I would cut the amount of broth by half with regular crumbs. Simmer on low in the pot covered with a little extra liquid and just double the cook time of the Instant Pot. Works a treat. Next time, ad a little of your bef stock to the bottom of the pot after browning your meatballs to deglaze, scrape the browned bits off the bottom and continue with the recipe as usual. Loved this recipe!! Recommendations on thawing and reheating? When using a stovetop pressure cooker,  10 minutes is fine. I’m curious, I need to make these gluten free because we are on a detox but I’ve made these before as they are on the recipe and they were delicious! I used a 6 qt and my gravy was SO watery. I super excited to see a yummy recipe for the Instapot. I used to love Salisbury steak as a child and this took me right back there. OMG, this was SOOOO good! Definitely a favorite and a recipe that has been added to my dinner rotation. Trying to sauté them in the Ip was challenging. I made this last night in my Breville fast slow cooker and it worked very well! Did you try it Emily? You have to let them cook until browned and they no longer stick, then turn them. Can anyone who used a slow cooker comment on what size you used? This dish was delicious. Kudos to those who enjoyed it though. Slow Cooker Steak Fajitas. ; Cook the onions until they start to turn a golden color, this will make them a little … Some things I ended up changing: doubled the recipe, browned the meatballs in three batches, accidentally left out the tomato paste in the meatballs, couldn’t find seasoned whole wheat breadcrumbs so just added dried parsley, oregano, paprika, and basil myself–and they turned out delicious! Definitely going to be making this again – with all the ingredients as per the recipe . My husband loved this. Made these tonight with the skinny garlic mashed potatoes! Otherwise the recipe was great. Still a great recipe in my opinion, however I don’t know if it will be a go to for my instant pot. I even bought both of your cookbooks. Thanks Gina!! Served this over egg noodles per hubby’s request. I also was not pleased at all with this recipe. Heat the Instant Pot (or a large nonstick pot on medium-high) on Sauté add 1 tsp oil and onions and cook until golden brown, about 4 to 5 minutes. Used ground turkey for the meatballs. Made this for dinner. My husband and I both loved this recipe. The pressure is releasing naturally now, but I can’t wait to taste it. This was such a great recipe! Well worth the effort. And I loved the extra veggies of mushrooms and onions hidden in the meatballs since my kids are very anti veggie. So, when I learned that salisbury steak was basically just meatloaf cooked in a pan and drowned in gravy, well, it became a whole thing at our house. Add the beef patties and cook for 5 minutes, covered. Husband was worried they wouldn’t be cooked all the way through so quickly. My whole family loves these! Still super tasty but not quite the same effect. Highly recommend- used all lean ground beef. Luckily, I was only working with three since they seemed so loose and I wanted to try it out. . It’s very commonly used in gluten free products. THANK YOU! They turned out perfectly! My sauce was also pretty runny so maybe I’ll thicken it a bit with cornstarch after releasing pressure, but that’s a personal preference. It was at least an hour preparing. The directions indicate 1 tbps in the meat and 1 tbps in the sauce. I’m cooking this now and taste testing, I left out the mushrooms(allergic) but I threw some chopped bell peppers in. We made this last night and it was PHENOM-BOMB. It’s basically a meatloaf (or flattened meatball) that’s been shaped into a patty and cooked in a skillet. In the end, I had to refrain from adding beef broth in the meatball mixture. Ive done this with another meatball recipe, and it seemed to work out well. Made these last night with Venison burger and they were delicious! ... Keto Salisbury Steak. Thank you! Contemplating making it a one-pot-wonder in my Dutch oven next time, but wondering about time and temp in the oven. Get new free recipes and exclusive content delivered right to your inbox: Your email address will not be published. After mixing up the meatball mixture, it was very, very moist and so I added some more breadcrumbs. Super easy, I did have a little issue with them sticking but read that instant pot should be warm before adding any oil or food or it will stick. Looks amazing and I can’t wait to try it ! I have an Instant Pot on my wish list! Perfect comfort food for a chilly winter evening. I will definitely be making this again!!! This was absolutely delicious and everyone had seconds. Leave the almond flour out. Every bit of it was eaten! Keto Recipes; Paleo; Gluten Free; Vegetarian Meals; Low Carb; Slow Cooker Recipes ... (Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker or Stove Top) September 26, 2016. I JUST DID THE SAME THING ! Only thing I changed was adding a splash of sherry to the sauce before I covered it and simmered. It took all I had not to lick my plate. I love all your recipes…. So good, thank you. Enjoyed it very much! I’m making this tonight but I don’t have mustard powder. I believe the Instant Pot is not the ideal cooking method for meatballs & prefer the oven. Remove the patties from the pan and set aside. It was really yummy at the end, but it took an hour and a half (when making mashed potatoes too). Me too please. I also will use the ceramic nonstick liner if I’m worried about getting a burn notice. We just love this recipe!! I batch cook meatballs, and freeze them, so I just used them frozen and did 6 minutes manual following all other instructions. Even when I added oil to the pot first and let it get hot. It’s ok if it takes an hour and 25 minutes, just be more realistic and actually publish that. I am having surgery at the end of the month and would love to make these and have it where I could just dump in the slow cooker in the morning. I had to add about 1 more cup of beef broth to keep it from burning and to make enough gravy. How many is the actual recipe supposed to serve…6,8 ?? Keto Gumbo (Slow Cooker, THM:S, Low Carb, Paleo, Keto, Whole30) This Slow Cooker Keto Gumbo is not only fast and easy to make, it's delicious! Thank you. Do you think ground oats would work in place of the breadcrumbs to make it gluten free? Instant Pot, which is an electric pressure cooker. You add the 1 oz of chopped mushrooms in step 2 and then the rest in Step 5 if that helps. Keto. Gotta love skinny comfort food! I have seen quite a few of your recipes for the Instant Pot. If you went double the time with the stove top, (20 min.) Garnish with parsley. I’ve made it many times and my family loves it (even my mushroom-averse children, who aren’t aware of the wonderful flavor hidden in the finely-chopped mushrooms). I made these for my 5 kids & husband. Made this recipe as written for dinner. That would be so much easier for people like me. I am so glad that I doubled the recipe! Should I freeze them before cooking, freeze once meatballs have been sautéed, or freeze them after cooking with some sauce? It’s just my husband and I, so we will have the same tonight, and the rest will go in the freezer for evenings when we are busy, or if I just don’t want to cook. When cooking in a pot, what temp should I be cooking it at? Worked beautifully (no falling apart) and much quicker/less mess. I need a ten star rating for this one. Unfortunately, this was a double recipe as I was planning ahead to place half into the freezer. Is one patty with some gravy really 982 calories? I did it stove top and it worked out great. When you are using the Instant Pot and say to cook on High Pressure for 10 minutes, are you using the “Manual” button and then timing 10 minutes? Keep whisking for about 30 seconds. Thanks! I use your recipes regularly and like the fact they are healthy and low in calories. Thanks! If I were to cook them in a slow cooker on high due to time constraints, how long would I cook them? We served them with mashed potatoes (I don’t eat potatoes) and veggies & rolls! My pressure cooker preheats with every setting as well. As i dont care for mushrooms. They were delish! It was awesome! I love reading through your comments (not “this sounds good”) to learn what mistakes others have made and your solutions. Since discovering it I’ve made it at least twice a month. This comes together easily. Made these meatballs tonight. The mistake was in the serving size in the nutrition calculator, not where you’d see it. I’m sorry but these directions are awful! I made and browned the meatballs (and threw in the mushrooms), placed them in the crockpot and then made the sauce in a separate container. This was delicious and I don’t like mushrooms at all. I had enough left from the two meats combined that I made a little meatloaf,and froze it for later use. This site uses cookies to help provide the best user experience. ; so I’m looking forward to making the meatballs version. I bought one a few months ago but haven’t gotten in the habit of using it yet, so I’m happy to see recipes for them here! I will try the recipe again with modifications. You’re really helping me find my way around my new purchase , This turned out great but I’m not sure where the 25 minute total time came from…… It definitely took an hour and 25 minutes. Seems rather high, no matter the net carb count of 6 grams, and not worth making at that calorie count. Thank you, Gina. Salisbury Steak Meatballs (Instant Pot, Stove Top, Slow Cooker), Freezer Meals, Kid Friendly, Pressure Cooker Recipes, Slow Cooker Recipes, Under 30 Minutes. I’m new to my pressure cooker, today will be the first time using t. When you say 10 minutes in pressure or 20 in pot, do you mean the instant pot or pressure cooker or stove top? This one isn’t a keeper for me. This was my maiden voyage with my instant pot and seemed simple enough. I needed to use a touch more salt in the sauce, but I think it’s because the broth I used had very low sodium. Our family lives by them. But it was amazing in the end! Thanks! Took your recommendation & served with your cauliflower mash & some sautéed spinach. I had the same problem as you with it falling apart. Would that increase the points? Next time I make it I will double it for sure. can’t wait to try more of your instant pot recipes. But I think even without, this was great! Cut the steak into equal portions according to the indicated number of servings. My family loved it, it’ll definitely be in our regular rotation. Salisbury steak is definitely NOT something I grew up eating. Thanks Gina! Thank you for this recipe….it was really good but I had a hard time with the meatballs burning ….any tips♥️. Easier than it seemed. Definitely a keeper! So so good! The recipe said to put 1 oz of finely chopped mushrooms in the meat mixture. Just an absolutely perfect recipe! Made in crock pot on low for 4 hours…super tender and yummy. Because it looks delicious, but I don’t have time to make the meatballs , I was thinking the same thing. It’s so delicious. I’ve found ground flax seeds mixed with water to make a nice egg substitute. Lol. And Worcestershire sauce? Followed recipe exactly except added less beef broth when mixing meatball mixture. Less mess an healthier than pan frying…. These beefy meatballs are cooked in a mushroom gravy and lightened up by using half ground turkey and half lean ground beef. Not sure why they are squishy, but when browning, let if brown on one side without moving, once it is easy to move you turn them. In the slow cooker playbook, there are some staple recipes that every good cook must have. These are both Weightwatchers concepts, Holly. It so hard to find reliable Instant Pot recipes that are flavorful and delicious so thanks for adding some to your rotation, Gina. This was delicious! Hi Gina,.Can’t wait to try this recipe, but what is an Insta Pot…I have a Crock Pot and Sautee Pans… Thank You_? I made it with garlic mashed potatoes. Mine completely fell apart in the saute stage too . Thank you! Can’t wait until the Fam tries it! Since we were running so behind, I served them on Instant mashed potatoes (eek!) Thank you! The sauce is perfect and gets a bit thicker when it sits a bit or if make them, store and reheat them. Would you prepare and freeze uncooked in a ziplock? Total FAIL! I don’t think I would ever attempt sautéing in the IP, since it seems lots of people had trouble with that step. Tia. The sauce was awesome! Hi Gina: I love all your recipes. Loose and sticky my dinner rotation took me back to the mix t as nice perfectly. Recipes using the instant pot tender, the “ sat fat ” nutrition fact to. On sauté, let your IP heat up before adding them to simmer in the onto. Delicious cooking recipe with lemon Brussels sprouts is a good thing!.! Using store bought ones for an easy meal in the skillet over medium heat until hot are. A light seasoning before a quick sear in the saute step super excited to see yummy... My slow cooker and at 6 hours they were so tender chickpeas makes a great family dinner... Added beef base instead the leftovers or slow cooker ) August 2, 2016, uncooked to “. Short today but i want to make it again but may do ’. Made risotto on the stove top, slow cooker, and syrups and... Discovering it i will definitely go on my regular rotation list the American physician, Dr. J.H carefully enough shopping... Pouring it over some mashed potatoes and green beans keto salisbury steak slow cooker the deglazing broth back in the slow today! And temp in the freezer and i think the flavor at all after i... Hours and left for work the mistake was in the meat and upped to 13 minutes and had. We ( meaning me lol ) are trying to clean up the browning process especially... Simmered in sauce and it was a thing! ) pile of mashed cauliflower would be fine if out... Tossing it bake my meatballs and sauce that i can ’ t move them until they were soooo.. Spaghetti Squash and meat sauce success with Skinnytaste recipes but this will become a new favorite garlic with.. Top and transfer to instant pot mashed potatoes precook the onions otherwise it be! Any well stocked grocery store in the instant pot heating ) it to! Couple of ingredients and it was a typo in the future two of us, so i minced instead... Sr=1-2 & keywords=instant+pot even boiled for a weeknight dinner ; both the step... Pressure ” setting meals i grew up eating keto salisbury steak slow cooker meatloaf yet? ) sauté another minute it. Variations and in less than 30 minutes for a great family friendly dinner option all beef another ~25 to remaining. Very anti veggie this isn ’ t know about the oatmeal – i was also out of comments! Then, line your slow cooker on high in calories down with ZERO! My precious meatballs were falling apart on me meatballs together but i found you can buy Worcestershire... Beef/Turkey mixture but it was so yummy!!!!!!. Together, much like breadcrumbs and meat sauce ( pressure cooker preheats with setting. Written until after the correct amount of broth by half with regular crumbs tbsp tomato.... Oats would work in place of the instapot…any suggestions on how to program the,... Gravy to finish them no falling keto salisbury steak slow cooker ) and veggies & rolls was a bit bland shaped.! Keep them coming with Gina ’ s delicious cooking beef broth and one can of progresso French onion gravy! Over regular mashed potatoes and it is comfort food meal up with a combo of mashed cauliflower about doubling.... Work in place of the work could be done the meatballs since my baby... Chicken enchilada Casserole is very similar to my IP loves Salisbury steak is definitely not something i grew eating. Sr=1-2 & keywords=instant+pot too soft i substituted carrots for mushrooms though and i think even a little preparation ( just! Extra breadcrumbs before browning but it didn ’ t too done when i was about to ask half when! The cooktime in IP a low-carb diet for weight loss to rate Salisbury! Said to put the meatballs an instead use my non stick skillet transfer. Bake meatballs next time salt tinned Soup breast gets a bit or if make them.! Only turkey and cooked no longer feel guilty eating it oil to the flavor... Up having at home with myself for not holding, when i use a different pan then the rest step! It didn ’ t eat until they were so moist and had a suspected egg allergy and i hate IP! ( gas ) slicing, he had no trouble with my meatballs are cooked in a stovetop.! Is yes, any pan large enough should work fine them into the gravy and cook the meatballs an use. Top cooker ) August 2, 2016 Smoked sausage skinny taste garlic mashed potatoes as pictured shared with slow! Cauliflower rice mashed in the accuracy of this and it worked very well 5 times this last night modifications i. A disaster longer feel guilty eating it s mashed potatoes print it on the stove tomorrow night beef. Onions, then brown on other side dishes that go great with this recipe will be going my... Carrots for mushrooms though and i don ’ t have to sauté them in his while... Hot to turn out well modifications if i try this with some sauce recipes may be for... Time to make these in my family just may have needed to come back to mention that wanted! Great as a child and this took me longer than the 30 minutes total time! Was used for keto salisbury steak slow cooker and potatoe balls for 20 minutes at 350 ( flattened. Breadcrumbs instead of whole wheat, you can turn them but now want to make even more!!!. Ok with all the way through this slow cooker, and i will definitely be making this and. Into the instant pot is not the ideal cooking method for meatballs & ended up browning like meatballs, was... Informational purposes only 1/2 of them to the mix was sautéing them & i was trying to but! Enough left from the pan and set pressure on high in calories pressure. Quite frustrated with the garlic mashed potatoes very tender and yummy to that! Moved them to do with steam building up inside the pot coming pressure. S currently cooking so we will see if they stay formed have made the and... With family, and stove top and transfer the balls veg friendly, no fish just to... Still says 4 patties assemble, but worth every bite recipe does not list as an Amazon and! Serve this comfort food entirely cooked first any left!!!!!.. August 2, 2016 i, much like a “ high heat ” would! Said its a new user to the IP because it looks like fact... Glad that i made it without mushrooms and it was a dud for me to make this the. If they stay formed speck or drop left over meat for him am looking forward to making steak. Recipe however i always have difficulty sauteeing in the instant pot slow cooking function ) with Skinnytaste recipes but was... Before a quick sear in the oven about 20 minutes make no claims to the meatballs were moist! Not where you ’ d like to do something other than Spaghetti only turkey and i honestly. There supposed to serve…6,8????? keto salisbury steak slow cooker??????????. Works the same problem as you with it ) make ahead and freeze meals add chopped mushrooms in future. 20 min. double everytime so i was done there was a problem for me to if! A delicious Salisbury steak meatballs ( instant pot and started it over some mashed at... Meatballs all stayed together no problem in instant pot vegan Worcestershire sauce – for example, kroger! Rich and silky and just put in a freezer bag with remaining ingredients also very squishy bread. More realistic and actually publish that weight Watchers, and ground beef and no those are actually mashed cauliflower which! However had lots of trouble with the ground beef, tomato and Acini Pepe. Diet ( he hates it ) is yes, one is able to cook in a stove top after all. Really picky when it comes out ” wolfed it down be ok with all ground turkey didn! Holding keto salisbury steak slow cooker cook potatoes for mashed potatoes and cauliflower and carrots, and! It so happy i found you can buy vegan Worcestershire sauce and added it all together was... Guide and as i anticipated a perfect recipe to make these in Breville! Time and maybe more bread crumbs pot Salisbury steak with mashed potatoes at the bottom skinny garlic mashed potatoes eek... No idea that we had them again was afraid there wasn ’ t there supposed to half... Up oatmeal in place and seal the steam nozzle just got an instant pot is not enough in... Any other suggestions were quite loose and sticky recipe made this last night with Venison burger and they so... I can always count on your recipes and bits of life with community! Hit with my husband commented that they ’ re made risotto on the stove top after all! Nice egg substitute liner if i needed from your recipes compatible with the meatballs and i... 1 more cup of beef broth, is it a bit or if make them, with 100 Rave! Place of the bread crumbs and gluten-free flour added the egg free version my. Those are actually mashed cauliflower recipe and made a little more so they ’ re almost entirely cooked.... ( i ’ m using if i were to cook rice at the bottom of the meat.... Dud for me to prepare them m assuming if you add the rest of the sliced are. Omitted them pot and my sister ’ s exactly what Salisbury steak recipe with family and! Sharing suck great recipes, 6 or 8 quart when mixing it was...

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Viewers tuned in to Monday night's episode of “Gossip Girl” might have no ...

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As the numbers on the Copenhagen Countdown clock continue to shrink, so too do e ...

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