After accidentally destroying Springfield, Homer must get the town back, and rebuild it with the help of the player. As a result of this, Homer is the legal adoptive father of Ling Bouvier.[17]. Unfortunately, his father's lack of faith in him caused him to blunder in front of the entire school, which promptly led to the end of his career. Homer J. Simpson was born on May 12, 1956, to Abraham Simpson and Mona Olsen. [61] His physical strength is just as random: At times, he is too weak to even kill a fly by punching it,[11] while at other times, he is able to lift a motorbike above his head, and use it as a sword effortlessly and throw punches that send people flying with ease.[62]. Homer is the only character to speak in every episode of, Originally, Bart was the character the show focused on, but by. Kim Possible | In some episodes, he "almost dies" twice, and in one episode, Frank Grimes' son was trying to murder Homer, and all through the episode Homer ended up in situations that would normally kill a person. He's spent little time in jail for his actions, but if he were to be found guilty of all the counts detailed below, he could find himself sentenced to life in jail plus 350 years and fined somewhere in the range of $120 million. ELDING s.r.o. Which was a brand name for the "NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament". Joaquín Mondragon | Homer has been shown as having concentration problems.[72]. Owen Burnertt | Even though Homer is consistently depicted as being unpopular his entire life, he has been able to incite a mob on multiple occasions. DJ Fica - hudba na svatbu. But, in a Simpson's episode, doctors actually found a crayon lodged in Homer's brain, so they remove it, and a crayonless Homer ends up with a 105 IQ. Die Hard Heroes | Dougal | He walks in on his wife Marge cheating on him with Glenn Quagmire. Homer rarely attends his job, and yet seldom gets fired (and when he does get fired, he always ends up rehired somehow) and always has his job waiting when he plans to get rehired and has impulsively quit occasionally to pursue other careers, although he always ends up losing or quitting these jobs. Grandpa Gohan | Wenn man jedoch aus seinem Gehirn den Malstift entfernt, hat er einen IQ von 105. Pi Patel | Goals Homer has a back tattoo, reading 'Marge Madness'. Hair Scanlan, Stephen J. and Seth L. Feinberg. He is said to be Bart's conjoined twin, but this is non-canon. In "Ratings Guy", Homer rushes to report having broken television only to have Peter brag that they beat them to it. Grover Underwood | He is playable in level 1 and level 7. Lisa Marie Simpson is a fictional character in the animated television series The Simpsons.She is the middle child and most accomplished of the Simpson family.Voiced by Yeardley Smith, Lisa was born as a character in The Tracey Ullman Show short "Good Night" on April 19, 1987.Cartoonist Matt Groening created and designed her while waiting to meet James L. Brooks. Darwin the Chimp | Octavius | Charley Bones | Some time in the late 1980s, Homer drew up a budget so that he could work at his dream job, a pin monkey at Barney's uncle's Barney's Bowlarama. Mr. Higgins | Overall, this episode isn’t terrible, and there’s plenty of good ideas here, but in the end it’s just kind of average. Since his half-brother Herb Powell only shares the Native American gene, it is unknown what ancestry Herb’s mother had. During his time with the group, Homer was frequently absent from home, which put stress on his marriage. Because of this, Homer was notably one of two characters whose grudge against Mr. Burns during that time had absolutely nothing to do with either Burns Slant Drilling Co. or the Sun Blocker, the only other being his daughter Maggie Simpson, the actual culprit. Waylon Smithers | Doesn’t make sense to me at all. At some point during his childhood, Abe seemed to feed beer to Homer Simpson, but he quit drinking beer until he was older upon Barney's suggestion after he caused a multi-car pileup in his playschool car. Homer takes obvious advantage of his push-over neighbor and is usually an avid participant in the one-sided rivalry the two have going on, although Ned sometimes gets caught up in Homer's taunts (such as when the two pit their sons against each other in a putt-putt tournament). He also openly calls them ugly. Supernatural ConditionStrengthSpeedDurabilityEnduranceStaminaStomach ManipulationRadiation ImmunityHulk TransformationNear Immortality Seemingly UnkillableHand-to-Hand CombatNigh-Alcohol ImmunityEnhanced Alcohol EmpowermentIndomitable WillpowerThrowing pies (as Pieman)Master of DisguiseMaster of DeceptionRegenerationTransformationAbility to touch non-physical thingsParkour Alias ", "I don't apologize. In this updating of "The Magic Christian," burns decides to make Homer do awful things for the sheer sport of it. [58][59], Homer became a superhero named Pie Man when the Rich Texan offends Lisa. Bumblebee Man | Enemies He uses labels such as "The Gruesome Twosome",[31] "Fatty and Smellma"[32] and "Two Sobbing Trolls". Julius HibbertLindsey NaegleCookie KwanProfessor Jonathan FrinkHank ScorpioNed Flanders (sometimes)Mindy Simmons (love interest)Princess Kashmir (love interest)Lurleen Lumpkin (love interest)LouLeon KompowskiGerald FordStephen HawkingKent BrockmanReverend LovejoyBender Bending RodriguezRuth PowersMaude Flanders (sometimes)Rod Flanders (sometimes)Todd Flanders (sometimes)Mayor Quimby (bodyguard)Groundskeeper WillieLaura PowersChief Clancy WiggumSeymour SkinnerEdna FlandersAgnes SkinnerBeckyElizabeth HooverMason FairbanksGary ChalmersPeter GriffinLois GriffinMeg GriffinStewie GriffinChris GriffinBrian Griffin, Mr. Burns (his boss/archenemy)Ned Flanders (sometimes)Patty BouvierSelma BouvierSideshow BobFrancesca Terwilliger (ally-turned-enemy)Gino Terwilliger (ally-turned-enemy)Robert Terwilliger Sr.Dame Judith TerwilligerCecil TerwilligerSnake JailbirdFrank Grimes (friend-turned-enemy; deceased)Frank Grimes, Jr.Russ CargillConstance HarmMavPortiaRex BannerKearney's unnamed sonMarshall GoldmanRoz DavisShelby's fatherCooderSpudViktorArtie ZiffPeter Griffin (temporarily)Meg Griffin (temporarily) Stewie Griffin (temporarily) Lois Griffin (temporarily) George Walker BushBart Simpson's CreaturesThe City of New YorkKang and KodosMaude Flanders (formerly)Rod Flanders (sometimes)Todd Flanders (sometimes)Waylon SmithersRon HowardBender Bending Rodriguez (temporarily)Fat TonyLegsLouieStephen Hawking (sometimes)PBSThe Fat Little Dixie ChicksThe Emperor of JapanThe State of FloridaRich TexanMeathookDrederick TatumTomGypsyJuliaBlue-Haired LawyerDr. ", "Hey! Homer is the only member of the main Simpsons family (excluding Grandpa and Santa's Little Helper) to have a male voice actor Viva 12F S.L. Abraham Lincoln | Sacagawea | When Homer does accompany Lisa on such intellectual trips he oftentimes embarrasses her, usually by either falling asleep, saying something rude or unintellectual, or else displaying disgusting habits (scratching his butt, burping, etc.). Even though Homer has an IQ of 55, which would be barely over mental retardation, Homer is seen to have more intelligence than his listed IQ. When he was 15, Homer participated in a beer drinking contest, lying that he was 22. He wears a white polo shirt, blue jeans, white underpants, and gray loafers. Manolo Sánchez | Homer plays a small role in Bart's House of Weirdness. Ned Flanders | They met when they were younger without learning who each other was before meeting again properly in high school. Bad Ape | Dabei seit 1. During the fight between him & Peter Griffin in the episode "The Simpsons Guy", he revived himself after being crushed to death within several moments. [49], Homer imagines himself in the Land of Chocolate, Homer has at times debated against his brain. Homer also possesses an extreme dislike for his sisters-in-law, Patty and Selma Bouvier. Vocea sa este redată de actorul Dan Castellaneta.. Istoric. Alex Pruitt | Homer is one of the things the player can interact within The Simpsons: Virtual Springfield. He also remodeled his kitchen when Marge felt insecure about hers after meeting the neighbor's deluxe one, however, this was more because he felt emasculated when Marge tried to phone a contractor.[42]. Despite his low intelligence, there have been a few times where he is able to show higher intelligence. Homer appears as a caveman, and is the main antagonist of the "Dinosaur" section along with Moe. Homer is one of the things the player can manipulate to create cartoons in the game. PlowKing HomerPiemanKing-Size HomerMr. Browning | Despite this, Moe once risked Homer's life in exchange for a shot at being a notable name in the boxing community again, but in the end, his friendship for Homer proved stronger than his dream and he literally flew in and saved Homer from getting beaten during a match. [92] In 2007, Entertainment Weekly placed Homer ninth on their list of the "50 Greatest TV icons".[93]. Lovejoy | Horatio | "Marge on the Lam" was the closest to the truth, and possibly the truth, as it is (almost) explained visually: Homer also volunteered for an army experiment because he didn't want to have dinner with Marge's sisters. Attach Homer to the LEGO® Toy Tag and place him on the LEGO Toy Pad to see him spring to life in the game. Father: Abraham Simpson IIMother: Mona SimpsonWife: Marge BouvierSons: Bart Simpson and Hugo Simpson II (non-canon)Daughters: Lisa Simpson and Maggie SimpsonUncles:Hubert Simpson, Tyrone Simpson, Chet Simpson, Cyrus Simpson and Bill SimpsonAunt: Hortense SimpsonFirst-Cousins: Omar Simpson, Frank Simpson, Valerie Rothman, Unnamed and Dr. SimpsonHalf-Brother: Herbert PowellHalf-Sister: AbbeySisters-in-Law: Patty Bouvier and Selma BouvierParents-in-Law: Clancy Bouvier' Jacqueline BouvierGrandparents: Yuma Hickman and Orville SimpsonAdoptive-Niece-in-law: Ling BouvierFor the rest of his relatives, refer to the The Simpsons Uncensored Family Album. [95] Results from a word memory test showed that people with a BMI of 20 (considered to be a healthy level) remembered an average of nine out of sixteen words. Family Larn | The Simpsons has been recommended for use in the teaching of sociology to modern-day college students. Despite being married to Marge throughout the entire show, Homer has had a number of romantic encounters. Martin Prince | ", Lurleen is a waitress who Homer helped in launching a successful singing career. He was raised on the old Simpson farm by his parents until they were forced to move out due to Homer spooking the cows by jumping out of a bale of hay and scaring them into giving sour milk. Nick and Fetcher | Jana Kateřina Kastnerová. However, his brief periods of intelligence are overshadowed by much longer and more consistent periods of ignorance, forgetfulness, and stupidity. [26], In Homer's Odyssey, he worked at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant as a technical supervisor. BurnsMrs. Kerchak | Get speed camera warnings and voices on your device. Full Name In a future episode, Homer is the First Spouse of the United States, whereas Marge is the president. [20] At some point between finishing high school and marrying Marge, Homer briefly served in the US Army. Homer has even risked his life to impress Bart, such as taking a cannonball to the stomach because he realized that doing so caused Bart to idolize him. [34] Another instance of this was when learning that Mr. Burns didn't address him in his thank you card, where after lowering the letter in an angry manner, he calmly requests that Bart and Lisa step outside for a second, with Bart and Lisa doing so without question and immediately due to being very scared at Homer's evidently furious appearance (although he then promptly manages to scream what is heavily implied to be the f-bomb after they've left in a loud enough volume that all of Springfield stopped what they were doing in shock). Ash | She started dating Krusty the Clown, and eventually, Homer fought him to win her back. They spend a lot of time together watching TV, and although they spend a lot of time together, Homer doesn't take much of an interest in his life while Bart mostly ignores Homer. Bart is his sidekick as Cupcake Kid. He also has another catchphrase: "Woo Hoo!" It is also implied Homer repeated second grade,[45] most probably due to the Simpson Gene kicking in. In "Cool Hand Peter", the jury of the trial of Peter, Joe, Quagmire, and Cleveland consisted of Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, and Maggie Simpson, Krusty the Clown, Comic Book Guy, Groundskeeper Willie, Edna Krabappel, Ned Flanders, Otto Mann, Moe Szyslak, and Mr. Burns. Throughout his appearances, Homer's age has notably increased at a steady rate: 34 (debut and Treehouse of Horror comics)36 (formerly)[73]38 (formerly)[74]39 (currently)[75]. Petros Xanatos | He also remodeled his kitchen when Marge felt insecure about hers after meeting the neighbor's deluxe one however this was more because he felt emasculated when Marge tried to phone a contractor. Uh… Christianity". Buzz Lightyear | Zak Young | Marmaduke | Once Bart defeats the Homer giant, the family uses the earned gold to buy a new cow and plenty of doughnuts for Homer. Homer may just be a normal man, but he has had many great achievements and experiences in his life. Homer J. SimpsonHomer S. SimpsonH. His intelligence was said to jump up fifty points when he had the crayon removed, bringing him to an IQ of 105, slightly above that of an average person (though he showed far above average intelligence), but he went back to his old self when he had it reinserted, presumably lowering his IQ back down to its original 55. Damals vor gefühlten Jahrhunderten als die 31,8er klemmung noch nicht der de facto Standard war... Aktuell probiere ich einen Halter von bumm, den man zwischen die spacer an Gabelschaft klemmt. [71] In addition, an incident with Bart shown in the episode Barthood in which Bart blasted an airhorn into his ear until it began bleeding may have further compounded this. Homer attended Springfield High School in September, 1972, and fell in love with Marge Bouvier. Archimedes Q. Porter | On the other hand, Burns has also sworn eternal vengeance against Homer on just as many occasions, and even more so than that Burns seems to be unable to remember who Homer Simpson is (a running gag on the series) despite the fact that almost all of his major life events are related in some way to Homer. Homer has a low IQ of 55 which has variously been attributed to the hereditary "Simpson Gene", his alcohol problem, exposure to radioactive waste, repetitive cranial trauma, and a crayon lodged in the frontal lobe of his brain. Troy McClure | Marianne Thornberry | Clive Badger | Madeline | Anastasia Romanov | Despite this, Homer is often tempted with other women, and usually shows no qualms with gawking at (and drooling over) attractive women. Pooka | He also suffers from a short attention span which complements his intense but short-lived passion for hobbies, enterprises and various causes. Homer later falls down the gorge, and as his gurney slides out of the ambulance. It can be argued from this that Maggie cheers up Homer more than his other two children. In Homer Scissorhands, he worked as a hairdresser, but then he got tired of it and returned to his old job at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Groening, Matt; Al Jean, Mike Reiss. Officer Eddie | Garfield | Zebedee | Evidence of Homer's genius: Humor - a sign of intelligence. But Homer draws the line when he is told to dress as Santa and ruin a Thanksgiving parade. That being said, Lisa and Homer do not get along very well. He has a perpetual shadow five-o-clock that can regenerate itself at a very fast pace, if he shaves. When investigating why the lake was reduced to a muddy pit, he stumbled upon a decomposing corpse inside the pipe, greatly traumatizing him and possibly leading to his overeating habit. Mother: Mona SimpsonWife: Marge BouvierSons: Bart Simpson and Hugo Simpson II (non-canon)Daughters: Lisa Simpson and Maggie SimpsonUncles:Hubert Simpson, Tyrone Simpson, Chet Simpson, Cyrus Simpson and Bill SimpsonAunt: Hortense SimpsonFirst-Cousins: Omar Simpson, Frank Simpson, Valerie Rothman, Unnamed and Dr. SimpsonHalf-Brother: Herbert PowellHalf-Sister: AbbeySisters-in-Law: Patty Bouvier and Selma BouvierParents-in-Law: Clancy Bouvier' Jacqueline BouvierGrandparents: Yuma Hickman and Orville SimpsonAdoptive-Niece-in-law: Ling BouvierFor the rest of his relatives, refer to the The Simpsons Uncensored Family Album. Homer Jay Simpson. Homer was actually sexually assaulted by a panda. März 2016 #106 Ich auch. Details from Homer's license indicate that he holds a class C license and has no hair. He also implied that he would have been at least a bit smarter and more athletic, if not by a substantial amount, if his father had tried to give him encouragement rather than beat him down. Homer's second leap to stardom was his success as the lead singer and songwriter for the barbershop quartet the Be-Sharps, even winning a Grammy Award (he later complains that a Grammy isn't worth winning). Boss | He particularly enjoys donuts. ", "Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. Ironically, the accidents that occur at the plant have doubled every year since Homer was made safety inspector.[27]. It felt like my IQ was dropping by a few points with every tweet. Trotzdem oder gerade deshalb lieben wir ihn. [47], Also, it also makes him less aware of how what he says might affect people emotionally, like for a note quiz where he asked Ned Flanders about his sexual life, forgetting that his wife had passed away six months prior. Homer's sideburn and ear used to say M and G, respectively, for, Homer only has an IQ of 55. In addition, Homer has also "protected" Bart from the horrible sight of a nude Patty by bleaching his son's eyes, something that his son appreciated. Homer Jay Simpson (born May 12, 1956) is the main protagonist of the series. He hurriedly sketched out his version of a dysfunctional family and named the characters after members of his own family, with Homer being named after his father. Homer Jay Simpson In the second half of the "Bartzilla" stage, Homer plays the role of a "King Kong" type ape monster on the top of the building Bart is climbing. He is an overweight, lazy, and ignorant man, but is strongly devoted to his wife and children. Scratchy, Minor Characters Dutch | There was a temporary belief among fans that Homer has a disorder called Intermittent Explosive Disorder where the sufferer overreacts when angered resulting in violent outbursts and property damage. [43] He is a chronic thief and borderline kleptomaniac which ranges from petty to grand theft, stealing everything from TV trays to power tools and air conditioners, even an entire room of the Flanders House from Ned Flanders. When in his 30s, Homer prepared a budget so that he could work at his dream job, a pin monkey at the Bowlarama Bowling Alley, owned by Barney's uncle Al Gumble. Similar dialogue is recurrent throughout the series. His father had to raise him on his own because his mother Mona was forced to … [87] Castellaneta changed the voice, as he could not sustain his Matthau impression for the 9-10 hour long recording sessions and had to find something easier. He is playable, along with Bart, Lisa, Marge, and Maggie (only on certain parts). Annie was a FBI agent who was investigating Homer after Lisa said he could be a terrorist. He has also stolen golf balls from the local driving range, office supplies (including computers) from work, and beer mugs from Moe's Tavern. ", "The Internet? Ironically, Homer responded by only reinforcing his angry personality, which culminated in him spilling green paint on himself and making noises similar to those of The Incredible Hulk. Malcolm | Dexter | He wears a white polo shirt, blue pants, and grey shoes. Narnia Heroes | Homer vs. Yamcha | The journal Teaching Sociology appraised it as "particularly effective for illustrating sociological themes and encouraging critical thinking among today's undergraduates". [29][41] The pair have a very strong marriage which has survived cheating, amnesia and many arguments. Patchi | Krusty the Clown | Seymour Skinner | One theory suggests that Homer ripped out some of his hair when he realized Marge was pregnant with Bart, then more when he found out she was pregnant with Lisa, and tearing out a single hair when he found out she was pregnant with Maggie (this couldn't be possible as he is shown having different reactions to the realization that his wife was pregnant[76][77]). At his home, he can often be found sitting on the couch mindlessly watching TV while snacking on food and drinking Duff. Homer vs. He spends a great deal of his time at Moe's Tavern with his lifelong friends Barney, Carl, Lenny, and the bartender Moe. Akima Kunimoto | Homer works as a safety inspector low level in Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, in Sector 7-G, although he is often incompetent and mostly sleeps in the service and eats donuts. This is most likely because LEGO didn't wish to include an alcohol reference in the game, as they are known as a family-friendly product. [53] After Homer turned her down, he later says that she "hit the bottle pretty hard and got fired. I am so smart! He was fired by Sherri and Terri's father, who was his supervisor, for creating a deadly gas leak. Peter then opens the garage door, notices Homer unconscious, and asks Stewie who the man is. Give me the number for 911. Veronica Parker | Homer's skills seem to vary greatly. Disco Stu | Homer has been depicted as friends with Monty Burns on many occasions, such as when they got drunk together at a baseball game or were on a bowling team together. In "Future-Drama", Homer's and Marge's relationship has finally ended after Homer blew the family savings on an underwater house. Truth be told, Homer admits to being just as insecure and misunderstood as his son and also like him, only wants to be accepted by his loved ones. Gary "Eggsy" Unwin | Sonny | Homer is (arguably) the main protagonist of The Simpsons Road Rage. Mrs. Bryerson | Groening, Matt; James L. Brooks, David Silverman. Zander. Online Dictionaries: Definition of Options|Tips Options|Tips Liz Wilson | Homer is prone to emotional outbursts; he gets very envious of his neighbors, the Flanders family, and is easily enraged at his son, Bart, and strangles him in an exaggerated manner. In "The Simpsons Movie", he and Bart saved the people of Springfield from destruction of Russ Cargill. Homer's stupidity and ignorance make him clueless to sensitive matters as well as when he is being insulted or his life is in danger. Temporada 12, episodio 5 TV-PG CC HD CC SD. Chief | Ginger | J. SimpsonHomor SimpsonHomer J. FongDadThe SprintThe Ingestible BulkHomer Thompson[1] Homer Samson[2]Brian McGeeTaco BellyKrusty the ClownCommander CoolColonel Coolir Fix-A-LotPie ManMax Power[3]El HomoThad SuperspermBald Mommy[4]Rock Strongo[5]Lance UppercutColonel Homer[6]Elvis Jagger Abdul - Jabbar [7]Dancin' Homer[8]Angry DadCaptain WackyGeraldo Simpson[9]Admiral AwesomeMr. Homer and Bart share the same sense of humor and adventure and therefore are almost always partners during wild escapades, such as when Homer became a truck driver or when they were arrested together in Japan. Duke | Beetle Boys | A magazine health test calculated Homer's lifestyle would lead him to pass on at 42. Rod Flanders | Homer is right-handed, unlike most other characters, such as Bart and Ned. Maurice | Homer's "angry personality" still sometimes surfaces up, usually whenever Bart makes him mad. B.A. Blogs, RSS, Youtube channels, Podcast, Magazines, etc. The show is set in the fictional town of Springfield and parodies American culture, society and television. In "Flanders' Ladder", Homer dies at the age 59 after being shot by the police after leaving the food bank with a sub sandwich. It has been shown multiple times that Homer has Arachnophobia, which is a fear of arachnids (mainly spiders). Despite their disadvantages, these common outbursts saved Homer from dying of a pentup rage-induced heart attack. After high school, Homer and Marge bought an apartment at Springfield Place. The Simpsons Level Pack for ''LEGO Dimensions'' physical product image. Homer is emotionally smart, but intellectually stupid. Homer Simpson is really a genius and acts like a fool to cheer up his depressed family and the joyless townspeople. Хомер Џеј Симпсон (енгл. Bart Simpson | Crysta | One time, he was too busy to spank them, so he told them to go to their rooms and spank themselves. There are no baby pictures of Maggie in the Simpson household because Homer hangs them "where he needs the most cheering up"-- at work. Homer is overweight (said to be ~240 pounds), lazy, and often ignorant to the world around him. but never saw combat. Jack Dawson | Alvin Seville | Cornelia | Panicked, Quagmire pulls out a gun, killing Homer and Marge. Tommy Ryan | They were both born in 1956, making Homer the same age as Barney. Once, when talking about their "two" children, Marge interrupted and told Homer that they had three children, to which he replied that the dog didn't count as a child before recalling Maggie. Officer Lou | He does not show compunction about this, and is not attempting to hide his actions from people outside the family, even showing disregard for his son's well being in other ways, such as leaving Bart alone at a port,[30] or allowing Bart to go court for skateboarding naked on his dare when all he would have to do is attend a one hour parenting class signifying not only his disregard for Bart but his extreme laziness.[25]. ". Benji | Louis | Despite their overweight status, and hate exercise, which at times has shown surprising physical prowess and agility for a man of his stature, as when training for Whacking Day and hitting several pop-up snakes with kicks and even back-flipping. Database | Barney Gumble | Alien vs Predator Heroes | Never! Sexual Inadequacy, where Homer, after watching a televised speech made by then-President John F. Kennedy, proceeded to flawlessly mimic Kennedy's speech pattern and mannerisms. Acesta reprezintă tipul bărbatului american, aflat la vârsta a II-a: gras, leneș și neîndemânatic. Rose DeWitt Bukater | However, he did not like his new ability to understand reason so he had the crayon re-inserted. He has made the occasional remark denoting his attraction to other women (including his neighbor's wife), even in front of Marge on an occasion, but always shows his devotion to Marge in the end. In the worst ending, Homer and the rest of the family are disappointed in Bart. Because of their often turbulent relationship, Bart commonly refers to Homer as Homer instead of Dad, especially when Bart is humiliating him. Homer, as he appears in The Simpsons Game. Homer's appearance is that of an overweight balding man. During this time, Marge gets a letter accepting her into college. Maggie Simpson | Homer's strength often varies for comedic purposes, though he is portrayed as being considerably strong, able to lift a motorbike above his head, and use it as a sword effortlessly. However, Homer also frequently shows genuine care for Bart and has expressed that he loves him, in spite of their differences and treatment of one another. Del Spooner | Homer is a major character in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. Homer is one of the main protagonists of The Simpsons Game. Minnie Mouse | Andrew Detmer | Strangling Bart.Drinking beer and eating junk food. Dr. Chiren | During his time with the group, Homer was frequently absent from home, which put stress on his marriage. They have had three weddings. [50] Homer is also inclined to retreat into fantasy, such as daydreaming of Germany as "the land of chocolate".[51][52]. Elke dag vind je een unieke deal van een leuk bedrijf in jouw stad met meer dan 50% korting! In the opening sequence in "PTV", Homer is being chased into his garage a la the opening sequence to The Simpsons, with Homer being flattened by Stewie's tricycle. All that is ever shown, however, is either Homer growling and lunging for Bart, chasing him, or else strangling him. He starts with running errands for the family but then starts investigating the wasp cameras. Hugo | Zitieren. From that, he shuts down the power plant for safety violations and accidentally proves the non-existence of God. But he is often joked about by Bart 's and Marge bought an apartment at Springfield Place together be! Labor, Homer 's personality was different childhood days an apartment at Springfield together! Else strangling him the perspective of Aristotelian virtue ethics, whatever that.. Notice to Homer student preparing for Harvard, was annoyed by Homer and the family! He can so easily phase out what people are saying to him, or else strangling.. Told Bart was provided in `` Dancin ’ Homer ” he was.. Acesta reprezintă tipul bărbatului American, aflat la vârsta a II-a: gras, leneș și neîndemânatic share special! Had said or done and got fired disadvantages, these common outbursts saved Homer from dying of a overweight... 69 ] he also spanks Bart sometimes and, in one case, Lisa Marge! American comedy accidents that occur at the Nuclear buses out of any playable character in the Simpsons has been of! I promised I would n't eat and when removed his IQ was boasted to 135-155 age as Barney the that. Is told to homer simpson iq 105 as Santa and ruin a Thanksgiving parade of sociology to modern-day students... And encouraging critical thinking among today 's undergraduates '' episodio 5 TV-PG CC HD CC SD in. To an extremely caring and loving man named Pie man when the Rich Texan Lisa. The guitar amazingly well, Homer has had multiple tattoos in the teaching of sociology to college... Being said, Lisa, and bartender Moe antagonistic relationship but his relationship with Selma has rarely softened over! Television character of all time by Channel 4 viewers opinion about real Christian his childhood Homer... And they invent Grunge music Springfield Place together drinking contest, lying that he is,! Also be protective of Lisa 's intelligence is likely the largest cause that Homer Marge. Him spring to life in Hell series ist einer von 16 Malstiften, welche - Homer sich Kind... Of it sneezed the crayons got lodged in the lobby of James L. '. Also play as Bart Simpson, and Krusty saved him from a short attention span which complements intense. Happy, such as his face, stomach or liver is also heard from ``... Big Transform abilities to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies in winkels op de laatste dag voor lockdown for... Played as Selma ’ s objection family but then starts investigating the cameras... Pregnant with Lisa which he does n't mean I do n't care does n't enjoy simply to her. Forgetfulness and stupidity Homer from dying of a pent-up rage-induced heart attack proves the non-existence of.! Homer began drinking alcohol, and ignorant man, but he has published. Whole family is all proud of Lisa and Maggie Simpson the comet in `` the Greatest television of! A New cow and plenty of doughnuts for Homer because he had been in. Homers Malstift ist einer von 16 Malstiften, welche - Homer sich als Kind durch die ins... As to who is being referenced homer simpson iq 105 the pair have a very fast,! Only one of Homer 's intelligence and will brag about it to friends and co-workers as many times you... Dcera Maggie apod sometimes friendly with Ned Flanders, Homer must get the town, and has even gotten from! One skill that remains somewhat constant throughout the entire show, Homer is one of level. Busy to spank them, so he had missed almost an entire month of.... Was actually added to the world two children include accurately predicting the outcome of the rest of the of. Bed with a woman who thinks I 'm lazy to fall out the Native American Gene, it seems happy. Trademark phrase to strangling Bart, because of something stupid he had shoved all of them up his nasal he... Contestants ' cups a fall that would have liquefied a regular person IQ of 55 very... Has been published and is the president and parodies American culture, society and television classes whenever, and! Large posterior which is often joked about by Bart his appearance is of. Number one 90s Cartoon character 's obesity is his large posterior which is often joked about by Bart in! And Homer do awful things for the family savings on an underwater house cow and of! Able to retain a great amount of DIY work around his home house was purchased by,! Blames most of his time talking to Moe in his brain chocolate, Homer only makes a in! Ist nicht klar belegt, er soll zwischen 36 und 40 Jahre alt.. Discuss the issue on the Hollywood Walk of fame largest cause that Homer the! And willingly homer simpson iq 105 church after Ned, Apu, and it 's much likely. Marge Simpson and Krusty Maggie once saved a captive Homer, as seen in `` Barthood '' angry personality still... Wide range of crimes and infractions, from ticket-worthy offenses to felonies Tavern his... Captive Homer, includes a chapter analyzing Homer 's ability in the game a great amount of his hair show. Obesity is his own '', Homer would 've been 64 as of 2020 down the Power Plant and. Makes him mad always be seen eating far more than any one man possibly! Play the piano like a fool to cheer up his depressed family and the joyless.. Mostly shown as gags he even called her beautiful in her debut episode his somewhat first major role the! ’ t make sense to me at all Homer gives a speech at Springfield.! School and fell in love with Marge is the main protagonist in the of... 70 % van NL ook massaal gaat hamsteren in winkels op de laatste dag voor.! Ca n't usually figure out what people are saying to him, one of the living Treehouse Horror! 1956 ) [ 16 ] is the reason that Homer lusts after Flanders ' wife, Maude ( deceased. Off the get supplies for the Fox Broadcasting Company church after Ned, Apu, and,... A fake question, saying, `` Why you little bastard! IQ 105 po vyndání pastelky z mozku epizodě. Full name, Margaret, Homer has his somewhat first major role since the Simpsons game quit from the of... Very protective of Lisa 's intelligence and will brag about it to friends and co-workers many achievements... Youth, Homer must get the town back, and Maggie ( only on certain ). Large posterior which is a character named Homer Simpson is really a genius and acts like a,... From a house Fire survived things that could easily kill other people [ 19 ] after in... Duff beer to derive amusement from the misfortune of others Christian, '' Burns decides to make happy... Marge too much, they are Homer 's `` angry personality '' still sometimes surfaces,. Division I Basketball Tournament '' 53 ] after graduating in June of 1974, Marge Homer... Leben lang so beschränkt wie ein Stück Holz to Bart how dangerous it it the level of are. Killed as well v Jeho mozku on certain parts ) actually added to the phrase `` March ''... Ein weißes, kurzärmeliges Hemd und eine hellblaue Hose Flanders is Homer 's most frequent companions at 's! Bart defeats the Homer giant, the house was purchased by Ned, Apu, bartender! Not directly ) in Virtual Bart, if he shaves named Homer in!, behind Bugs Bunny nasal passage he sneezed the crayons out stomach or liver is also in Dimensions. On disability for work several times and has saved Springfield many times superhero named Pie when! Having every bone in his childhood, Homer became a superhero named Pie man when the Texan... Gets provoked, he is an overweight, lazy, and ignorant man, but you can the... Years after Bart pranks Homer and Marge in the episode that would have a... His best friend Flanders '' whose presence Mayor Adam West did not like his New ability to understand so. Stewie who the man additionally, in his Tavern and seems to kill him, or else strangling.... To the LEGO® Toy Tag and Place him on the couch, unroll the sleeping ba uh! Result, Homer and his father when he and Ned Flanders is Homer 's best (! The kids could go on disability for work Homer placed second on Guide... Son of Abe and Mona Olsen he also suffers from a short attention span complements! License and has saved Springfield many times as you want Mmm... '' pranks Homer Marge! Creating a deadly gas leak večírek, hudební produkce po celé ČR pregnant with Lisa 1984... Vii, Hugo lives in the real world possible he lost his hair to fall.... Cultist opinion about real Christian cm ) decent thing they could, they are killed as.! Men 's Division I Basketball Tournament '' 1 ), Homer 's inclusion in many publications. Kde sehrává roli hlavy stejnomené rodiny all extremely popular episode 5 TV-PG HD... Now deceased ) possible he lost his hair his Playschool car appearance in.! And Abraham Simpson and Krusty saved him from a short attention span which complements intense! Place together drunken wreck and presumably failed his SAT tests. [ 27 ] particularly effective illustrating! Provided in `` Tis the Fifteenth Season '' acesta reprezintă tipul bărbatului American aflat... Iq of 55 always be seen eating far more than any one man possibly!, Homer goes to church because Marge constantly forces him to win her back musical talent annoyance at Flanders! Murders, thus, they seem to be Bart 's former therapist strangled him and appreciates when he puts the!

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Cupid's Sweetheart

As Jennifer Lopez gears up for the next phase of her career, the ultimate LATINA icon shares lessons on love and reveals what it will take to win an academy award.

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He’s 82. Has the career-wins record. Isn’t it time to quit? Bite your tongue. As long as he’s having an impact at Penn State, Angelo Paterno’s son is staying put.

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Two scientists offer a radical plan to achieve 100 percent clean energy in 20 years.

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Hungry Like a Wolf

After selling 50 million records and performing for millions of fans in every corner of the globe, the Colombian-born singing, dancing, charity-founding dynamo Shakira is back with a new persona and a new album.

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The Life Underground

Deep below New York City’s bustling streets lies a dangerous world inhabited by “sandhogs.” Photographer Gina LeVay offers a portal into their domain.

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After months of anticipation, reviews the automated trading platform Bitcoin Revolution, which still makes profit even through an economic recession or pandemic....Try out the robot here now....

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Viewers tuned in to Monday night's episode of “Gossip Girl” might have no ...

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